10 best restaurants in Istanbul

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

In Istanbul, more than 20 thousand restaurants and cafes offering Tourists serving local and international cuisine. There is gourmet establishments from different countries, for lovers of sweet and spicy food, lots of meat and seafood. We present the rating in which included the 10 best restaurants of Istanbul. Review compiled by Based on reviews from tourists and gastronomic travelers.

Rating of the best restaurants in Istanbul

Nomination a place a restaurant rating
Rating of the best restaurants in Istanbul 1 Soho house 5.0
2 Mikla 4.9
3 Neolokal 4.8
4 Mavi balik 4.7
5 Roof Mezze 360 4.6
6 Sur balik sarayburnu 4.5
7 Matbah Ottoman Palace Cuisine 4.4
8 Ulus 29 4.3
9 Sunset grill & bar 4.2
10 Hamdi restaurant 4.1

Soho house

Rating: 5.0


Address: Evliya Çelebi Mahallesi Mesrutiyet, Caddesi No. 56, Beyoglu District.

The first atmospheric restaurant Soho House, whose menu includes national and Mediterranean cuisine. In an institution closed room with panoramic windows overlooking the courtyard, and in the open air you can contemplate the Mediterranean sea. Inside the restaurant a cozy atmosphere with comfortable wooden furniture, the interior mixed traditional Turkish and modern styles.

Dishes served in the restaurant cause a lot of positive guests feel. In addition to the main menu, including plenty seafood and meat, you can order snacks, desserts, a bar It offers an extensive wine list and a variety of cocktails. In the hall You can hold a banquet, the service is at a high level. The staff is helpful, the dishes are not prepared quickly, but the wait is The relaxing atmosphere passes unnoticed.


  • One of the best restaurants in Istanbul, according to critics;
  • Traditional Mediterranean cuisine
  • A large wine list and many delicious cocktails;
  • Cozy lounge and terrace with sea views;
  • City center.


  • Prices are above average.


Rating: 4.9


Address: The Marmara Pera Hotel, Mesrutiyet No 15 | Beyoglu.

Second-rated Mikla Restaurant located at the Marmara Hotel Pera on an elevated mountain with stunning views panoramic view of the city and the sea. In the restaurant you can taste dishes gourmet cuisine and traditional Turkish compositions from seafood, meat, greens and vegetables. The portions are small, but more dishes you can try! The bar offers a large selection soft and alcoholic drinks.

The Mikla Restaurant has a fixed dinner program. The guest is offered 3 dishes. Despite the serving size, foodies remain full – so accurately calculated the amount of food on the plate. Prices are above average, but for a gourmet restaurant with a wonderful view quite acceptable.


  • Hall and terrace with panoramic views;
  • Dishes from the freshest vegetables, seafood and meat;
  • Unusual feed;
  • Vegetarian and gluten-free dishes on the menu;
  • Fixed Dinner Payment Program;
  • Accurately calculated serving size, despite their apparent scarcity.


  • Due to high attendance, waiting times increase;
  • Prices are high.


Rating: 4.8


Address: Salt Galata Bankalar Caddesi No 11 Karakoy 34420 | Inside Salt Galata Building.

A bronze rating is awarded to the finedining restaurant Neolokal, in which serves Mediterranean, European and Turkish dishes cuisine in a traditional and modern way. The menu also presents vegetarian and vegan food. Gourmet food serving small, but at the same time moderate prices, for which the restaurant found fame among gastrotourists. However, not all experts praise quality. dishes, but recognize that it is at a good level.

The institution has 2 floors, in the halls panoramic windows with city views, modern light and comfortable interior, lots of light. Waiters courteous, service relatively fast for the restaurant. However, guests note: water is supplied without request, then it is included in a check that n6 must be remembered and, if necessary, in advance from it refuse. The restaurant has a bar offering a large selection of wines and alcohol.


  • Large selection of dishes from different cuisines of the world;
  • The cozy atmosphere and cleanliness of the halls;
  • Panoramic view from the windows;
  • Fast service.


  • Water is included in the bill without a request for supply;
  • Not all dishes delight gourmets.

Mavi balik

Rating: 4.7


Address: Kuruçeşme Mah. Muallim Naci Cad. No: 64 / A | Kurucesme, Besiktas

At Mavi Balik, the main bet is on Mediterranean cuisine: the menu has an abundance of seafood dishes, cooks amazingly cook fish as well as meat. Sommelier to different Products offer suitable wines and spirits. IN The restaurant also serves Turkish and European dishes. Guests note an interesting presentation, high speed of service and the friendliness of the staff. In addition, the portions of the treats are rather big, what guests like too, and prices compared to other restaurants very nice.

In Mavi Balik there are 2 halls: an indoor and outdoor terrace, from where overlooks the Bosphorus, for which many tourists will certainly include a restaurant on your arrival plan for Istanbul.


  • Lots of fish and seafood dishes;
  • Large portions;
  • Fast service;
  • Panoramic view of the Bosphorus;
  • Reasonable prices.


  • Not defined.

Roof Mezze 360

Rating: 4.6

Roof Mezze 360

Address: Hoca Pasa Mahallesi, Hudavendigar Caddesi No: 25 sirkeci | Sirkeci, Seres Old City hotel terras.

