10 best sniper movies

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The work of a sniper is surrounded by an aura of mystery and mystery. These people are both smart, fearless and cold-blooded. They are capable spend hours in ambush, tracking down the victim, waiting for perfect conditions – and then kill her with one shot. And after that to disappear, as if they had never been.

And therefore it is better to observe the work of a professional sniper from the screen, because in a personal meeting of the time to admire them almost no skill left. The benefit of this work is also praised in the cinema. And for those who want to enjoy masterful and professional approach to killing, we have compiled rating of the top 10 sniper films.

To compile the rating, the audience’s ratings on KinoPoisk service. It included both Russian and foreign films, including those released before 2000.

Rating of the best films about snipers

Nomination a place movie title rating
Rating of the best films about snipers 10 I see the goal (2013) 5.3 / 10
9 Particularly Dangerous (Most Wanted, 2008) 6.8 / 10
8 Sniper (American Sniper, 2014) 6.9 / 10
7 Marines (Jaghead, 2005) 6.9 / 10
6 Enemy at the Gates (Enemy at the Gates, 2001) 7/10
5 Sniper (Sniper, 1992) 7.3 / 10
4 Assassins (Assassins, 1995) 7.4 / 10
3 Shooter (Shooter, 2007) 7.6 / 10
2 Voroshilov shooter (1999) 7.8 / 10
1 Leon (Leon, 1994) 8.6 / 10

10th place: “I see the goal”

Rating: 5.3 / 10

10 best sniper movies

During the Great Patriotic War, they went to the front almost all competent people, regardless of gender and age. The government did not hesitate to send women to the front lines, as they often showed greater composure. So, the ranks Heroes of the Soviet Union were awarded 95 ladies!

And the film “I See The Purpose” is one of the examples of contemporary Russian cinema singing the service of women in the ranks of the Soviet armed forces. He talks about a sniper school, where seven very young girls went off – athletes, Komsomol, beauties (and all this is not hackneyed epithets, but a statement of fact) that voluntarily went to the front to protect your home country from Nazi invaders. For An advanced sniper arrives with training with advanced.

Despite the fact that the picture is pretty little directly kills, and most of the action takes place directly in school of snipers, the film is recommended because of disclosure of the psychological aspect. Will girls be able to cold-blooded enough to pull the trigger without hesitation hook? Do they have the strength to overcome the psychological barrier and purposefully take the life of another person?

However, fans of action and screen action will also not have to miss. One of the final scenes of the film is a duel of snipers.

9th place: “Especially Dangerous” (Most Wanted, 2008)

Rating: 6.8 / 10

10 best sniper movies

Filmed by the comic book of Mark Millar (and this already says a lot) the movie “Especially Dangerous” literally glorifies the weapon. And let him brings a bit of fiction, but the principle of “One bullet – one corpse,” led by snipers, is put at the forefront here.

The storyline is already standard and may seem commonplace. But it’s worth considering that the film was released relatively long ago, even before Marvel began releasing three identical blockbusters a year. Main the hero is once a loser, an office clerk who is even strong cannot boast of a personality – instead, he will whine about that fate was not too favorable to him.

But at some point he discovers his father is brutally murdered – and begins to try to independently find the criminal. Search lead him to the Brotherhood of Weavers, a secret hired society killers who have supernatural powers. And u the main character a couple of these are also located. Now to him to become the master of his own life and finally stop whining and boring. But how else, when you train Angelina herself Jolie

The film captivates with beauty. All those bullet-flying bullets slow motion, acrobatic techniques and master shooting from around the corner they’re hardly able to leave anyone indifferent. The director of “Especially Dangerous” was Timur Bekmambetov, who is still before the release of the picture, he stuffed his hand with impressive special effects – hardly someone is able to forget the ferris wheel rolling along the streets of Moscow from the Day Watch. Therefore, you should not expect from the picture any depth and psychological drama, you can relax and just watch how beautiful bullets fly in slow motion.

8th place: “Sniper” (American Sniper, 2014)

Rating: 6.9 / 10

10 best sniper movies

During the war in Iraq on the US side served as a “fur seal” Chris Kyle He was so effective a sniper that he got nickname “Devil from Ramadi”. Moreover, it wasn’t called by his colleagues but directly opponents. In fact, Chris Kyle has become one of record holders among American soldiers by the number of enemies killed. On the to his account – 225 corpses, among which 160 confirmed.

