10 longest streets in Russia

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The Russian Federation is a country of contrasts. Here you can get acquainted with a variety of world cultures and centuries of history. Many architectural and historical monuments are included in the cultural heritage of UNESCO. It is a country of good-natured people, optimism and enthusiasm, faith in yourself and your nation. Russia is considered the richest state, many songs, poems and poems have been written about it.

In terms of territory, the country occupies more than 30% of Eurasia and has the first place in the world in terms of area. The Russian Federation resembles a large number of European states that are closely interconnected with each other. In our article we will talk about the longest streets in Russia. Let's consider in more detail below.

Rating of the longest streets in Russia

Nomination a place name Length
Rating of the longest streets in Russia 1 Lenin Street, the port city of Magadan 2,000 KM
2 Ring road in Moscow 110 KM
3 Primorskoe highway in St. Petersburg 60 KM
4 Second longitudinal, Volgograd 50 KM
5 Eastern bypass, Perm 22 KM
6 Warsaw highway in Moscow 19 KM
7 Sofiyskaya street, St. Petersburg 18 KM
8 Communist street, s. Bichura 17 KM
9 Leninsky prospect, Moscow 16 KM
10 Streets Lazo (Primorye), Semapornaya (Krasnoyarsk) and Profsoyuznaya (Moscow) 14 KM

Lenin Street, the port city of Magadan

Rating: 5.0

Lenin Street, the port city of Magadan

Magadan has the longest street on the map of Russia. This is evidenced by data from maps and satellites. It starts in Magadan and ends in Yakutsk. It starts in the first city, goes through the entire settlement, without a single fork passes through the taiga and tundra and ends in the city of Yakutsk (where the street is also called). The total length of Lenin Street is more than 2 thousand km.

Initially, Magadan was a small, nondescript village. The Kolymskoe highway passed through it and only in the middle of the 20th century it was renamed into the indicated street. Lenin Street is the historical and cultural center of Magadan. Streets of the same type were built along it, which have retained the integrity of the composition to this day.

If you take a tour of Lenin, you can see the cultural heritage:

  1. educational building of the Magadan Polytechnic;
  2. the Gornyak cinema, built after the Second World War;
  3. the main gate to Central Park, which has the status of a monument of gardening art;
  4. the headquarters of the border detachment;
  5. hotel 'Magadan.

Ring road in Moscow

Rating: 4.9

Ring road in Moscow

The idea of ​​building a road appeared in the 30s of the 20th century, and already in 1939 it was put on the map of Moscow. But the Second World War interfered. During wartime, the track was badly damaged and only in the mid-50s was it rebuilt with four lanes asphalt. At the end of the 60s, the first section of the road from Yaroslavskoe to Simferopolskoe highway, 50 km long, was opened.

Previously, the road had the name – 'Death Road', as there was no lighting and demarcation. After defining the boundaries of the capital, the first interchanges of two levels (clovers) appeared. Only in the 90s they began to improve the Moscow Ring Road and significantly expanded the bands. Now the ring road in Moscow has 11 lanes and its length is almost 110 km.

Primorskoe highway in St. Petersburg

Rating: 4.8

Primorskoe highway in St. Petersburg

The length of the highway along the Gulf of Finland is about 60 km. The highway begins between Savushkina and Planernaya streets and ends in the village of Smolyachkovo. There are various architectural structures on Primorskoye Highway, for example, a house of 5 and 12 floors, reminiscent of the Bastille.

Famous architects have worked on the road project since the early 80s of the XX century. Today, interesting buildings are being built along the highway, which fit perfectly into the overall picture. For example, it is on the Primorskoe highway that you can contemplate wooden and stone buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries:

  1. the estate of Repin;
  2. the Eliseevs' dacha;
  3. Shestakovich's house;
  4. Bekhterev's estate;
  5. cottage Zelenogorsk.

Second longitudinal, Volgograd

Rating: 4.7

Second longitudinal, Volgograd

The second longitudinal street in the city of Volgograd is the longest street without official status. In another way, it is called the 'Volgograd highway', as it runs through almost the entire city and has a length of more than 50 km. For better orientation, local residents call each section of the road in their own way.

The highway in Volgograd connects the most remote sections of the city and allows residents to easily get from one end of the city to the other. The road passes through two districts (Krasnooktyabrsky and Traktorozavodsky). The construction of the expensive ones began after the Second World War, and the restoration of the expensive ones finished only 20 years later. The administration plans to build another highway, which will be called 'zero', and it will be located close to the Volga.

Eastern bypass, Perm

Rating: 4.6

Eastern bypass, Perm

The longest street in Russia is the Eastern Bypass. The path length is over 22 km. The administration decided to expand it and add several lanes due to the high activity in the town. This helped to unload the traffic intersection. There are many supermarkets, shops, hotels and beautiful suburban places along the Eastern household.

Warsaw highway in Moscow

Rating: 4.5

Warsaw highway in Moscow

The length of this highway to Moscow is about 19 km. The path begins on the Bolshaya Tula road and ends in the southern part of the city. Includes several administrative districts of the capital. If you delve into the historical roots, you can find out that this road led to Warsaw. According to official data, it is the second longest road in Russia, which have official status.

