10 most expensive planes in the world

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In the modern world, the speed of movement sometimes plays an important role, so many people use an airplane as a means of transportation. For most, this is a cramped economy class, for some it is a comfortable business class flight. But there are also those for whom the plane is a personal transport, pleasure and an expensive 'toy', testifying to the status of its owner. However, there are expensive examples not only among civilians, but also among military aircraft. Here is the list of the most expensive in the world.

The most expensive in the world

Nomination a place aircraft name price
The most expensive civil aircraft 5 Boeing 747– 8 VIP $ 153 million
4 Boeing 747-400 Custom 220 MILLION $
3 Boeing 747-430 Custom 233 MILLION $
2 Airbus A340-300 Custom 350 MILLION $
1 Airbus A380 Super Jumbo 500 MILLION $
The most expensive military models 5 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye 232 MILLION $
4 P-8A Poseidon 290 MILLION $
3 C-17A Globemaster III 328 MILLION $
2 F-22 Raptor 350 MILLION $
1 B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber 2.2 Billion $

Most expensive private jets

Passenger planes that cross the planet's airspace every day cost several million dollars. But a completely different matter – private airliners, modernized at the request of their owners, and thus increased in price. Next up are the most expensive private jets in existence.

Boeing 747-8 VIP – $ 153 million

Rating: 4.6

Boeing 747– 8 VIP

Honorable last place in our ranking of the most expensive private jets is the successful and highly praiseworthy acquisition of one of the richest businessmen in the world – Hong Kong's Joseph Lau. The Boeing model he bought is considered one of the most popular among the powers that be. Known as the 'Dreamliner', the Boeing 747 has been upgraded beyond recognition. This is, of course, not about technical elements, but about the interior trim and its filling.

On board the 'dream plane' there is everything you need not just for comfortable, but for luxurious air travel: designer spiral staircases, a cinema, vaulted ceilings, a gym, a wine cellar (if you can call it that) with a collection of more than 10,000 bottles of excellent wine, a conference room, a designer bedroom for a comfortable sleep, etc. The main feature of this private jet is that it is two-level: thanks to this, its usable area is automatically doubled.

Boeing 747-400 Custom – $ 220 million

Rating: 4.7

Boeing 747-400 Custom

The owner of the aircraft, shortly after making the purchase, changed it from the inside beyond recognition, turning it into a real palace. Prince Al-Walid bin Talal – the nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia – wished to travel in comfort: the plane was decorated entirely in oriental style. The aircraft, originally designed to carry about 400 passengers, has become a real highlight of the eastern entrepreneur.

The magnificent liner has all the necessary amenities on board: two comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms, a luxurious dining room for 14 people and a work area with a throne in the center directly for the jet owner.

Boeing 747-430 Custom – $ 233 million

Rating: 4.8

Boeing 747-430 Custom

The owner of this luxurious aircraft is a Brunei ruler and also a billionaire. The luxurious interior, designed in a traditional oriental style with an abundance of gold and crystals in the decoration, is amazing. Due to the low demand for a similar model of the aircraft, only 28 copies were produced, one of which became the owner of the head of the oil state.

It is noteworthy that after the purchase, Hassanal Bolkiah gave the plane for revision not just somewhere, but to the American military department, which not only changed the decoration of the ship beyond recognition, but also modernized its technical part. Additional fuel tanks were installed, which made it possible to increase the flight range from 12.4 thousand km (an indicator of the production model) to 15 thousand km. The plane has several bedrooms, a luxurious living room, a conference room, etc. The plumbing deserves special attention: it is all covered with gilding, and the washbasins are completely gold.

Airbus A340-300 Custom – $ 350 million

Rating: 4.9

Airbus A340-300 Custom

He got on our rating of the most expensive planes and the pride of the Russian billionaire (3rd in the Forbes list among the richest Russians in 2016) – Alisher Usmanov. The aircraft was named after the owner's father – 'Burkhan' (Bourkhan). By the way, the businessman also owns a yacht worth 100 million dollars, named after his mother – Dilbar. This is a kind of tribute to their parents. The board was worth $ 238 million when purchased, but impressive internal refinements have turned this giant vessel into a luxury private jet. Initially, 400 passengers could board the plane, but now it accommodates only 100, but with what comfort.

Luxurious decoration with gold, furniture with precious inlay, unique lamps – all this was applied to the interior of the aircraft. By the way, this impressive-looking airliner surpasses even the presidential plane in its dimensions and capabilities.

Airbus A380 Super Jumbo – $ 500 million

Rating: 5.0

Airbus A380 Super Jumbo

The largest passenger plane in the world and another luxurious acquisition of the Prince of Saudi Arabia. The exquisite “toy” under the contract cost the Saudi investment entrepreneur and billionaire $ 488 million. Equipped with the latest technology, the aircraft includes several guest rooms with separate prayer chapels. Each has an electronic prayer rug, always oriented towards Mecca.

