10 best self-leveling levels

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Unlike bubble levels, where you want to achieve a smooth the position of the housing by lifting one of the sides, Self-leveling level does this automatically. In him a suspension system for bearings is provided, which under by gravity, spontaneously assumes a level position, regardless of the curvature of the base under it. It simplifies the work and improves productivity. The tool is optimal for installation windows and doors, hanging cabinets, shelves and paintings, installation false ceilings, wall partitions and other types of finishes. If you want to know how to choose the right laser level and which models are considered the best – read our review.

How to choose a self-leveling laser level

A self-leveling laser can build 3000 rubles, maybe 30,000 rubles. To understand why you are giving money and is it worth it, remember the key characteristics and their take off


The indicator can be 0.1-1.5 mm / m. For example, a value of 0.3 indicates that at a distance of 1 m from the level, the line thickness will increase by 0.3 mm. Therefore, when the beam passes 10 m, its cross section will be 3 mm, so the exact line will be recaptured more difficult. For fastening items where high precision is required (construction of load-bearing partitions, installation of a complex conveyor belt equipment), use levels with indicators up to 0.2 mm. For Suspension of furniture will suit less accurate options.

Glow Range

One of the important parameters is the range of the light beam. Levels up to 10 m are for use only. inside a compact room (apartment, house). Range Models 20 m are practical for spacious rooms. 30 m levels and more versatile and useful for installing objects both inside premises and on the street.

With a receiver that enhances the clarity of a line at a distance, range beam level increases to 40-200 m. Keep this in mind if you plan to build large objects.

Self Leveling Angle

It implies the angle of inclination of the surface, when curved which the pendulum leveling system can still equalize lens position for proper operation. Indicator varies from 2.5 to 5º. The larger it is, the better and more expensive the device.

Number of lines

On one level there can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 lenses, in depending on what radiation is possible in several planes. There are models capable of capturing only the horizon. Other able to draw separate vertical and horizontal with a laser lines, and also cross them among themselves. Still others project the whole the plane immediately on 4 walls, and in three dimensions (total 12 lines), which is convenient for use by several masters at the same time on the ceiling, floor and walls. More levels ways shine on a plumb line, and this is useful when laying the corners of the walls.

The ability to block the line

On the case of some levels, a slider or rotating toggle switch that blocks self-leveling. Inside device suspension is fixed, which allows you to create oblique projection, for example, to arrange objects on the wall along diagonals.

Fastening thread

It happens 1/4 or ⅝ inch. Depending on this, you will need to find appropriate stand so that the level can be fixed on her. The manufacturer can provide complete base, with fasteners to the wall or metal racks (with magnet). Some models have a telescopic tripod that expands installation options even further.

Laser color

Although for most buyers the color of the laser line (green or red) it does not matter, experts note that the wave size red color longer (635 nm) than the optimal indicator perception of the human eye (555 nm), so it is better seen in indoors. Green has a wavelength of 532 nm and is more suitable for operation on the street. But when choosing, consider the color the base of the surface so that it does not merge with the laser.

Type of food

The level can receive energy from AA batteries with a voltage of 1.5 V in the amount of 3 or 4 pieces. They will have to be changed regularly and have in stock, otherwise the work may stop unexpectedly. Some self-leveling models suitable for installation in them batteries, which allows you to do with one power source, charging it periodically. The third option is the ability to work. from the network through the adapter, which will not allow you to be taken by surprise and to spoil work plans.

The type of power is also associated with the autonomy of the level. It varies from 3 to 20 hours (meaning continuous use with photodiodes turned on). Than the indicator is greater all the better.

Dimensions and weight

The weight of the self-leveling level is from 190 g to 5 kg. Dimensions also range from 65x65x45 mm to 200x200x300 mm. All this affects the ease of transportation and occupied space when storage.

