10 best hardwood varnishes

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Parquet is a noble floor covering that always stands out for its beautiful appearance and timeless style. But a parquet board, in order to maintain beauty and protection, requires a coating in the form of varnish, applied on top in several layers. We have conducted a research and present a rating of the best parquet varnishes, compiled on the basis of an analysis of the characteristics of products and reviews of those who have tried them. The material will help you choose a varnish that is optimal in terms of price and quality, to protect a new parquet or restore an old one after sanding.

How to choose a varnish for parquet

Before rating the best varnishes, we will briefly consider tips for choosing a product so that the declared benefits are clear. The top transparent coating for parquet is selected based on the following characteristics:

  1. The basis. The main substance from which the varnish is made. There are several types: water (dries quickly), polyurethane (high adhesion, wear resistance), with acid hardeners (the wood pattern is better), alkyd (beautiful, but wear off faster).
  2. Smell. Polyurethane and acid hardener have a pronounced chemical odor. If the parquet is repaired in the summer, then by keeping the windows open for a couple of days, the problem is solved. But when covering in winter, where the temperature drop is unacceptable, choose a water-based varnish.
  3. Drying time. Influences the process of applying multiple layers and putting the premises into operation. Varies from 3 to 24 hours, and the final hardness can occur in 5-14 days.
  4. Color. Parquet varnishes are completely transparent, while others impart a yellow or amber color, which changes the tone of the wood.
  5. Gloss level. After drying, the substance appears as silky-matt, semi-matt, glossy, semi-gloss, matte.
  6. Resistance to mechanical stress. According to the degree of abrasion, varnishes are subdivided for rooms with low traffic (bedrooms, hall), medium (corridor, kitchen) and high (dance halls, bars, conference rooms).
  7. Flammability. There are products that do not support combustion, while others are capable of igniting after drying in the presence of a fire nearby.
  8. Application method. The coating is applied by brush, roller or spray, but some species are so capricious that they can only support one particular way, otherwise they leave streaks and the surface wrinkles.

Rating of the best parquet varnishes

Nomination a place Name of product price per liter
Rating of the best parquet varnishes 1 TIKKURILA Euro Kiri RUB 605
3 Parade Professional L50 Aqua Parquet 775 RUB
4 3V3 Vitrificateur Protection 650 RUB
5 Tikkurila Unica Super RUB 929
6 Tikkurila taika glow RUB 4 399
7 Dulux Celco Yacht 90 850 RUB
8 Eurotex Premium Rogneda 440 RUB
9 Luxens Extra Strength RUB 680
10 Tex Profi Aqua 175 RUB

Keeping in mind the features of parquet lacquer, let's move on to the rating of the best, in which experts rated certain characteristics, and users confirmed their quality and service life in reviews.


Rating: 4.9


The first place in the rating is taken by the Finnish manufacturer's parquet lacquer. The flooring agent is available in 1, 2.7 and 9 liter packs. It is a one component alkyd urethane base varnish that needs thinning before use. When applied in several layers, it forms a reliable protective coating for parquet and evens out the surface. It is allowed to take care of the varnish with ordinary detergents. The product is completely transparent and conveys the wood pattern, but it can be tinted up to 30 tones, for which the manufacturer provides a table on the official website.

We put parquet lacquer in the rating due to the high environmental friendliness of the product, which is confirmed by the presence of a certificate. It contains components of natural wood resin. The substance is also distinguished by excellent transparency and does not turn yellow over time, which is confirmed by users from their reviews.


  • supports all painting methods (roller, brush, spray gun);
  • high transparency;
  • compatible with all types of wood for parquet boards;
  • well tolerates detergents.


  • not suitable for wear resistance for rooms with high traffic;
  • high price;
  • consumption of 1 liter per 12 m2 in one layer;
  • dries 24 hours at 50% humidity.


Rating: 4.8


The second place in the rating is taken by a product from the German company Dufa. The parquet protection agent is produced on a polyurethane base and can be diluted with water. The one-component substance is characterized by a glossy shine after drying, which occurs after 12 hours. Masters in the reviews share that the varnish is applied equally well both with a spray gun and with a roller. The product is sold in small containers of 0.75 and 2.5 liters. When coated, the varnish spreads evenly over the surface and does not form stains.

In our opinion, the parquet varnish from this manufacturer has earned a place in the ranking of the best due to its durability. The tool is designed for premises with high traffic and will last a long time. The structure of the varnish is able to withstand the fall of solid objects and maintain its integrity. The product is also distinguished by the presence of protection from UV rays, so direct sunlight through an open window will not cause harm, which is what the owners like in the reviews.


  • after coating the tool is easily cleaned with water;
  • extra durable surface;
  • drying time 12 hours;
  • application in any convenient way;
  • elasticity of the material.


