10 best manufacturers of bedding for newborns

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Choosing the first bedding for a newborn baby is a serious task. Parents cannot let their child sleep on uncomfortable, unsafe material. Besides these factors, product design is also important. Children's rooms are often kept in the same style, and bedding should also fit there. Sets from different manufacturers may differ in size, color, equipment, but the most important feature is the fabric used. In order to understand which material the newborn will sleep on more comfortably, which material he may be allergic to, and which one will retain the color longer, you need to find out the characteristics of each of them.

  1. Cotton. Natural raw materials from which the most popular material is made is cotton yarn. Cotton is considered the most popular among buyers. This is justified by the low cost and high reliability. It does not stick to the baby's body, adapts to the ambient temperature and is easy to clean.
  2. Calico is one of the varieties of cotton thread plexus, which is in second place in popularity. Sufficiently hard and at the same time very resistant to numerous washes. Cons: hard to iron.
  3. Chintz is a fabric made using a special technology from natural cotton. It is also found in the manufacture of underwear for newborns. Chintz is safe for a child, is relatively inexpensive, but will not last long.
  4. Bamboo fiber is a modern material that is in high demand. 100% safe for the baby, adjusts to the temperature regime, lasts a long time. The increased softness ensures a comfortable sleep for the baby. The cost is higher than previous fabrics.

Do not forget that the first year of a child's life is accompanied by a huge number of washings, including bed linen. Experts advise purchasing kits made of high-strength material that will withstand this mode of use. At the same time, the fabric must be soft and delicate to the touch. Psychologists recommend paying attention to the color of the linen. It has been proven that it can influence the behavior of the baby. For active children, it is better to choose a light blue color, and for calm ones – rich orange and green colors.

Rating of the best manufacturers of bedding for newborns

Nomination a place Manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of bedding for newborns 1 MONA LIZA 5.0
2 Amarobaby 4.9
3 Perina 4.8
4 Bebe luvicci 4.7
5 Sleepy gnome 4.6
6 Fairy 4.5
7 KIDBOO 4.4
8 Golden goose 4.3
9 Splyusha 4.2
10 Letto 4.1


Rating: 5.0


The well-known company MONA LIZA has become the leader among the best manufacturers of bed linen for newborns. It has been considered one of the most progressive and modern for almost 20 years. The company belongs to the largest sewing association in Europe and deserves the attention of buyers with the highest quality products. She has won more than once in the nominations 'Best Trademark of the Year', 'Golden Trademark of Russia'. MONA LIZA is known for its up-to-date approach to the development and manufacture of products and is not inferior in quality and reliability to its European competitors.

As many as 14 collections of lingerie are presented on the market by this brand. Of these, the children's line takes a special place. It is respected by customers for its high safety, the use of the most proven materials, a large selection and affordable prices. Parents love the beautiful prints on the toddler bedding sets. Children feel comfortable with a 100% cotton sheet. The assortment consists of bright colors: 'Bunny in the meadow' in pink for a girl, lilac 'Bunny-gnome' and others. In addition to the standard set of pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers, the set often includes a soft fleece blanket.

Parents of newborns often purchase bedding sets from the MONA LIZA brand. From their reviews it becomes clear that the products have many advantages: affordable price, beautiful colors, good choice, color retention of the fabric after washing.


Rating: 4.9


The silver medalist is a relatively young company of Russian origin. Her products are gaining momentum in sales so quickly due to the use of modern technologies and the use of good fabrics. The company claims that all linens are of high quality Italian quality. At the same time, she tries to keep prices affordable for the population. Production staff carefully control each stage. Before entering the store, Amarobaby bedding is tested by a group of independent moms. Only with a positive assessment it goes on sale.

Any product design is developed based on the ideas of Italian technologists. As an image on linen, they most often use bright drawings that will appeal to modern mothers: owlets, giraffes, cats and other cute animals. One of the most popular sets is made in a mint shade and has an ice cream print.

If we talk about fabrics, then most often the company uses 100% hypoallergenic cotton. Such sets do not fade even after multiple washes. Advantages in the opinion of buyers are reasonable prices, current fashionable colors, good materials that can withstand frequent washing and ironing.