Rating of the best self-leveling levels

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best laser levels with auto-leveling 1 ADA instruments 6D SERVOLINER (A00139) 29 990 rub.
2 BOSCH GLL 3-80 Professional (0601063S00) 23 100 rub.
3 Kraftool LL3D (34640) 13 500 rub.
4 DEKO LL12-HVR 7 600 rub.
5 Tesla L-360×1 9 500 rub.
6 BOSCH UniversalLevel 2 Set (0603663801) 4 770 rub.
7 ELITECH LN 5 with a tripod 4 230 rub.
8 Condtrol Neo X1-360 (1-2-127) 6 990 rub.
9 ADA instruments CUBE MINI Basic Edition (A00461) 2 990 rub.
10 Bort BLN-15-K (98296808) 3 690 rub.

The best laser levels with auto-leveling

Next, we present you the TOP-10 of the best levels with function self-leveling, which have good characteristics and found a positive response in user reviews.

ADA instruments 6D SERVOLINER (A00139)

Rating: 4.9

ADA instruments 6D SERVOLINER (A00139)

Heads the review of professional-grade levels in cylindrical body with 6 lenses. Self-leveling Lenses levels allow you to build a plane at 360º, create four vertical lines projected one on each wall, and turn plumb up. The level shines with the red laser and without the receiver is able to “beat” up to 10 m. With an additional counterpart beam range reaches 50 m. Self-leveling unit compensates for uneven installation at 3.5º. The case is equipped rubberized buttons with indicator lights that increase convenience of interaction with the interface. The goods are delivered on an iron tripod with a horizontal limb for easy turning and target guidance.

In the reviews, professionals praise the level for high accuracy projection. A feature of the level is the preservation of the original fineness of the line at a distance of 10 m. In competitors, the beam expands along distance, which affects the correct installation of objects. Here, the thickness of the mark remains 1 mm.


  • reliable metal case;
  • convenient handle for quick rearrangement in place;
  • projects 9 rays;
  • continuous operation on a single charge up to 10 hours;
  • minimum error 0.1 mm.


  • there is no verification during the sale;
  • You cannot disable self-leveling;
  • implemented without a tripod;
  • weight 3.4 kg;
  • cost is one of the highest.

BOSCH GLL 3-80 Professional (0601063S00)

Rating: 4.8


The second professional model with a self-leveling function has rectangular housing with rubber sheathing to protect against damage. The weight of the level is only 800 g, which is much less above level. The housing has 3 lenses with lenses. Operation is allowed at temperatures up to -10º C, and class IP54 tightness allows the use of the level even in the rain. Plane builder works from AA or battery type battery. Self-alignment is valid when deviating from planes up to 4º.

The chip of this self-leveling device is the range actions and functionality. He immediately projects 12 beams for building 3 planes. This allows you to use one device. several masters to work on the floor, ceiling and walls at once. The sweep range without auxiliary equipment is up to 30 m, therefore, the level is optimal for use in large halls, halls and other spacious rooms. The model also has a lock function pendulum device, so you can turn off self-leveling and create a projection at an angle of 45º or another, for example, to install a ladder.


  • self-leveling up to 4º;
  • 12 laser beams;
  • the ability to work in the rain;
  • self-leveling lock.


  • Loses to the leader of the review in accuracy – 0.2 versus 0.1 mm;
  • the cost remains high.

Kraftool LL3D (34640)

Rating: 4.7

Kraftool LL3D (34640)

And here is another plotter of 12 lines, which costs two times cheaper than the above, but still applies to professional categories. It performs a red beam scan with range of 20 m independently and 70 m using the receiver. Management is realized by three rubberized buttons with a diode backlight, toggle switch and rotary pendulum lock. Self-alignment of the laser is triggered until the plane deviates 2.5º, after which the line starts flashing, signaling a violation of the regime. The masters in the reviews like that on the case there is a notch at 90º, which is designed to clamp the device to the protruding corner and fast beating of the exact diagonal from it.

A feature of the level is a fully rubberized case, which increases the chance of “survival” after the fall. Thereby dropping it out of hand is also not easy. Another device is universal in nutrition. The level can function both from batteries, and from batteries. If all sources of energy “sit down”, then the level can connect to the network through the power adapter supplied in kit.


