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Sailors have long been quite superstitious people, Believing in various beliefs, legends and mysterious phenomena. One of the most popular and gloomy sea traditions are stories of long lost ships drifting in the open ocean no signs of life on board. Few have heard of the Flying Dutchman “, the cursed ship of the XVII century, which is doomed forever to wander and bring misfortune to everyone who sees him. There are more modern ghost ships whose stories scare even those who doesn’t believe in the supernatural. In 1872 it was found completely empty brigantine “Maria Celeste”, her crew by unknown reasons left the ship, leaving all his belongings and even food on the table. The mysterious death of the Dutch made no less noise. motor ship “Orang Medan”. According to the English sailors, finding the ship in 1974, his entire crew lay dead with expression of horror on their faces. What caused their death, failed to investigate, because in the hold of the ship suddenly a fire started and the ship sank.

Such stories provide a huge scope for guesswork, they became a source of inspiration for more than one generation of writers and screenwriters. What could be more intimidating than a collision in open sea with a mysterious ship, and unknown dangerous forces, leading to the disappearance or death of all life on it? For fans to tickle their nerves we present a selection of ten the most interesting films on the subject ghost ships.

Rating of the best films about ghost ships

Nomination a place Film rating
Review of the best films about ghost ships 10 Philadelphia Experiment (1984) 4.1
9 Bermuda Triangle (2001) 4.2
8 The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle (1978) 4.3
7 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) 4.4
6 Bermuda Triangle (2005) 4.5
5 Ship of Death (1980) 4.6
4 Virus (1999) 4.7
3 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) 4.8
2 Triangle (2009) 4.9
1 Ghost Ship (2002) 5.0

Philadelphia Experiment (1984)

Rating: 4.1


The action of the science fiction film takes place in the period of the Second World War II. On behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense, the best US scientists are working on creating top-secret equipment that would make the military ships invisible to the enemy. However, their studies affect fundamental laws of the universe and consequences do not force themselves to wait. During the experiment on the destroyer, it completely disappears together with the whole team. Only two sailors from his crew, while throwing them into the future for as many as forty years forward. Now for young and inexperienced sailors not only somehow find the way back in time, but also prevent a global catastrophe hanging over everything humanity as a result of the intervention of scientists of the past in space-time continuum.

Bermuda Triangle (2001)

Rating: 4.2


In the center of the plot – the cruise ship “Crown Queen”, all of a sudden discovered drifting in the waters of the Pacific Ocean after more than thirty years after his mysterious disappearance in 1972 in the area Bermuda Triangle. Everyone asks: where did you go? passengers and crew, because the ship could not find a single living soul. In anticipation of exclusive material, leading a paranormal television show decides to hold its own journalistic investigation. She gathers a small team, to which also joins the supernatural specialist, driven by the desire to find out the truth about his father, who was on liner and missing along with the rest. However boarded researchers and do not suspect that in the pursuit of sensations and answers put their lives in mortal danger. Ship connected with far from friendly otherworldly forces and soon new arrivals will have to desperately fight for their own survival.

The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle (1978)

Rating: 4.3


A coastal rescue service captures a distress signal from a ship that has been reported missing for many years. The subsequent plot takes the viewer into the past and tells the tragic story of the crew of the ship. Sailing through Bermuda a triangle, sailors see overboard a small human figure and lower the boat to the rescue. However, it turns out that this is just a doll, a seemingly innocuous child’s toy, which the seven-year-old daughter of the captain takes himself. But after that begins a series of mysterious and bloody events. Initially located on the ship is written off for accidents, but after a short time they will have to believe in the evil rock hanging over the ship.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

Rating: 4.4

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

Even at the dawn of his pirate activity, young Jack Sparrow defeated the formidable Spanish captain Armando Salazar, the sworn the enemy of all the pirates. Thanks to cunning and ingenuity, Jack managed lure him into the Devil’s Triangle, after which the whole team of Spaniards it was imprisoned there in the form of living ghosts. But after many years due to the negligence of captain Jack Sparrow the damned ship freed from captivity and driven by a thirst for revenge Salazar begins hunting for a successful pirate. The only way to escape is the legendary Trident of Poseidon, giving the owner power over water element and the power to destroy all sea curses. Enlisting the support of the young son of Will Turner and the girl-astronomer Karina Smith, Jack sets off on a dangerous swim racing with death.

