10 best liver remedies

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The liver is not in vain called the biochemical factory of our body. In it, so many different interconversion of substances, synthesis of new compounds, cleavage harmful and unnecessary molecules, that its temperature is much higher, that other internal organs. Since the time of ancient mythology we we know that the priest asking the gods holds a smoking liver in his hands sacrificial animal. And this is true: normal liver temperature exceeds 40 degrees, so you can imagine imagine what is the tension occurring in her biochemical processes.

The liver is responsible for the synthesis of most proteins in our body, for creating immunoglobulins, or antibodies. The liver synthesizes bile, which breaks down fats, it is engaged in utilization and the destruction of unnecessary protein molecules and hemoglobin. But the liver itself almost never rests.

Recall that the digestive gruel formed in the intestine it is absorbed into the intestinal wall, but does not enter the bloodstream immediately. Everything that is eaten by man first passes through the portal circulatory system, or through the liver. Only after the liver carefully checked every molecule that formed and absorbed in the intestines, she decides what to do with these proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Some of them break down the liver, some modifies, and part – neutralizes. Some compounds absorbed in the intestine, never reach its limits. Therefore, those of us who think that the liver rests at night are fundamentally wrong. The liver never rests. That’s why she has such a surprisingly high ability to regenerate cells.

Are there any effective ways to bring the liver to order, caring for the liver, or, as they say, “cleansing the liver”? Yes there are. You just need to understand that the liver is not a filter, not a rag or sponge. Her ability to clean herself and to self-renewal surpasses all conceivable and unthinkable possibilities and expectations. Therefore, the best way to protect her health would be compliance with the simple rules of a healthy lifestyle. But if this is not enough, what drugs can support normal liver condition?

This rating includes the most effective and popular funds from the group of plant and animal hepatoprotectors, and also various compounds, drugs for prevention free radical oxidation, monopreparations. The rating is not choleretic drugs entered, since their uncontrolled use if contraindicated, can lead to serious complications, up to rupture of the gallbladder. It can happen in the presence of mechanical damage: obstacles to normal outflow of bile. Therefore, the use of choleretic drugs is possible only after consultation, examination and as directed by a doctor.

Rating of the best drugs for the liver

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Essential Phospholipids 1 Essentiale (Rezalyut pro, Fosfoncial) 260 rub
2 Phosphogliv (glycyrrhizic acid + phospholipids) 457 rub
3 Essliver forte (phospholipids + vitamins) 276 rub
Herbal preparations for liver cleansing 1 Hepatrin (Lecithin) 518 RUB
2 Ovesol (extract of oats, turmeric, immortelle, mint) 148 rub
3 LIV 52 327 rub
4 Karsil (milk thistle) 310 rub
5 Taxifolin Baikal, or dihydroquercetin 1 350 rub.
The best monotherapy for the liver 1 Hepa Merz (Ornithine) 825 rub
2 Heptral (admethionine) 1 694 rub.

The best essential phospholipids for the liver

Discover the group of hepatoprotectors, the so-called essential phospholipids. These are the substances that are precursors. cell membrane structures. They include derivatives lecithin, phosphatidylcholine, derivatives of glycerophospholipids, inositol and sphingosine. The function of phospholipids is very important: to maintain the constancy of the composition of cell membranes, their electric charge, and provide plastic properties of cells.

The biological transport role of phospholipids in the transfer of fatty acids, cholesterol and fats. Many of the compounds this group are considered intracellular carriers of various compounds, and from their normal structure and participation in metabolism ultimately many oven functions depend.

Essentiale (Rezalyut pro, Fosfoncial)

Rating: 4.9


Opens a group of essential hepatoprotectors phospholipids their ancestor is the drug Essentiale, which is not combined, but contains only these ingredients derived from choline-based soybeans. As it was said above, various destructive liver diseases begin at the cellular level, with impaired cell membrane structures. For their restore and apply these essential phospholipids.

According to the manufacturer, due to the higher content in a drug unsaturated molecules, they are considered more active. In this regard, they are often embedded in damaged sections of membranes and contribute to their renewal. As a result regular use of the drug, Essentiale leads to increased synthetic and detoxifying properties of the liver.

