10 highest paid professions in Russia

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The desire to earn good money is absolutely normal, but they are not ready to offer high wages to representatives for every profession. There are a number of reasons for this, the main of which is the importance in one area or another. But, before proceeding directly as the most-most, it will not be superfluous to clarify an important point regarding the concepts of 'profession' and 'position'. They are not the same thing. A highly paid position can be in absolutely any field (this is a common feature of all top managers). But far from every profession can be profitable. And further we will focus on those who can provide this income.

On the prospects for highly paid professions

In order to correctly determine which of the currently existing professions may become the most in demand in the next 5-10 years (and, accordingly, well paid), one should understand how the demand for a particular specialist is formed.

The labor market is virtually indistinguishable from any other. That is, a representative of a certain profession is a product. And if there is a shortage of a product on the market, this immediately creates a high demand for such a 'copy'. The next, no less important point: why are some specialists not enough? The answer is simple: the educational system simply does not have time to provide the labor market with the necessary resources.

A striking example is the incredible excitement in the IT field. This is not surprising given the rapid development of computer technology. Many universities in the country are simply not able to provide potential employers with sufficiently qualified specialists, so a knowledgeable 'IT specialist' is worth its weight in gold. But such types of IT professions as game design or Big Data analyst are often available only for independent comprehension. And here is a real hunt for such professionals.

Another reason for the 'attractiveness' of the profession may be, oddly enough, its unlimited (meaning the number of vacancies). This means that a professional in his field will be appreciated not only in the domestic but also in the foreign labor market. Among such professions are pilots, captains of sea vessels, sportsmen.

Accordingly, employers must ensure that the salary level is sufficient so that the employee does not have a desire to leave his homeland. A striking example is the situation in Russian aviation that developed at the beginning of 2018: a lot of experienced pilots left Russia for Asian countries, where salaries for such a specialization are much higher. And Aeroflot had to raise the salaries of pilots flying the world's largest aircraft to RUB 650,000.

Also among the potentially highly paid in the next 10 years are such professions as specialists in the chemical and industrial fields, financial sector analysts, genetic engineers, construction workers, 'representatives' of shipbuilding, tourism business, biologists, physics, etc.

Rating of the most 'expensive' professions in the country

Nomination a place Profession AVERAGE WAGE IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Maximum
Rating of the most 'expensive' professions in the country 10 Dentist RUB 70,000 RUB 350,000
9 Obstetrician-gynecologist RUB 80,000 RUB 500,000
8 Drilling foreman RUB 90,000 RUB 180,000
7 Risk manager RUB 100,000 RUB 350,000
6 Developers IOS / Android RUB 140,000 RUB 240,000
5 Big Data Analyst RUB 140,000 RUB 250,000
4 Pilot (civil aircraft) RUB 150,000 RUB 650,000
3 SAP Consultant RUB 160,000 RUB 350,000
2 Java programmer RUB 160,000 RUB 470,000
1 Ship captain RUB 185,000 RUB 500,000


Rating: 4.1


  1. Average salary in the Russian Federation: 70,000 rubles.
  2. Maximum: RUB 350,000

One of the most sought-after and well-paid professions in the world, and Russia is no exception. A qualified dentist provides high-quality services in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of teeth, as well as performs surgical intervention in the maxillofacial area.

Of course, in private clinics, an experienced specialist will be able to earn a higher income than in a public hospital, and, nevertheless, the average salary of a dentist in Russia is quite impressive. Modern dentistry is a technologically advanced medical industry: today, tooth loss is no longer a problem. It can be extended, a prosthesis installed, in a word, everything can be done to get the perfect smile.

Dentistry is standardly represented by several narrowly focused specialties: orthodontist (orthopedist, surgeon, therapist), as well as maxillofacial surgeon and orthodontist. Due to the peculiarities of the dental direction, the professions of an orthopedic dentist and a surgeon are considered the most highly paid.


Rating: 4.2


  1. Average salary in the Russian Federation: 80,000 rubles.
  2. Maximum: RUB 500,000

The medical profession, which implies the provision of services related to the treatment of gynecological pathologies, as well as the solution of problems that prevent the conception and bearing of the fetus, control over its condition and the health of a pregnant woman until the moment of delivery. In addition, the obstetrician-gynecologist is a direct participant in the delivery process, ensuring their correct course.

Special privileges are enjoyed by specialists working in the field of reproductive technology – reproductive doctors, whose main task is to study the problems of infertility in both sexes. A highly qualified fertility specialist working in a commercial medical center can generate significant income. For example, a metropolitan specialist earns up to half a million rubles a month.

