10 deepest wells in the world

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In an effort to get as many minerals as possible every year humanity is trying to penetrate deeper into the bowels land. Conventional excavations no longer bring enough raw materials. We have to dive deeper and deeper, trying to get oil, coal or metal ore. And sometimes well sizes are amazing.

In this material, we have collected the 10 deepest wells in the world, whose length may cause slight shock.

Rating of the deepest wells in the world

Nomination a place Well Length
Rating of the deepest wells in the world 10 Saatli well (USSR-Azerbaijan) 8342 METERS
9 Zisterdorf UT2A (Zisterdorf, Austria 8553 METERS
8 University (USA) 8686 METERS
7 Oberpfalz (Germany) 9101 METER �
6 Baden Unit (Baden Unit, USA, Oklahoma) 9159 METERS
5 Bertha Rogers (Bertha Rogers, USA, Oklahoma) 9583 METERS
4 Kola superdeep well (USSR-Russia, Murmansk region) 12262 METERS
3 Maersk Oil BD-04A (Qatar) 12290 METERS
2 OP-11 (Russia, Sakhalin) 12345 METERS
1 Chayvo Z-44 (Russia) ABOUT 13 KM

10th place: Saatli well (USSR-Azerbaijan, 8342 meter)

Rating: 4.1

Saatli well (USSR-Azerbaijan, 8342 meters) .jpg

Saatli superdeep well located in Azerbaijan, not far from the city of Saatli, in the Kurin lowland. It began to be drilled in 1977, and the development goal was research. The USSR Ministry of Geology planned with using it to build a geophysical model of the earth’s crust.

As a result, 5 years after the start of drilling, according to technical reasons, work was stopped at around 8324 meters (for project 15 km). Saatli superdeep well helped scientists identify some rather interesting features of the formation rocks. True, to reach a layer of basalt – that is, a site, where essentially the earth’s crust ends and magma begins – not managed.

Saatli well is also interesting in that it is one of the first superdeep wells in the Soviet Union. Now she canned.

9th place: Zisterdorf UT2A (Zisterdorf, Austria, 8553 meters)

Rating: 4.2

Zisterdorf UT2A (Zisterdorf, Austria, 8553 meters) .jpg

Oil fields are found not only in zones seismic activity. One of the pools is located right in the center. Europe – under Germany and Austria. However the deposits there quite shallow and very deep, so for mining “black gold” have to drill and drill.

Therefore, in Germany and Austria are immediately several superdeep wells. One of them is Zistredorf UT2A, located at the Zisterdorf deposit. Its depth is 8553 meters! And we drilled this well back in 1977.

What is especially ironic, the Zisterdorf UT2A well is inoperative. Geologists hoped to find oil at ultra-high depths, but they weren’t there it turned out. Next to it is another well, at 7544 meters, but also useless. During its drilling, experts stumbled upon natural gas deposits, however, they could not be extracted.

As a result, Zisterdorf UT2A, Austria’s deepest well and one of the largest in Europe, now in canned form. No work is being done on it.

8th place: University (USA, 8686 meters)

Rating: 4.3

University (USA, 8686 meters) .jpg

University super-deep continental well, located in Hillsborough County (Florida, USA), is not interesting only for its size. It was drilled back in the early 1970s years in order to search for minerals – oil and natural gas. For their sake, they had to reach a depth of 8686 meters!

And, most interestingly, in those raised from the bottom of this super-deep well rocks revealed life. Let in the form microorganisms, but nonetheless. It is worth noting that this protozoa have to survive in really extreme conditions – at a depth of 9 kilometers.

Therefore, the super-deep continental well “University” pleased not only investors who invested in its drilling, but and scientists who have discovered the existence of life in extreme conditions.

7th place: KTB Oberpfalz (Germany, 9101 meters)

Rating: 4.4

KTB Oberpfalz (Germany, 9101 meters) .png

KTB Oberpfalz Continental Superdeep Well – One of the youngest in the ranking. So, its development was carried out between 1990 to 1994. Interestingly, it was not drilled for oil and gas, and for research.

The maximum design depth was a mark of 12 kilometers. AND if investor plans came true, KTB Oberpfalz would become the most the deepest well in the world! However, already at around 9 kilometers drilling equipment began to fail – temperature turned out to be too high, which they could not have foreseen designers.

Due to the temperature of 270 degrees and the huge pressure at around 7500 meters drilling slowed down. In addition, the well shaft itself started to deviate to the side. As a result, the owners decided stop work. The well depth was 9101 meters.

On the other hand, it was still possible to extract during drilling many scientifically useful materials. Now KTV Oberpfalz does not work, tourist excursions take her.

6th place: Baden Unit (Baden Unit, USA, Oklahoma, 9159 meters)

Rating: 4.5

Baden Unit (Baden Unit, USA, Oklahoma, 9159 meters) .jpg

Beiden Unit is one of the deepest wells in the United States. Interestingly, it was drilled almost in the center of the mainland parts of the country – in the state of Oklahoma, near the city of Anadarko. Purpose works were the search for minerals, as well as the conduct of scientific surveys.

The company Lone Star Technologies Inc. , which drilled this superdeep well, spent about a year and a half working and more than 6 million dollars – and by the standards of 1970 it was considerable amount. To achieve at least some minerals, I had to spend 150 diamond bits and almost 2 thousand tons of cement.

