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Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

No young mother can imagine caring for a baby without diapers – they are so firmly entrenched in our life. This baby hygiene item is offered by manufacturers from different countries, in recent years diapers from Japan have been in particular demand, 6 of them are presented in our rating.

How to choose diapers for newborns

When preparing for the birth of a baby, future parents (especially those who will become a mom and dad for the first time) try to purchase everything they need in advance, including diapers. At this stage, it may be difficult to choose. So how not to miss when solving a problem?

  1. First, you should choose a special series for newborns. Such models usually have the softest top layer that does not irritate the skin, non-tight elastic bands of the seal on the legs, elastic belt, sometimes with a cutout – it should not damage the baby's navel.
  2. Secondly, the weight of the child is taken into account. If the child has not yet been born, one should be guided by the doctors' forecasts for the estimated body weight, for those born – the actual weight is taken into account with a small margin of 2-3 kg so that the diaper is not small.
  3. Thirdly, the properties of the layers can: some let only liquid through, others – thick discharge, especially often occurring immediately after birth. The mesh cover of premium diapers allows loose stools to pass through, leaving the bottom relatively clean. I must say, this function is really necessary only for babies with very sensitive skin.
  4. Fourth, there are disposable and reusable models. The first ones are in the highest demand due to the ease of use: put on, thrown out after filling. Reusable ones have a special liner and must be washed and changed as often as disposable ones. The advantage of disposable diapers is the use for the production of breathable materials that allow air to pass through – cotton, linen, polyester. They do not chafe or cause diaper rash.
  5. Fifth, there are diapers for girls and boys. Among products for babies, this classification is rarely used, but it still takes place. Products differ in the position of the absorbent layer, taking into account the anatomical features of children of different genders.
  6. Sixth, it is undesirable to use products impregnated with various extracts, especially for newborns – natural ingredients, albeit safe for most people, can become allergens for crumbs.
  7. Seventh, shape: panties or diapers with Velcro. They differ in the way they are put on; let us compare them more clearly in the table below.

Which is better panties or velcro diapers

Comparison parameter

Velcro diapers


Term of use

Disposable / Reusable

Putting on

The baby lies on the back, the diaper is put on and fastened

It must be put on through the legs, you can sit

Recommended child age

Since birth

During the period of crawling and sitting

Convenience during potty training





Higher than Velcro models

For each parent and child, the choice of velcro diapers or panties is determined by trial and error. We present the rating of the 6 best manufacturers of Japanese diapers, in the line of which there are premium, middle and economy class products for every taste, color and wallet.

Rating of the best Japanese diapers

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Best disposable Japanese diapers 1 Merries 4.9
2 Moony 4.8
3 Genki 4.7
4 Doremi 4.6
5 Goo.N 4.6
Best Reusable Japanese Diapers 1 Baby ikawa 4.9

Best disposable Japanese diapers

In this category we represent the manufacturers of the most common and hygienic disposable diapers.


Rating: 4.9


Merries diapers were among the first to appear on our market, therefore they have earned the trust of young mothers, supported by the experience gained. The products are characterized by the impeccable quality of the materials used: the upper inner layer of the diapers is soft, well permeable to liquid, in a special series for newborns there is a fecal mesh that passes through. The sensation from touching the surface is pleasant, when in contact with the skin, the products do not cause allergic reactions and do not cause chafing. The design of the 'Merris' is created taking into account the anatomical features of children: the diapers fit tightly, forming a sealed contour, while not squeezing (with the right size) and do not restrict movement.

However, there are some nuances in some series: there are no elastic bands on the waist in diapers for newborns, which excludes chafing of the umbilical wound, but fluid leaks through the back of the back are inevitable in active babies in such diapers. Basically, Merries absorb quickly and efficiently, but the filler quickly transforms into a gel, so you will have to change it often. The products are mainly universal, suitable for boys and girls, differ in size according to weight, but they are a little small, you will have to change the pack number a little more often than the specified range of kilograms. The manufacturer has treated the layers adjacent to the skin with herbal extracts to care for the epidermis and prevent inflammation.

The Merries feature is the presence of an indicator strip that changes color as the filler is filled with liquid. She will tell you when the diaper needs to be changed.


  • Diapers and panties for children of different ages and birth weights;
  • Full indicator;
  • Breathable top layers inside;
  • Swimming models available;
  • Perfect fit with insulated legs without restricting movement.


  • Fast filling diapers, frequent changes.


Rating: 4.8


In second place is the premium brand Moony, positioning its product as the safest and most comfortable for babies from birth to getting used to the potty. The peculiarity of the products is a neat compact shape, when worn diapers do not stick out, and the inner filler is distributed along the entire length of the pocket as moisture flows.

The upper inner layer of the diaper ensures minimal skin contact due to its ribbed surface, which reduces the risk of irritation from friction and getting wet after urinating.