  • only in containers up to 2.5 liters, which is not enough for a room of 20-30 m2;
  • high price;
  • unpleasant smell during work;
  • for one layer of 12 m2, 1 liter is required.

Parade Professional L50 Aqua Parquet

Rating: 4.8


The third place in the rating is taken by parquet varnish, produced in Russia, but from imported materials. It is based on an acrylic-urethane copolymer, incorporated in the form of an aqueous dispersion. In terms of gloss, the company offers this product with three effects: matte, semi-matt and glossy. The covering on the parquet is completely transparent and is well tolerated by detergents. If you accidentally spill water, the varnish will not let it through to the board. Users in the reviews recommend diluting the varnish with water 1: 1 for the primer, and then applying two layers to make the parquet look great.

Our experts have included the product in the rating of the best due to the short drying time. At a temperature of 20 degrees, the surface is not tacked on after an hour. Grinding can be done after 6 hours, and walking on the parquet is allowed after 12 hours, and this is when the air humidity is 70%. Other varnishes need a drier climate of 50% and you can walk on them after only 24 hours. The structure rejection occurs after 5 days, which also exceeds the performance of analogues at least twice.


  • dries up after 12 hours (maximum);
  • various packaging (0.75, 2.5 and 9 l);
  • ecologicaly clean;
  • certified for use in childcare facilities.


  • high consumption of 1 liter per 10 m2;
  • average wear resistance;
  • high price for a domestic product.

3V3 Vitrificateur Protection

Rating: 4.7


In fourth place in the ranking is the product of a French manufacturer. It is a combined acrylic and polyurethane product. This combination provides increased durability and elasticity to resist cracking from impacts by hard objects or furniture movement. Parquet lacquer is accompanied by the Eco Label certificate and is recommended for residential and childcare facilities. Suitable for all types of wood. It does not contain solvents, so it is not necessary to open all windows wide to work. Users in the reviews note that the varnish fits perfectly even on an old layer of another coating, if you need to refresh it and remove scratches.

We have added parquet varnish to the rating as the most non-slippery. The combined composition of acrylic and polyurethane gives a surface with good adhesion to both indoor and outdoor shoes. This increases safety, which is especially suitable where there are children and the elderly.


  • dries to touch after 30 minutes, which speeds up the process of covering the parquet with three layers;
  • no smell;
  • service life 7 years;
  • colorless, but easily tinted.


  • a small dry residue of 36% versus 40-46% for others;
  • applied only with a roller or brush;
  • quickly becomes covered with small scratches from the claws of pets;
  • dries completely after 24 hours.

Tikkurila Unica Super

Rating: 4.7


This is another product in the ranking from a Finnish manufacturer. One-component varnish for parquet, based on alkyd resin with urethane. A solvent is used to dilute to the desired consistency. Inside the varnish contains components that slow down the action of ultraviolet radiation. The coating remains transparent and does not turn yellow. The product is environmentally friendly, but there is a pronounced smell during operation. After drying, a uniform semi-matt layer is formed on the parquet, corresponding in strength characteristics to its name Super. The masters in the reviews share that the product is easily applied to the parquet with a spray bottle. If a brush is used, the second layer spreads evenly without clumping in one place.

We ranked the varnish as having increased water resistance. The manufacturer produces it with a picture of a ship's wheel and positions the product as 'yacht varnish', which is not exposed to moisture and the sun. This coating will last up to 10 years under the most intense operating conditions.


  • versatility in application;
  • UV protection;
  • increased water resistance;
  • packaging from 0.9 to 9 liters.


  • high price;
  • there is a pronounced smell;
  • drying time is required between layers 24 hours.

Tikkurila taika glow

Rating: 4.7


The next product in the ranking is again from a Finnish company, but this time the highlight of the varnish is light accumulation. The water-based product is safe for the respiratory system, even while covering the parquet. The substance does not give off an odor. To dilute to a liquid consistency, you will need water, which reduces the cost of protecting the parquet. Varnish is applied in all ways. Products for parquet are produced in containers of 0.33 and 1 l, which is convenient for sealing scratches and chips, but worse in the case of covering a large area (you will need to purchase many small cans).

Our experts praised the parquet lacquer for its ability to accumulate light from natural or artificial sources. Then, in the dark, it gives off the accumulated rays with a greenish tint for 6 hours. This is an interesting option for covering parquet flooring in a children's room to add variety to it. It also increases safety when applied in corridors and staircases of a private two-story house, so that in the dark it is better to see the relief of the floor.


  • simple dilution with water;
  • no smell during work;
  • perfectly sprayed with a spray gun with a nozzle diameter of 1.4-1.8 mm;
  • heat-resistant (can withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees).