  • projects 12 rays;
  • light weight 750 g;
  • accuracy level 0.2 mm per m;
  • the ability to block self-leveling;
  • the case is protected against falling;
  • universal in nutrition.


  • self-alignment loses to the competitors described above – here it works only up to 2.5º;
  • it takes about 5 seconds to wait until self-leveling does own business.


Rating: 4.6


Level supplied with swivel base (short tripod), simplifying on-site operation so as not to expose the device several times. The model beats 12 lines, forming 3 360º planes. The device works with a red laser, range whose action is 30 m. Rotary switch on the side allows you to fix self-alignment to build a slant line. In the reviews, customers are satisfied with the availability of a cloth case, simplified storage level. Auto align will work with a deviation of up to 3º, after which the sweep starts to flash. But the accuracy here is slightly lower than that of the competitors described above and is 0.3 mm per meter.

A nice bonus to this level is an additional the battery is included, which doubles the battery life operation. Use such a device if you have to to work for several days at the facility without the possibility recharge the device.


  • glasses included for better line tracking;
  • 360º scan in three planes;
  • self-leveling works up to 3º;
  • clear management.


  • not the highest accuracy – 0.3 mm;
  • you cannot project a plumb line;
  • as you move away, the lines become thicker;
  • implemented without a receiving device.

Tesla L-360×1

Rating: 4.5

Tesla L-360x1

The laser level has two lenses and is able to create one 360º plane, as well as a vertical line with a straight line scan at 150º. Beam range without accessories is 20 m. You can turn off self-leveling with the slider on the side. According to reviews, here is one of the simplest controls, implemented as a single button switching beams. Works level from 4 AA batteries, but if you do not move it for a long time, it shuts down on its own to save power. For платформы thread is provided for connecting the platform, but the tripod will have to buy separately. The error here is decent – 0.4 mm (per 10 m line thickness becomes 4 mm), therefore, for highly responsible work level is not suitable.

The level is distinguished by the possibility of self-leveling with a deviation bases up to 4º. This speeds up deployment time, which is important when frequent change of position. You will have to worry less about evenness. work surface on which you set the level.


  • a fabric cover for transportation is included;
  • rubberized inserts soften shock when falling;
  • intuitive one-button operation;
  • self-leveling with uneven ground up to 4º.


  • It looks like a toy;
  • accuracy 0.4 mm;
  • battery powered only.

BOSCH UniversalLevel 2 Set (0603663801)

Rating: 4.4


The level has one lens and gives out two crossed beams of red color. Self-leveling is triggered in 4 seconds, after which you can begin to install parts along the laid line. The sweep range reaches 10 m, so the level is more suitable for work in standard apartments. The model is powered by AA batteries in quantity of 3 units. The manufacturer provided the opportunity turn off automatic alignment to beat oblique lines. Operation of the level is allowed at ambient temperature air to -5 degrees. But the accuracy here is much inferior leaders of the review and is 0.5 mm, so the masters in the reviews advised to use it only in small rooms where from level to a plane of 4-5 m.

But the obvious advantage will be the presence of an aluminum tripod in set, 1 m long. Telescopic legs allow folding Tripod to compact size for easy transport. It will turn out to put the level on the object where there is no table or other suitable surfaces.


  • sold at an attractive price;
  • weighs 460 g;
  • 5 hours on a single charge;
  • self-leveling can be disabled.


  • accuracy of 0.5 mm is much worse than competitors;
  • Does not hit the plane 360º.

ELITECH LN 5 with a tripod

Rating: 4.3

ELITECH LN 5 with a tripod

This is another level with a tripod supplied. An aluminum tripod locks to the level through a 1/4 inch thread and allows you to set the height of the device from 35 to 105 see. Also in the box you will find a bag-case and three batteries, which Given the cost of a little less than 4000 rubles, it is very profitable. Self-leveling here works when the deviation is up to 3º, after which the alarm goes on. Pendulum installation time at level position is 5 seconds. The device is capable of beating with a laser horizontal line, cross for alignment of corners and a crosshair diagonals. There is a separate button for each mode, therefore the user is easy to navigate in the interface.

