10 most popular radio stations in Russia

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Over the past 10 years, the number of broadcasting radio stations in the country has almost doubled, and this is not surprising, because almost 90% of Russian residents enjoy listening to the radio, and this is more than 110 million people. According to a study carried out by our experts, the results are interesting and somewhat unexpected.

About those who are on the air or the top 10 most popular radio stations in Russia in 2019

Nomination a place Radio station Average daily audience
About those who are on the air or the top 10 most popular radio stations in Russia in 2019 10 Radio Russia 4.5 million people
9 Radio Dacha 4.6 million people
7 Humor FM 5.6 million people
6 Radio Chanson 7.5 million people
5 Retro FM 8 million people
4 Russian radio 9 million people
3 Autoradio 10 million people
2 Road Radio 10.3 MILLION PERSON
1 Europa Plus 11 MILLION PERSON

Radio Russia

Rating: 4.1

Radio Russia

Average daily audience: 4.5 million people

Unlike some of the rating participants, Radio Russia prefers to mix in equal proportions high-quality musical material with interesting programs of various genres, including entertainment programs (even for children), talk shows, news of sports, culture, medicine, etc. Number of all programs exceeds 170, which can satisfy the tastes of all age categories. But the advertisements that sound at the radio station are intended primarily for the elderly (usually, we are talking about various dietary supplements and medical devices).

On a note. It should be borne in mind that advertised (especially in absentia) therapeutic devices are often difficult to check for quality, so information about them should be approached with caution.

Radio Dacha

Rating: 4.2

Radio Dacha

Average daily audience: 4.6 million people

A high-quality radio station can bring a pleasant amount of variety to the life of any person and radio 'Dacha' is one of them. Its main audience is listeners who send them to 'conquer' the garden beds in early spring. In addition to the commercial side, questions, the creators of the radio station are also concerned with the mood of their own listeners. Therefore, Dacha tries to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere on the air.

The music that can be heard on the Dacha radio is presented by hit compositions of the 80s-90s – the period when the current summer residents, in theory, were full of strength and youthful enthusiasm. Popular songs of modern Russian stage do not pass by either. It is noteworthy that even the residents of the capital treat Dacha radio very warmly, listening with pleasure to the soulful compositions that sound on its air. True, in Moscow this radio station occupies only 10th place.

Vesti FM

Rating: 4.3

Vesti FM

Average daily audience: 5.5 million people

The fact that the radio station got into the rating of the most-most is simply amazing. And the point is not at all a weak level – this is by no means the case. It's simple: Vesti FM is not a music and entertainment radio frequency – here you can hear only news information. And, even more surprising, the radio station puts a little effort into presenting on radio frequencies. The lion's share of information goes not on the air, but on the Internet: this is how Vesti FM fans receive news about events taking place both in the country and abroad.

Importantly, the VGTRK parent holding provides the radio station with powerful information support, thanks to which viewers receive news from the first, as they say, hands.

Humor FM

Rating: 4.4

Humor FM

Average daily audience: 5.6 million people

The situation with the seventh place in our top ten is, perhaps, also unique. After all, this participant is a non-standard phenomenon among other radio stations in the traditional sense. The fact is that the broadcast of this radio station is one hundred percent filled with only sparkling jokes: the main direction of broadcasting Humor FM is humor.

Frankly speaking, such a format is a somewhat risky business, but in this case the risk paid off handsomely: for more than ten years now this radio station has been pleasing its regular listeners, whose number has long exceeded several million. The main secret of the radio is a well-thought-out alternation of high-quality music and entertainment programs. But the first should not prevail over the second – this is the main rule of the radio station. Close cooperation with several Internet portals and the TNT channel helps to regularly update the humorous component.

Radio Chanson

Rating: 4.5

Radio Chanson

Average daily audience: 7.5 million people

Even those people who are not fans of this kind of music have at least once become involuntary listeners while riding in a minibus or in a taxi. All this is due (more likely) to radio 'Chanson', which appeared in the first year of the new millennium. The creators of the radio station modified the concept traditional for such radio outlets, relying on soulfulness.

