10 of the world's best water parks for families

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For many families, summer is a time of vacations and trips to the sea, where a measured beach holiday allows you to sunbathe, relax and escape from various problems. However, children tend to get bored with such a pastime, they crave more active and vivid entertainment. In addition, for a significant part of the day, the sea air heats up much higher than comfortable temperatures, so even adults sometimes prefer to wait in the saving coolness of hotels until the heat subsides. In such a situation, you can always resort to an alternative type of water recreation – go to the water park. This entertainment will allow everyone to have fun and actively spend time together, getting a portion of unforgettable emotions. There are water parks in almost every resort, in every country in the world, but we have selected ten of the best of them that are ideal for families.

The world's best water parks for families

Nomination a place Aquapark rating
The world's best water parks for families 10 Peterland, Russia 4.1
9 Happy Magic Water Cube, China 4.2
8 Water Country, USA 4.3
7 Noah's Ark, USA 4.4
6 Water Kingdom, India 4.5
5 Tropical Islands, Germany 4.6
4 Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, Spain 4.7
3 Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, USA 4.8
2 Siam Park, Spain 4.9
1 Aquaventure, UAE 5.0

10th place – Piterland, Russia

Rating: 4.1


The water park is located in St. Petersburg. This is the largest indoor water park in Russia, its water slides, attractions and recreation areas occupy a total of 25 thousand square meters. A real miniature city with entertainment for visitors of all ages. The main attraction of Peterland is a sixteen-meter pirate ship with a swimming pool, from which five water slides of various difficulty levels depart in different directions. The height of some of them reaches sixteen meters, and the total length of the slides is about 500 meters. Of particular interest is the spiraling orange track, which will surely appeal to fans of steep turns; a slide is also popular, where you can move from bottom to top thanks to a powerful stream of water.

In addition, the water park has a large wave pool, an artificial river “Lazy river” that flows through almost the entire complex, a pool with a depth of six meters for diving and the possibility of surfing training. Younger children will be delighted with a specially equipped area with a shallow pool, children's water slides, and various exciting attractions. There is also an extensive relaxation zone on the territory of Peterland, in which visitors are expected by a jacuzzi, several types of baths, SPA salons, and massage rooms.

9th place – Happy Magic Water Cube, China

Rating: 4.2

Happy Magic Water Cube, China

The largest indoor water park in Beijing, previously there was a water center in its place, but after the Beijing Olympics, the center underwent a refurbishment. Water Cube has an area of ​​12 thousand square meters, it is the second most visited tourist site in the capital of China. It can simultaneously accommodate up to 30 thousand people. A unique feature of the water park lies in the interior design depicting a fantastic underwater world. Artificial jellyfish and bubbles soar under the ceiling of the building, algae sway and water flows.

The water park has 50 water slides and 18 different attractions that can deliver a lot of vivid impressions even for the most sophisticated visitors. The most popular are the 19-meter high-speed slide, the descent from which allows you to develop a speed of 15 meters per second and the tube called “Tornado”, where you can experience the real feeling of free flight. Also, the Happy Magic Water Cube has a large wave pool with waves over two meters, an ideal place to learn to surf. A “lazy river” with an artificial current runs along the entire length of the water park. There is a separate entertainment area for children with the safest and at the same time fun rides. In addition to the abundance of water activities, there is a stage where dance shows are held and a SPA zone with hydromassage.

8th place – Water Country, USA

Rating: 4.3

Water Country,

The Water Country Waterpark in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is the perfect place for fun family activities. There are special attractions for young children, such as the Pirate Lagoon with a bubbling pool and a ship equipped with water cannons, or Ollie's giant octopus, whose tentacles are shaped like water slides.

Older children usually prefer extreme slides, the best of which is the “Wild Canyon”. There is also a large wave pool and a “lazy river” more than one and a half kilometers long. The latter, unlike many other water parks, is actually not lazy at all. It is called the “Adventure River”; while sailing along it, vacationers cross a number of artificial caves and waterfalls. The water park has recreation areas and several cafes.

7th place – Noah's Ark, USA

Rating: 4.4

Noah's Ark, USA

“Noah's Ark” is the largest open-air water park in the United States, it is located in the city of Wisconsin Dells. There are 60 water slides, differing in height and level of extreme, and more than 20 attractions for children, teenagers and adults. Some of them are designed for solo skating, others can be ridden in a small group. The water park is so large that a whole day may not be enough to get acquainted with all its entertainments. The favorite attractions of most visitors are the water funnel called “The Hole of Time” and the slide “Black Anaconda”, where the maximum speed of descent reaches 50 kilometers per hour.

For surfing, there are two large swimming pools with artificial waves up to three meters high. In addition, two “lazy rivers” flow through the water park. Additional entertainment options include mini golf courses, a 4D cinema, and children's playgrounds. A nice feature of the “Noah's Ark” is the abundance of trees and green lawns in the surrounding area. The water park was honored with the Platinum Awards for the highest level of safety.

6th place – Water Kingdom, India

Rating: 4.5

Water Kingdom, India

The Water Kingdom Water Park in Mumbai is located within the Esselworld Park. It is the largest and most visited water park in India. Its only drawback is too many people in the afternoons and holidays. The huge territory is divided into five zones, including a zone with children's safe slides and shallow pools. Every year the water park receives about three million tourists, most of them are tourists from other countries.