Rating: 4.8


We give the third line to the Russian company Perina, which has been offering its products on the market for 15 years already. She presents high comfort bedding for children. When creating sets, special attention is paid to the convenience of the baby. Experts do not forget about the main purpose of their products – to ensure a restful sleep for the newborn. Therefore, the brand's underwear is always very soft to the touch; only safe fabrics are used in its production. The cot looks perfect with any of the Perina sets.

The company applies innovative production methods. For example, the dyeing of the material occurs in a reactive way, which ensures the color stability over a long time. The manufacturer chose satin and satin-premium TC300 with a silk effect as fabrics. Such underwear looks very aesthetically pleasing: it has a beautiful shine and special smoothness. The design of the products is unusual. Silk ribbons, beautiful applique and even embroidery – the result is bed linen for real princesses and princes.

Among the assortment you can find both standard configurations (pillowcase, duvet cover and sheet) and enlarged ones. They include an elegant canopy, soft bumper in the crib, pillow and blanket. Buyers praise the sheet in sets, as it has an elastic band and does not roll when the baby moves. Among the advantages there are modern technologies for applying color, good materials, and expanded equipment. No cons were identified.

Bebe luvicci

Rating: 4.7

Bebe luvicci

The honorable fourth place is occupied by the leading Turkish textile brand Bebe Luvicci. The company has been selling its products on the market for a long time – over 30 years. On the store shelf, her kits always stand out favorably. The assortment includes dozens of types of bed linen, bed canopies and complete sets. The latter consist of a pillow, a 4-piece bumper, a blanket and a standard set of linen. The firm makes a sheet with an elastic band for the greater convenience of the baby and parents.

The cost of products from Bebe Luvicci is quite high. This is justified by the fact that all linen is made from high quality bamboo fiber. It is a modern material appreciated by many parents. It ensures a normal body temperature in different seasons. In winter – it is able to warm, in summer – to give coolness. High strength is also inherent in this fabric. Bamboo is valuable for its excellent absorbency, good evaporation and antibacterial effect. Making a choice in favor of this company, parents do not have to worry about the baby's delicate skin.

Buyers express a positive opinion after purchasing the manufacturer's products. They love the delicate, sophisticated look that fits perfectly into the nursery. The pluses include sheets with elastic bands, complete sets with a pillow and a blanket, the company has international quality certificates.

Sleepy gnome

Rating: 4.6

Sleepy gnome

The Sleepy Gnome company, popular in our country, was founded 12 years ago. It was created by an ordinary mother. Parents love all of the company's products because they have all been tested by children. This approach to production allows the brand to offer customers truly high-quality and convenient products. The assortment includes dozens of beautiful sets for newborn cribs. Soft bumpers-pillows protect the child from unwanted injuries. The company offers bed linen from different fabrics, with any colors and sizes.

Particularly noteworthy are the sets created specifically for round beds. They include 4 to 7 items. The largest sets include 10 bumpers with removable covers, pillow, canopy, duvet and bedding. For production, 100% cotton imported from Europe is used. Separately, the category of children's satin sets is highlighted. Only selected material that is safe for the baby is used for manufacturing. The colors boggle the imagination: gentle calm tones go well with animal prints and images of cute characters.

Parents pay attention to the acceptable cost of products. Positive reviews say a lot. The manufacturer tries hard for its customers, and this is noticeable when using bed linen. Newborns feel relaxed and their skin is not irritated.


Rating: 4.5


The honorary sixth line is occupied by another Russian manufacturer, which belongs to the Votkinsk Industrial Company, created back in 1941. The Feya trademark specializes in the manufacture of high-quality home textiles, which include baby bedding. The company's products look quite nice, they are dominated by light calm shades that do not irritate the eyes of newborns. Especially for the convenience and comfort of the baby, natural soft materials are used. The cost of products is average.

On the market you can find bedding sets from 'Fairy' in the amount of 3 to 7 items. For girls, pink sets with bows have been developed, for boys you can look after underwear in universal shades: green, blue, yellow. Among the colors, there are also quite bright patterns; they are recommended to be purchased for calm children. Kids are happy to look at funny pictures on the sides. Soft side pads will protect the baby in the crib. Fitted sheets have long been loved by the parents of babies. It is very convenient and practical. The manufacturer uses 100% cotton from the materials. Product care is standard – wash at 40 degrees.

In the reviews, you can find information that the original color of the linen remains long enough. This is a plus for parents of newborns, since they have to wash almost daily.


