10 best online cookware stores

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Dishes are an important part of our everyday life. To make tasty and a quality dish, beautifully set the table for the reception of guests You must have a variety of kitchen utensils. Only then a regular dinner will turn into a gourmet restaurant-level feast, and culinary experiments will showcase masterpieces, that will hit the invited people.

You can buy everything you need in the online stores of dishes. IN Unlike classic points of sale, the whole assortment, and besides, the user will have much more time to carefully approach the selection of goods. Will help in this detailed cards accompanying each product. The advantage of online shopping is that prices are lower, since there is no the need to spend money, renting premises, paying salaries a large staff.

The editors have prepared a review of the top 10 online cookware stores, where the most convenient and intuitive navigation, a large selection of products, optimal conditions and reasonable prices.

Rating of the best online cookware stores

Nomination a place Online Store rating
Rating of the best online cookware stores 1 Posuda 5.0
2 Vazaro 4.9
3 Ipm 4.8
4 Posudacenter 4.7
5 Posudamart 4.6
6 Farfor-gzhel 4.5
7 Superposuda 4.4
8 Homeconcept 4.3
9 Kupitarelku 4.2
10 Bokal 4.1


Rating: 5.0


One of the largest online hypermarkets offers a catalog, including almost all known both domestic and foreign manufacturers. In addition, there is a proprietary corporate collection. utensils. The resource is popular not only among ordinary users, but and private business owners, because it provides profitable conditions for making bulk purchases.

About sixty thousand items in stock goods. In addition to dishes, here you will find a variety of gifts, souvenirs, items for interior decoration, textiles, children’s toys and more. Online store on an ongoing basis holds promotions, thanks to which the buyer saves considerable cash amounts. The site has a special section. “sale” where they sell at a seventy percent discount remnants of past collections.

Navigation is intuitive, even a beginner will quickly figure it out and will find the necessary. All products are grouped and have a description with main characteristics. Photos are high quality and allow make a reliable opinion. Users in the reviews note that Delivery is carried out as soon as possible, goods neatly Packed and protected against damage during transport.

Official site: posuda.ru.


Rating: 4.9


The conceptual online boutique is famous for its stylish collections, attracting people who prefer everything extraordinary and original. The range is really unique. In the catalog The most famous foreign brands are collected. On the site you will find unusual collections, for example, in the style of the avant-garde or ethno. We recommend to purchase such dishes for those who want to give more atmospheric home environment.

Of course, the price tags are above average, but cash investments justified, that becomes clear as soon as you see stylish and quality kitchen items made of stainless steel, high-grade cast iron, copper, porcelain, crystal. Resource offers to purchase not only dishes, but also knives of different destination. Interesting design solutions, bright colors, environmentally friendly materials – these are the three main components this online store. A bonus to customers will be a guarantee, valid throughout the year for any purchased here product.

Savings system saves up to ten percent from the amount of the check. For regular customers the opportunity is open registration of a club card, where the discount amount is set individually. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, goods are delivered courier service, and in the regions – a transport company. True, it should be noted that the online store is operating at one hundred percent prepayment.

Official website: vazaro.ru.


Rating: 4.8


The Imperial Porcelain Factory is the oldest production utensils. It was founded in 1744. Merit of the invention of Russian porcelain belongs to the mining engineer D. Vinogradov, who was seconded here to work instead of the quack Gunger. Nowadays the plant produces almost four thousand items of goods from tea, coffee and table sets to animalistic and genre sculpture, decorative dishes, banquet services of the presidential level, prizes for the largest competitions and festivals. They make bone and hard porcelain, and decorated with underglaze and overglaze painting using paints and rare precious metals. By order produce branded dishes with a monogram and logo of the client.

Especially popular is the branded service with a picture. “Cobalt net” from artists Yakovlev and Yankevich. Several decades it is in great demand and was even awarded a golden medals at the Brussels World Exhibition. Introduced in 1936 products with the brand “LFZ” are still exported to such countries like England, Germany, USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Japan other.

The site has clear navigation. To order enough add the product you like to the basket, choose a payment method and delivery, indicating the city for calculating the cost and insurance. After All that remains is to enter order information and confirm it. Courier service works in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and for regions delivery is available by transport companies. For payment bank cards accepted, cash payment. If the order amount exceeds 5000 rubles, then delivery will be free, except some remote regions. In other cases, pay from 500 rubles.

Official site: ipm.ru.


Rating: 4.7


The company appeared on the market in 2001. Now it’s federal сеть магазинов по продаже товаров для дома формата Cash&Carry.Today she is the undisputed leader in her segment, as planned originally Krasovsky, CEO, setting himself the task of forming a network for the sale of utensils, which would be convenient for the buyer.

The catalog offers over twenty five thousand items. Of course, the main part is utensils. A lot of other kitchen utensils, interior items, textiles, household chemicals and other things. Suppliers are well-known with an impeccable reputation. and foreign manufacturers, for example, Bergner, SCOVO, ARC International, York, etc. Own brands are also represented. the most popular of which is Matissa. Buyers are pleased low prices, which are at such a level due to large volumes of purchases and direct deliveries from manufacturers.

You can pay for an order not only by credit card or in cash, but with bonus points, however, only fifty percent of cost and if the delivery will be courier or at the pick-up point. Separately, bonuses are valid for the club of buyers.

