10 best remedies for bloating (flatulence)

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The digestion process is inevitably accompanied by the release of gases, and a healthy adult gives them about a liter every day, in small, periodic portions. Usually medium serving is about 100 milliliters. But in some cases this is volume significantly increases, and begins to bother a person, up to before the development of pain.

There is a misconception that intestinal gas consists entirely of hydrogen sulfide, but this is not entirely true. Indeed, the smell of rotten eggs sometimes inherent in intestinal gas, but human sense of smell is capable of catch hydrogen sulfide even in very small concentrations. The main constituent parts are nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen. also in small amounts of mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide are present.

Gases in the intestines are not at all free and not shimmer with bubbles in its different departments. Usually gas the bubbles are in the form of foam, which is located along intestinal walls and they rarely penetrate the intestinal content. This is important because of the physical impact. based on the work of some drugs to combat excess gas formation, which are called defoamers.

The reasons why flatulence occurs are diverse. At adults are most often the result of an unhealthy diet, swallowing air. This happens while smoking, chewing. gum, and also, if a person has a bad habit of eating on go. Excessive gas formation leads to excessive drinking beer, kvass and soda. From food bloating is caused by legumes, and especially peas.

In some cases, the cause of flatulence is hereditary factors, such as congenital lactase deficiency. If a a person eats a lot of sweet foods, then they are in the intestines begin to ferment, and during fermentation, as you know, a large amount of carbon dioxide.

Excess gas in itself is unpleasant, but not delivers particular discomfort. But quite often, bloating leads discomfort and abdominal pain, and therefore significantly degrades the quality of life. This rating includes modern and safe drugs that can successfully fight excessive gas formation. These are enterosorbents that work as gas absorbers, defoamers that change physical properties vesicles, enzyme preparations that help process substrate as best as possible, depriving microorganisms of the nutrient medium for gas formation. Also to drugs included in ratings include eubiotics, or bacterial agents. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Rating of the best remedies for bloating (flatulence)

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Enterosorbents 1 Polysorb MP 398 rub
2 Enterosgel 376 RUB
3 White coal 269 ​​rub
BEST Defoamers and Enzymes 1 Simethicone (Espumisan, Bobotik, Sub-Simplex, Disflatil) 403 rub
2 Meteospasmil (simethicone + alverina citrate) 444 rub
3 Pancreoflat (Dimethicone + Pancreatinum)
4 Creon 309 rub
BEST Probiotics, Eubiotics 1 Hilak forte 450 rub
2 Linex Forte 520 rub
3 Bifiform 435 rub

The best enterosorbents

The mechanism of action of enterosorbents is physical. All these means have a very large surface area with a small volume, because they have a porous structure. It’s absorbed by these pores excess intestinal gas is bound and excreted. Sorbents are usually used as a short course, since together with gases, they can draw in nutrients, microorganisms and other useful components.

It is very important to remember that all sorbents must be taken separately. from meals and from other medications so they don’t inactivated and did not reduce the medicinal benefit. therefore the ideal option is to take sorbents 2 hours after eating or 2-3 hours before a meal, in a state of maximum empty stomach. Consider the most popular representatives of enterosorbents, included in the rating of means to combat flatulence and bloating the abdomen.

Polysorb MP

Rating: 4.9


Polysorb MP – a very light, weightless snow-white powder, which consists entirely of silicon oxide, high dispersion. The sizes of its particles do not exceed 0.01 mm, and the adsorption his ability is very high. 1 gram of silica can absorb 300 mg of other substances, that is, take over and withdraw out of the body a third of its own weight. This allows you to apply it. as an intoxication agent, and a drug to improve immunity. In addition to flatulence, Polysorb MP is indicated for intestinal infections in stages of recovery, with intoxication, with food and drug allergies, with poisoning, including alcohol. Polysorb is used in the presence of jaundice, as a means of prevention living in ecologically unfavorable areas, persons exposed to periodic exposure to various doses radioactive radiation. Polysorb MP is used to enhance adaptations in people with increased physical and mental loads and sports practice.

