10 best water parks in Egypt

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The history of the country has more than 5000 years, and every traveler wants to feel part of this story with his own eyes see preserved sights, touch the ancient artifacts. Come to the country and not see the pyramids of Cheops or Sphinx figure is considered wasted time. To mandatory visit recommended Cairo Museum, Thebes, Karnak Temple, Colossi of Memnon.

In addition to ancient monuments, Egypt is famous for its nature. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy a beach holiday on Krasnoye a sea where magnificent sands and clear water contribute quality relaxation. The underwater world attracts professional divers and lovers. Only in this place of the planet can you observe behind the vibrant flora and fauna, see unique coral reefs.

Egypt has become a great place for family vacations. Come here with children, starting from the first months of life, and they receive everything necessary for both adults and toddlers. In addition to sea bathing everyone is attracted to modern water parks, most of which located in hotel territories, but there are also freestanding complexes.

The variety of slides and pools is impressive. In many water parks the feeling of being in an ancient city or jungle is created, and they win on this, attracting more and more guests. Some institutions do not differ in their original design, but, thanks state-of-the-art equipment and breathtaking rides, become a favorite place for people who prefer adrenaline and drive.

Parents with children, first of all, pay attention to safety. For kids, there are pools for a specific age. Animators not only entertain, but also monitor wards. Many complexes have separate children’s areas where you can frolic in water or on specially equipped venues on land, have a bite to eat in a café with a menu designed for toddlers, arrange a disco party.

For adults, all conditions for long-term stay in the water park. They have cafes and eateries, bars, zones recreation. By staying at the hotel in which the entertainment complex, admission is free, which allows you to visit it daily, not spending money on it.

Our rating includes 10 water parks in Egypt, which are sets of parameters are considered the best among similar complexes. During the selection, the feedback of ordinary holidaymakers and tourism experts.

Rating of the best water parks in Egypt

Nomination a place aquapark rating
Rating of the best water parks in Egypt 1 Aqua blue 5.0
2 Jungle 4.9
3 Titanic 4.8
4 Makadi Water World 4.7
5 Sunwing waterworld 4.6
6 Sindbad 4.5
7 Cleo 4.4
8 Royal albatros moderna 4.3
9 Sea club 4.2
10 Regency Plaza 4.1

Aqua blue

Rating of water park (Egypt): 5.0


The water park has been holding the palm for several years, located in Sharm El Sheikh. It was once called Bora Bora. Aqua Park, but was renamed in 2011. The complex belongs to hotel of the same name, but with pleasure meets not only guests, but also all vacationers. Today in it 64 slides, 3 pools for children and 8 for adults, one of which them with artificial waves.

The most popular slopes are Free Fall and Tsunami. They relate to extreme entertainment, and children are not allowed here. For lovers of romance, you can ride a gondola through the Venetian channels that accurately convey the real atmosphere. In the water park special pay attention to safety, they are carefully monitored employees, not allowing slides without a circle or rug. Design is another advantage of the complex. There are a lot of greenery palm trees, rocks, grottoes and huge figures of outlandish animals that enthrall small visitors.

On the territory of the water park there are recreation areas and food points, represented by Asian, Mediterranean, Italian cuisines. IN bars offer chilled non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Tourists who visited Aqua Blue unanimously put him highly appreciated and advised others to visit it with their children and Enjoy an unforgettable vacation with excellent service.


Rating of water park (Egypt): 4.9


The second place in the ranking is occupied by the water park, which belongs to that the same group of companies as the previous complex. And that means that the service is identical and high. Today Jungle recognized as the largest water park in Hurghada, which attracts A large number of visitors vacationing in this region of Egypt. There are 53 slides in total. There is a Kamikaze with a height of 17 m for the most bold extremes, “Tsunami”, “Free fall”, and there are slopes simpler.

16 pools will delight in variety. In them you can not only swim, but also go in for water sports. Artificial channel 1 km long will not leave indifferent people who want spend time together, riding a boat. For kids there a special children’s area where it is absolutely safe, and parents can always leave them under the supervision of a professional nanny.