The cut of the models is anatomically seamless, elastic bands are very soft and elastic, providing a tight, but not pressing fit of the material to the body. Velcro straps are reliable and quiet, and in the newborn series there is a cutout in the soft belt. The Moony panties for older kids are different for boys and girls in the location of the absorbent layer and design. The Mooney line has panties for active crawling kids who are learning to walk. These are equipped with an elastic band of higher elasticity, which better holds the diaper on the body and prevents it from slipping.

In the Moony line, there are swim pant diapers that do not cause discomfort when swimming and securely hold everything inside that cannot be allowed to outside water. Each product of all series has a drawing-indicator reminding of the need to change the diaper.

The disadvantage of Moony products is the high price, diapers and panties are a little undersized.


  • Soft materials;
  • Ribbed lining surface for less skin contact;
  • Diapers and panties for all babies in the line;
  • Display pictures notify of the need for replacement;
  • Snug fit to the body;
  • No seams.


  • Relatively high price;
  • Small items.


Rating: 4.7


Japanese Genki products belong to the mid-range price category, the price of packs of any size is significantly lower than analogues of other brands, so they quickly end in stores, even outside the 'hot deals' period. Diapers and panties for babies of different ages are universal for both sexes, they are made of breathable and soft polyester with a silk-like surface, it does not cause allergies and discomfort. Products are thin, they can be worn under any clothes – nothing sticks out anywhere. Genki is practically odorless.

The 'feature' of the diaper line is a wide 55 mm belt-belt, which ensures a perfect fit of the product to the baby's body on the back and legs, but at the same time nothing chases or presses. Ventilation is also thought out to keep the skin dry even with a full diaper.

The composition of the absorbent filler is relatively natural: cotton-like pulp, high molecular weight absorbent material and absorbent paper, they are not always evenly distributed as they get wet, but a timely change helps to avoid this problem.


  • Natural materials of manufacture;
  • The line includes diapers and panties for girls and boys of different weights;
  • Wide sealing band;
  • Good ventilation of the skin with a sealed circuit;
  • True to size.


  • Not sold everywhere (ends quickly).


Rating: 4.6


The Doremi brand sells diapers for newborns and very young children weighing up to 8 and 12 kg. Basically, they are popular among new parents, the whole point is in the high quality of the manufacture of diapers: soft and hypoallergenic bamboo fiber was used to create them, it is found in the fabric and in the filler, and in the latter case, urinary retention occurs as efficiently and safely as possible – its components do not decompose and do not cause irritation. Urine and feces adsorb different components of the filler, mixed together.

Doremi diapers are soft, they fit snugly to the baby's body both on the legs and on the back. The correct choice of the size will provide the child with comfort during sleep and wakefulness, the skin will be healthy.


  • Snug fit;
  • Thin diapers for newborns;
  • Feces and urine adsorbents;
  • Natural materials.


  • Small size range;
  • Not the most harmonious filler, crumpled.


Rating: 4.6


Completing the rating of manufacturers of disposable Japanese diapers Goo.N – a brand that offers products of the 'Standard', 'Lux' and 'Premium' classes at affordable prices – this is the main feature that distinguishes Goo.N diapers from analogues of products of other brands. The products absorb perfectly, they are soft and comfortable, but the series still differ in quality: for the manufacture of all natural cotton is used, but its quality in the 'Standard' series is slightly lower than in premium and luxury ones, budget models may not have fun coloring.

Premium Goo.N diapers are especially soft and thin, very comfortable for babies from birth, they do not cause irritation, reliably retain loose stools and moisture.

The line of the manufacturer includes diapers for babies from birth, panties for boys and girls. All of them are a little undersized, so the stock should be chosen in the direction of a larger size by 3-4 kg.


  • A wide range of diapers and panties of different quality;
  • Soft and tight-fitting products for babies of any size;
  • Affordable prices for Japanese products.


  • Diapers and panties are too small;
  • They absorb relatively little.

Best Reusable Japanese Diapers

Reusable diapers are just coming into use, their distribution, in particular, was facilitated by practical Japanese, offering young parents very soft and comfortable panties with fasteners.

Baby ikawa

Rating: 4.9

Baby ikawa

The only representative in the rating from the manufacturers of reusable Baby ikawa diapers. The range of products includes 2 main sizes: standard diapers for babies from birth and older, and reduced diapers for premature or small babies. Inside there is a pocket for the absorbent liner, which can be bamboo, microfiber (disposable) or charcoal bamboo. The insert can be placed both above the pocket and inside it, depending on the motor activity of the baby.

The colors of Baby ikawa diapers are bright and durable, despite frequent washing, they do not fade and retain colors for a long time, do not cause allergies, they are made of cotton with polyester fibers.

The average price is 200 rubles.


  • Skin breathes; Ideal
  • new absorption (depends on the type of insert);
  • Bright colors that preserve colors;
  • Optimal price;
  • 2 universal sizes to match the mesh.


  • The need for regular washing.
  • Frequent replacement required.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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