The use of this drug is recommended for various chronic liver diseases such as chronic hepatitis, alcoholic illness liver, fatty degeneration, with toxicosis in pregnant women. Essentiale improves the course of gallstone disease, and chronic toxic lesions of the liver. A separate indication for use is psoriasis, but as part of complex therapy. Apply Essentiale Capsules should take 2 capsules 3 times a day with meals. Releases Essentiale is a famous Natermann manufacturer from Germany, and the cost of one package of 90 capsules is 1200 rubles. Accordingly, the course of admission for a month will cost 2400 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this drug will be its good tolerance: perhaps it is not indicated only to patients with intolerance soybeans – sources of phospholipids. He can cause minor side effects, among which may be stomach discomfort and loose stools, along with allergic reactions. In addition, the drug is contraindicated in children under the age of 12 years, due to the lack of the required amount research.

Phosphogliv (glycyrrhizic acid + phospholipids)

Rating: 4.8


Phosphogliv, in addition to a set of essential phospholipids, contains plant component. In this case, it’s sodium salt glycyrrhizic acid. Glycyrrhizin is an active biological licorice root substance. The course administration of the drug Phosphogliv is capable of not only protect the liver from the harmful effects of toxic substances and active metabolites, but also has membrane stabilizing and immunogenic effect, which is to increase non-specific antiviral resistance. In this case, the main element of cell membranes, contained in the drug will be phosphatidylcholine. Due glycyrrhizic acid has anti-inflammatory action.

Therefore, Phosphogliv is shown in complex treatment not only toxic and alcoholic damage to the liver, but also with viral hepatitis B, C and Delta, in the complex treatment of liver fibrosis, or cirrhosis of various etiologies. It is used in adults and in children. over 12 years old as in the previous case – 2 capsules 3 times in day. The average course duration is usually 3 months, and continuation is possible as directed by a doctor. Releases Phosphogliv Pharmstandard domestic pharmaceutical company, pack of 50 capsules will cost, on average, 500 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantages of Phosphogliv include a rather high exchange rate cost. After all, a package of 50 capsules will end in 8 days, and on a three-month course will require more than 10 such packages, and, accordingly, the total amount will exceed 5,000 rubles per course. On the other hand, the drug is well tolerated, does not have drug interactions, and the incidence of various side effects effects does not exceed one case per 10,000 doses. But on the other hand, the drug can not be taken with signs of antiphospholipid syndrome, pregnant and lactating women, children under the age of 12 years old. If there are symptoms of increased pressure in the portal vein, that is, with the development of portal hypertension, it is necessary to observe Caution and admission should be carried out as directed and under the supervision of a physician.

Essliver forte (phospholipids + vitamins)

Rating: 4.8

Essliver forte (phospholipids + vitamins)

The next hepatoprotector related to complex is Essliver Forte. It is available in capsules, its manufacturer is well-known pharmaceutical company Nizhpharm. This remedy is in its the composition contains phospholipids, exactly the same as Essentiale, and the remaining payload is distributed almost evenly over various B vitamins, on alpha tocopherol and nicotinamide. This set of active ingredients not only improves hepatocyte membranes, but also has lipid-lowering action due to nicotinamide, reduces plasma glucose blood.

The drug is indicated for the complex treatment of various acute and chronic liver diseases, with alcoholic damage to it, with cirrhosis, in the initial stages of chronic hepatic insufficiency and in the complex treatment of drug addiction. Essliver successfully used as a protective agent against chemotherapy and radiotherapy in patients with cancer pathology in patients with a diagnosis of psoriasis. Apply Essliver Forte need a standard dosage: two capsules 2 to 3 times a day, with an average course duration of 3 months. Cost of one packaging in 50 capsules is 430 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

As in all previous cases, the advantage of this tool will be good tolerance and few side effects effects associated mainly with individual intolerance (nicotinic acid). But in the event that the patient has really serious and active liver diseases, it’s only one hepatoprotective drug, if taken without the rest medicines, without a diet, and without other methods of treatment, not will bring long-awaited results. He can handle the above symptoms of the disease only in combination with other means. In addition, Essliver is not very convenient for long-term use and at the same time an expensive remedy. As well as and in the last case, one package is enough for almost a week admission, and a three-month course will be quite expensive.

The best herbal remedies for liver cleansing

The composition of these hepatoprotectors is no longer essential phospholipids, they are replaced either by individual fractions or extracts plants. So, in Hepatrin there is lecithin as a precursor phospholipids, and in the composition of the drug Ovesol you can find turmeric, immortelle, peppermint and oat extract. All these drugs are also recommended in the treatment of various chronic inflammatory liver diseases, and for prevention they can used for chronic intoxication, bad habits and non-observance of the rules of a healthy lifestyle.