The drug is used only mixed in water. Cook suspension is needed before each dose. Adults need to take in during the day from 6 to 12 grams in 3 doses, for example, 3 grams appointment. The official instructions for the drug contain a table dosage, and according to these tables, depending on body weight patient, you need to calculate how many spoons you need to take for breeding with water. The duration of the course is, on average, 2 weeks. Polysorb MP is produced by the homonymous domestic enterprise, and the cost of packaging weighing 50 g is 400 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The big plus of Polysorb MP is its inert chemical composition, the drug is well tolerated, and practically does not cause no side effects. The tool is widely used for the prevention of atherosclerosis in the treatment of withdrawal symptoms syndromes in dermatology helps with eczema and psoriasis. Polysorb has a long shelf life, because of the chemical composition such finely divided silica is no different from ordinary sand or glass, but unlike them it is capable of much improve well-being in many chronic diseases. The only thing to remember is if you apply it for too long and a lot, then it can cause constipation, as well as malabsorption and hypovitaminosis, because instead of being absorbed in the intestines into the blood, vitamins, calcium and potassium will bind to the sorbent and excreted from the body. Therefore, after a long course is necessary taking vitamin and mineral preparations.


Rating: 4.8


Another representative of enterosorbents from silicon compounds is Enterosgel. It contains an organic silicon polymer, and namely polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. Indications for him The applications are also extremely wide, and this is not only flatulence, bloating and discomfort in the abdomen. He applies with acute intestinal infections, viral hepatitis, functional intestinal disorders and dysbiosis in chronic renal failure, with acute poisoning, including alcohol, petroleum products and organic solvents. Is applied Enterosgel in the complex treatment of acute and chronic industrial intoxication with mercury, arsenic, lead, carbon monoxide, with allergies and many, many pathological conditions.

Enterosgel is available in the form of soft and white paste, and it able to bind many different compounds in the intestinal lumen, molecular weight from 70 to 1000 daltons. Use this product in adults need one tablespoon 3 times a day, stirring in a triple volume of water at room temperature. Admission course lasts 2 to 3 weeks. Produces Enterosgel domestic production company LLC Silma, and the cost of one large a tube of paste weighing 225 grams is 400 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

A big plus from the use of Enterosgel is the fact that it does not reduces the amount of vitamins and minerals, does not affect intestinal motility, and carefully treats normal microflora, since the pore size of this organosilicon matrix is ​​sufficient little. The drug is not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and displayed unchanged. For children, a special form – a paste for oral administration of a sweet taste, since children tasteless texture is very poorly perceived. Contraindicated Enterosgel with individual intolerance that occurs very rarely, as well as with low bowel tone, and with atonic constipation.

White coal

Rating: 4.7


This rating of sorbents included white coal, and not plain black, activated. White coal is much more active since, in fact, it is not coal at all. it a mixture of silica, the very one that makes up Polysorb, and microcrystalline cellulose. Due to successfully selected balance of ingredients, it has a significantly higher sorption capacity than activated carbon, and it can be used, therefore in small dosages: not more than 4 g per day.

White coal is prescribed in adults for three to four tablets 3-4 once a day in the usual way, in between meals, drink it with the usual amount of drinking water. White coal is produced in 700 mg tablets, and one pack of 30 such tablets will cost 360 rubles. Produces White Coal Vneshtorgfarm domestic pharmaceutical company.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of white coal is its high sorption ability, and low tendency to constipation. Cellulose included the composition of the drug, on the contrary, stimulates peristalsis in the intestine. Due to peristalsis, the body quickly gets rid of intestinal natural gas, and this is an additional factor. Coal is used as a food additive, as a means before X-ray examination and before endoscopic procedures because it significantly reduces gassing in the intestines. Of course, there are contraindications. is he not used in pregnant and lactating mothers, with an active stage peptic ulcer, with intestinal bleeding and obstruction.

BEST defoamers and enzymes

The name itself – defoamers – speaks of the way with whose drugs fight flatulence. They just reduce bubbles of foam, and after passing through the intestines peristaltic waves, the mixture of these bubbles decreases, while with ordinary conditions, it whips harder, fills the intestinal lumen, inflates and pulls on the mesentery, on which the intestine is attached. It is usually leads to the development of pain with bloating. When the foam is eliminated and does not interfere with the passage of intestinal contents, then there is no longer a pain syndrome or excessive gas formation. There are few drugs in this class. They all have in their composition or simethicone, or dimethicone, as well as additional ingredients. Enzymes facilitate digestion, improve absorption and deprive pathogenic microorganisms of the food substrate. Consider the most popular and effective antifoam agents used in treatment flatulence and excessive flatulence, bloating in adults and children, as well as enzymes.

