10 largest deposits in the world

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For many centuries, mankind has been mining huge amounts of gold for various reasons. Today, any country who wants to insure their economic system, seeks to get as much gold as possible. More fortunate to those who have own, especially in the form of large deposits. Further speech it will deal exclusively with existing mines, information about which is in the public domain.

The largest gold deposits in terms of production

Nomination a place Field Gold mining per year
The largest gold deposits in terms of production 1 Carlin 27.6 TONS
2 Yanacocha 28.6 TONS
3 Pueblo viejo 29.7 tons
4 Cortez 31.1 tons
5 Goldstrike 32.8 tons
6 Grasberg 42.3 tons
7 Muruntau 61.0 tons
The richest gold deposits (underground mining) 1 Fire creek
2 Macassa (South Mine)
3 Cedar


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  1. Company: Newmont
  2. Country: USA
  3. Gold mining per year (as of 2015): 27.6 tons
  4. Ore reserves (tons): 255,292,680

A valuable Nevada gold mine yielding about 1,735,000 ounces of metal. One of the features of the mine is combination two methods of gold mining – open and closed. Start ore mining was given back in 1965 and since then the work has not stopped.

The scale of the mine is huge: its length is about 2 km, the width reaches 500 m. The deposit contains not only a huge amount of gold, but also a lot of valuable minerals, including rare (e.g., auripigment, which is golden sulfide mineral used in painting – a frequent companion of gold, but not in the form of large crystals).

Interesting fact. Not so long ago near the field was one more was discovered – Gold Quarry. Often both mines considered as one. Experts do not exclude the presence of close to the Carlin mine are several other equally large deposits.


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  1. Company: Newmont (51%), Minas Buenaventura (43%), IFC (five%)
  2. Country: Peru
  3. Gold mining per year (as of 2015): 28.6 tons
  4. Ore reserves (tons): 1 211 564012

The field is considered the largest in all of Latin America. It is quite young – its development started in 1993. The mine is located in the northern part of Peru, directly in highlands of the Andes. Valuable metal is currently being mined immediately in 3 open pit mines. Total working area is 10×4 km. Estimated financial investments in the development of Yanacocha amounted to about 150 million. dollars.

From the very beginning of the mine, it caused a lot of controversy among local residents and environmental activists. Many people think that cyanides used in ore mining have already affected ecological situation in the region. Flowing near the mine 3 rivers at once. Previously, they were crystal clear and valued for the abundance of fish. Over time, frogs disappeared from the waters, then declined and the number of fish. In addition, cases were repeatedly recorded. mass cattle disease, medicinal almost disappeared in the mountains plants.

Pueblo viejo

Rating: 4.6

Pueblo Viejo

  1. Company: Barrick
  2. Country: Dominican Republic
  3. Gold mining per year (as of 2015): 29.7 tons
  4. Ore reserves (tons): 8,060,000

Discovering our top five Dominican gold deposits – “brainchild” of joint cooperation between the two largest companies, engaged in gold mining. Pueblo Viejo is a mine that are 100 km north of the tropical capital of the Dominican Republics – Santo Domingo. Speech about Barrick Gold and Goldcorp: in 2012 the year the project came under the control of both companies after of how the Dominican government for a long time is not particularly successful tried to organize gold mining at the state level.

Gold mining at the fastest pace has already been carried out 2 years after the start of the project. The deposit is considered an example of one of the largest volcanic sedimentary ore formation. Its development began in the distant 1975, on Today it is more than 7 thousand tons per day at oxidized ore resources of 27 million tons.


Rating: 4.7


  1. Company: Barrick
  2. Country: USA
  3. Gold mining per year (as of 2015): 31.1 tons

One of the most invaluable (not literally, of course) deposits not only the state of Nevada in which it is located, but the whole world. The history of this mine originates in the distant 19th century (year 1862th). True, in those days the area was considered an important object silver mining. Only in the 1930s in one of the mines of the mine was gold ore was discovered and only after more than 30 years full-fledged gold mining started.

In the process, an open mining method is used. And for the purpose simplifying the process of delivering ore to the processing site was built sophisticated underground communications system.

Since the start of the field’s work to this day, one of key locality problems remain water scarcity for industrial needs After all, the Cortes mine is located in a deserted area of ​​the state, where water is considered a great value. To solve the deficit problem water company has introduced innovative treatment systems that allow use it repeatedly.

Interesting fact. Another problem for the development company mine – the indigenous population (Shoshoun tribe). For many years (in fact, many generations) places in which gold mining was a religious value for residents of the region. Representatives of the tribe repeatedly appealed to the court to protect their rights, opposing the increase in the area of ​​the mine.


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  1. Company: Barrick
  2. Country: USA
  3. Gold mining per year (as of 2015): 32.8 tons

The US state of Nevada is truly rich in deposits of valuable yellow metal. And the Goldstrake mine is one of the most impressive. About 1.24 million ounces of gold are mined here annually. Start gold mining was given in 1986, and, starting in 2008, the company produces in the mine about 1/3 of all state gold and significant amount of silver.

