10 best gas stations for the quality of gasoline

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Every car owner knows how much the quality of gasoline affects the driving characteristics of the car. The octane number is slightly less than the nominal – and that's it, the engine cannot raise the revs to the normal level. In addition, low-quality gasoline can negatively affect the condition of the car – and with regular refueling with unsuitable fuel, the engine will very soon fail.

For car owners who want to refuel only with fuel that meets all standards, we have prepared a rating of the 10 best gas stations in terms of gasoline quality.

Rating of the best gas stations by the quality of gasoline

Nomination a place Gas station rating
Rating of the best gas stations by the quality of gasoline 10 Bashneft 4.1
9 Lukoil 4.2
8 Tatneft 4.3
7 BP (British Petroleum) 4.4
6 Neftmagistral 4.5
5 ESA 4.6
4 Track 4.7
3 Rosneft 4.8
2 Shell 4.9
1 Gazpromneft 5.0

10th place: 'Bashneft'

Rating: 4.1


The Bashkir network of Bashneft filling stations is characterized by acceptable gasoline quality. The filling stations of this company operate throughout Russia. Basically, Bashneft gas stations are bottled gasoline of its own production and processing, which is exported from the Ufa oil refinery.

The quality of gasoline is uniform and equally acceptable throughout the country, except for individual gas stations in the Ulyanovsk region. However, refueling vehicles that are sensitive to the octane number of fuel at Bashneft is still not recommended. But for engines that are resistant to the effects of not always high-quality gasoline, the one presented at these gas stations is suitable.

It should be noted that Bashneft filling stations regularly receive negative reviews for the quality of service and infrastructure. So if you want to take a break after a long journey rather than refuel, then you should choose some kind of gas station.

9th place: 'Lukoil'

Rating: 4.2


Lukoil also has its own gasoline supplier. It is obtained at the Nizhny Novgorod refinery. This production center has recently undergone a modernization and is now equipped with new deep distillation plants that are capable of producing fuels that meet Euro 5 standards.

However, the quality of gasoline at Lukoil filling stations is constantly changing. There are lots that are characterized by a high degree of purity and correspond to their octane number, thanks to which the car drives smoothly and confidently. And sometimes they are of low quality, leading to jerks and other problems with transport management.

At the Lukoil gas station, in addition to standard fuel, you can buy Ecto Plus gasoline. Sure, it's a little more expensive, but worth it. The quality of this gasoline is usually of a high level. Also, special additives are added to it, which extend the life of the engine and ensure environmental friendliness.

8th place: 'Tatneft'

Rating: 4.3


The TATNEFT filling station network buys gasoline from a Moscow oil refinery. And this is an important plus for the residents of the capital and adjacent territories. They are provided with quality fuel at reasonable prices.

But the residents of the regions are not so lucky. At the TATNEFT gas station, they may encounter low-quality fuel, which is literally stagnant. Thus, it is the regional drivers who say that after refueling at Tatneft, there is a prolonged acceleration and uneven movement of the car. The capital's residents also note the high quality of gasoline.

Similarly, the residents of the capital were lucky with the service, as well as additional services. The filling stations located inside the Moscow region, as well as along the most loaded highways, have good infrastructure. Here you can pump up the wheels, drink coffee, and just relax. There is no additional service at gas stations outside the roads of the highest traffic.

7th place: BP (British Petroleum)

Rating: 4.4

BP (British Petroleum)

The British company British Petroleum – or, for short, BP – is working with Rosneft on the Russian market. Both of these gas station networks receive gasoline from two refineries – Ryazan and Yaroslavl. And, apparently, this explains the uneven quality of fuel at BP stations.

At Russian BP filling stations, fuel of Ultimate quality is presented – with a high degree of purification, a nominal octane number and special additives that reduce engine wear and increase overall environmental friendliness. And in most cases it is. But sometimes, according to the drivers, the quality of the fuel decreases markedly – apparently, when the supplier-refinery is changed.

On the other hand, BP filling stations offer a full range of additional services. Even small regional venues have a mini-market, friendly employees work, you can pump up the wheels – and in some cases even vacuum the salon.

6th place: 'Neftmagistral'

Rating: 4.5


The petrol stations of the 'Neftmagistral' network could become one of the best in terms of fuel quality – their fuel is always uniform and above average. In addition, they have a clear bonus program, thanks to which you can save a lot once in a certain period or even refuel the car for free.