Simethicone (Espumisan, Bobotik, Sub-Simplex, Disflatil)

Rating: 4.9


The most popular drug from the group of products containing simethicone, you can call Espumisan, which is produced by German pharmaceutical company “Catalent”. Espumisan is a simethicone in pure form, and its task is to reduce surface tension by phase section of the medium foam / air. By reducing surface tension the bubbles lose the ability to crush, increase and merge with each other. On the contrary, they collapse being small and gas comes out in small volumes and in natural portions.

Espumisan is indicated in a variety of conditions accompanied by bloating and flatulence. It is functional gastrointestinal upset, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pancreatitis, dyspepsia. Espumisan is also used if the patient is to be examined, for example, ultrasound. It is known that gas bubbles greatly complicate the construction of the picture images, and Espumisan eliminates these defects. Is applied Espumisan orally with or after meals, and if necessary, then at night. With bloating and flatulence, with feeling overflow shows taking one to two capsules up to 5 times a day for adults and for children over 14 years old. The product is available in capsules, and the average cost of a package of 50 capsules of 40 mg is 440 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since Espumisan acts physically, it is not absorbed into intestinal lumen, and go outside unchanged, then he can be used in pregnant women, as well as during breastfeeding feeding. Espumisan can be used for people with sugar diabetes, and various digestive disorders. Perhaps, Espumisan is contraindicated only with intestinal obstruction, but with In this condition, surgery is most often indicated.

Meteospasmil (simethicone + alverina citrate)

Rating: 4.8


In the fight against bloating, complex drugs in which physically acting simethicone acts together with other components, in this case – with alverin. Alverin in the form of citrate exhibits antispasmodic properties, it relaxes intestinal muscles, reduces pain sensitivity to vegetative impulses, and contributes to the gap negative Feedback “pain – bowel spasm.” This antispasmodic acts soft and functional, and reduces the tone of intestinal muscles. Alverin does not lead to its excessive decrease, therefore hypotension not developing. Simethicone acts physically, it destroys and precipitates foam. This causes the gas to be absorbed and physiologically. Simethicone remains as protective membrane on the intestinal mucosa, and protects the intestinal wall from various physical and chemical damage.

Indications of this drug for use are exactly the same as in previous case. Mostly bloating and flatulence in adults and children, various dyspeptic disorders: nausea, constipation, belching. The second indication is the preparation of the patient for endoscopic or ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs. Meteospasmil produced by the French company Laboratoires Mayoly-Spindler (France). The average cost of one package is 30 capsules is 440 rubles. Use the drug for adults you need one capsule 3 times a day before meals, in a course of one week with moderate flatulence and bloating.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since in this preparation simethicone is combined with an antispasmodic, then it can be safely used in patients with bloating on the background intestinal hypertonicity, for example, suffering from spastic constipation. The drug will alleviate the condition, and improve well-being in such cases. Adverse allergic reactions are possible, but they occur only in rare cases. Meteospasmil is not recommended pregnant and lactating mothers, but this is due to insufficiency research.

Pancreoflat (Dimethicone + Pancreatinum)

Rating: 4.7


If there was a combination in the previous drug simethicone and antispasmodic, the Pancreoflat drug is not created less valuable combination of dimethicone and pancreatin, i.e. enzymatic group. Why do you need a connection in which destruction of the foam is combined with high enzymatic activity in against all groups of nutrients? This is necessary in order to reduce pancreatic secretion failure. Known that in clinical practice bloating, or flatulence is pretty often a manifestation of chronic pancreatitis, when lack of own enzymes combined with error in diet leads to the fact that undigested proteins, fats and carbohydrates begin in the intestinal lumen undergo fermentation and decay, and this causes excessive gas formation. Therefore, in this drug two mechanisms of influence on pathogenesis are realized at once.