The Roof Mezze 360 ​​restaurant was named for a reason – the perimeter of the hall has panoramic views from where all-round view of Istanbul. For dinner, you can try dishes national turkish, healthy mediterranean, middle eastern and everyone’s favorite European cuisine. The menu has many items from seafood and meat, vegetables, fruits and their combinations. However gourmets note not the best cooking technique, but not for all guests, this drawback is palpable and significant.

Roof Mezze 360 ​​Mid-Range Restaurant Price Range and higher, but serving size justifies the cost. Luxurious review 3600 attracts tourists, because places in Most of the time busy, you need to book a table in advance. Helpful staff speak different languages.


  • Overview of the surroundings 360 degrees;
  • Varied traditional cuisine;
  • Fast service;
  • Helpful staff;
  • Interesting feed.


  • Imperfect cooking technique (periodically).

Sur balik sarayburnu

Rating: 4.5


Address: Kennedy Sreet Coastal road No: 38/1 | Eminonu.

Almost on the seashore is the restaurant Sur Balik Sarayburnu specializing in Mediterranean, traditional Turkish cuisine and seafood. For meat lovers the institution will not work – it is not on the menu, but there is an abundance of vegetables, fish and seafood. To the quality of cooking for guests and gourmets practically no questions arise – all dishes are praised for size portions and excellent taste.

The restaurant has several rooms: indoor, covered terrace and open playground under the sky. All of them offer an overview of the sea and coastal zone. Service at Sur Balik Sarayburnu is prompt, guests are not you need to wait a long time for your order, prices are within average. Periodically The institution broadcasts sporting events.


  • Specialized seafood restaurant;
  • Large portions and unusual serving;
  • European level of service;
  • Location by the sea.


  • No meat dishes.

Matbah Ottoman Palace Cuisine

Rating: 4.4


Address: Caferiye Sokak No: 6/1 | Sultanahmet.

Next in the ranking is Matbah Ottoman Palace Cuisine specializes in oriental cuisine; the menu also contains universal treats from the “healthy diet” series. Cooks skillfully combine meat or seafood with vegetables, fruits, grapes leaves, skillfully decorating every masterpiece. The waiters offer to each dish is suitable wine, including local manufacture.

Guests note the convenient location of the restaurant – it is located close to the main sights of Istanbul, excellent view of city ​​and interesting serving of dishes. The waiters are courteous, serve guests quickly, tips are already included in the bill.


  • Real traditional Turkish cuisine;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Often please guests with gifts or compliments from the cook;
  • Delicious food with a beautiful serving.


  • The menu is not wide.

Ulus 29

Rating: 4.3


Address: Ulus Mahallesi, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Caddesi No: 71/1 | Besiktas, Ulus Parkı Ici.

Ulus 29 restaurant attracts tourists not only with delicious food Mediterranean, European, Turkish cuisines and unusual dishes Fusion – from its terrace offers stunning views of the city center and park zone, bridges over the Bosphorus. No less interesting inside closed room – the restaurant has an open kitchen, you can do it yourself see how cooks prepare culinary masterpieces! At the same time over their the working area has a good extract, an abundance of aromas in the room not.

Dishes of different cuisines are served in larger portions than guests very satisfied. Moreover, the price of them is relatively low. Usual feed, but quite attractive for firing up appetite.


  • Gorgeous view of the city and the Bosphorus;
  • Delicious food of different cuisines;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • High level service.


  • A bit outdated interior;
  • Local menu for a variety of cuisines.

Sunset grill & bar

Rating: 4.2


Address: Kurucesme Mahallesi Yol Sokak No: 2 | Ulus.

The next in the ranking, Sunset Grill & Bar, offers Japanese and international cuisine. Chefs cook the best culinary masterpieces of different countries, and also create unusual compositions in fusion style. The presentation of dishes is interesting, worthy of high cuisine and declared prices, which, however, do not always justify guests’ expectations. Still, the cooking technique remains at a high level, most visitors to Sunset Grill & Bar give her highly appreciated. The menu is dominated by meat dishes, there are many variations of fish and vegetables.

The restaurant hall is one of the factors determining the high flow. tourists, along the perimeter there are panoramic windows with a view to the Bosphorus and Istanbul. The establishment has an outdoor terrace from which you can admire the picturesque green part of the city. The restaurant has a bar where you can order a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at decent prices.


  • International menu;
  • Great view from the indoor hall and terrace;
  • Large portions;
  • Rich bar.


  • High prices;
  • Does not work in the daytime.

Hamdi restaurant

Rating: 4.1


Address: Tahmis Cad Kalcin Sok No.17 Eminonu.

Completes the rating review restaurant of the Mediterranean and Turkish Hamdi Restaurant Kitchens. It is located in the tourist center Istanbul near the Egyptian bazaar, from which in the institution almost always crowded, what the service suffers from – waiters do not always have time to serve the guest in a timely manner. However expectation worth it: the dishes offered by the chefs are always cooked according to to the highest level. The menu is dominated by meat dishes, there are seafood and an abundance of vegetable compositions, including suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Sausages are in high demand, cooked on a barbecue – they, according to guests, always taste great.

The restaurant’s hall overlooks the Bosphorus and Istanbul.


  • Many dishes of lamb and chicken, but not enough beef;
  • Great view of the Bosphorus;
  • Fast service;
  • Own pastry shop on the 1st floor.


  • Mediocre waiters for quick service (due to the high flow of guests);
  • Few beef dishes, a small selection of meat.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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