Hepatrin (Lecithin)

Rating: 4.9


This tool is the development of domestic pharmacists, and includes to antioxidant dietary supplements properties. It contains milk thistle, artichoke extract, and the source of essential phospholipids is only one fraction of them, namely lecithin. Additionally to the composition the drug introduced tocopherol, as well as B vitamins. In addition hepatoprotective and immunomodulatory effects, hepatrin has a very mild choleretic effect due to the extract artichoke.

Indications for taking hepatrin are as numerous as in previous case. These are various chronic liver diseases and biliary tract, chronic hepatitis, chronic alcohol liver damage, the initial stage of liver cirrhosis, and exposure to adverse environmental factors and exogenous intoxication, including production. Hepatrin is applied and in healthy people, as a means of prevention, source vitamins.

It is necessary to use the drug one capsule twice a day during meal time, the usual course of admission lasts about 1 month. Produces Hepatrin domestic pharmaceutical company CJSC Evalar, known for producing its nutritional supplements, and the cost one package of 60 capsules, designed for 20 days of admission, will average 520 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

All biologically active additives that we viewed in their own way the price is approximately included in one group, and so far no price the benefits of none of the drugs over the other. But anyway Hepatrin is used one capsule twice a day, and yet will save on exchange rate differences. In addition, the course of treatment is only one month, unlike three, or even more so six months, when compared with some analogues. Besides, Hepatrin is considered a source of B vitamins in physiological dosages, and can be used with success for prevention liver diseases, except for the period of pregnancy, breast feeding, in children under 12 years old. The drug is well tolerated, from side effects are possible only minor dose-dependent allergic reactions.

Ovesol (extract of oats, turmeric, immortelle, mint)

Rating: 4.8

OESOL (EXTRACT OF OAT Turmeric Mint Immortelle Turmeric) .png

In folk medicine, oat broth has long been actively used as mild inflammation soothing liver choleretic action. The modern drug Ovesol is created by the same the most pharmaceutical company ZAO Evalar. In addition to oats, he contains turmeric roots, immortelle flowers, peppermint leaves and to the drapery. The drug is available in drops for oral administration, so and in tablets. In this case, oats are considered a source of amino acids, saponins and trace elements. It removes toxins and eliminates stagnation. bile. Turmeric has a slight anti-inflammatory effect, and curcumin disinfects. Helichrysum extract produces a mild antispasmodic effect.

Well-chosen components contribute to normalization. bile formation and bile secretion, and are indicated in complex therapy in patients with chronic cholangitis and cholecystitis, without mechanical obstruction to the removal of bile. If there is an excess in the neck of the gallbladder, and with the presence of calculi in the bile ducts and in the gall bladder, it is necessary to take the drug only by doctor’s prescription. In case of drops, Ovesol is prescribed 25 drops 2 once a day, the course of treatment is one month with a repeat of the course 3 times a year. The cost of a bottle in 100 ml is an average of 400 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Ovesol is prescribed in drops, in which case it is fast and good absorbed. A drug that affects bile formation and bile excretion should ideally be given in liquid form. Active ingredients act on various stages. pathological process with cholecystitis and cholangitis, in which there is a slowdown in the process of bile formation, biliary excretion and high risk of secondary infection in the biliary tract, especially with parasites. Therefore, the use of ovesol in for the treatment of chronic biliary tract disease allows you to reduce the dosage of antispasmodic drugs, antibiotics, and at the same time reduce the drug load on liver. The cost of the drug is low, and its tolerance – good.

LIV 52

Rating: 4.7

LIV 52.jpg

Liv 52 is an effective drug that reduces pain liver syndrome, and it is based on the ancient Ayurvedic Indian medicine. It consists of chicory and capers, black nightshade, cassia, tamarisk and yarrow. The composition of this the drug includes such medicinal raw materials as white eucalyptus, medicinal haze and about a dozen more plants, not found on the territory of the Russian Federation. As a result of this the composition has a protective and choleretic effect. Regular intake this drug before various holiday feasts allows not only reduce unpleasant symptoms associated with the reaction biliary tract for fatty and spicy foods, but also warn destruction of liver cells.

In that case, if you use LIV 52 in a healthy person, then this medication based on Ayurvedic medicine, will improve and stimulate digestion. Apply LIV 52 2 tablets are necessary 2 times a day, for both adults and children after 6 years. In the event that the patient has a severity and pain in the right hypochondrium, a feeling of bitterness in the mouth, then the amount tablets can be increased to three, but always after taking a doctor. The drug is produced by the Indian company Himalaya, and the cost of one bottle of 100 tablets is 312 rubles, which very inexpensive.