Pancreatin contains pig enzymes, namely lipase, amylase trypsin and helps break down food and absorb it. therefore Pancreoflat’s indications are narrower, it should be used in patients with pathology of the pancreas, liver, biliary tract, with bloating after various operations on the organs of the gastroduodenal zone with digestive insufficiency. It is necessary to use the drug with meals, so that enzymes showed their activity. A single dose – from 1 to 2 capsules.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the event that the patient combines bloating with periodic violation of pancreatic secretion then Pancreoflat will be an ideal remedy because it will allow reduce the number of enzymes in replacement therapy and not require additional costs for a separate simethicone preparation, for example, Espumisan under conditions of excessive gas formation. Pancreoflat is well tolerated, no overdose has been identified. The drug is not prescribed for pregnant and lactating mothers, and you can not use Pancreoflat with antacids: Gastal, Phosphalugel, which contain magnesium carbonate and hydroxide aluminum, otherwise the activity of the drug may to decline.


Rating: 4.6


We have already said a little about the role of pancreatic enzymes glands, as well as gastric juice in the prevention of bloating. IN if proteins, fats and carbohydrates are broken down by enzymes to necessary substrates and are absorbed, then the intestines will not digest intermediate foods that may be a food source for germs. In the event that patients there is gastritis with low acidity, diagnosed chronic pancreatitis or cholecystopancreatitis and it cannot If you find Pancreoflat in your pharmacy, you can prescribe it enzymes for the purpose of replacement therapy. One of the most active enzyme preparations that prevent bloating and flatulence with pain, is Creon.

Creon also contains high activity pancreatin, amylase, lipase and protease. All these pancreatic enzymes improve absorption of proteins of fats and carbohydrates in the small intestine, and help eliminate the symptoms of intestinal dyspepsia in chronic pancreatitis and gastritis with low acidity, and the main sign of intestinal dyspepsia is bloating and flatulence. Creon is used for pancreatic neoplasms, to facilitate digestion in old and senile age, as well as after operations on the stomach and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is necessary to use the drug at the beginning of food intake, according to the doctor may be prescribed Creon a different dosage. Besides Creon 10,000 units you can purchase a drug labeled 25,000 units and 40,000 units, calculated on the basis of lipase units. But usually, with light cases, a drug of 10,000 units is enough. Produced Creon by the German company Ratiopharm, and the most affordable price the offer is a package of 20 capsules of Creon 10000, which will cost about 300 rubles. The most expensive price offer is Creon of the highest concentration, 40,000 units, which It is used for severe violations of pancreatic secretion. One packing 50 capsules of this drug will cost 1600 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Creon is the release of several medicinal forms that differ in enzyme activity. Usually with functional bloating is enough Creon 10000, which can be applied as long courses for maintenance therapy, so short. In some cases, when an overdose of Creon may cause hyperuricemia, i.e. increase in uric acid in blood plasma, and if the patient is sick with gout, it is necessary or to cancel this drug, either reduce its dosage. But overall Creon is very tolerated good and able to completely remove the symptoms of flatulence and bloating abdomen in adults in a short time. The main thing to remember is this drug must be taken with meals, and of course be sure to follow the diet recommended when diseases of the pancreas. Do not rely on enzyme drugs and lean on illegal foods: the result will be unpredictable.

The best probiotics, eubiotics

Finally, there is a group of biological drugs that struggle with excessive gas formation and bloating special way. They simply compete for the food environment with pathological microorganisms that stimulate excessive gas formation. If a person has a normal microflora in the intestine, and no signs of severe dysbiosis, then she will cope very quickly with gas formation.

The use of these funds has a positive effect not only with the presence of any disease, but also in the case of prophylactic application as food additives. They boost immunity, stimulate nonspecific body resistance to bacterial and viral infections, and even contribute to active antitumor activity. In the event that a person goes over to another diet, then the appointment of probiotics and eubiotics allows him to carry out this painlessly, without consequences transition. What is the difference between prebiotics and eubiotics? Probiotics are substances that do not contain beneficial microorganisms, in them there are only traces of their life and culture medium. They facilitate the colonization of normal microflora. These drugs include Hilak forte. After, as it is taken for a while, you can prescribe eubiotics, then there are directly living “germs” of beneficial microbes. What are are microbial drugs able to deal effectively with bloating? Here are some of them.