Interesting fact. Over the past decade, company employees managed to develop an innovative method of gold mining, which wears the name “complete leaching of carbonaceous matter.” Essence of this method in additional processing of ore containing low amount of valuable metal.

Goldstrike, like many of the region’s largest mines, rich in deposits of valuable minerals. For example, in one of the mines the mine was discovered just a huge piece of pyrite. This mineral used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid, production radio devices and weapons.


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  1. Company: Freeport
  2. Country: Indonesia
  3. Gold mining per year (as of 2015): 42.3 tons
  4. Ore reserves (tons): 2 695 883 000

In the province of Papua in Indonesia is the legendary gold a mine where more than 2 million ounces of valuable yellow is mined each year metal. By the way, the field boasts impressive reserves of not only gold, but also silver, copper. Grasberg – The world’s largest gold deposit and the highest in the world: the mine located high in the humid Indonesian mountains, where it is not uncommon seismic activity. By the way, near the mine there is natural attraction – Mount Punchak Jaya – the highest point of papua new guinea.

About 20 people are involved in the development of the field on an ongoing basis. 20,000 people, and this is an impressive number of people. For their convenience and To simplify the work process, a whole village was built (Tembagapura) with a hospital, residential buildings, schools and even own airport.

Grasberg boasts the largest mining fleet: scary to imagine but daily the mine serves 160 dump trucks, the carrying capacity of most of which reaches 330 tons In addition, 18 are involved in the industrial zone of the mine. excavators with a bucket capacity of up to 42 m3.

Development plans for this field are scheduled for decades. forward. Nonetheless, a contract for a mining company ends in 2021: negotiations are currently underway with by the Indonesian government on its extension.


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  1. Company: Navoi
  2. Country: Uzbekistan
  3. Gold mining per year (as of 2015): 61.0 tons
  4. Ore reserves (tons): 152,778,780

The mine is considered one of the most famous and largest in the world. The valuable Muruntau deposit is located in the homonymous area Kyzyl Kum Desert (in the highlands). By volume of mined gold deposit loses only to Indonesian Grasburn.

To maximize the development of the gold mine was created the world’s largest quarry, the length of which is 3.5 km, width – about 2.7 km, depth reaches 430 m. Almost immediately after discovering a field nearby, a village was built, the majority of the inhabitants of which are involved in mine.

It is noteworthy that it is Muruntau deposits that is considered one of the most significant geological discoveries of the 20th century. According to specialists, the mine may be the largest deposit gold in the world. According to various estimates, the amount of “stored” under gold ore can reach 2500-5300 tons.

The richest gold deposits (underground mining)

Fire creek

Rating: 5.0

Klondex Mines

  1. Company: Klondex Mines
  2. Country: USA
  3. Au content (g / t): 44.1
  4. Ore reserves (tons): 170,000

One of the mines of the field may surprise a lot of deposits visible gold, which is a rarity. Impressive size An underground mine is located in Lander County, Nevada. Up to 1999, a field development company leased land for 4 companies at once. Developer now gold sources considered the full owner territories in which one of the richest deposits of valuable metal.

Macassa (South Mine)

Rating: 4.9

  1. Company: Kirkland Lake Gold
  2. Country: Canada
  3. Au content (g / t): 22.2
  4. Ore reserves (tons): 1,330,000

It is quite valuable in terms of gold-rich ore the field is owned by a large Canadian company owning 5 large upscale mines, collectively mining more 230,000 thousand ounces of gold (as of the first half of the year) 2019).

Interesting fact. Kirkland Lake Gold plans grandiose merger with another Canadian field development company Detour The deal is estimated at approximately 4.7 billion Canadian dollars (about 3.7 billion US dollars). After finishing shareholders of Kirkland Lake Gold and Detour will receive 73 and 27% of transactions stocks respectively.


Rating: 4.8


  1. Company: Western
  2. Country Russia
  3. Au content (g / t): 22.0
  4. Ore reserves (tons): 380,000

The famous “brainchild” of a no less well-known company. Cedar considered an underground mine with gold-rich ore, has a fairly long history of gold mining. Is located deposit in the north-eastern part of the Buryat Republic, in 100 km from the town of Taksimo, in which the main office and the whole production base of the company.

The main working massif is presented in the form of gold ore zones quartz-vein-vein type, most of which are still not studied. The ore mined in the deposit is easily processed therefore, the production scheme includes only gravitational enrichment with cyanide. The metal recovery percentage reaches indicator 95.

Experts consider Kedrovka a field with significant gold reserve growth potential. And it’s not just about exploited veins, but also little studied. As show reports of recent years, from 2008 to 2016, the increase in gold stock amounted to 12 tons

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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