Surprisingly, but the Russian mentality liked the French chanson. From a modest embryo, he turned into a real 'radio monster' with several million grateful listeners. Gradually, in addition to foreign hits, domestic thieves' songs, city romances and even famous movie hits began to slip more and more often on the air. The result was the birth of a unique musical phenomenon – Russian chanson. Isn't it a topic for a dissertation in musicology?

Retro FM

Rating: 4.6

Retro FM

Average daily audience: 8 million people

As the time during which the radio station 'Retro FM' has existed, its listeners do not grow old in soul and are loyal to their choice, which is why it falls into our rating of the most popular in Russia. Although the name of the station makes it clear what its main direction is, in recent years it has expanded the broadcast music flow, shifting the concept of 'retro': more and more often, even hits of the 90s can be heard on the air.

The radio station focuses mainly on those listeners who are nostalgic for the good songs of the past (mainly those who have reached 35 years old). An interesting fact: as the statistics of the last two years show, there are more 'nostalgic' people among the residents of the capital than in other cities (in the capital's rating, Retro FM is one of the three leaders in radio broadcasting).

Russian radio

Rating: 4.7

Russian radio

Average daily audience: 9 million people

Having founded the radio company 'Russian Radio' in the mid-90s, its creators relied on the domestic and guessed one hundred percent. Although in that difficult period, such a step was rather risky and the fact that it was successful can only be explained by instinct. The fact is, during the period of the breakdown of communist ideas and the emergence of capitalism in young Russia, everything Russian was associated with a 'scoop', therefore, preference was given to foreign things (including music).

More than 20 years have passed since those times and today the radio station, without exaggeration, is one of the most rated in the country, falling into the top five most popular. Russian Radio is an incredibly successful project that broadcasts in more than a thousand cities (even outside the country). It also features mostly Russian-language songs – a real achievement for a Russian radio station.


Rating: 4.8


Average daily audience: 10 million people

The happy owner of the third place of honor – the radio station 'Autoradio' loves to pamper its listeners with excellent music that improves mood. The age of the listeners is practically unlimited: the main thing is to be on the road. Most of the airtime is given to a variety of music, which is occasionally interrupted by short information blocks about the traffic situation.

Considering the constantly growing number of drivers on the country's highways, it is not surprising that the radio station not only rose to such a high place in popularity, but also firmly holds its positions. The statistics for Moscow, by the way, are somewhat different from the all-Russian ones: there Autoradio confidently holds the first place, which is quite logical, given the huge congestion of the capital's highways.

Road Radio

Rating: 4.9

Road Radio

Average daily audience: 10.3 million people

The radio station became a real discovery in its time: a modest point of music broadcasting in just three years (which is surprising, without impressive financial investments and complex schemes) turned into a prominent representative of the top of the broadcasting of the Northern capital. The creators themselves explain this by the maximum attention to the needs of their listeners. Today, Road Radio is one of the favorites of all of Russia (the radio station is no less popular in the capital). Thanks to the atmosphere of sincerity and romance created, the radio station is still confidently in the top three of the country's leaders.

And, what is remarkable, it managed to surpass even the venerable Autoradio in popularity. True, Moscow, as always, distinguished itself: the residents of the capital do not support the enthusiasm of the whole country and here Road Radio did not manage to rise above the fifth line of the rating of the most popular radio stations. And yet he has millions of grateful listeners.

Europa Plus

Rating: 5.0

Europa Plus

Average daily audience: 11 million people

For many years now, the Europe Plus radio station has been confidently holding the palm. You can even say that it has its own little anniversary: ​​the radio station has been leading the rating of the most popular in the country for 10 years and, it seems, is not going to give way. Since then, Europa Plus has managed to make more than 45,000 listeners happy with pleasant gifts, and almost 2,000 people, thanks to their favorite station, have been able to attend concerts of world music celebrities.

The main factor of the unabated popularity of Europe plus is considered not only competently selected musical content and its combination with a metered amount of entertainment and information programs. The secret of the radio station is its constant desire to try new, original broadcasting formats.

Fun fact: Europa Plus was the first commercial radio station created before the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was she who became the “foundation” on which modern radio broadcasting was formed: the later radio stations strictly adhered to its media standards.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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