10 most beautiful places in Sochi

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The famous Black Sea resort of Sochi is considered the most visited among the tourist destinations of the south of Russia. Majestic The Caucasus Mountains and the warm sea attract many visitors from all over of the world. And in the vicinity of the city is an incredible amount unique sights, some of which you can safely call one of the most beautiful in the Krasnodar Territory.

Unforgettable Sochi: top 10 most beautiful places

Nomination a place Sight rating
top 10 most beautiful places 1 Sochi National Park 5.0
2 “33 waterfalls” 4.9
3 Park “Riviera” 4.8
4 Sochi Arboretum 4.7
5 Observation tower (Akhun city) 4.6
6 Sochi Railway Station 4.5
7 Yew-boxwood grove 4.4
8 Olympic park 4.3
9 Mamedovo Gorge 4.2
10 Agur waterfalls 4.1

Sochi National Park

Attraction rating (Sochi): 5.0

Sochi National Park

Hospitable Sochi National Park – a huge reserve an area of ​​190 thousand hectares, covered with thick juicy greenery, and has become a cozy home for 70 varieties mammals, 100 species of all kinds of birds. In the open spaces of the park even endangered species of animals from the Red Book inhabit. Among them Caucasian roe and lynx. With any luck, here you can see Bears, deer, martens, badgers, hares, etc. About 1/5 of all representatives of the fauna of the park – endemic (found only on its territory).

More than 90% of the territory of Sochi Park is covered with dense vegetation: the local forests are striking in their beauty. But here you can not only enjoy the magnificent views, but also arrange yourself a bright, memorable quest, having spent the whole day searching for caves, gorges hidden in the greenery of waterfalls and noisy rivers, which are here great multitude.

Sochi National Park – a place of amazing neighborhood subtropical plants and snowy mountain peaks. To plenty to travel around the conservation area, it will take several days, and for a thorough acquaintance with her beauties and weeks will be few.

“33 waterfalls”

Attraction rating (Sochi): 4.9

10 most beautiful places in Sochi

A place of amazing beauty, hidden in the valley of the Shah River. Many small waterfalls combined with several river thresholds, located strictly and beautifully in the form of a cascade. Specially for the convenience of tourists along an unusual natural formation was built a staircase made of wood. Going down its steps, you can first-hand to enjoy the calming picture of water flows.

Boxwood trees make the atmosphere more complete, ferns and mosses, also located on the way down. All tourists Visitors to this beautiful natural attraction remain in delighted by the incredible view of the raging streams of water, erupting from high. The natural place is part of the National Park Sochi

Park “Riviera”

Attraction rating (Sochi): 4.8

A park

Huge Square Entertainment Center – Focus attractions, incredible beauty of sculptures and bright illumination. In addition, on the territory of the Riviera there is also an aquarium and arboretum. Astronomy lovers will enjoy visiting local planetarium. The park was founded in the 19th century by his son. hereditary citizen of Moscow and the head of one of the largest merchant houses of Russia – Vasily Khludov. Visiting card a beautiful park is considered a magnificent sculptural composition in the form of huge real watches made in the form of a pearl hidden in the open sea shell.

Sochi Arboretum

Attraction rating (Sochi): 4.7


A unique and incredibly beautiful place that locals consider worthy of attention of any of the guests of the city. Situated on an area of ​​49 hectares, the arboretum is surprisingly diverse flora. Created by Sergey Khudyakov, it represents an impressive green area, broken around the estate, and decorated many unique sculptures, fountains.

In the arboretum collected a huge number of seedlings, which gathered not only from all over Russia, but also far beyond its borders: here you can see rare plants like the Mexican agave, Algerian cork oak, exotic bananas or eucalyptus from Australia itself. Connoisseurs of unique bird species by rare specimens of birds will be appreciated. In Sochi Arboretums are also enclosures with ostriches, peacocks, and lovers overview pictures will be able to enjoy a magnificent view from the cable car a road stretched right above the park.

Observation tower (Akhun city)

Attraction rating (Sochi): 4.6

Observation tower (Akhun)

This unique place is one of the most beautiful not only in Sochi, but also in Russia. The observation deck built on top of Mount Akhun The tower is made in a canonical medieval style. Tourists beckon this attraction thanks to the opportunity to enjoy incredible beauty of the scenery. The city at its feet combined with Caucasian mountain range, sea surface and covered with dense greens the valley creates an amazing picture – perfect for getting panoramic photos.

