10 coldest cities in the world

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Climate features affect all spheres of human activity: his habits, work and even health. Some places on the planet from the point of view of normal existence are abnormally cold, therefore unsuitable for permanent life. But, as practice shows, you can live and even work in a harsh climate. Such inhabited places will be discussed.

In the realm of deadly cold: top 10 coldest cities in the world

top 10 coldest cities in the world 10 Hell, Norway – 25.6 C
9 International Falls, USA – 48.3 C
8 Utkiagvik (Barrow), USA – 48.9 C
7 Vorkuta, Russia – 57 C
6 Ust-Shchuger, Russia – 58 C
5 Prospect Creek, USA – 62.1 C
4 Snage, Canada – 62.8 C
3 Yakutsk, Russia – 65 C
2 Verkhoyansk, Russia – 69.8 C
1 Oymyakon – 71.2 C

Hell, Norway

Rating: 4.1

Hell, Norway

Fixed temperature minimum: -14 0С

A modest Norwegian post town has a rather unusual name, which speaks for itself. Translated from English, it sounds like 'hell'. The combination of this fact with the harsh subarctic climate has borne fruit: today this settlement is popular among tourists who come here for extreme sports and in order to take a spectacular photo against the background of a snow-covered city and signs with its loud name.

And, although subzero temperatures are observed here only from December to March, we must pay tribute to the endurance of local residents. The temperature of -15 0С (and such it is throughout the winter) is felt much stronger here than, for example, in many northern cities of Russia. This place is considered one of the coldest inhabited on the planet: all because of the high humidity and the harsh sea wind that blows mercilessly all year round. Incredibly contrasting sensations: a hot association with the name and, in fact, the arctic cold that meets the city 'on the doorstep'. Such a trip to hell.

The population of the town does not exceed 1500 people. They live in traditional wooden houses, practically do not use road transport, using bicycles, and in the summer they manage to lay out excellent gardens in their backyards.

International Falls, USA

Rating: 4.2

International Falls, USA

Fixed temperature minimum: -48.3 0С

Minnesota is known not only for its many beautiful lakes, but also for its very harsh climate. It is in this 'unfriendly' area that the coldest in continental America is located – the town of International Falls, known among the inhabitants of the country as the 'refrigerator of the nation'. It is noteworthy that the unofficial name of the city was patented. The city quickly realized its benefits and has long advertised itself as an ideal place for extreme tourism and conducting all kinds of tests in harsh climatic conditions.

International Falls is not uncommon for thunderstorms, torrential rains, heavy snow, blizzards, strong winds and even sometimes tornadoes. The temperature minimum of this area was recorded back in 1909: then the thermometer dropped to -48.3 ° C. But even today, the weather here is not very friendly: on the eve of New Year's holidays, it often drops below -20 0С. Less than 7000 people live in this area and, frankly, you will not envy them, because it is cold here not only in winter. The average temperature in June is -5 ° C.

Utkiagvik (Barrow), USA

Rating: 4.3

Utkiagvik (Barrow), USA

Fixed temperature minimum: -48.9 0С

A modest town of 4,000 inhabitants, it is known as the northernmost city in the United States and one of the coldest on the planet. Until December 2016, the settlement was named after the founder of the Royal Geographical Society – John Barrow. As a result of the referendum that took place at the same time, the city was renamed to Utkiagvik (a traditional name in the Inupiat dialect).

The northern town is located in the permafrost region. One of the features of Utkiagvik is that during the period from November to February, the sun practically does not peep out here. The average annual temperature of the settlement is -12 0С, the lowest rate is in February (-49 0С).

The climate of the area can be called not only harsh, but also life-threatening (especially in winter), because low temperatures here are associated with sharp cold winds. Local frost sometimes freezes the soil to a depth of 400 meters. Not more than 3 months a year, the thermometer rises above 0 ° C, but rarely exceeds +4 ° C. Even in the summer months, a slight frost can hit here.

Vorkuta, Russia

Rating: 4.4


Fixed temperature minimum: -57 ° C

Vorkuta deservedly falls into our rating of the coldest cities in the world, because this settlement (the Komi Republic) is located in a subarctic climate. And this is the permafrost zone. Geographically, the city belongs to the Far North. Frosts are observed here for 10 months a year. Even in the summer period, there are sometimes slight frosts, so growing vegetables in the open field is simply impossible. At the same time, in summer there can be sudden jumps in temperature: sometimes there is real heat here – about +30 0С. The average annual rate is -6 0С.

With the arrival of December, interesting changes take place in the city's weather: for 11 days there is a real polar night, and in the period from May to July it is even more unusual – the sun does not hide behind the horizon. From the city limits to the coast of the Arctic Ocean – no more than 140 kilometers. And within the boundaries of the Vorkuta district there is the oldest human camp in the European Arctic – Mamontova Kurya (after the name of the village on the territory of which it is located). The age of this site is about 37.5 thousand years.

Interesting fact. Until recently, there was not a single highway that would lead to the city. Everyone who planned to visit Vorkuta had to stop in Ukhta, located almost 700 kilometers from the city, and then load the car onto a railway platform. In 2010 a winter road was built, which was caused by the need to maintain a nearby gas pipeline. But this winter road can only be driven by special vehicles.

Ust-Shchuger, Russia

Rating: 4.5


Fixed temperature minimum: -58 0С

A tiny village, which, rather, can be called a village, is located territorially in the Komi Republic. Another member of the rating, which can rightfully be called the coldest among small settlements and one of the harshest on the planet. Located 75 meters above sea level, the settlement of 30 is considered the coldest in Europe. In 1978, at the station of the same name, during the Arctic invasion (a sudden invasion of the Arctic air into the middle latitudes), a record low temperature was recorded – 58.1 ° C below zero.