  • the highest price in the rating;
  • available only in small containers 0.33 and 1 l;
  • there is some yellowness;
  • small dry residue 19%.

Dulux Celco Yacht 90

Rating: 4.6

Dulux Celco Yacht 90

This place in the TOP-10 is occupied by an English product produced by the Dulux trademark. The product is also positioned as a yacht varnish with high resistance to water and temperature extremes. A protective parquet covering is made from an alkyd-urethane base, which must be diluted with a solvent. The product is suitable for application to parquet not only indoors, but also on open terraces. But as the masters note in the reviews, the varnish dries for a long time – up to 48 hours. But the top layer reliably protects the board from the sun and water. After hardening, the substance acquires a glossy surface. There are no drips during work, even when using a roller or brush.

We have added parquet lacquer to the rating as another particularly resistant type for application to floors where water is likely to accumulate. Due to the fact that the manufacturer recommends the product even for saunas, the product is perfect for a kitchen in an apartment or a private house. Whoever has parquet in the bathroom, this varnish will also be an excellent way to protect it.


  • weatherproof (suitable for protecting parquet on an open veranda, terrace or gazebo);
  • colorless, preserving the natural pattern of the parquet;
  • can be used at humidity up to 80%;
  • can be stored closed for three years.


  • drying time reaches 48 hours;
  • high price;
  • cannot be applied to old coatings (only complete cleaning with sanding).

Eurotex Premium Rogneda

Rating: 4.5


In eighth place in the ranking is the product of a Russian company made from an alkyd-urethane base. It is a glossy varnish that can be applied with a spray, roller or brush. A solvent is used to dilute the substance. The product is produced in containers of 0.8, 2 and 10 liters. Suitable for all types of wood flooring. When working, it penetrates deeply into the wood structure and reliably protects it from moisture. Unlike some well-known brands, the work process is allowed to be carried out at a temperature of +5 degrees (for others, from +10) and a humidity of 70%. If oil or weak acids get on the parquet floor, there will be no traces if you immediately wipe the stain with a wet cloth.

We included varnish in the rating, as it helps to save a lot on parquet protection. The masters in the reviews note that with a thin application with a spray gun on the parquet, you can cover 17 m2 with 1 liter. Also, the price of varnish is much lower than imported analogues.


  • deep penetration into the structure of the parquet board;
  • emphasizes the natural pattern of the tree;
  • resistant to household chemicals;
  • keeps water from entering the wood for up to 48 hours.


  • the varnish has a moderate smoke-generating ability when exposed to fire;
  • if the wood is wetter than 15%, then it cannot be applied;
  • not suitable for covering old layers.

Luxens Extra Strength

Rating: 4.4


This place in the ranking is occupied by a French manufacturer's water-based varnish. When working with parquet varnish, there is no pronounced smell, and it is diluted with water. It is allowed to apply 2-3 layers in one day. Some users in the reviews say that they tried to cover the parquet with them a year later in one more layer, which also turned out great. The varnish does not penetrate much between the parquet planks, so the planks do not stick together – if you need to remove a pair for replacement, it will not be difficult to do this.

This parquet lacquer is rated the best in terms of value for money. The product is slightly cheaper than other products, but it is made in France. The addition in the title 'Increased Strength' really indicates the endurance of the top layer when hitting or rearranging furniture. In the reviews, the owners say that the varnish is not taken for tack after 30 minutes, so you won't have to wait long before covering the second layer.


  • no smell when used;
  • resistant to water;
  • fast drying (30-60 min between coats);
  • durable top layer.


  • not suitable for a spray gun, which delays the process with a large floor area;
  • temperature for parquet processing is allowed only in the range of 12-25 degrees.

Tex Profi Aqua

Rating: 4.3


We allocated the last place in the rating for the product of a Russian company that has been actively cooperating with Finnish manufacturers since 2006. This varnish is created on a water-soluble basis and is available in three packaging options: 0.9, 2.7 and 9 liters. The substance is colorless, but slightly darkens the wood. Colored varnish options have been developed, where there are shades: oregon, mahogany, cherry, pine and mountain ash. The top layer is completely glossy. One-component varnish can be applied by any means and the consumption is economical.

Our experts put the product in the rating due to the antiseptic properties of the glaze varnish. We recommend it for houses and apartments on the ground floors to prevent the development of fungus under the parquet floor. But due to the low strength in relation to mechanical loads, the Profi Aqua will have to be coated on the outside with another parquet varnish.


  • you can process the parquet board with a roller, sponge, brush and spray gun;
  • consumption 15 m2 per liter;
  • diluted with water;
  • the lowest price in the category.


  • tints wood, changing its natural color;
  • on top you need a layer of more durable protective varnish.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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