The unique structure, located at 30 meters high, was built back in 1936 by personal order of Joseph Stalin in the shortest time – in less than 100 days. Directly in the tower a small museum room was opened in which stuffed animals – inhabitants of nearby territories. For comfort visitors attractions near the tower was open souvenir shop and catering facilities. In one of the cafes you can enjoy delicious tea from a samovar.

Sochi Railway Station

Attraction rating (Sochi): 4.5

Sochi railway station

Located in the city center near the beach area and famous hotel transport hub is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful railway stations in the country. Modern architecture in coupled with some pomp, the beginning of the 20th century creates an amazing sense of luxury, and gives the building a majestic view.

Although the building currently presented was built in mid-20th century, the station originally existed since 1918 of the year. The originality of the train station gives a balcony to a roof with spiers and a tower decorated with a huge clock with an unusual a dial made in the form of a zodiac circle.

Yew-boxwood grove

Attraction rating (Sochi): 4.4

Yew-boxwood grove

A unique natural place and one of the most beautiful Sochi attractions – yew-boxwood grove is located on protected area – this is part of the Caucasian biosphere. Here unique, ancient plants grow totals several million years. Among such berry yew and Colchis boxwood. Many grove trees also boast incredible longevity: some of them reach the age of 2000 years old.

Yew-boxwood grove is considered the pride of Sochi It is included in the list of natural heritage of our planet. See with your own eyes natural beauty is possible by going through one of excursion paths continued in the form of two rings specifically for visitors attractions. Both routes exit to observation platforms, from where a stunning view of Bely the rocks. Fans of archaeological antiquities will appreciate the ruins of a fortress dating from 11-12th located in a grove century.

Olympic park

Attraction rating (Sochi): 4.3

Olympic park

Anyone who has ever been to Sochi simply cannot but know about Olympic Park, because it is a matter of architectural pride for citizens and incredibly atmospheric place. The most significant building on his territory is considered a colossal stadium Fisht capable accommodate up to 40 thousand spectators. Attention undoubtedly deserves and Formula 1 race track (Sochi Autodrom), where every year are car races of global importance.

There is also a must-visit Olympic A village with many training centers. In the territory sports park every tourist will find entertainment to their liking and can comfortably relax in one of several upscale hotels. Lovers of cycling and simply enjoyable cycling walks can ride throughout the Olympic Park on a rented bike. For those who want more details get acquainted with all the entertainment facilities of the park, offer enjoy a fascinating tour.

Mamedovo Gorge

Attraction rating (Sochi): 4.2

Mamedovo Gorge

The famous recreational facility of Greater Sochi is considered one of the most visited tourist places of the Krasnodar Territory. Own The name of the gorge was due to the existing ancient legend. It is believed that in ancient times on the Black Sea coast lived thriving Circassian villages. And once, when the men of the aul left for a neighboring village, and Turks appeared nearby, one elder in named Mamed led the invaders to the other side of the village. When they realized this, then threw him into the gorge and walled him up alive. Since then they began to call this place Mamedov.

The gorge located along the Kuapse River stretches for 7 kilometers. When passing through this place, there are 3 waterfalls (Love, Happiness, Health and Youth). In the river valley There are many natural baths, rocks and incredible beauty. bright forest, which creates a stunning picture. It’s beautiful a place where you can relax from the sweltering heat, enjoy the fresh cool air and various grottoes, rapids and dizzying goat paths.

Agur waterfalls

Attraction rating (Sochi): 4.1

Agursky waterfalls

Amazing landmark located in local national park. Nature took care of harmony the surrounding area and created a whole composition of three groups waterfalls of various heights (the largest of them rises to 30 meters above the ground). A path cut through the Agursky waterfalls right in the rock in 1911. In addition to huge flows falling down water, guests of this natural attraction will help to walk along the path directly to the Agursky canyon and the “Devil’s Font” – small lake, as well as “Devil’s hole” – a local cave.

All tourists note that Agursky waterfalls are very picturesque: with transparent water flows like rocks, and around – incredible amount of bright green. It is always very noisy here from powerful water flows and the air is incredibly fresh and cool: even on a hot day it is very comfortable here.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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