As a result, it was possible to reach a depth of 9159 meters – precisely on the oil layer lay at this elevation. So this is the first one, in ranking used to date, well. And thanks impressive depth, more than 9 kilometers, it is among the most deepest in the world.

5th place: Bertha Rogers (Bertha Rogers, USA, Oklahoma, 9583 meter)

Rating: 4.6

Bertha Rogers (Bertha Rogers, USA, Oklahoma, 9583 meters) .jpg

Berta Rogers is the deepest well in the USA and one of the most impressive in the world. It is located in Oklahoma, nearby from the city of Anadarko (as well as its predecessor), in the same name oil basin. The purpose of its drilling was to search for natural gas. Lone Star Technologies also conducted drilling work. Inc.

True, in the end, no minerals were found, and well development had to be stopped abruptly on around 9583 meters. The fact is that at this depth it was discovered molten sulfur deposit. Further development was extremely dangerous, so drilling abruptly stopped.

Berta Rogers drilling began in 1973 and lasted about one and a half years. Even after the emergency completion of the development, she For some time it was the deepest in the world. Then, however, in the Soviet The Union ended the Kola superdeep, which received the “palm tree” championship. ”

4th place: Kola superdeep well (USSR-Russia, Murmansk region, 12262 meters)

Rating: 4.7

Kola superdeep well (USSR-Russia, Murmansk region, 12262 meters) .jpg

Kola superdeep well (SG-3) was a long time the deepest in the world. Her drilling was completed at around 12262 meter! True, to reach such a depth, it took a lot time.

Work on the Kola superdeep was started in 1970 and were carried out in several stages. At the first, it was possible to reach a mark in 7600 meters, and deepening to this level took four years. The legendary 12262 meters were achieved only at the last stage, in 1990 year. After that, we tried for several more years. go deeper, but to no avail. And in 1994 all the drilling work have been discontinued.

Unfortunately, the fate of the record holder is completely bleak. IN 1995, funding for the project was completely discontinued. The territory of SG-3 was left by scientists and employees. Without proper control due to the harsh northern climate of the building and the construction around the mine began to collapse rapidly.

As a result, the well is currently mothballed. At the mouth There is a metal plug. The buildings around are destroyed. For restoration work will require about 100 million rubles. If not hold it as soon as possible – the well gradually will collapse.

3rd place: Maersk Oil BD-04A (Qatar, 12,290 meters)

Rating: 4.8

Maersk Oil BD-04A (Qatar, 12,290 meters) .jpg

Well BD-04A, developed by the international oil and gas Maersk Oil (currently part of the Total Group). Calling it one of the deepest in the world is possible only with some a stretch. The fact is that 12.29 km is the length of its shaft. And she It is not strictly vertical.

Almost 11 km of the shaft of the mine goes at an angle. Of course, not like in metro, but not strictly vertical, like Kola’s super-deep. But the development of the BD-04A took only 36 days, thanks to the use of modern and high-performance equipment (Transocean GSF Rig 127 platform).

BD-04A is located at one of the largest oil deposits of the East – Al-Shahin. However, it was developed by no means for the search for minerals. BD-04A drilled in exploration purposes – to determine where in further discover exactly oil wells. Actually, exactly therefore, its shaft does not go strictly vertically, but at an angle.

Maersk Oil BD-04A is one of the youngest ultra-deep wells. She was drilled in 2008. Currently BD-04A mothballed, since there’s no special need for it – all data is received, new deposits are being developed.

2nd place: OP-11 (Russia, Sakhalin, 12345 meters)

Rating: 4.9

OP-11 (Russia, Sakhalin, 12345 meters) .jpg

OP-11 – an ultra-deep well drilled at the beginning of 2011 at the Odoptu field. It is located on Sakhalin. IN Exxon Neftegaz participated in the development of OP-11 Limited, a member of the Sakhalin-1 Consortium.

Like its predecessor, the OP-11 can be considered the deepest with some conventions. Her mine is drilled with a large overhang face from the vertical line. Almost 12.5 kilometers is its length the trunk. This geometry is due to the difficulty in oil production. Itself the field is under the sea, and its producing platform – on the shore. Therefore, I had to drill not “strictly down”, but sideways.

Since there were no record pits, the development of the site it took quite a bit of time. OP-11 was drilled for 60 days, and used technology and equipment from the company “Exxon Mobil Corporation”, as well as specially designed high-speed installation “Hawk”.

The OP-11 is currently in operation. Her still owns a consortium of companies Sakhalin-1, which supplies to Russia and all over the world oil and gas.

1st place: Chayvo Z-44 (Russia, about 13 km)

Rating: 5.0

Chayvo Z-44 (Russia, about 13 km) .jpg

The deepest well in the world, record holder, not yet put into operation. This is the Chaivo Z-44 site, located on Sakhalin. And it is being developed for the purpose of oil production. how it is expected that after commissioning it will be able to bring about 2.3 billion barrels of “black gold”.

At the moment, Chaivo Z-44 is still under development. Its depth will be about 13 kilometers. Accurate mark succeed find out only after drilling is completed.

The Chayvo Z-44 topology also provides for deviations in vertical, as well as at other leaders of a rating. However they will not significant. The mine basically goes deeper into the ground, rather than leaving sideways.

Chayvo Z-44 began to be developed in 2017. So she doesn’t only one of the deepest, but also one of the “youngest”. Since it is being developed for commercial purposes, it is unlikely abandoned – and she will become a full-fledged champion.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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