10 longest cities in the world and in Europe

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Many cities seem to be created for long, leisurely walks. walks. Cobblestone streets, old and old houses, tall trees that are still remembered by emperors and kings, small and cozy coffee houses serving delicate cappuccino with fresh farm milk … I don’t want to leave these cities, I want to walk over them for a long time until night falls, and then – until it rises the sun.

Hiking is also good for people who want to to get acquainted with the real life of foreigners. It’s one thing to wander around tourist routes where every square meter of surroundings verified. Here one historical event happened, over there – next, and in the next shop you can buy souvenirs. But completely different – get off the beaten track and go for a walk in a city that lives its own life. There will be fun children, and couples in love, and not too happy with tourists old people – there will be that very unique spirit.

And for lovers of hiking (or maybe cycling) walks, we ranked among the 10 longest cities in the world and in Europe.

Rating of the longest cities in the world and in Europe

Nomination a place Town Length
The longest cities in the world 7 New Delhi 54.9 km
6 Sao paulo 72.5 KM
5 Melbourne 77 km
4 New York 89.1 KM
3 Tokyo 92 KM
2 Beijing 107 km
1 Mexico city 200 km
The longest cities in Europe 3 London 60 km
2 Krivoy Rog 126 km
1 1st place: Sochi 145 KM

The longest cities in the world

7th place: New Delhi (54.9 km)

Rating: 4.4


New Delhi – the capital and at the same time one of the most famous cities India. It is here that more than ever you can vividly dive into history, and in the color of this Asian state. First settlements on New Delhi’s territories appeared 5 thousand years ago – and since then he was the capital, trade, business and religious center state.

Now in the city there is a huge amount historical monuments. Here you can find ancient Buddhist temples, and slightly more modern colonial buildings. New Delhi keeps traces of all eras that India experienced – therefore Muslim town halls stand next to Christian churches, and cultural monuments are favorably shaded with luxury and New Delhi’s fashionableness – with its mansions, supercars and elite restaurants.

New Delhi with a suburb of Delhi is spread over 54.9 km. And during walks in this city can be fully felt and feel the whole Indian flavor – bright, multinational, mysterious and somewhat strange.

6th place: Sao Paulo (72.5 km)

Rating: 4.5


São Paulo is a major business center in Brazil. He is completely not similar to other cities of this country. Instead of colorful low-rise houses – huge skyscrapers making it look like New York. Instead of relaxed tourists, businessmen are scurrying. Instead of the Brazilian festive flavor – the atmosphere of work.

But this is the center of Sao Paulo. But it’s worth going beyond business district – and the city appears in all its Brazilian beauty. São Paulo is not a place for lovers of silence, it is noisy here – screams at different languages ​​interrupted by the sound of guitars. It’s crowded here – and in the afternoon, and at night, when numerous clubs open, from simple to elite. There are areas where poverty reigns – and they replaced by chic mansions under palm trees, which are as if left the screen.

In São Paulo, which is freely located on the alpine plateau – and stretched for 72.5 kilometers – there are many places who want to visit. There are also samples of modern art, including street art, and tropical parks, and even snake reserve.

5th place: Melbourne (77 km)

Rating: 4.6


Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city that wears the proud title of “cultural capital”. If at least once in your playlist met an indie rock band from the “kangaroo country”, then most likely she began her career here. However, not one only music is famous for melbourne.

This city is recognized as the most comfortable for life. Therefore leave I definitely don’t want it. Fortunately there is something to do – lovers stories will be able to walk along the old streets, keeping the memory of those times when Australia ceased to be a country of exiles and convicts; those craving for relaxation will find hundreds of clubs and entertainment centers; shopping fans will have to hire a porter to to dismiss a huge number of packages from boutiques of fashion brands … In Melbourne always has good weather, there is no scorching sun, nor chilling cold. And this is the city where you want to live.

Melbourne is 77 km away. He semicircle covers the bay Port Philippe, therefore, there is also a very long coastline! You can see the ocean from almost anywhere in Melbourne – if he, of course, will not be hidden by skyscrapers or centuries-old sequoias.

4th place: New York (89.1 km)

Rating: 4.7

New York

New York is the business capital of the United States of America. Exactly here are the offices of most corporations, and behind the billowing sky-scrapers sometimes do not even see the sky. This is where they come tourists from all over the world who want to see America – and therefore locals most often start a conversation with a stranger with a question “Where are you from?”. This is where even a person who first arrives in the USA each lane will seem familiar – because it appeared in some movie or series.

New York is a model metropolis. Fast, dynamic, bright, not stopping for a second. Here you can’t relax and relax (unless, of course, you hide from the hustle and bustle in some coffee shop or in a luxury hotel room) – crowds people are in a hurry somewhere, and each building has an interesting place.

And tourists from Russia can also look at Brighton Beach. In that The area is home to the largest community of immigrants from the USSR in America. IN local supermarkets can buy sunflower seeds and boiled-smoked sausage, and the cafe serves dumplings and borscht. it as if a “corner of the motherland” – but it’s worth driving several stations to “subway”, and now Queens, where there is Chinatown and the Indian community. A few more stops – and here is Manhattan, the most American district. New York is probably the whole world in miniature.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the color of a huge amount countries, you can go around the world – or just come to New York. The city, rightfully called the “Great Apple, ”is 89.1 km long – and each of these kilometers will give unique emotions.