On site you can have a bite or have a full lunch Mexican, Mediterranean, Oriental and other dishes. Guests visit the water park for free, so many tourists with children opt for this hotel. According to reviews no cons were found. Subject to safety precautions you can optionally actively or calmly spend time with your family and friends.


Rating of water park (Egypt): 4.8


On the third line of the rating is a water park, which located in Hurghada at the Titanic Resort and Aqua Park 4. This is a separate town where you can spend time in the morning and till late evening. The atmosphere resembles an oasis in the middle of the desert. Around a huge amount of greenery, which gives coolness even in the hottest days. Even frequenting water parks have something to be surprised. Many slides for every taste like it and cool extremals, and guests who prefer calmer rides.

Lazy river – an artificial reservoir with heating, in which you can swim even in winter, as always the same temperature. While the children rest in a separate area under the supervision employees, parents can visit the sauna, massage room or relax in the spa. On the territory there is a restaurant, several bars and cafes where you can try both familiar and exotic dishes.

Many respondents attributed Russian speakers to the benefits employees, excellent service, safety control. Well-designed entertainment for children, cute slides in the form of bright funny animals, pools and souls with funny names. The pluses also included free visiting the water park by children under 6 years old, whereas in many others the complexes do not require the purchase of a ticket for babies under 3 years old.

Makadi Water World

Rating of water park (Egypt): 4.7


The fourth place in the rating is given to the water park, which provides the opportunity to have fun and usefully spend time for adults and children any age. More than 50 slides will please extreme people and amateurs fearless descents. This is Cyclone, Waterfall, Turbo Tunnel. On the territory there is a lazy river along which you can make an alloy. The pool with artificial waves will give a lot of sensations. Baby the rides are made in bright colors in the form of funny animals.

Much attention is paid to the safety of visitors. Staff make sure that the descent is carried out exclusively on rugs or circles. Do not doubt that they will not miss children on adult slides, even if parents ask on their own responsibility. The complex is equipped with a rescue station. Water park decoration deserves the highest rating. Guests enter the kingdom of pirates, where many ships, three-dimensional figures and attributes of sea robbers.

After active water activities, you can relax in hammocks or sun loungers, sip refreshments, a burger snack or dine more at the cafe. At lunch, the slides stop their work. This time is just right for relaxation and relaxation. Main the mass of tourists surveyed left positive reviews. They noted that the complex provides quality services and strictly follows safety rules.

Sunwing waterworld

Rating of water park (Egypt): 4.6


On the fifth line of the rating is a water park owned by Sunwing Waterworld Makadi 5. This is not just a territory. entertainment. This is a complex that will appeal to lovers of active recreation and water sports. A variety of slides with different levels complexity will satisfy the needs of both the daredevils and the cautious having a rest. The pool with artificial water imitates sea waves. Many fountains and waterfalls make the stay in the complex more enjoyable. On a lazy river you can swim in a boat with the whole family and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

A surf training simulator will help beginners get firmly on their feet legs and use the knowledge already in open water. The water park offers not only extreme relaxation. Families with children can calmly splash around in pools, sunbathe on sun loungers, have a bite to eat in a cafe. There are plenty of activities for kids. both in water and on land.

The water park meets international quality standards. Visitors note clean area, polite staff, opportunity varied relaxation. Many people liked the surf training service. vacationers. The hotel, which opened in 2011, has already found its loyal guests. His success is explained by modern family water park.


Rating of water park (Egypt): 4.5


The sixth place of the rating is given to the water park, which cannot boast a large territory or a wide variety rides. It differs from many other complexes in increased safety level, therefore vacationers who are exactly for this condition is most pay attention choose Sindbad for comfortable stay with the whole family. The water park is located in Hurghada, owned by Sindbad Aqua Hotel & Spa 4. Its visitors are guests and tourist groups, just getting from the street into it is not will work out.

Despite its rather modest size, the water park has extreme attractions for fans to tickle nerves. Original pool with artificial wave and real sand the beach creates a feeling of relaxation on the sea coast. Children also have where to turn around: ride a roller coaster, splash around in the pool. Another important benefit is the all-inclusive system, which applies not only to guests, but also to visitors to the water park. Always at your service free Swedish table and alcoholic drinks.