Upon returning home, Chris Kyle sat down for an autobiography, which so called – “American sniper.” In it, he is unvarnished spoke about military service, about the war in Iraq and about difficulties in killing the enemy. And then Clint Eastwood himself filmed these memoirs, calling for the main role of Bradley Cooper. AND here it is, the film “Sniper” – more historical than Hollywood; more author than producer.

Sniper is one of the most titled war films. is he received the Academy Award (and five nominations for it), a huge a number of other awards, and also boasts good box office. And he does not show Americans exclusively noble heroes – on the contrary, he demonstrates all the horrors of war, which are not limited to clanging weapons, but also turn ordinary people in cruel, corrupt monsters, even amid explosions caring only about their well-being.

7th place: “Marines” (Jaghead, 2005)

Rating: 6.9 / 10

10 best sniper movies

The Marines can be hard to watch. And the fault is not some kind of psychologism, no. The film is boring boring, and the eye there is nothing to cling to – the action takes place in the Persian the bay, where only a dull faded stretches from horizon to horizon desert under the same dull faded sky.

But the Marines are interesting in that it is not just a picture. it artifact that demonstrates the brutality of the American army. All soldiers here – from privates to snipers, from beginners to commanders – Evil assholes who arrange in their free time from shootings drinking and behaving as if in a brothel.

And in this lies the dignity of the film. He shows the army service is not an honorable occupation that makes people heroes; but as a way of turning soldiers into stupid idiots, implicitly fulfilling any order. In addition, the Marines showcase highlights of the Gulf War, such as the highway of death”.

An interesting find of the director is also worth noting. Scenes from burning oil – one of the best in the picture. They are filled with ominous atmosphere, scare and discourage. And let the shots here a little, “Marines” devoid of military romance. And this is the main point. because that war is not a place where people turn into heroes.

6th place: Enemy at the Gates (Enemy at the Gates, 2001)

Rating: 7.0 / 10

10 best sniper movies

European film that shows the Soviet Union is not like a bunch of villains, but as a country that won the Second World War – and at what cost. And this is already an interesting picture. She’s also curious cast

Famous action movie actor Jude Law plays Vasily Zaitsev here – Russian soldier, sniper taking part in the defense Stalingrad. On his account – dozens of corpses of German fascist invaders. And partly thanks to the actions of Vasily the German troops can not advance closer to Stalingrad.

This, of course, does not suit the most fascist German invaders. And from Berlin to the front in front of Stalingrad Major Koenig is Hitler’s best sniper in Germany. His task simple – track down Vasily Zaitsev and kill him. And so the war turns into a conflict between two men, from which alive only one can get out.

“Enemy at the Gates” is very neat about history. Vasiliy Zaitsev is not a fictional character. This is a real sniper who really took part in the defense of Stalingrad, and for the entire period of hostilities killed more than 250 fascists. Besides, in Lyudmila Pavlichenko appears in the picture. She was also Soviet sniper, on her account – more than 300 corpses of invaders.

The sniper duel is also a real historical event. So what especially interesting, in its display the authors of the film are pretty freely relate to history. The fact is that Major Koenig is completely fictional face. To fight with Vasily Zaitsev was sent the best sniper in Germany – SS Colonel Heinz Torvald. AND then, after his death, the Nazi administration did not want admit defeat. And spread rumors that a duel with Zaitsev sent a certain major Koenig.

5th place: “Sniper” (Sniper, 1992)

Rating: 7.3 / 10

10 best sniper movies

Quite a non-standard film for the early 1990s. Despite to the typical eyeballs – the jungle, the gallant American soldiers, insidious Colombian drug lords – the picture is not a classic action movie in which the main characters with a knife at the ready dozens of villains are slaughtered. On the contrary, here is a sniper case shown with maximum realism, and even professionals will not be able to find serious flaws.

Heroes use real weapons. One sniper is working rifle M40A1, the second – Heckler & Koch SR9TC, really used in the american army. The plot uses a standard a canvas in which the main characters at first dislike each other, and then become reliable partners, but at the same time the characters shown multifaceted, with various characters. Dialogs are deprived pathos and moralizing, and in some cases even force to think.

At the same time, the picture also shows fights between professional snipers. Moreover, to enhance emotionality, opponents are former friends. One is an invisible killer working on US Army. The second is his apprentice, who has become a mercenary and now protecting drug lords. The action takes place in Colombian jungle, so the “picture” is saturated and adding pungency.