The highway was built in the 19th century. The engineers who served Nicholas 1 when they created the road project had to tie the path to the most populated towns for the full development of infrastructure. For the Summer Olympic Games in the 80s of the twentieth century, the construction of a branch in the Crimea – Simferopol highway began.

The main attractions along the highway:

  1. Academy of Economics and Law in Moscow;
  2. Russian Post is an international center;
  3. Jewish Theater 'Shalom';
  4. the longest building in Moscow is the Computer Research Center (about 740 meters);
  5. entertainment center 'Atlantis';
  6. clinics, educational and sports houses.

Interesting fact. If the ring road in Moscow had an official status, then this road would head the list of the longest streets in the Russian Federation. The length of the MKAD reaches about 110 km.

Sofiyskaya street, St. Petersburg

Rating: 4.4

Sofiyskaya street, St. Petersburg

Sofiyskaya Street in the northern capital of the state is one of the longest streets in Russia. It combines industrial and residential areas, the duration is about 18 km. The road appeared relatively recently, but the name was coined in the XX century. In the 50s, a project for its creation was considered, but difficulties in laying the highway due to the cemetery interfered.

The historical roots of the street are connected with the first railway in Russia. The merchants bought some of the land from the baron and built a railway line to his estate. At that time, shops and summer cottages were built. Famous people, merchants, cultural figures lived on this street. The buildings are made in the same style and still stand today.

Communist street, s. Bichura

Rating: 4.3

Communist street, s.  Bichura

The village of Bichura (Buryatia) is the largest village in the Russian Federation. The population reaches more than 13 thousand inhabitants, the area is about 50 thousand square meters. km. The construction of the village began precisely from Kommunisticheskaya Street, which today belongs to the longest streets in Russia. The length of the journey reaches 17 km.

The best time to visit the village is in the spring. Here the bird cherry begins to bloom, the beauty and smell of which cannot be compared with anything. Rural nature is especially attractive for travelers who want to take a break from the bustle of the city, at least be a 'hermit' for a while.

Leninsky prospect, Moscow

Rating: 4.2

Leninsky prospect, Moscow

This is the only highway in the capital that does not change its name along its entire length – 16 km. The avenue belongs to the longest streets in Russia. It is second only in width to Leningradsky Prospekt in Moscow. Main attractions along the way:

  1. Alexandria Palace;
  2. Academy of Sciences;
  3. Department store 'Moscow';
  4. Museum of Mineralogy.

Lenin Avenue in Volgograd is slightly inferior in length to Leninsky Avenue in Moscow. The distance reaches 15 km. This is the main path of Volgograd. Before it was renamed, it was called Aleksandrovskaya Street. A puppet theater, a museum of local lore, many monuments and other museums are located along the avenue in Volgograd.

Streets Lazo (Primorye), Semapornaya (Krasnoyarsk) and Profsoyuznaya (Moscow)

Rating: 4.1

Profsoyuznaya (Moscow

The title 'Russia's longest street' is controversial. It is not always easy and simple to determine the length of the street. The starting points, the beginning or the end of the road can change, it can be interrupted or go to another, for example, on the highway. It is not for nothing that the title of this section of the article contains three streets at once. All of them have the right to take a place in the ranking of the longest streets in Russia. In terms of mileage, they are the same – 14 km. Therefore, we will consider each of them in detail.

Lazo Street (Razdolye village) in Primorye is located near Vladivostok. This is the oldest and longest village in the Russian Federation. About 8 thousand people live on its territory. St. Lazo stretches across the entire settlement.

Semaphore in Krasnoyarsk is the longest in the city. Only half of it is built up with residential buildings, the rest is occupied by an industrial zone and factories. The duration reaches 14 km, and according to some sources – 13.5 km. Dutch and German architects were involved in the design of the houses located by the road.

There are more than three thousand streets in Russia. This number includes highways and highways, streets and lanes, embankments and boulevards. Moscow is a huge city of international importance and it is not at all surprising that one of the longest streets in Russia, Profsoyuznaya, is located here. Its longitudinal size reaches 14 km. The longest path for pedestrians is located here – about 6.5 km. The route includes pl. Gagarin, Leninsky prospect, Alexandrovsky bridge. Everything is ennobled and made for people: restored facades of buildings, installed and working lamps, good road coverage.

Russia is a wonderful nugget

In the article, we talked in detail about the most beautiful and longest streets of Russia. After all, our country is an immense land, a real nugget. Just a few years ago, there was a completely different rating of roads, and today the list has been replenished with new, beautiful streets. After all, behind every bend in the path, around every turn, a traveler or a cartographer can expect something unknown.

Let's compile a small table that includes the longest roads in the Russian Federation. Some have official status, others do not. But this is a matter of time.





2000 KM



110 KM



60 KM



50 KM



22 KM



19 KM



18 KM



17 KM



16 KM



14 KM



14 KM



14 KM


Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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