The pride of the park is the Adventure on the Amazon ride, a slide almost as high as a seven-story building. Daredevils who dare to ride from it can experience the feeling of free fall. The Miss Fisley Hill area also has several extreme water slides with dizzying curves. For a more relaxing stay, there is the Laguna area with a play pool. There is also a huge wave pool, designed in the style of a treasure island. On top of that, visitors are given the opportunity to relax in the jacuzzi and relax on the dance floor to the fiery Indian music.

5th place – Tropical Islands, Germany

Rating: 4.6

Tropical Islands, Germany

The German water park “Tropical Islands” is located near Berlin, in a converted building that once housed an airship hangar. The fantastic complex can be compared in height to the American Statue of Liberty, it is the tallest water park in the world and the largest indoor water park in Europe. In addition, it has the largest artificial beach and bath complex in Europe. The territory of the water park, which is equal in size to eight football fields, can comfortably accommodate up to six thousand visitors.

Tropical Islands are divided into several thematic zones. In the “Flower World” you can wander in the shade of tropical trees and admire the magnificent variety of exotic plants. The Tropical Village area contains corners dedicated to Malaysia, the Amazon, Congo and Bali. Well, on the “Lagoon” and “South Sea” the main thing is located – water attractions with slides for children, teenagers and adults, huge pools with waterfalls, jacuzzi and many other interesting entertainments. The highest attraction involves downhill from a 25-meter height. The water park has a large SPA center offering a wide range of treatments and massages, Russian and Turkish baths, various saunas, volleyball courts, as well as numerous restaurants and bars. It is curious that the complex is open 24 hours a day, for those wishing to stay overnight there is the possibility of staying in a mini-hotel, tents in a meadow or in a camping next to the water park.

4th place – Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, Spain

Rating: 4.7

Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, Spain

Spanish water park Costa Caribe, located near Barcelona, ​​allows you to plunge into the world of water adventures. Visitors will find the stunning atmosphere of the Caribbean Sea and a large number of water activities designed for all ages. There is a pirate galleon in the children's area, there are safe water slides, various tunnels, ladders, waterfalls, fountains and, of course, a shallow pool. Families will definitely have fun joining the El Torrente rafting chute.

For recreation of adults, there is a pool “Paradise Beach” with a waterfall and water effects. Of the rides, the most extreme is King Khajuna, a 55-degree descent from a height of 31 meters. The speed of six meters per second developed at the same time will give an unforgettable experience. Also noteworthy are the Rapid Race ski jumps and the El Tifón spiral water tunnel.

3rd place – Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, USA

Rating: 4.8

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, USA

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark in Florida is one of the most visited in the world. It hosts over two million people every year. The peculiarity of this place lies in the interesting and realistic scenery: it seems as if a strong typhoon really walked across the territory, scattering fishing tackle, boats and fragments of wooden structures in the most unexpected way. One of the most visited attractions is a huge pool with waves up to two meters in height, in which anyone can safely learn to surf. In the central part of the water park is Mount Mayday, 100 meters high, with a small jungle stretching along its slopes.

There is a separate area for children with slides, a pool and a sandy beach. For fans of fun family riding, the Crush'n Gusher attraction, reminiscent of a roller coaster ride, is perfect. Well, those who are in the mood for extreme and adrenaline rush should take a descent from the Gangplank Falls or take a ride on the Humunga Kowabunga slide with a steep, almost steep slope and seething streams. You can take a break from adventures by slowly moving on an inflatable raft along the “lazy river” that runs around the water park.

2nd place – Siam Park, Spain

Rating: 4.9

Siam Park, Spain

One of the best family water parks in the world is located on the Spanish island of Tenerife. Siam Park was created in the style of Thailand, and features giant Buddha statues, oriental towers, an Asian floating market and an abundance of lush tropical greenery. Water entertainment is represented by attractions, there are about thirty of them in total, from calm and comfortable to completely insane, causing a burst of adrenaline. The Lost City children's area is a true paradise for young adventurers.

Of the many water slides, Volcano, Singha and Tower of Power are worth noting. The Volcano attraction with an internal laser projection allows you to feel yourself sliding at high speed in the crater of a volcano. Singha is a curved track with a length of 240 meters. Steep bends and six funnels along the way make the trip absolutely extreme. The Tower of Power slide is the symbol of the water park; it is an open track descending from a height of 28 meters. It ends with a transparent pipe that goes through a pond with rays and sharks and leads to the pool. For those who prefer to ride with the whole family, there is the Naga Racer attraction, a cascade descent with the ability to compete in speed. Well, in addition to slides, Siam Park boasts a large pool with artificial waves up to three meters high. On the territory of the water park, through tropical thickets, a river flows a kilometer long.

1st place – Aquaventure, UAE

Rating: 5.0

Aquaventure, UAE

The place of the leader in 2019 goes to the water park in the United Arab Emirates, which was built on the artificial island-palm Jumeirah in Dubai. One view of this imposing structure is breathtaking in its scale. Water activities for every taste and age are complemented by a 700-meter-long white beach. Aquaventure is great for families, with lots of rides for children, a dedicated play area with mini slides, suspension bridges and water cannons, and an 9-meter wide Anaconda slide that can be used by six people at once. The main building of the complex is the Ziggurat tower 30 meters high, from which there are seven water attractions at different levels.

Visitors call the Leap of Faith the most exciting of the slides. Those who dare to take it will face a stunning drop along a steep angle from a height of 27 meters, while the last stage of the descent passes through a glass tunnel through the shark pool. The water park also boasts a 2-kilometer-long river that flows through a series of rapids and waterfalls. The complex has a dozen swimming pools, most of them allow you to surf. At the far end of the park, there is a dolphinarium where you can swim alongside these beautiful, intelligent animals.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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