4th place: “Assassins” (Assassins, 1995)

Rating: 7.4 / 10

10 best sniper movies

This film is able to surprise the cast. Pretty unusual to see in a picture about hired killers using sniper tricks, Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas and Julianne Moore.

Sylvester Stallone plays Robert Rat – once one of the most successful and deadly assassins who decided to retire. But not just like that, but because of its own code of honor. World in which he lives only recently departed from the horrors of the Cold War and therefore filled with disgusting people craving the death of a neighbor for profit or to satisfy one’s own ambitions.

Antonio Banderas played the role of Miguel Bane – a young killer, which such things do not bother at all. And he gets the job kill Robert Rat. Between killers begins a cruel, bloody a fight, which is not just a duel, but a clash of two codes of honor, two approaches to the goal of life – and death.

The film is dynamic at the same time – with many action scenes and beautifully set fights – and causes a desire to think. Both killers build their own ingenious plans and networks, playing on a few moves forward. And it is not clear which of them will end up will be able to win.

3 место: Shooter (Shooter, 2007)

Rating: 7.6 / 10


Bob Lee was one of the best snipers in the service of the United States. But then he decided to retire, climb with his wife higher in mountains, build a small hut there and live in peace, away from civilizations enjoying the clean air, beautiful scenery and beer that the dog brings. However, the insidious American the government at some point invades Bob’s quiet solitude and asks him about one little thing – to protect the president.

An attempt is being made on the president, and the head of the United States is going to be killed from an impressive distance of one and a half kilometers. According to himself Bob, only six people around the world are capable of this. Including, of course the hero Mark Wahlberg himself, so the number of potential opponents reduced to five.

Or not? The president is still being assassinated, and now the main suspect is Bob himself, a professional sniper, trapped in his own professionalism. And now he it is required to find the real killer and hand him over to the authorities. Or to shoot – how lucky it is.

Shooter is primarily a dynamic thriller of the “new waves “that keeps you energized all the time viewing. And let it be shown directly sniper business somewhat comic, without a bias in realism, but drive and fascination such that you want to close your eyes to all this, and just enjoy a good action movie.

2 place: “Voroshilovsky shooter” (1999)

Rating: 7.8 / 10

10 best sniper movies

The main advantage of this film is high realism in terms of demonstrations of life in post-Soviet Russia. And action focuses on moral devastation, the one that is “in the minds, and not in closets “, although the latter also do not look particularly whole.

The story concentrates on Ivan Fedorovich, a senior citizen, a former a railroad worker who lives with his granddaughter named Katya and trying to somehow exist in a post-Soviet country. It turns out pretty average, but tolerable. And then Katya is raped a few guys called “golden youth”.

And the parent of one of them, a senior police officer, frees rapists. Tired of beating a corrupt system, Ivan Fedorovich decides to arrange justice on his own – and takes in the hands of an old rifle …

“Voroshilovsky shooter” – this is not really a film about snipers, although, of course, moments with the main character in the window watching through the crosshairs of the sight for the villains in it. This is sad unprincipled and sometimes very cruel statement about the country, in which we live. And let two have passed since the release of the film ten years – quite a bit has changed. Maybe material devastation became less. But the system is just as corrupt youth is the same “golden”, and the surrounding reality is the same creepy.

1st place: Leon (Leon, 1994)

Rating: 8.6 / 10

10 best sniper movies

Leon is a professional hitman, sniper, effective, heartless and ruthless. He will take the life of the one they point to – and will not ask about the reasons or lead the existential dialogues. He is not quite a man, he is rather a machine for direction the barrel of a sniper rifle and pulling the trigger.

More precisely, he was like that. Until I met Matilda – charming neighbor girl who lost her family. Her relatives shot by police involved in drug trafficking. And in another time Leon would have simply passed this situation – you never know the city of tin is going on, welcome to the end of the 20th century – but he has there is an emotional connection with Matilda.

“Leon” is a piercing film combining romance and cruelty, one of the best creations of early Luc Besson. He is in many ways “leaves” on acting, being filled with the charisma of Jean Reno and Natalie Portman. In the center of history are not rivers of blood at all, they are, but somewhere in the background; and not even sniper calm, it fills only the first half of the picture, then gradually hiding. “Leon” is a drama about two loneliness that they found company to each other in a cruel and difficult time.

It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t like Leon. Here the routine of the life of a professional hired killer is also shown and sniper skills on the principle of “One shot – one corpse”, and intense action with shootouts and acrobatic moves, and unsettling heavy drama.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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