10 best diuretics

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Diuretics, or, in medical terms, diuretics, usually recommended when for some reason the balance is disturbed between the flow of fluid into the body and its excretion by the kidneys. All drugs with a diuretic effect, except Herbal preparations should be prescribed only by a doctor. Independently prescribe diuretics for swelling on the face or legs, or worse addition – to reduce weight, is strictly unacceptable!

When diuretics are prescribed

Speaking of diuretics, people usually mean the need removal of excess fluid in edema. But in practice, the most common indication for diuretic use – arterial hypertension, or, simply put, high blood pressure.

One of the reasons for this condition is a violation of metabolic regulation sodium, which begins to linger in the body. Together with sodium is also retained by water. The volume of circulating blood increases, in response to this, the capillaries narrow – this is called an “increase peripheral resistance “- and the diastolic, or “lower” pressure. To overcome this resistance, the heart increases the power of the ejection of blood: rises and systolic or “upper” pressure.

Of course, this is not the only mechanism for the development of arterial hypertension, but it’s easiest to influence: it’s enough to prescribe diuretics that remove excess sodium and water from the body. Some diuretics are also capable of dilating blood vessels, thus also lowering blood pressure. But these funds are starting to work not earlier than 3 hours after consumption, but to achieve maximum effect requires several days of their regular application. Therefore, such drugs are prescribed for continuous admission to prevent an increase in blood pressure, and not to reduce already elevated.

In addition, diuretics can be used for:

  1. edema of various origins (except when edema caused by kidney failure);
  2. increased intracranial pressure;
  3. swelling of the brain, lungs – in this case, diuretics are prescribed rapid action, usually intravenously;
  4. with some poisoning, to speed up the elimination of toxic substances by the kidneys, along with intravenous infusion of large volumes of fluid (forced diuresis).

A separate case – indications for a diuretic plant origin. They are usually recommended for infections of the renal pelvis. and urinary tract. They have a mild anti-inflammatory action, but this is not the main effect that alleviates the condition patients. By creating a constant flow of urine, plant diuretics mechanically wash bacteria and their waste products, reducing the activity of inflammation.

No diuretic is in any way suitable for weight loss. Weight loss that occurs after taking a strong diuretic, caused only by dehydration, but not the breakdown of fat. They are not derive mythical “toxins”. Moreover, volume reduction circulating blood due to dehydration increases concentration in toxic substances and disrupts the normal metabolism. On this background severe illnesses such as gout, chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis, up to chronic renal insufficiency.

Most diuretics are prescription drugs and require constant medical supervision. Therefore, offering attention readers rating of the best diuretics we owe to warn – he wears an exclusively fact-finding and in no way case is not advisory.

Rating of the best diuretics

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best fast acting diuretics 1 Torasemide 158 r
2 Furosemide 23 rub
Best Medium Duration Diuretics actions 1 Indapamide 25 rub
2 Hydrochlorothiazide 54 rub
Best long acting diuretics 1 Spironolactone 42 rub
2 Chlortalidone
The best natural remedies 1 Lingonberry leaves 104 rub
2 Kanefron 469 rub
3 Fitonephrol (urological collection) 61 rub
4 Phytolysin 313 rub
Why you can not “assign” yourself diuretics !!!

Best fast acting diuretics

The drugs in this section of the rating are “classic” diuretics, which are heard not only among specialists, but also among the population (due to which they are often abused). Take effect in 15 minutes – an hour after administration, the duration of the effect is from 4 to 18 hours.


Rating: 4.9


Trade names: Diuver, Britomar, Trigrim.

A more modern analogue of the well-known furosemide, about which will be described below. In comparison with him is not so active “leaches” potassium from the body. It acts relatively soft: effect develops 2 to 3 hours after administration and lasts until 18 hours, usually without forcing the patient to “watch” near the toilet. However, individual reaction options are possible.

On the other hand, precisely because of this delayed action torasemide is not suitable for forced diuresis with intoxication, and therefore is usually prescribed for edema.