Hilak forte

Rating: 4.9


Hilak forte, which is available in drops, contains products metabolism of normal intestinal microflora. This is a special environment produced by E. coli, fecal streptococci, and also some types of lactobacilli. As a result, this medium has protective properties against normal microflora, and is an aggressive environment against pathogenic microorganisms. On the while receiving Hilak forte is much faster to recover normal microflora after taking antibiotics, various acute intestinal infections and disturbances in the water-salt balance in the intestine. In addition to bloating and intestinal motility disorders, the drug shown as a means for correcting dysbiosis, with diarrhea and functional constipation, with gastritis with reduced secretion, and also with various allergic skin lesions. Take Hilak forte needs 50 drops per reception, 3 times a day during meal time. It is important not to breed the drug with milk. Course treatment for 1 month. Issues Hilak forte German company Ratiopharm, and the cost of one bottle of 100 milliliters in the average is 450 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hilak Forte finely regulates the intestinal environment, so they can take advantage if flatulence and bloating concern slightly. But if flatulence is serious, if bloating the abdomen is accompanied by pain, belching, if this condition arose after acute intestinal infection and massive use of antibiotics, when the intestinal microflora is completely oppressed, then Hilak Forte will be, only the first, initial stage in becoming normal intestinal biocenosis. A few days after it admission you need to start using eubiotics, about which now and speech will go.

Linex Forte

Rating: 4.8


One such highly active bacterial drug is Linex forte, which is produced by the Swiss company Sandoz. IN its composition of 2 active normal microorganisms: lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. This drug is a classic eubiotic, and Designed to normalize intestinal microflora. Linex Forte highly active: each capsule contains more hundreds of colony forming living units. As a result of reproduction lactobacilli and bifidobacteria they begin to synthesize substances which protect the intestines from infection by pathogenic microorganisms produce enzymes that break down fiber fats and starch. This additionally robs accidentally caught in gut microorganisms culture medium, and gas formation rapidly decreasing.

Prescribe Linex Forte for bloating and flatulence in the same way as with other indications, you need one capsule 3 times a day. Be sure to remember that you can not drink Linex Forte too hot drinks, so as not to kill microorganisms. By for the same reason, you can not take this tool together with alcoholic drinks. The average cost of one packaging Linex Forte in 14 capsules, designed for 4-5 days of use, is 500 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage of Linex Forte can be considered too high. the price, everything else – is highly active and high-quality a drug that can be used not only in adults and children, but even in newborns. He has no side effects, but interaction with other drugs is also not revealed. The only thing to remember is that antibiotics and living microorganisms are incompatible, and if necessary to prevent dysbiosis, it is advisable to first conduct a course antibiotic treatment, and then start taking Linex Forte or its analogues.


Rating: 4.7


Bifiform is a modern eubiotic, which, unlike Linex Forte, does not contain lactobacilli, and live bifidobacteria are added culture of fecal enterococcus. Beefiform is available in several convenient dosage forms: these are enteric capsules, also orange-flavored powder and chewable tablets that children like it. Bifiform is able to reduce the signs of dysbiosis, fight bloating, flatulence, both in adults and in children over 2 years old. The usual regimen for taking Bifiform is adults – 3 capsules per day, regardless of food intake. The Danish company Ferrosan produces Bifiform, and the packaging price is 30 capsules, the intake of which is enough to treat uncomplicated bloating, is 460 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since Bifiform is a typical eubiotic, its advantages and disadvantages are characteristic of the whole group. Of the disadvantages It can be noted that taking antibiotics together with Bifiform reduces or completely deactivates the benefits of this drug. Also the disadvantage is the inability of this tool to cope in alone with severe flatulence, which occurs, for example, on background of a sharp decrease in the secretion of gastric juice or hypofunction pancreas. In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the treatment, and apply other schemes. But if bloating is episodic nature, if it was associated with a change in diet or with errors in the diet, if bloating is due to intestinal infection or food intoxication Bifiform quickly normalizes bowel function and restores normal gas formation

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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