Drilling foreman

Rating: 4.3

Drilling foreman

  1. Average salary in the Russian Federation: 90,000 rubles.
  2. Maximum: 180,000 RUB

The main task of a representative of this highly qualified profession is to organize and control the process of drilling wells for the purpose of extracting minerals. A highly qualified specialist is responsible for monitoring the drilling process and assessing possible risks in the process of rock development: a drilling engineer must accurately calculate the probability of collapse, potential environmental problems, and, of course, the safety of workers. A professional in his field is well acquainted with three disciplines: chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Risk manager

Rating: 4.4

Risk manager

  1. Average salary in the Russian Federation: 100,000 rubles.
  2. Maximum: RUB 350,000

This specialist works exclusively in the financial sector. Its main task is to calculate the possible risks of the company. It is mandatory to take into account not only the statistics of the organization over the past years, but also the current situation. All this helps to carry out a comprehensive study and make the most accurate forecast of the company's future, as well as prevent possible material losses. Typically, this specialist is employed as a civilian employee in enterprises representing large businesses.

Developers IOS / Android

Rating: 4.5

 Developers IOS / Android

  1. Average salary in the Russian Federation: 140,000 rubles.
  2. Maximum: 240,000 RUB

We are talking about programmers involved in the development of applications used on portable devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) based on one of the two main operating systems. Most of the developed companies in the world are interested in their own mobile applications and so far the demand significantly exceeds the supply: there are not so many specialists in the world who are ready to offer qualified 'help' in such a matter.

That is why the salaries of the upgrade developers for IOS and Android remain among the highest. By the way, you can learn this profession on your own, using specialized online courses (both domestic and foreign), information from the Internet, etc.

Big Data Analyst

Rating: 4.6

Big Data Analyst

  1. Average salary in the Russian Federation: 140,000 rubles.
  2. Maximum: 250,000 RUB

The profession implies analytical work with huge information arrays, as a rule, with various structural features and considerable fragmentation. Not so long ago, working with a colossal amount of data was not available. Today, such specialization opens 'doors' to previously hidden areas: Big Data analysis is actively used in a number of industries, including marketing, banking, public sector management, the agricultural industry and, of course, the IT sector.

Pilot (civil aircraft)

Rating: 4.7

Pilot (civil aircraft)

  1. Average salary in the Russian Federation: 150,000 rubles.
  2. Maximum: RUB 650,000

A very attractive profession not only for those who dream of flying, but also for those who like to make good money without having a higher education. Nevertheless, the competition in this area is very sharp, which is not surprising: the profession is considered honorable, highly professional and far from the easiest.

In addition, to achieve a high level of skill it will take a lot of effort: so to get the position of captain of an aircraft (that is, first pilot), you need not only to have more than 150 hours flown on the simulator, but also many years of experience. In addition, international certification will be required.

SAP Consultant

Rating: 4.8

SAP Consultant

Average salary in the Russian Federation: 160,000 rubles.

Maximum: RUB 350,000

The profession is one of the varieties of ERP consultant. The main task of such specialists is the implementation and adjustment of an IT-system that carries out planning and control of management at medium and large enterprises. This is an ideal specialization for those seriously interested in the discipline of computer science.

The SAP consultant is directly involved in the implementation and 'support' of the SAP information system in the enterprise. A qualified specialist must have a special education (IT or economics) and have a high level of knowledge of English (and often German).

An equally important quality for a SAP consultant is the ability to strike a balance between technical skills and communication skills. We can say that this job is an ideal choice for those who are too introverted to communicate with people for a long time and not introverted enough to regularly communicate only with computers.

Java programmer

Rating: 4.9

Java programmer

Average salary in the Russian Federation: 160,000 rubles.

Maximum: 470000 RUB

A highly specialized profession, also related to IT technologies. A qualified specialist is able to qualitatively develop a high-load system, a web application and any program that works on the basis of such programming languages ​​as Java or Ruby.

It is noteworthy that such languages ​​(one of the most popular in the world, by the way) are taught not in every Russian university. Therefore, to master them, you will also need many hours of independent study of information, a significant amount of perseverance, and, of course, not weak self-motivation.

Ship captain

Rating: 5.0

Ship captain

  1. Average salary in the Russian Federation: 185,000 rubles.
  2. Maximum: 500,000 RUB

An unusually respected and responsible job is to be the captain of a watercraft. It is not easy work and a serious task – to manage all processes on the ship and at the same time be responsible for the safety of its passengers, the cargo on board and the integrity of the ship itself. Yes, indeed captains going to sea make good money.

But in order to achieve the required level of professionalism to obtain the desired position, it is not enough just to graduate from the maritime academy. It takes a lot of time to work as a navigator or, for example, an assistant to the captain. And only after that there will be an opportunity to become at the very coveted helm.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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