10 longest bridges in the world

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The bridge is one of the most remarkable and necessary inventions. of humanity. Between people separated by rivers, seas and oceans a unique opportunity to communicate. With the advent of these facilities began traveling to different lands. Also bridges are also important objects in international trade and creation attractive investment climate for economic state development.

Bridges used to be ordinary stone structures and the trees that were required to cross the water. But today it is concrete giants being built by unique innovative technology using high quality and durable materials.

Building technology and architecture go a long way. Therefore, in the modern era, specialists are involved in creating huge and long structures. These designs are striking in their magnificence. Everyone dreams at least once to ride on them and find out what it is.

Everyone admires the unusual bridges, which at one time or in the present broke all conceivable and inconceivable world records. However it’s not always possible to read books or just articles about this one. Why not catch up and get to know the top “The longest bridges in the world: Top 10, photo”?

The longest bridges in the world: Top 10

Nomination a place name of the bridge length
The longest bridges in the world: Top 10 10 Hangzhou Gulf Bridge – 35.6 km 35.6 km
9 Yangcun Bridge 35.8 KM
8 Manchek Swamp Bridge 36.7 km
7 Dam Bridge over Lake Ponchartrain 38.4 KM
6 Qingdao Bridge 42.5 KM
5 Highway Bang Na 54 km
4 Bridge over wei 79.7 km
3 Tianjin Great Bridge 113.7 KM
2 Zhanghua-Kaohsiung Viaduct 157.3 km
1 champion among the longest bridges: Danyang-Kunshansky viaduct 164.8 KM

10th place. Hangzhou Gulf Bridge – 35.6 km

Rating: 4.1

Bridge over the Hangzhou Bay - 35.6 km

Opens the top ten Chinese bridge across the Hangzhou Bay, with a length of 35.6 kilometers. This is both pedestrian and transport facility. So to say, universal.

Everything in this building is great. Presentable appearance and high technical and operational characteristics were achieved due to European standards, because design Swiss specialists were involved. By the way, they also create strong and high-quality designs. But those structures can hardly qualify for competitions in length because their the length does not reach even half a kilometer.

Admittedly, the labor and expense of creating this miracle modern times were colossal. Only to create a layout and development was spent 10 years. Over 600 worked on all this. person from the construction and engineering fields.

However, such delays were due to construction directly above the shelf zone. This created additional difficulties, but engineers found the solution simple and quick enough: part The erection was constructed on land. Then they just brought her and installed.

It should also be noted that this bridge is famous for one unusual a local attraction – a service center called “Between heaven and earth”. It provides a huge shopping and entertainment complex, which includes shops, points catering, parking. This island is not at all interferes with the movement, it is located on stilts. Water doesn’t affect him, therefore, the harmful effects of sea currents need not be feared.

9th place. Yangcun Bridge

Rating: 4.2


Yangcun Bridge, the main railway link, long reaches approximately 35.8 kilometers. Its opening is solemn held in 2007.

The peculiarity of this design is that it is one of the key links with major cities such as Beijing and Tianjin – the capital and largest port of China.

Separately, it should be noted that the trains move along it with space speed – 350 kilometers per hour. You can only imagine how high technical and operational he possesses the characteristics, once withstands these colossal load every day.

You also need to comment on the construction of this interesting Chinese array. It didn’t take much time to build it, like the previous one. But also a lot – two years. In addition, the construction famous for its unusual shape, because it combines three cities – Beijing, Tianjin and Laban.

Every tourist who decides to visit China is sure to come to to this bridge. If he arrived by train, then it is enough for him to walk a few hundred meters to see this miracle of modern engineering.

8th place. Manchek Swamp Bridge

Rating: 4.3

Manchek Swamp Bridge

Now we need to talk about the bridges of another world giant – United States of America. It is there that the largest on the North American continent, a bridge called Manchek Swamp.

A structure with a length of 36.7 kilometers, built in the second half of the twentieth century. American drivers and ordinary citizens saw the discovery of the achievement of modern (on that moment) of construction thought in 1979.

This bridge is still in operation. Ratings record that its daily traffic is not large enough – does not reach Chinese standards. Only 2500 passes through it per day Vehicle. However, the value of the construction from this is not loses.

One mystical, but intriguing story is associated with Manchek Swamp. In the place where the canvas lies, before there were wild swamps. By legend, there was a werewolf named Lugaru. Later appeared there Witch preaching the voodoo cult. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the sorceress was strong and evil. Her strength was enough to impose on the neighborhood is a terrible curse. There were people who did not believe in this, it was considered stupid. But by a strange coincidence in witch’s funeral day a terrible hurricane erupted in three cities and destroyed most of the areas in them.

By the way, before that there was also a bridge with the same name. True, and he suffered a rather sad fate. He collapsed and no one could explain the reasons.

However, everything is good with the new construction. It has been standing for many years, people ride on it. Nothing portends trouble.

7th place. Dam Bridge over Lake Ponchartrain

Rating: 4.4

Dam Bridge over Lake Ponchartrain

Another American on the Longest Bridges in the World list: Top 10 photo. “This two-way bridge is one of the longest structures that are placed above the water. His the length is 38.4 kilometers. Above the name for a long time I didn’t have to think, it appeared quickly.

The fact is that this construction is in the middle Lake of the same name, located in the beautiful state of Louisiana. It should be noted that the canvas can withstand loads from cars and retains strength thanks to several thousand piles, made of heavy-duty and high-quality concrete. Total there are 5000 of them. By the way, the bridge is also a dam. Development and design was carried out on site, in the state Louisiana.