However, everything is covered by one important 'but'. According to reports from drivers, the petrol stations of the Neftemagistral chain regularly encounter such problems as underfilling.

However, according to some car owners, some especially old gas stations use metal containers to store gasoline. As a result, the quality of the fuel is reduced. New containers made of composite materials have been installed only at some stations.

Due to underfilling of fuel and not always uniform quality, the network of petrol stations 'Neftemagistral' is sent only to the 6th place in our rating.

5th place: 'EKA'

Rating: 4.6


The EKA filling station network is a practically independent and rather young transport company. Therefore, its employees try to monitor the quality of gasoline. It is true that the fuel is bought from factories owned by rival companies – Gazpromneft and Rosneft. In addition, it is extremely difficult – yes, in fact, almost impossible – to find an EKA gas station outside the Moscow Ring Road.

EKA filling stations are characterized by high quality gasoline. More precisely – consistently high, that is, moving from one site to another there is no risk of 'running into' fuel with a low octane number or poor cleaning. In addition, EKA is characterized by an adequate pricing policy.

On the other hand, the pricing policy is far from uniform. At some EKA filling stations, gasoline can be unreasonably expensive. Therefore, it is best to constantly fill the tank at the stations of this network and participate in the loyalty program – and then you can save or get fuel at 'normal' prices.

4th place: 'Track'

Rating: 4.7


The Trassa gas station network, as the name implies, is based on the largest transport routes in our country. And obviously on long journeys – like the M4 – fuel quality is critical. Nobody wants the car to stop accelerating or start to move in jerks in the stream at sections with a speed of 90-120 kilometers per hour.

Therefore, at the “Trassa” filling station, the quality of gasoline is consistently high. The company purchases fuel from a Moscow oil refinery owned by Gazpromneft.

But with the pricing policy 'Trassa' lost a bit. In the Moscow region, where most of the filling stations of this network are located, there are also less expensive sites. Thus, on average, fuel at Trassa filling stations costs 10-30 kopecks more than competitors. When filling a full tank, the overpayment can be substantial.

3rd place: Rosneft

Rating: 4.8


The Rosneft filling station network is one of the largest transport companies in the country. She owns several oil refineries at once, as well as a huge number of gas stations. Their fuel is brought from the Ryazan, Yaroslavl and Saratov refineries.

That is why the quality of gasoline on them is high – but at the same time unstable. That is, at one gas station, the fuel may be excellent, at another – a little worse, at a third – a little better, and so on. And it is precisely because of this insignificant number of 'bad' stations (about 1 out of 10) that this network takes the honorable third place in our rating.

The pricing policy at Rosneft filling stations is adequate. In addition, it has a loyalty program, that is, with regular purchases of fuel, you can get additional discounts here. Most gas stations offer additional services – from mini-cafes to wheel pumping. Cleanliness is a nice bonus – even in toilets.

2nd place: Shell

Rating: 4.9


You should go to Shell gas stations for premium gasoline. Of course, it is somewhat more expensive than usual, but the price justifies itself. Premium fuel has a stable octane number, a high degree of purification, and is also supplemented with special additives that reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear. Thus, Shell is the choice of motorists who care about their 'iron horse' and are willing to spend money on it.

On the other hand, Shell's regular fuel is above average quality. And this is not at all justified by the relatively high cost – a liter of classic AI-92 or AI-95 at these stations can cost 10-40 kopecks more than competitors.

However, if you regularly refuel and have a special bonus card (including an electronic one), you can save money. Even on premium fuel.

1st place: Gazpromneft

Rating: 5.0


Gazpromneft offers not only a consistently high quality fuel with an honest octane rating and no evidence of underfilling, but also many additional services. So, at these gas stations there is always a small minimarket, the ability to pump up the wheels, vacuum the interior or even wash the headlights. Therefore, many motorists choose this particular network.

We recommend G-Drive branded fuel for purchase. This is quite a traditional AI-95, only after additional purification. Also, special additives are added to it, which have a positive effect on the driving characteristics and reliability of the car.

However, other types of gasoline at Gazpromneft are also good. And this is precisely where an important drawback lies, which you have to come to terms with.

Due to the combination of price and quality, Gazpromneft gas stations are very popular among motorists. That is why there are often queues at the stations, relatively long service and not always clean. The employees simply do not have time to cope with all the visitors.

The fuel price is adequate. And thanks to bonus programs, you can save even more.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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