Rating: 4.4


The KIDBOO brand has been on the market for many years. The company started its activity in Turkey 30 years ago. Now it is one of the most popular textile manufacturers in Russia and other countries. In the assortment you can find various children's textile accessories: canopies, blankets, towels, bibs and bed linen. Crib sets are in high demand. For their manufacture, fabrics that are soft to the touch are used, which are hypoallergenic, safe and durable. The manufacturer thinks about newborns, therefore, takes into account the sensitivity of their skin when creating their products.

The design of the kits is pleasing to the eye. A mix of different colors, contrast of calm and bright shades looks beautiful in a baby cot. For babies, you can choose underwear with patterns, geometry, appliqués and images of animals. In addition to the standard sets of 3 items, the buyer will find an additional decorative pillowcase. Large sets consist of a canopy, linen, blanket, bumpers (4 parts) and a comfortable pillow.

Customers are satisfied with the quality, appearance and reliability of KIDBOO products. Crib sets are in demand as a gift for young parents. It is easy to choose the desired color scheme from the assortment, which will be beautifully combined with the interior of the nursery.

Golden goose

Rating: 4.3

Golden goose

Products of the manufacturer 'Golden Goose' are in demand among modern parents. The company has a large base of its own equipment, a wide staff of good specialists who carefully control every stage from development to manufacture of products. The company pays close attention to the selection of fabrics for the production of bedding for newborns. The choice is made in favor of safe, environmentally friendly and natural materials. Customers can view the entire product catalog in the company's online store.

The crib sets from the “Golden Goose” firm consist of 6-18 items. Such large sets are rarely found in other manufacturers. These include quilts, decorative ribbons, a bead of 12 soft pillows, sometimes in animal shape, a pillow and linen. The latter is made from quality 100% cotton. A beautiful drawing is applied to it. It can be a pattern, an image of cute animals or heroes of popular cartoons. A newborn feels comfortable in a crib with this manufacturer's linen. This is facilitated by pleasant, relaxing shades, a soft surface and good ventilation of the fabric.

Parents speak well of the company, counting among the pluses reasonable prices, fabrics pleasant to the touch, an excellent assortment of different styles in which the products are made.


Rating: 4.2


The Russian brand 'Splyusha' has been on store shelves for over six years. She has serious awards that have been received for prizes at various exhibitions. The company's home textiles are appreciated by buyers for their excellent quality and beautiful design. The assortment consists of 1000 items, among which parents can easily find suitable bedding for their newborn baby. In cribs, the kits look beautiful and the child feels comfortable.

Bed linen 'Splyusha' is sewn from satin. This material does not electrify and is good for air flow. Therefore, the newborn's skin is not irritated by contact with tissue. All drawings and prints are applied to linen using modern digital printing technology. She perfectly conveys all the shades exactly as the designers intended. The manufacturer guarantees about a hundred washes with preservation of the original color.

When a buyer is looking for a gift for young parents, he can choose a set of bed linen from this brand and make no mistake, since all products are placed in a beautiful gift box. The cost is quite standard. In the reviews, among the pluses, they note the ideal seams of products, a durable color that does not change from a large number of washes. The parents are completely satisfied with the quality.


Rating: 4.1


We give the tenth line to the Letto company, which has been offering goods on the textile market since 2006. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of the quality of its products, which can be called impeccable. Customer feedback on products can confirm this. The assortment includes bed linen created with the help of European design studios. The appearance of the kits looks good in children's rooms. Newborns like bright beautiful patterns, and parents are calm for the safety of the baby, since all goods are manufactured in accordance with GOST requirements.

Employees of the company monitor the quality of stitches, the production process of linen, which gives finished products of excellent quality. In product design, the company always follows the latest trends of the season. For example, owls are in high demand among parents. They love how these cute creatures look on their little ones' bedding. Girls choose sets with pink stars, hearts, and boys choose multicolored trains, helicopters and more. The bed sheet, pillowcase, and duvet cover are usually identical in color.

The cost of the three piece sets is very low. If you look at the children's textile market, you can realize that all the company's products are much cheaper than the average cost. Letto uses satin in its products. After numerous washes, the colors look as they were originally. But you need to follow the recommendations on the label. Parents consider the advantages of linen from this manufacturer to be affordability, acceptable quality, interesting colors.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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