Level awarded a place in the list of the best due to the range of work without a receiver up to 40 m. This is a large indicator allowing apply it not only in spacious rooms, but also on the street. But due to the high error of 1.5 mm, as you move away from the wall, the line the laser is getting thicker, therefore we recommend this product for non-responsible structures (installation of technical structures, pipes heating, fence).


  • simple operation;
  • weighs 500 g;
  • the ability to disable self-leveling;
  • rubberized case.


  • self-leveling time takes 5 seconds;
  • strong error of 1.5 mm per m.

Condtrol Neo X1-360 (1-2-127)

Rating: 4.2

CONDTROL NEO X1-360 (1-2-127)

Continues the review of the level generating the red laser beam in 360º horizontal plane. In addition, the level is capable of beat off single vertical and horizontal lines, as well as build a cross. Without a receiver, the glow will be noticeable at a distance up to 20 m. According to reviews, the level differs thoughtful ergonomics of the case. On the sides there are two recesses under thumb and forefinger. Thanks to this design users are less likely to drop the plane builder from their hands, which extends its resource. More masters are pleased with the presence of a slot in the back of the level, which is designed under the head of the screw. With this simple solution, you can fix the device to wall without any branded brackets.

Level marked by experts as the best due to angle self-leveling up to 4.5º. This indicator can boast of only units of competitors. This is ideal for frequent level permutations on uneven surfaces.


  • ergonomic body;
  • there is a mode of inclined planes;
  • ⅝ inch adapter complete to 1/4;
  • can be quickly hung on the wall.


  • “lame” accuracy – 0.3 mm;
  • not able to build vertical planes.

ADA instruments CUBE MINI Basic Edition (A00461)

Rating: 4.1

ADA instruments CUBE MINI Basic Edition (A00461)

The self-leveling model has one lens that builds a vertical, horizontal or intersection of these lines. Colour the laser here is red and it finishes up to 10 m without strangers fixtures. Wizards approve of convenient control, where the unlocking of the pendulum system and inclusion performed by one action. The self-leveling angle is 3 degrees, and projection accuracy of 0.2 mm / m. At the bottom of the case there is 1/4-inch tripod hole. Operate the device allowed at temperatures up to -10º C.

The level is fully consistent with its name “Mini Cube”, since its dimensions are 65x65x45 mm and it weighs only 190 g. Thanks to these characteristics, the level is comfortable to wear even in a shirt pocket and does not burden the user. Yet one difference of the level is the autonomy time of 20 hours, which Outperforms other self-leveling models suspension.


  • long service life;
  • simple one-button operation;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • compact dimensions.


  • range 10 m;
  • You cannot rotate the plane 360º.

Bort BLN-15-K (98296808)

Rating: 4.0

BORT BLN-15-K (98296808)

At the end of the review, pay attention to the level from the Bort brand, which turns the beam up to 15 meters. The device is powered by batteries supplied. Also attached to it case and adapter for recharging, which can be turned on during use. Adjustable horizontal swivel level tripod. Self-leveling is valid up to 3º deviation. The line accuracy is 0.2 mm. From the reviews it is clear that the brightness photodiodes can be adjusted, and this helps to save power.

The attentive reader noticed that this level is very similar externally to the leader of the review from the ADA brand. He has the same cylindrical body with limb for smooth rotation semicircular carrying handle and 4 lenses for simultaneous projecting vertical lines on each wall. The only the difference from the competitor is the ability to beat one horizontal line, not four. But it weighs 1.7 kg against 3.4 kg and the price of the Bort BLN-15-K level (98296808) is 10 times less, which pleases buyers in the reviews.


  • durable plastic storage case;
  • red glasses included;
  • rotates on a tripod with a horizontal limb;
  • there is a bubble level for initial alignment devices.


  • Don’t build 360º planes.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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