Some respondents lowered the score due to the small variety attractions, but most tourists rated the water park “excellent” for quality service, free services, compliance international safety standards, respect for environment.


Rating of water park (Egypt): 4.4


You can learn the history and culture of Egypt not only by visiting ancient temples and museums. Water park located in Sharm El Sheikh, provides the opportunity to both relax and immerse yourself in interesting atmosphere and feel like part of an unknown world. The thematic complex is stylized as ancient Egypt. Even if you did not have time to see the pyramids of Cheops, or there is no way to do it with young children, then exact replicas of many historical sites will be just the way. Cleo is ranked seventh.

The territory is small, but everything is thought out to the smallest detail, so here various attractions, a children’s zone, and points are located nutrition. Kids will be able to frolic in the pools and go down with slides. An important point: the playing area is under a canopy and reliably protects children from sunlight. The complex involves independent visit, not in tourist groups. At booking in advance via the Internet provides nice bonuses, which also pleases guests.

According to visitors, this is one of the best places to have fun. with a unique style that allows you to learn a lot about the most ancient civilization of our planet. In addition, the undoubted High service, high standard safety, the availability of entertainment for adults and children of any age.

Royal albatros moderna

Rating of water park (Egypt): 4.3

Royal Albatros Moderna

The eighth place in the rating is unanimously given to the water park, located in Sharm El Sheikh. The entertainment complex is different from others by dividing into two selected zones. Children’s water park represented by 12 bright slides for kids of different ages. Them like to ride with “Snake”, “Elephant”, “Octopus”, “Turtles”, “Dolphin”. The adult area is equipped with 8 slides and for daredevils not afraid to descend from a 15-meter height, and for those who likes to have more fun than feeling fear. This is Black Hole, Kamikaze, Freefall, “Cyclone”.

The water park is open all year. The system heats the water, creating comfortable conditions for both kids and their parents. On the Territory must be attended by rescuers. Staff carefully monitor and prevent safety violations. In the zone adults can relax in the bar, enjoy soft drinks or cocktails.

All tourists participating in the survey rated the quality service, qualification of employees, an interesting division of the water park into areas for small and large visitors, year-round work, a variety of attractions for guests with different preferences.

Sea club

Rating of water park (Egypt): 4.2


On the ninth line of the rating is the entertainment complex, which will attract the attention of young visitors. The whole territory abounds bright cartoon characters and marine figures the inhabitants. The slides are made in the form of fabulous and real animals. For children, there is an area with a pool and shower. The design of the slides made in the form of old castles, which pleases the boys even more and girls. Adults will not get bored either. Very brave can themselves to experience the Black Hole, Freefall, Tsunami.

The safety of guests is very strict. Staff preliminarily tell how to go down the hill, so as not to get injured. The whole area is very green and clean. After active time you can relax on the sun loungers, which is enough for all visitors. Entrance ticket provides for a visit to the bar where you can order a refreshment drink and light snack.

The water park is located in the desert zone. Vacationers are brought buses that run every half hour. All tourists left positive reviews. Especially those who came to Egypt with children. The complex has everything necessary for the relaxation of any kids age.

Regency Plaza

Rating of water park (Egypt): 4.1


Completes the ranking of the best water parks in Egypt complex, located on the hotel grounds in Sharm El Sheikh. It is impossible call it very large, and it does not differ in the presence of ultramodern attractions, but provides a complete rest for families with children and to adults. The atmosphere is reminiscent of an old city, and this feeling persists throughout the day. The water park is surrounded by greenery. On the background of pools with blue water this contributes to maximum to relaxation.

For adults, 5 slides with different heights and coolness are provided. descents. All of them invariably lead to one common huge pool with heated. The children’s area is made in a bright design. 9 slides kids of different ages will like it. Security provides rescue service whose employees will teach correctly slide down the hills with the required attributes: a rug or around.

Guests noted a very clean, well-groomed area, where always there is a free deck chair. There are no queues for slides, service is established 100%. The stylization of attractions, as well as large pool that runs through the entire complex. Parents with children were given a variety of entertainment programs, as well as the presence of not only rescuers, but also professional animators.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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