Bermuda Triangle (2005)

Rating: 4.5


In the Bermuda Triangle area for many years planes and ships disappear. There are many assumptions though no one dares to carefully study this phenomenon. But after billionaire Eric Beniroll carried big losses resulting from the loss of several ships, he decides up close tackle mysterious disappearances. For this purpose the tycoon gathers a team of professionals and instructs them to find out what happened to his courts. The group consists of experts specializing in a wide variety of fields, it includes engineer, oceanologist, skeptical journalist and even psychic. Beniroll promises to everyone as a reward for risk a generous six-figure reward. But going to searches, the heroes understand that they are faced with something that is not amenable to explanation, and they’re very lucky if they can return home alive.

Ship of Death (1980)

Rating: 4.6


A small cruise yacht with tourists on board returns from swimming. Life abounds on board: the crew plans to arrive in port in a couple of days, and the passengers had a party. But all of a sudden on radars, as if from a void a huge ship appears, everything happens so quickly that the team does not have time to react and prevent disaster. Only seven people remain alive including captain. Drifting through the waves on a flimsy raft, they again face a mysterious ship. Survivors decide to climb hoping to find salvation, but not a single person is found, and in addition, they also discover that the abandoned ship belongs to to the Nazis. And yet, despite the lack of a team, all the mechanisms and systems are operational. It seems like the ship is living his life, continuing to fulfill his terrible destiny.

Virus (1999)

Rating: 4.7


The heroes of the plot of the fantastic horror is the team a small ship professionally towing sea. Having barely survived the typhoon, which led to the loss of all their cargo, and it means earnings, they accidentally discover the Russian research vessel. There is only one survivor on board crew member, but full of various ultramodern equipment. The plan is simple – tow the ship to the nearest port and get for him a substantial reward. The stories of a surviving woman about no one believes an alien life form that has infiltrated a ship Navigator Keith Foster, the rest just consider her crazy. However, very soon they themselves will have to meet with the invaders, going to use not only the team but all of humanity for their own purposes.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Rating: 4.8

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

The film continues the famous franchise that began with Curses Black Pearl. “A dashing pirate, captain Jack Sparrow gets a black mark reminding him of Davy’s long-standing conspiracy Jones, captain of the damned Flying Dutchman. Not at all grief desire to serve forever on a ghost ship, Jack is trying to find a way to stop Davy Jones and the haunting Black Pearl the legendary Kraken. Longtime friends join him: Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner, whose wedding fell through the fault of the British government hunting for Sparrow’s magic compass. Besides Moreover, Will dreams of saving his father, a long time in slavery on the Dutchman. All heroes have to not only survive together a lot of dangerous adventures, but also to rethink the linking them relationship.

Triangle (2009)

Rating: 4.9


A young single mother named Jess accepts her friends go on a small trip on a yacht. Their plans for rest collapse when the calm gives way to a violent storm that has turned vessel. Friends manage to survive, but they are in the open sea, and all that remains to be done is to sit on an inverted ship, waiting for now someone will come to the rescue. To the great relief of the victims crash soon in the way of drifting debris appears passenger liner. At first glance it seems abandoned, but as the company is exploring a large ship, they are increasingly starting to seem as if they are not alone here. Who is watching them, what drove team to leave the ship and why mysteriously stopped all hours? The answer will not be easy, but you will have to pay for it very high price.

Ghost Ship (2002)

Rating: 5.0


After the bold but successful operation of transporting the floating oil rig crew tugboat celebrates its return to shore. They are approached by a man who introduced himself as a pilot of naval aviation and invites you to search for the ship he discovered drifting in Berring Sea. Having decided not to miss a chance, the team goes to searches and soon finds a mysterious ship that turned out to be luxurious Italian ship “Anthony Graz”, which disappeared 40 years ago at unclear circumstances. Lucky awaits large production, and they are already making plans to tow the liner to the nearest port. But boarding, crew members face terrible traces played out in the past tragedy, as well as mystical phenomena. After a series of supposedly random tragedies, it becomes obvious that a ghost ship will not allow them to leave alive.

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