In addition, the aircraft has on board a real Turkish bath decorated with marble, a 10-seat concert hall, a garage for the beloved Rolls-Royce prince and a comfortable conference room with a throne in the center for the aircraft owner. A special chic and unusual filling of one of the most expensive airplanes in the world is given by a room called the 'room of wellbeing'. A huge screen is mounted on its floor, through which the earth's surface is perfectly visible from a bird's eye view.

The most expensive military models

Of course, only the best examples of military aviation technology can cost millions of dollars. Below are the most technically advanced, powerful and expensive aircraft designed for the navies of different countries.

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye – $ 232 million

Rating: 4.6

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

At one time, Grumman Aircraft developed this radar airliner for the purpose of scanning territories at long distances. Today this model aircraft is successfully used in the naval aviation of countries such as France, Israel and Japan. Equipped with a satellite navigation system, modern radio equipment, and a special radar, this aircraft is capable of conducting reconnaissance operations at distances of up to 540 km, in any weather.

An improved version of the E-2C boasts new avionics, including an advanced radar, radio station, and on-board computer. Thanks to the installed air-to-air refueling system and modernized engines, the aircraft is able to perform more complex and time-consuming maneuvers compared to its 'predecessor'. The cost of this unusual airliner was influenced not least by the improved avionics, which enable pilots of new aircraft models to recognize 'friend or foe', as well as providing reliable protection against the effects of enemy electronic devices.

P-8A Poseidon – $ 290 million

Rating: 4.7

P-8A Poseidon

The slightly modified modification of the Boeing 737-800 cost the countries interested in it, such as the USA, Great Britain, India, a considerable amount. But the colossal amount of almost $ 300 million per copy fully meets expectations: a reconnaissance aircraft intended for use by the naval forces is capable of detecting submarines and ships, and then disabling them.

The aircraft model created by the American corporation Boeing Company can carry up to 9 tons of weapons on board, including missiles, depth charges, underwater mines and other military equipment. The instance is equipped with excellent avionics: a multipurpose ground locator, special electronic support measures, etc. In addition to Poseidon, another version of the P-8A was additionally released, adapted for Indian military needs – the P-8I Neptun, supplemented by a number of systems developed in the customer country .

C-17A Globemaster III – $ 328 million

Rating: 4.8

C-17A Globemaster III

Another brainchild of the Boeing Company was developed to transport military cargo and personnel and is an excellent example of a carrier of naval equipment. Originally built for the US Navy, this freighter is considered one of the largest aircraft cargo ships today. It is actively used in a number of countries. Among them are the USA, Great Britain, UAE, Qatar, India and even NATO.

The model of a military aircraft fully pays for the costs of its acquisition: it copes well with important strategic tasks, transporting valuable cargo, transporting wounded soldiers, etc. Today, only a couple of hundred of such copies are known in the world (numbers range from 180 to 210 units).

F-22 Raptor – $ 350 million

Rating: 4.9

F-22 Raptor

The created aviation unit is rightfully considered the best combat aircraft in the world. And, unsurprisingly, it is in service with the United States, which is practically non-stop modernizing its military equipment. The characteristics of this representative of combat aviation are striking: developed, again, by Boeing, but already together with Lockheed Martin, the instance was created on the principle of 'power in action'.

But we are not talking about impressive dimensions, but about a compact aircraft model, capable of remaining invisible at maximum power. This combat fighter can be in service absolutely in any weather. It is considered a multi-tasking aircraft capable of covering long distances at supersonic speed, remaining unnoticed by enemy radars and disarming its missiles. This 5th generation fighter is undoubtedly the best in its environment.

B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber – $ 2.2 billion

Rating: 5.0

B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

The undisputed leader of our rating and the most effective combat aircraft among the existing ones. It is considered the main bomber of the American military aviation. It was designed as a heavy aircraft vessel with excellent camouflage properties. The B-2 Spirit is the most expensive aircraft in the history of aviation. More than 900 million dollars were spent on its development and creation in the 80s of the last century. By today's standards, this is more than $ 2 billion.

The latest technologies have made it possible to create a unique aircraft model with a radio-absorbing coating and the ability to bypass enemy defense systems. A total of 20 B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber units are currently in service with the United States.

It is impossible not to note out of the rating another aircraft – a new generation stealth fighter – F-35. It can hardly be called the most expensive: the cost of one combat unit ranges from 80 to 100 million dollars, depending on the modification features. But in general, the project of the military-industrial corporation Lockheed Martin is impressive in its scale: its development is estimated at a whopping $ 55 billion. This is the most promising and unambiguously expensive project in the history of aviation.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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