It should be noted that Ponchartrain received enough fame long. Additionally, it is included in the top of the longest bridges in the world and is on the honorary list of the largest facilities undergoing through the water.

Ponchartrain creates an excellent traffic intersection between Matari, a suburb of the famous New Orleans, and Mandeville.

We offer you to plunge into history. Design and construction construction began back in 1948. It took its construction a little over eight years old. Colossal investments were made in its creation. that time period money is 55 million dollars. Above the drawings and the best engineers and architects puzzled with schemes.

Interestingly, but all the misfortunes that once affected the state Louisiana, not touched Ponchartrain. It would seem that the bridge is not young, opened in the middle of the last century. There are natural disasters. And to him everything nothing at all.

But there were still incidents connected with this erection. Behind during its operation, three accidents were recorded – collisions of ships. Unfortunately, with the victims. Total killed 9 person.

6th place. Qingdao Bridge

Rating: 4.5


China is one of the world’s giants, including transportation. To maintain a stable economic situation in the country needs to build and open new bridges. therefore the government spares no effort, no time, no money.

The story of one of the longest canvases in the world, having length of 42.5 kilometers, began in 2007. Urgently required to open a message between two important objects – One of China’s largest ports is Qingdao and Huangdao. It should be noted that the construction went on long enough – 4 years. Moreover, the authorities do not saved. For all the time it took to create this design almost 10 billion dollars. To be more precise, then 9.35 billions. The amount in RMB is generally impressive – 60 billion yuan.

Qingdao Bridge is of high quality. Everything was done in order for him to stand for a long time and withstand enormous loads, of which there are many. The design is divided into six parts, according to which moves 300,000 vehicles daily. it splendor rests on 5500 concrete piles from durable material.

5th place. Highway Bang Na

Rating: 4.6


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and part-time one of The largest tourist centers in the world. Therefore the discovery of a new 54 km long bridge in 2000 was an incredible event. It is hard to imagine how many cars are on it is passing by.

The construction of the bridge began in 1995. The authorities did not regret cash on such a massive and grand construction event, especially materials. For construction Strong and solid construction took a lot of cement. 1.8 million cubic meters of strong and durable concrete high quality!

4th place. Bridge over wei

Rating: 4.7

Bridge over Wei

The bridge over Wei is the main connecting link of the eastern and western parts of China. 79.7 kilometers long on this structure hundreds of thousands of cars and wagons pass by daily to get from Zhengzhou to Xi’an.

It should also be noted that Wei was on another list of records. This design is the first in the history of high-speed railway for passenger traffic. IN implementation was invested a huge amount of cash. If a to take into account American dollars, it took just the whole construction 3.5 billion. Money for the Chinese economy is colossal – 35.3 billion yuan.

The bridge across Wei hit the champions back in 2008, when his erection was in full swing. In 2010, the design was commissioned in operation. However, he ceased to be the first because other bridges were built. And in due time he became real sensation.

3rd place. Tianjin Great Bridge

Rating: 4.8

Tianjin Great Bridge

Slowly but surely approached the top three “Longest Bridges in the world: Top 10, photo. “And it opens one of the most famous viaducts of all time built in China. This is about Tianjin – The Great Bridge. His greatness and nobility is connected with that he is the main communicator between major centers Republic of China – Beijing and Shanghai. In parallel he Affects areas such as Qingxian and Langfang.

Its length is truly a record – 113.7 kilometers. But also more striking is the fact that the construction of this huge colossus it took only two years. Work with smaller bridges and then last for decades!

The construction of Tianjin began in 2009, and commissioning in operation solemnly took place in 2011. It should be noted that any tourist who has just arrived in China by train can immediately see him. It takes only a little walk.

Tianjin is a unique attraction in other reasons. The fact is that not far from it, almost ten kilometers away, there is a zoo and an amusement park. Child gets a lot of impressions in one trip!

2nd place. Zhanghua-Kaohsiung Viaduct

Rating: 4.9

Zhanghua-Kaohsiung Viaduct

“Silver” in the nomination of the longest bridges receives a viaduct under the name “Zhanghua-Kaohsiung”! Just a few more kilometers, and he would take an honorable first place! The construction is carried out Passenger Transportation.

It is impossible to imagine what unique strength and durability has a bridge capable of transporting 250 million people each month!

1st place, record holder among the longest bridges: Danyang-Kunshan Viaduct

Rating: 5.0

Danyang-Kunshan Viadu

Finally came to the winner – Danyang-Kunshan Viaduct! As you might guess, this is a masterpiece of engineering – recent history. The record length of 164.8 kilometers was opened in 2011. Regarding data regarding this project of cash, then there is a dispute. Exactly it is known that this account is 8.5-10 billion dollars USA.

In total, over 10,000 people took part in the project – engineers, architects, builders, suppliers of materials, etc. Thanks to all this, the building received a well-deserved mention on Guinness World Records

In addition, a huge number of concrete concrete piles. Nearly 10,000 posts hold the canvas and attach him extra strength.

Passengers will not only enjoy a comfortable and quick ride, but and they will be able to enjoy the extraordinary picturesque landscapes: plains, fields, streams, hills and by the lakes. It’s just breathtaking from what you see! So what can be done with to say with confidence: one trip will leave a lot of impressions for the whole a life.

All the bridges listed above have already gone down in history forever. architecture. In the future they will be considered as ideals of the world modern bridge building.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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