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Teenage love is considered the most tender, pure and sublime. After all, even the heroes of Romeo and Juliet were only 15 years old! And remember yourself in adolescence – awkwardness, insecurity, ignorance about how to properly approach a classmate or classmate you like. Of course, in this 'riot of feelings' all sorts of everyday little things fade into the background.

And especially for those who want to remember this wonderful time – as well as for people trying to understand how to correctly hint to a classmate they like that they want to not only discuss mathematics with her, but also walk around the evening city – we have compiled a rating of the 10 best films about the love of adolescents.

To compile the rating, ratings were used on the popular movie catalog service KinoPoisk.

Rating of the best films about teen love

Nomination a place Film rating
Rating of the best films about teen love 10 Paper town 6.1 / 10
9 Space between us 6.4 / 10
8 Dusk 6.7 / 10
7 Midnight sun 6.7 / 10
6 If i stay 6.9 / 10
5 The perks of Being a Wallflower 7.5 / 10
4 Whale 7.6 / 10
3 10 reasons I hate 7.7 / 10
2 Hurry to love 7.8 / 10
1 The stars are to blame 7.8 / 10

10th place: 'Paper cities'

Rating: 6.1 / 10

Paper cities

'Paper Cities' is a touching film that lacks a happy romantic ending. Of course, it is dedicated to the first love of adolescents – but are these fleeting feelings so important? Maybe there is something more valuable and significant in the world that can determine future life?

The main character, Quentin Jacobsen, is unrequitedly in love with his neighbor, Margot. They go to school together, spend time together and they feel good. But Margot was dating another guy who, as it turned out, cheated on her recklessly. Quentin helps his girlfriend get revenge – and then Margot disappears without a trace.

Only the tips left around the school remind of Margot. Trying to understand what happened to his beloved, the guy deciphers the code – and realizes that the girl fled to New York. But romantic feelings are stronger than the voice of reason, and Quentin and his friends go after her.

But what we find is not always what we were looking for. And Quentin will have to figure it out.

This film is based on the popular novel by John Green, an American writer who has an amazing understanding of teenage love. In particular, it was he who wrote 'The Fault in Our Stars' (which will later appear in our rating).

9th place: 'Space between us'

Rating: 6.4 / 10

Space between us

Is your boyfriend too lazy to come to visit for 8 metro stops with two transfers? But the teenager Gardner Elliot, the protagonist of the film 'Space Between Us', for the sake of love overcame 225 million km and flew from Mars to Earth!

The Space Between Us is a rare piece of teenage melodrama with a sci-fi setting. Its action takes place in the relatively near future. Somewhere in a human colony on Mars, Gardner Elliot is growing up, who through the Internet met Tulsa, a girl from Earth. And at some point, the teenager still decides to go to her.

There is just one problem that will hinder young lovers a little. Gardner suffers from a rare disease, which is why he cannot spend much time on Earth. And he has a choice – either he stays with the girl until the end of his days (well, that is, about a couple of weeks), or he goes to his native Martian colony, where he sighs sadly for his beloved.

Despite the relatively cool reviews from critics (what do they even understand?), The film was very popular with the teenagers themselves. He was even nominated for the prestigious Teen Choice Awards.

8th place: 'Twilight'

Rating: 6.7 / 10


In a small, unremarkable American town Forks, a girl named Bella comes – an ordinary seventeen-year-old girl with her own problems and ideas about life. Having entered a new school, she is trying to establish social ties and join an already established team. In general, like any high school student, she is forced to move to a new city.

And then a classmate boy catches her attention. His name is Edward, he is beautiful and mysterious. He tries to seem like an ordinary guy, but Bella realizes – he keeps some terrible secret. Between teenagers, the first love flares up, at the same time innocent and passionate, and absorbs them in an ocean of feelings. But Edward still tries to sound cold and distant.