Advantages and disadvantages

A big plus of the drug is the entry into it of various plant extracts, but each of them is in small dosage. Such a balance does not allow this dietary supplement have a bias towards bile, and the drug works very gently. The only thing restriction – this should be carefully assigned in case of acute gastrointestinal diseases, for example, with exacerbation gastritis or peptic ulcer of the duodenum. It can also be successfully used in chronic hepatitis. of various etiologies, in the case of the development of fatty hepatosis, for prevention of hepatotoxicity, for example, when prescribing various antibiotics, including anti-TB drugs.

Karsil (milk thistle)

Rating: 4.7

CARSIL (THistle) .jpg

Karsil is a popular single drug that contains an analog silymarin, namely the extract of the fruits of milk thistle. This the drug replaces the known milk thistle, which is not so easy found in the wild. The remedy is indicated for chronic lesions. liver, and above all – in the complex treatment of alcoholism. Karsil well reduces the manifestation of asthenization with withdrawal symptoms, improves appetite, reduces bitterness in the mouth and heaviness in the area liver, accelerates the normalization of digestion after exiting binge. Karsil improves hepatocyte function in the early stages of cirrhosis liver, fatty degeneration, as well as poisoning with heavy salts metals and in adverse environmental conditions. Karsil successfully used in the prevention of occupational pathology, and also with radiation and chemotherapy, with the appointment of toxic medicines that can affect the liver.

You need to apply Karsil 1-2 tablets 3 times a day, before meals. You can drink Carsil with plenty of water. With severe liver damage in complex therapy, you can increase the dosage up to 4 tablets three times a day, and in the case of prevention and support Carsil treatment is applied one tablet also three times a day. One package, which contains 180 tablets, costs an average of 700 rubles, and it is produced by the Bulgarian company Sopharma. One such packaging is enough for a month, admission.

Advantages and disadvantages

Carsil is very well tolerated, since only only one drug substance, but, on the other hand, the regimen its reception is not very convenient: you need two, three, or even four tablets on one dose, and at the same time the cost of the product is very high for food additives and prophylactic drugs. Therefore, if the patient there are expressed complaints about the liver and hepatobiliary zone, such as bitterness in the mouth after eating, heaviness in right hypochondrium, intolerance to spicy, fatty foods you must first consult a doctor, and only then by his recommendations, either take Carsil, or appoint him low dosage, but combining with the use of other drugs on diet background.

Taxifolin Baikal, or dihydroquercetin

Rating: 4.7

Taxifolin Baikal

Taxifolin Baikal is the most active, and the most purified from preparations of dihydroquercetin – a plant antioxidant, related to bioflavonoids. Usually dihydroquercetin preparations, which are sold in retail in the form of various biological additives, possess low antioxidant activity. This is due to their chemical composition: almost all molecules of the majority commercial dihydroquercetins are to one degree or another polymers, which impairs their chemical properties.

Taxifolin Baikal, in contrast to them, has a unique single-crystal structure due to technology. And this means that when dissolved in biological media organism, all its molecules have the same structure, they are capable to dissociation and effective action. In relation to the liver dihydroquercetin exhibits the same ability to recover cell membranes, like phospholipids. Only he is not a donor essential molecules, but simply prevents the destruction of membranes, inhibiting overly expressed mechanisms of free radical oxidation, or lipid peroxidation.

That is why dihydroquercetin is single-crystal, or Taxifolin Baikal is indicated in the complex therapy of various chronic liver disease. First of all, it’s chronic alcoholism, fatty hepatosis, chronic viral hepatitis B and C, initial stages of liver cirrhosis. In the complex therapy of taxifolin Baikal is also recommended for diseases of the biliary tract. It is used with success and as a preventive measure, especially if a person is in conditions for a long time adverse environmental conditions, and its diet far from a healthy lifestyle. Take Taxifolin for one capsule 1 time per day, each capsule contains 60 mg of this ultrapure and active compounds. Average course of treatment is from 1 to 2 months, and the cost of this drug in currently ranges from 950 to 1350 rubles per pack of 30 capsules.

Advantages and disadvantages

The great advantage of Taxifolin can be considered good tolerance and lack of overdose symptoms, it is produced from wood Siberian larch. In its pure form, it is recommended to use it. for prevention, but in the presence of chronic diseases hepatobiliary zone and their exacerbation – as part of a comprehensive therapy. The relative disadvantage of this drug is that it is rarely possible meet at retail in pharmacies since now almost the entire volume of the drug produced by a domestic company Siberian Cedar is exported. But taxifolin can be purchase through a network of representatives.