Official site: posudacenter.ru.


Rating: 4.6


The online store has a colorful design that highlights him against the background of competitors. Convenient product catalog, interesting design, photos in 3D allow you to quickly find what you need and examine each position in detail, having learned all the main characteristics. The resource offers over fifty thousand products: serving cookware, various kitchen accessories and accessories.

The site is an example of a virtual community for modern gourmets and aesthetes. There are dishes for a wide variety of types of cooking, You can also read about the secrets of famous chefs, find out interesting and unusual recipes, and if you want to participate in competition for specialized topics. Even if you are not planning anything buy, but just love to cook, then this resource is required interested.

Users are pleased that the online store to commit Order no need to register. Just fill in a small a form so that the manager calls back and clarifies the nuances. But not everyone I like another point – the work of one hundred percent prepayment. Parcel will be sent only after receipt of funds. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia, and with a total amount of 3000 rubles – for free.

Official site: posudamart.ru.


Rating: 4.5


The online store offers a wide range of exquisite dishes and more. The products of the famous factory are real An example of beauty in every detail. Items are made with special subtlety, have an original design and are elements luxury than just utensils. With the help of them you can diversify table setting for the holiday, bring decorative accents to home interior.

The resource offers a huge number of paintings, plot and traditional painting. For those who wish to purchase exclusive product copyright options created talented craftsmen using unique techniques. The online store also sells undecorated white porcelain. High Quality. At the request of the customer, an inscription is applied to it, drawing or logo.

Orders are accepted daily, except holidays and weekends. By Moscow and the region operates courier delivery for 350 rubles and pick-up points, a list of which everyone can find at site. Fragile items sent to regions worthy trust by transport companies.

Official site: farfor-gzhel.ru.


Rating: 4.4


Resource, working since 2009, offers impeccable products qualities that with careful care will last for many years. Thanks to the functionality of convenient kitchen utensils, creating even complex dishes is not difficult. Interesting design from famous manufacturers will delight the eye, because most of companies have been awarded international prizes in this field. Practical and beautiful products emphasize good taste and individuality.

The online store sells exclusively original products at reasonable prices. The order after registration is confirmed within ten minutes. Delivery is carried out throughout the Russian Federation. Upon detection of goods with factory defects make an exchange or return the money to the client. The goods will be exchanged for thirty days. We accept credit cards and cash. We want to note that after the purchase, the bonus account returns to ten percent of the cost.

The site was founded by Denis Kolosov. By purchasing products here, everyone equips the kitchen with everything you need from spoons and forks, ending with a wine fridge. Besides shopping, here there are many useful informational articles interesting and unusual recipes.

Official site: superposuda.ru.


Rating: 4.3


The online store is positioning itself as a place where carefully suitable for the selection of items that are checked by the owners and they like it. It sells not only dishes and other kitchen utensils utensils, but also other household goods, such as textiles, furniture, accessories, etc. A huge number of products are present vintage style, as he is preferred, because in that the historical period, design and comfort were synonymous. Quite a few collections with a British accent, but there is also a native of France, Belgium and other countries.

Goods are delivered throughout Russia. Courier service available for Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa and Orenburg. To other cities the order is sent by a transport company that guarantees safety of even the most fragile items. Cost is calculated individually with the manager, as the goods vary in volume and size. We accept cash and credit cards. Refunds for inadequate quality goods occur within 21 days

The site offers discounts, and the more purchases are made, the next time goods will be cheaper. The accounting system takes the general the amount of purchases in the online store and retail network, after which discount is calculated. For example, if the amount is 300,000 rubles, then it will be three percent; at 600,000 – five percent, and from 900,000 to 2,000,000 – seven to ten percent.

Official website: homeconcept.ru.


Rating: 4.2


The resource offers some of the most convenient conditions among competitors. The catalog presents dishes and household items. Buyers appreciate the online store for a large number of discounts in different categories of goods. Thrifty housewives have long loved this site, distinguishing it from the rest. Here you definitely do not overpay money for big brand names.

Products include products of various price categories. Premium brands are available to lovers of elite dishes: Taller, Luminarc, Domenik. But besides them there are many not so famous domestic manufacturers who are completely trustworthy. The navigation system allows even a novice to quickly figure out to Find an item by preference (destination, brand, material, etc.) d.). The goods you like can be put off for the future by entering wishlist.

For payment, cash, electronic money, bank transfers and cards. The site indicates that delivery carried out in Moscow and the region, but about the regions there is no information. We advise you to contact managers to clarify this point.

Official site: kupitarelku.ru.


Rating: 4.1


The resource is considered the best among those who offer barware for drinks. On the site she is allocated a separate large section. Made of high quality glass and crystal. Customers are often owners of drinking establishments, as for them, choosing the right glasses, wine glasses, piles, glasses is a considerable share of business success. In addition, here you can buy wine accessories, table decor items, decanters, jugs and even wine racks.

The assortment of the online store will satisfy the most sophisticated connoisseurs of strong alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Catalog includes not only traditional containers, but also components for preparation of cocktails, unusual shapes of decanters, buckets for champagne, cutlery and more.

For beginners, the site offers a section of tips so that they can quickly understand what criteria you need to select dishes. Delivery carried out throughout Russia, as well as Belarus, Kazakhstan. You can pay by credit card, cash or by bank transfer.

Official site: bokal.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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