Contraindicated in pregnant women and children under 18 years of age.

Released by prescription.


  • relatively “soft” action that does not limit everyday activity.


  • not during pregnancy.


Rating: 4.8


Proven time, very inexpensive and still “working” means. Despite many possible side effects, OTC, which earned him popularity among those who wish lose weight (recall that it removes only fluid, but not breaks down fat) and notoriety among professionals dealing with victims of this method of losing weight: gout amid prolonged use furosemide has long been not uncommon.

Another popular reason for self-administration of furosemide – getting rid of a hangover, supposedly, along with water and swelling, he removes toxins that cause this condition. Means really relieves hangover swelling, eliminating excess water, but no does not remove toxins. Acetaldehyde is a product of ethyl metabolism alcohol and the main cause of a hangover – is not excreted from the body with kidneys, and neutralized in the liver (by the way, alcohol is also not excreted in the urine, and partially comes out with exhaled air, for the most part, it is neutralized by liver cells). So for reduce hangover, as for weight loss, take furosemide useless.

In fact, its main purpose is to quickly and actively withdraw fluid is therefore used furosemide usually in emergency medicine: with cerebral or pulmonary edema (injection forms), for forced diuresis in some intoxications, with acute renal failure, eclampsia of pregnant women, hypertension crisis. Of course, in the instructions there are also “normal” indications, swelling that does not require emergency resolution, and hypertensive disease. But given that the tool begins to act through 15 – 20 minutes after application and literally “binds” a person to to the toilet, in such urgent situations, doctors usually prefer softer diuretics, which will be discussed in more detail in other sections of the ranking of the best diuretics.

Despite the fact that the use during pregnancy is not only not prohibited, but shown under certain circumstances, it is recommended to carefully monitor the development of the fetus, as the active substance crosses the placenta. FDA criteria furosemide belongs to class C, that is, animal studies identified potential threats to the fetus, there is no accurate data on people, but the intended benefits outweigh the risks. Really, eclampsia is a deadly condition for both mother and fetus.

With regular use, furosemide removes potassium from the body, so you need to add high potassium foods to your diet (bananas, dried apricots, baked potatoes with peel), and better – take drugs containing this element.


  • fast and powerful action
  • extremely cheap
  • sold over the counter.


  • many side effects
  • removes potassium from the body,
  • with prolonged uncontrolled intake is addictive,
  • with prolonged uncontrolled intake causes gout and kidney damage.

Best Medium Duration Diuretics actions

If the funds from the previous section of the rating are most often used in emergency or near emergency situations, then drugs from this section are usually prescribed as planned. Often the indication is not edema, but arterial hypertension. Moreover diuretics can be used as an independent tool for blood pressure control, and in combination with antihypertensive, which minimizes dosage.


Rating: 4.7


Trade Names: Indap, Arifon,

It controls pressure not only removing excess fluid and reducing peripheral vascular resistance, but also directly expanding systemic and renal arteries. Does not affect the lipid composition of the blood and carbohydrate metabolism, does not change the sensitivity of tissues to insulin, Unlike many other diuretic drugs. That’s why indapamide – one of the most commonly prescribed for hypertension diuretics, both “solo” and in combination with antihypertensive agents.

Of the shortcomings, it should be noted traditional for the most part diuretics excretion of potassium from the body.

Regarding the use of different instructions during pregnancy indapamide manufacturers diverge: some categorically prohibit the consumption of the drug, others suggest correlating potential harm and benefit. According to the FDA classification, indap refers to Category B, i.e. animal studies of harmful effects the fetus was not detected, but in humans, for obvious reasons, similar no studies have been conducted.


  • does not interfere with normal metabolism;
  • dilates blood vessels
  • can be used during pregnancy (with reservations).


  • removes potassium.


Rating: 4.5


Trade Names: Hypothiazide, Dichlothiazide.

Among the indications is edematous syndrome (including edema with PMS), hypertension, control of polyuria in diabetes insipidus and prevention of the formation of oxalate kidney stones.