Already in October, frosts come to the settlement and do not let go of their icy 'embrace' until May, when there may still be frosts on the ground. By the way, in addition to the lowest temperature in European territory, the village also holds another record: the absolute minimum in non-winter months. So, in March, the air temperature here reached -50.8 0С, and in November -48.8 0С. It is noteworthy that such extreme temperatures have never been observed in the settlement closest to Ust-Shchuger (Vuktyl). The local climate, perhaps, can be called the mildest in the Komi Republic.

Prospect Creek, USA

Rating: 4.6

Prospect Creek, USA

Fixed temperature minimum: -62.1 0С

Prospect Creek is a small settlement with no more than 2,000 inhabitants. this modest town is located almost 300 kilometers from the second largest city in Alaska – Fairbanks. In the 70s, Prospect Creek was a camp where people who built and maintained the alluvial station lived, and a few years after its opening, it became abandoned. The place got its second 'life' after almost 20 years: it turned into a tourist base.

Prospect Creek is located a few kilometers from the Arctic Circle, in the subarctic climate zone. And, although today this settlement is not permanently inhabited, builders or engineers with families sometimes live there when it becomes necessary to build or maintain pumping stations, bridges, etc.

The average annual temperature index of Prospect Creek does not exceed -7 0С. It was here that the lowest air temperature in the United States was recorded. During the construction of the pipeline in the period from 1970 to 1980, a weather station operated here, which resumed its work in 2015.

Snage, Canada

Rating: 4.7

snage city canada in winter

Fixed temperature minimum: -62.8 0С

In fact, the humble village of Snage became the first Klondike settlement since the gold rush. In 1947, the villagers recorded a record low temperature for that area: -62.8 ° C. This is the lowest temperature recorded in continental North America. It is curious that on the day when such a cold temperature was observed in the settlement, the locals noted incredible acoustics: at a distance of 6.5 kilometers, one could clearly hear not only dog ​​barking, but also human speech.

At the same time, the average annual rainfall is not particularly high here: the largest indicator is usually observed in October – about 240 mm. Summer comes to this small town very late and does not really spoil the locals: the average temperature in the warmest period of the year does not exceed +5 0С. Although even at this time arctic winds and snowfalls are possible.

Yakutsk, Russia

Rating: 4.8


Fixed temperature minimum: -65 0С

The capital of the Sakha Republic is one of the largest cities on the planet, located in the permafrost region and one of the coldest not only in Russia, but also in the world. Yakutsk is home to about a quarter of a million people and this city is considered to be highly developed in terms of economic indicators. No wonder people come here in search of work from all nearby cities. The coldness of life is not a hindrance.

Winters here are snowy, long and very harsh: the average temperature reaches -40 ° C. Any frost in Yakutia lasts for six months (throughout the winter) – from October to April.

At the same time, in the summer the heat in the city is downright abnormal: on some days the temperature can reach + 40 ° C. Since Yakutsk is a northern city, there is always a short period of 'white' nights in summer. The annual temperature fluctuation in Yakutia is one of the largest on the planet. And yet, the average annual thermometer rarely exceeds -9 ° C.

Interesting fact. Yakutsk stands on permafrost, which has not thawed for several millennia.

Verkhoyansk, Russia

Rating: 4.9


Fixed temperature minimum: -69.8 0С

Another representative of the Republic of Sakha in our rating. In fact, both cities – Verkhoyansk and Yakutsk – are fighting among themselves (informally) for the title of the coldest in Russia. But, unlike Yakutsk, Verkhoyansk is one of the smallest cities in the Russian Federation with a population of just over 1000 inhabitants.

Verkhoyansk is also known (officially) as the Cold Pole of the planet's northern hemisphere, although this right is disputed by the modest town of Oymyakon, also located in Yakutia. At one time, political prisoners were sent to Verkhoyansk, which is not surprising, given the harsh climate and the no less harsh living conditions.

Winters in the city are long and very cold (the average duration is 7 months). At the same time, the amount of precipitation during the year is scanty. For this reason, Verkhoyansk is often called the driest city in Russia. Summer here is short and warms far away with warmth: even at this time of the year, slight frosts are possible. The average annual temperature is -18.6 0С.

The coldest winter came to this cold little town back in 1892: for three consecutive days, the thermometer recorded a record -69.8 ° C. The figure was recorded by an exile working at the time at the local weather station.

Interesting fact. In 2012, Verkhoyansk was attacked by a wolf pack of 400 individuals. Local residents patrolled the city perimeter for long hours, waiting for reinforcements. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, more than 300 horses and about 16,000 deer were killed by predators that year.


Rating: 5.0


Fixed temperature minimum: -71.2 0С

The representative of the Russian Far East region is located in the Yakut ulus of the same name. The population of this small village is about 600 people, and they all live in fact in an icy place. The fact is that Oymyakon is located in the taiga, sandwiched between mountain ranges. This natural 'trap' contains huge masses of cold air. Therefore, temperatures are consistently low here.

The average winter temperature in the village is about -40 ° C, while the winter period lasts about 9 months a year. It is interesting that in translation from the Sakha language the name of the town means 'non-freezing water'. And all because in this area there is a warm spring that never freezes among the permafrost.

In 1926, a thermometer recorded a record temperature in Oymyakon, not only for the village, but for the whole world: -71.2 0С. Since the speech in the rating is about settlements, this indicator can be considered the lowest on the planet. If you do not take into account the factor of the population of the place, then the lowest temperature mark is considered to be -89.2 0С. It was recorded at Vostok Station in Antarctica – this is the coldest point on the planet.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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