The best monotherapy for the liver

In conclusion, you should bring to your attention some mono drugs that significantly improve liver function, and especially with severe lesions, when it comes to signs chronic liver failure. Usually these funds help to significantly improve the quality of life, extend the life of patients with liver failure and avoid early the onset of the so-called hepatic encephalopathy, in which cognitive functions are significantly impaired. On sale in pharmacies You can see the two most popular in the Russian Federation. it Heptral and Hepa-Merz.

Hepa Merz (Ornithine)

Rating: 4.9


Hepa Merz is a drug containing only one active the substance is ornithine, or diaminovalerianic acid. She herself It refers to detoxicants, antidotes and hepatoprotectors. how she works? At the very beginning of the rating, it was said that the liver takes part in the final breakdown of unnecessary proteins and this true. It converts all nitrogen-containing substances into urea, which is highly soluble, and is the final product nitrogen metabolism. Urea is excreted from the blood by the kidneys. But for in order to produce urea, the so-called ornithine cycle, and ornithine is just what is needed for disposal unnecessary proteins.

In the case when the patient has hepatic failure, there are signs of liver fibrosis, and healthy cells a little, and the ornithine cycle goes bad, it accumulates in the blood residual nitrogen. Its high concentration is one of the manifestations liver failure. Therefore, the addition of substrate, or ornithine, allows you to optimize this cycle and enhance production urea. As a result, the concentration of residual nitrogen decreases and urea in the blood plasma, and the patient improves.

Hepa-Merz is indicated for liver failure, with high urea level, and is available in the form of granules for preparation solution. The drug is used after meals, one at a time – two bags, dissolving them in one glass of water, three times a day. Daily average dose – three sachets. The cost of one package in 30 bags, designed for a 10-day reception is 1700 rubles. Releases This drug is a German company Merz Pharma. Thus, the cost of a monthly course is more than 5000 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The big plus of this tool is a significant continuation life in patients with liver failure, for example, this the tool helps to normalize the ionic composition of blood plasma and wait for such an important operation as a liver transplant. But at the same time, improving the quality of life, the drug may be contraindicated, and especially with already developed kidney failure with high creatine levels.

Heptral (admethionine)

Rating: 4.8


The last drug in the ranking, which is actively prescribed by hepatologists and gastroenterologists to patients with severe metabolic disorders and toxic damage the liver, is heptral, or admethionine. This is a derivative methionine, with regular use, the drug relieves intoxication, possesses antioxidant activity, improves the passage of bile, protects hepatocyte membranes and simultaneously has antidepressant effect.

Admethionine takes an important part in the processes transamination and transamination that suffer when progressive liver failure and chronic damage the liver. Heptral is indicated for chronic hepatitis, with processes cholestasis, with cirrhosis of the liver, with toxic damage to it, ranging from professional intoxication with heavy metal salts, and ending with chronic alcoholism. The drug is prescribed in dosage of 25 mg per kilogram of patient weight per day. For example, when intrahepatic cholestasis, its average dose is 1000 mg per day, then there is 1 g. The drug is available in 500 mg tablets, and one a pack of 20 tablets costs about 1700 rubles. Duration the course is determined by the doctor – hepatologist, infectious disease specialist or gastroenterologist.

Advantages and disadvantages

Heptral has been used in complex therapy for about 20 years chronic liver disease, and even in the treatment of depressive conditions, it is well tolerated, improves the quality of life, and its only drawback is its rather high cost, and also a tonic effect. Therefore, it is not recommended to use Heptral before bedtime. In the event that this tool is used on against liver failure and against a high level residual nitrogen, then patients with such a diagnosis need monitor – determination of residual nitrogen in plasma blood, as well as urea.

Ideal hepatoprotector

In conclusion, I would like to say about an ideal hepatoprotector. As you know, in medicine to improve the patient’s condition is not always you need to give something, but sometimes you need to take something away. Last the type of treatment is only in the interests of the patient, because at the same time neither a pharmacy nor a drug manufacturer will receive. The liver is so loaded with work that short periods fasting, lasting no more than three days in the absence of contraindications and after examination by a doctor, lead to significant improvement in many patients with chronic pathology the liver. Pain and heaviness in the right hypochondrium decreases, sleep and appetite normalize.

Left to its own devices, the liver can finally find the time and devote much more energy to self-cleaning than with ordinary conditions when more than half of its load is involved in digestion. Therefore, in the event that you find the strength give up alcohol, eat right, give up uncontrolled use of various drugs in self-medication, and at the same time for two to three days gave the liver an unloading in in the form of a short course of fasting, it will only go to your favor.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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