Many patients with hypertension are wondering: what better – indapamide or hydrochlorothiazide? The answer is clearly in favor indapamide. Hydrochlorothiazide disrupts cholesterol metabolism, provoking atherosclerosis, reduces the sensitivity of tissues to insulin and, like furosemide, increases the concentration of uric acid salts in the blood. If the drug is used in short courses, such changes do not too dangerous, since after the cancellation, the exchange processes return to normal. But with hypertension, treatment is lifelong: recall, diuretics are taken primarily for prevention of increased blood pressure. And in this case, hydrochlorothiazide may cause unwanted changes in the body.

To prevent them, some manufacturers produce combination drugs combining this diuretic with sartans – antihypertensive agents that improve insulin sensitivity, help restore metabolism uric acid and lowering “bad” blood cholesterol.

It is forbidden to use in the first trimester of pregnancy.


  • low price,
  • smooth onset of action, not limiting activity.


  • can provoke atherosclerosis, gout, reduces insulin sensitivity;
  • removes potassium.

Best long acting diuretics

This section of the ranking includes diuretics that begin act a few hours, and sometimes days after the first application and lasts 2 to 3 days.


Rating: 4.6


Trade names: Veroshpiron, Aldacton.

This diuretic is a potassium-sparing drug. diuretics. Unlike funds from previous sections of the rating better diuretics, it does not enhance the excretion of potassium from organism and does not upset the electrolyte balance.

It acts very slowly – the effect does not occur earlier than on the second day and no later than the fifth day after admission. therefore only used for the treatment of cardiac edema or hepatic origin. With hypertension should be taken constantly.

Reduces sensitivity to vasoconstrictors, slows down the development of chronic heart failure.

A separate indication for the use of spironolactone is dependence from furosemide. Spironolactone suppresses renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system – mechanisms aimed for fluid retention in the body, which are activated when uncontrolled intake of furosemide to avoid dehydration. At spironolactone is taken at the same time as furosemide, and the dose of the latter is gradually reduced, up to full cancellation. After this, spironolactone is gradually canceled.

Of the problems with its long-term use should be noted hormonal imbalance. Spironolactone acts on receptors sensitive to androgens (male hormones) and progestins (female hormones). Therefore, with prolonged When applying to women, male features may appear – a rough voice. increased body hair, menstrual cycle is violated. In men on the contrary, gynecomastia (breast enlargement) may develop decreased libido and impaired potency.

Not allowed during pregnancy and lactation.


  • smooth development of the effect that does not violate everyday a life;
  • slows down the development of cardiovascular failure.


  • prolonged use may disrupt hormonal balance.


Rating: 4.4


Trade Name: Oxodolin.

Assign for edema of various origins, including with premenstrual tension syndrome (PMS) and late gestosis.

It is used to treat arterial hypertension. Has no only diuretic effect, but also dilates small vessels. Improves the state of the endothelium – the inner wall of the vessels, reduces severity of left ventricular hypertrophy.

Of the shortcomings, a relatively high frequency should be noted. adverse events – lowering the level of potassium in the blood, dizziness, increased sugar, erectile dysfunction.

The action begins about 4 hours after application and lasts up to 52 hours.


  • can be used during pregnancy,
  • prevents the complications of hypertension.


  • possible side effects.

The best natural remedies

We took these drugs to the hotel section not because we consider them fundamentally worse or better than the rest. Vegetable extracts act much softer than “chemical” means, and bring them yourself but disturbances in the water-electrolyte balance are not so simple, therefore they are safer. On the other hand, they do not have clearly a standardized effect, as with funds from other sections ranking of the best diuretics. Therefore, they are not recommended either. arterial hypertension, nor with edema requiring correction.

Plant diuretics have a separate indication that is not in “chemical” diuretics – kidney and urinary tract infections, about than it was described in detail above. In addition, it is vegetable funds are usually recommended for edema of pregnant women.

It is because of safety and additional evidence that we deduced these funds in a separate group. But recall – the “weed” is by no means harmless and also have contraindications and side effects.