But he also loves Bella, and in order to protect her, he reveals his terrible secret. Edward is a vampire. Immortal, blood-sucking, but forever young, beautiful and mysterious. And is there even a tiny chance for a happy joint future of a simple girl and an ancient vampire?

Moreover, a relationship with a vampire is beautiful, dangerous and painful. There is an ancient confrontation between the clans of these mystical creatures. And then werewolves appear – and one of them also falls in love with Bella …

7th place: 'Midnight Sun'

Rating: 6.7 / 10

Midnight sun

Seventeen-year-old Katie Price seems to be just a romantic girl – with the onset of dusk she loves to go out, take an acoustic guitar and play beautiful songs of her own composition. But the truth, as usual, is very far from what appears at first glance. Katie, perhaps, would be glad to do something else – only a rare illness prevents her from leaving the house during the day. The girl's skin is very sensitive to sunlight, and even small midday walks can bring her torment.

But one day she meets Charlie, who becomes her midnight sun. It is he who will fill the monotonous life of a sick girl with love, romance and meaning. And for the sake of this guy, she will be ready even for the most insane acts, literally sacrifice herself – in order to spend at least another hour with him.

Midnight Sun is a film about the sensual, platonic love of teenagers. Only the most innocent part of a relationship that was forced to face serious difficulties is demonstrated here. And love … love – it is able to overcome any problems, any diseases and disadvantages.

6th place: 'If I stay'

Rating: 6.9 / 10

If i stay

Another film that raises the question of the importance of love. Are these feelings a reason to live? Moreover, the question is raised literally.

A girl named Mia is seventeen years old. This is the age at which you want to discover new things, explore the world and get to know yourself. But none of this awaits her. One day she was driving with her parents and had an accident. As a result of the disaster, her mother and father were killed, and Mia herself fell into a coma.

And now her soul has to make an important choice – whether to stay on earth for the sake of loved ones and trying to survive the death of her parents, or to go to a better place. But Mia herself is not sure of anything. She is a talented cellist with a bright future, but at the same time she considers her boyfriend Adam, a rocker from a garage group, to be a really developed personality. Will she stay? For the sake of a guy – but at the same time he will become an orphan …

One of the main advantages of this film is the talented acting performance of Chloe Grace Moretz. She managed to convey all the feelings of a girl who is torn between love and the heavy pain of loss.

5th place: 'It's good to be quiet'

Rating: 7.5 / 10

The perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie is a quiet, uncommunicative and reserved guy. He has no friends and a girlfriend, and the desire to have them all is also absent. Charlie recently experienced the death of loved ones and therefore fell into a depressed state.

But in high school, it's hard to get particularly depressed and hide from socialization. One way or another, you have to make friends and friends. And at one of the parties that Charlie got to, he met a girl, Mary Elizabeth, with whom he had his first sexual experience. But the guy doesn't love her. But due to the fact that he is an introvert and just not very knowledgeable about relationships, Charlie continues to date Mary Elizabeth.

Charlie loves another girl, Sam. He met her at a school football competition. True, Sam has a boyfriend whom she does not really like either.

And this whole love polygon is further complicated by Charlie's unstable mental state. After all, protracted depression and incomprehensible relationships put quite a lot of pressure on him. So he needs peace of mind and support from a girl.

The film 'It is good to be quiet' is not only about teenage love. It is also about the difficulties of social adaptation, acceptance of one's own past and attempts to find one's place in this world. The inimitable Emma Watson also plays in it.

4th place: 'Whale'

Rating: 7.6 / 10


Natalie was an ordinary high school student – maybe a little more successful at tennis than her deskmates. That is why they predicted a great future for her, and the most attractive US universities fought for her. And Natalie herself focused on the prospects, deciding to become the best in school.

But homework changed everything. Natalie's chemistry teacher paired her classmate Keith. And he turned out to be far from the most diligent guy in school. Moreover, Keith criticized Natalie's lifestyle, saying that you should not dwell on the big future – after all, they are only 17 years old, it's time to live right now.