3rd place: Tokyo (92 km)

Rating: 4.8


Tokyo embodies all ideas about Japan. It – an ultramodern metropolis with respect for culture. It is a place of conformism and work of a huge number of office clerks in which they give individuality. It is concrete jungle covered with wires and lit by neon, in which any a minute you can stop and enjoy the delicate flowering Sakura

Tokyo is a stunning city. He is impressive and shocking right away. after arrival. It goes from the airport to the city center – more precisely, it flies – train without wheels soaring over the railway thanks to technology magnetic levitation. Intricate areas await tourists in the city itself insane layout, independent metro lines, stunning number of attractions and just interesting places, nightly Shibuya clubs and futuristic buildings of Odaiba, bohemian bars Shinjuku and ancient Harajuku temples. Upon arrival in Tokyo is worth throw out the list of places that I would like to see – it will not help. Just not enough time.

Such a multi-colored, crowded metropolis simply cannot be small. Tokyo stretches for 92 km, making it one of the most longest cities in the world.

2nd place: Beijing (107 km)

Rating: 4.9


It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised that one of the longest Cities of the world is located in the country with the largest population. Beijing is the capital and business center of China. At the same time, he does not look like traditional metropolis.

Beijing is a surprisingly harmonious city. It is divided into symmetrical areas whose geometry is defined by center lines, passing through the center. In this case, a tourist may be struck by a strange combination of architecture. There are also traditional imperial palaces surrounded by gardens and parks, and unexpected for another countries traditionally Soviet high-rise buildings. And it is the monuments architectures are able to surprise and impress with their beauty.

Walking along straight like an arrow, but infinitely long streets, you should definitely stop and look at any local a restaurant. Beijing cuisine is unlike ordinary Chinese, it able to surprise not only the famous honey-baked duck, but also other unusual dishes. At the same time, the Chinese eat food treat with reverence, turning lunch into a small ceremony.

A city in which the imperial past harmoniously merged with communist present, has an impressive length of 107 km

1st place: Mexico City (200 km)

Rating: 5.0


Mexico City is the longest city in the world and one of the largest in the planet. Crossing it even in a private car is not a task from lungs, which will require several hours. The length of the city is 200 kilometers!

In the capital of Mexico, you can fully experience the flavor of this country. Here the ancient pyramids built by the Aztecs, side by side with modern business centers made of glass and concrete. Starting a walk from the magnificent palaces, you can wander into unreliable, poor and dangerous for tourists area. Huge the number of archaeological zones and museums goes well with night clubs and bars, where they will certainly pour real mexican tequila.

Tourists who want comfort combined with immersion in culture, it is worth a glimpse into the Dew Zone area. It is open here most entertainment venues. And here are the fans Colonial architecture is worth going to Constitution Square – it is there that the most important sights of these times are located. Alameda and Chapultek – areas where you can relax from the bustle of the city, pleasing the eye with greenery and visiting the largest museums.

The longest cities in Europe

3rd place: London (60 km)

Rating: 4.8


London is not just the capital of Great Britain. At one time he was one of the most important, most influential cities in the world. Until 1919 the years when the British Empire conducted colonial activity and captured dozens and hundreds of territories, London was her heart. AND therefore, it is huge, it is diverse and diverse.

Today, London combines cultural modernity and reverence for traditions. Many of today’s realities may seem shocking. for a tourist. Well, how can I arrange all over the city avant-garde sculptures, play indie rock in every second pub and erect a Mary-Ex skyscraper in the shape of a cucumber, not what you can to think, with the Queen alive? And in an amazing way, all this modernity, counterculture and avant-garde are combined with respect for tradition.

There are three historical centers in London. There is a city – modern and business, but at the same time gloomy and majestic, in which Skyscrapers are combined with Gothic cathedrals. There is Westminster – untidy but full of parks and significant historical sites. Here and Belgravia, Kensington, Trafalgar Square, and Buckingham the palace, and Big Ben himself. True, there is a risk leaving the building Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, tripping over a sleeping homeless person. And there is Camden – an area in which London appears as respectable and noble city.

London has always been huge. He even has no historical centers one, but three! Therefore, it is not surprising that from the outskirts to Outskirts of London as many as 60 kilometers, no.

2nd place: Kryvyi Rih (126 km)

Rating: 4.9

Krivoy Rog

Kryvyi Rih is the longest city in Ukraine. He settled on the banks of two rivers at once – Saksagan and Ingulets – and has a characteristic elongated shape. Today Krivoy Rog is one of the largest production centers of the Dnipropetrovsk region and the country in whole.

Therefore, tourists Kryvyi Rih can attract only history industry. But here he has something to surprise. Near the city there is a quarry of UGOK, where iron ore was mined, but now it’s just a tourist place with a viewing platform, from where they open spectacular views. You can drive along Krivoy Rog metro tram – a unique form of transport. Also nearby there is practically a Martian lake – salt and iron painted its in amazing pink red color.

However, not only industry is famous Kryvyi Rih. This is still and creative city! This is where the association began to work. “Studio Quarter-95”, which shoots comedic and quite serious programs, series and films. And it is his native – Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky – in 2019 became the president of Ukraine.

Krivoy Rog stretches for 126 kilometers.

1st place: Sochi (145 km)

Rating: 5.0


One of the most famous and popular resort cities in Russia, Sochi stretches 145 kilometers along the Black Sea coast. 145kilometers of beaches, small and pleasant pebbles, caressing the surf and carefree relaxation under the scorching southern sun!

Sochi is hospitable. You won’t be able to leave here without tasting real, fried right in front of you on the barbecue grill, and not washed down with homemade wine. Even local fast food – borrowed from Greek cuisine souvlaki – and that is meat on skewers. For those who can’t drink wine, Sochi will offer healing mineral water, and there are almost more sanatoriums and health resorts than hotels and restaurants. Tourists coming for nightlife Sochi will offer a huge number of clubs and endless parties. History buffs have tons of museums telling amazing events from the life of this coastal city. Healthy fans lifestyles – Olympic facilities and ski resorts.

In the morning on the beach, in the afternoon on the ski slope, in the evening – at night the club. And all this – in one city.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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