Lingonberry leaves

Rating: 4.3


Classical plant diuretic with almost complete no contraindications: the only thing indicated in the instructions is individual intolerance. It can be applied during pregnancy is extremely cheap and readily available.


  • almost no contraindications
  • allowed during pregnancy
  • inexpensively.


  • not.


Rating: 4.2


Available in the form of an alcohol solution or tablets. Active substances – lovage, rosemary, centaury. In addition to the diuretic, It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.

The drug is contraindicated in children up to a year (for tablets – up to 6 years), with gastric ulcer and individual intolerance any of the components. Alcohol solution is not recommended for alcoholism.

According to reviews of patients taking funds, it is enough “soft” – do not have to limit activity taking into account toilet availability.

At first glance, the packaging is large enough – 60 tablets, but given that an adult will need 6 tablets per day, the remedy it turns out not to be economical.


  • soft action
  • can pregnant
  • different forms of release.


  • uncomfortable intake regimen (2 tablets 3 times a day);
  • high price in terms of the course of treatment.

Fitonephrol (urological collection)

Rating: 4.1


Contains bearberry, marigold (calendula), dill, peppermint, eleutherococcus. Like other herbal remedies, not only “drives”, but and relieves cramps, reduces inflammation and fights infection.

Herb must be brewed according to the instructions and taken according to ⅓ cups 3 times a day.

Contraindicated in pregnant, lactating, children under 12 years old.


  • profitability.


  • bitter taste
  • not recommended for pregnant.


Rating: 3.9


Rating: 3.9.

A paste consisting of extracts of 9 plants and 4 essential oils. Tea. a spoonful of pasta should be dissolved in half a glass of water and take 3 times a day after meals.

Contraindicated in renal and heart failure, glomerulonephritis and phosphate kidney stones. Also not recommended children under 18 years old and pregnant, as for obvious reasons safety studies in these categories of patients do not carried out.

There is no need to talk about the cost-effectiveness of the drug. In a tube of 100 d. of paste, that is, it is enough for about a week of treatment (in 1 teaspoon spoon – 5 g.). Recommended by the manufacturer intake course – from 2 weeks to 1.5 months.


  • natural composition


  • bad smell and taste
  • multi-component composition that increases the likelihood allergic reactions
  • not during pregnancy
  • expensive.

Why you can not “prescribe” a diuretic

Usually, people take diuretics on their own for two reasons. – due to edema or wanting to lose weight. Why can not be taken diuretics for weight loss, we wrote a little higher. But also with edema, when, it would seem, the evidence is there, start drinking on your own diuretics are not allowed.

  1. Firstly, if there is any swelling, you need to find them cause and, if possible, eliminate. It is possible that much diuretics will be more effective than those that normalize the heart activity or vascular tone. For example, leg swelling in the evenings often become the first sign of varicose veins, which appears long before visible venous nodes. And of course, no diuretics will not help here. Or edema before menstruation, which can be a sign of PMS, much more effectively removed phytopreparations aimed at normalizing hormonal background.
  2. Secondly, people, especially young women, often take physiological morning pasty face for swelling. And instead of just to wait or do a light lymphatic drainage self-massage, drink diuretics. Of course, the “swelling” after that goes away – but the body, concerned about the sudden loss of fluid, connects systems that enhance water retention in the body. And the next day swelling from the imaginary becomes real, followed by a new dose of diuretic. So the vicious circle closes. Over time, daily allowance the number of tablets increases, reaching some 15 to 20 tablets per day.
  3. Against the background of uncontrolled intake of diuretics in the body the water-electrolyte balance is disturbed, which disrupts the work of all its systems. Skin sensitivity decreases, or, conversely, paresthesias appear – a feeling of “goosebumps” on the skin. Rhythm is broken hearts. Blood glucose levels increase. Muscle arises weakness, up to hypokalemia (caused by a lack of potassium) paralysis.

Therefore, any diuretics, except phytopreparations, should prescribed only by a doctor and taken only under his control.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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