Real love grew out of disagreements and small quarrels. Only Keith refused to open up to Natalie, he kept a terrible secret and did not give it away. And at one point, the guy just disappears. The girl who went in search of Kit discovers that he lied to her about his whole life, but he did it for a reason …

3rd place: '10 reasons I hate'

Rating: 7.7 / 10

10 reasons I hate

10 Reasons I Hate is not just a movie about teen love. This is a free adaptation of the classic play by William Shakespeare 'The Taming of the Shrew', only transferred to modern reality. Heath Ledger also played one of the main roles.

The film tells about Katarina Stratford, a girl with a complex character. Not only is she not interested in relationships – she literally hates every guy she has to learn with. But her younger sister is the complete opposite, she enjoys attention from the opposite sex and periodically reciprocates with men.

The story begins with Katarina's younger sister going on a date. But the father does not let him in and sets a condition. The girl can only go on a date if Katharina goes with her.

As a result, the sister, together with her friend, is trying to find a boyfriend for Katarina – and she does not think of anything better than bribing the local bully Patrick. But this guy really falls in love with a girl, and so much so that he cannot communicate with her correctly.

At the same time, '10 Reasons I Hate' is perhaps the first film in the ranking, filmed in the genre of comedy. There are no strained attempts to joke, as is the case in other teenage melodramas – on the contrary, it shows the natural behavior of high school students.

2nd place: 'In a hurry to love'

Rating: 7.8 / 10

Hurry to love

A Walk to Love is one of the most classic teen love movies ever. Filmed back in 2002, it does not lose its relevance to this day. Perhaps because the relationship between young people does not change.

The plot centers on Landon Carter, a successful high school student. He is handsome, he is independent, he can be cruel to those who do not fit into the social conditions of the school. And that is why, according to Landon, probably all the girls in the area are 'dry'. And even the nondescript Jamie Sullivan.

Jamie Sullivan is a girl who is hard to spot, even looking through school photo albums. She lives in a devout family (her father is a priest), helps lagging students, participates in school plays and is just a diligent student. Jamie is too good to get any attention.

At some point, Landon and his comrades break the law. Because of him, a new boy, who only recently transferred to school, almost dies. Landon is on the verge of exclusion, but the principal sets conditions – the high school student will continue to study only if he starts helping the laggards and plays in the school play.

It is at the support group for the Losers that Landon meets Jamie, notices her – and romance breaks out between them. And the girl helps the guy to become better, kinder and 'come down from heaven'. But they are unlikely to have a joint future full of love and happiness. Jamie has leukemia.

This picture is often called 'Best Love Movie', and there is a grain of truth in this. The movie shows how feelings can change a person, make him brighter and kinder than he really is. But the main thing is that this romance should be mutual.

1st place: 'The Fault in the Stars'

Rating: 7.8 / 10

The stars are to blame

The Fault in the Stars is a hard but light and life-affirming teenage melodrama about how to fully surrender to love, and how warm and mutual feelings can give a little joy even in the most difficult times.

The plot centers on Hazel, a girl dying of cancer. Now her illness has receded for a while, but it did not bring joy. The end is very predictable, and therefore Hazel is in a lethargic, dull state. In order to somehow get the girl out of depression, she is sent to a support group meeting.

There Hazel meets Augustus. He is also not a model of cheerfulness. As a result of illness, Augustus lost his leg. Teens start spending more and more time together, and then fall in love with each other. And for a short period, they find themselves happy, experiencing together several months filled with love and happiness.

But soon Augustus's illness intensifies.

The Fault in the Stars is a film that is not only good for the script, but also from a technical point of view. There is excellent camera work and beautiful shots, good music, subtle and unobtrusive jokes, and most importantly – an excellent game. The actors were able to show the relationship you believe in. And together with them, the viewer experiences happiness and sorrow. The film leaves a light and sad 'aftertaste', after which you want to call a girl or a guy and tell about your love. Just. After all, suddenly there will be no other chance?

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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