The best embroidery kits according to customer reviews

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Embroidery is a popular hobby even today, and for some people it is a professional occupation. Many young girls are fond of it. If you want to do this for more than just fun, then you should choose the right embroidery kits. With their help, masterpieces are obtained that are presented to friends, put up for sale or kept as a keepsake.

Rating of the best embroidery kits

Nomination A place Manufacturer
The best cross stitch kits 1 Janlynn
2 Lanarte
3 Alice
4 Riolis
5 Miraculous Needle
The best kits for embroidery with beads 1 Mistress
2 Riolis
The best mixed media embroidery kits 1 Panna
2 Dimensions

Embroidery kit. Which company should you choose?

Such things today fall into the plane of professional tools for work, so whole companies specialize in the production of embroidery kits. They differ in the quality of fabrics, beads and threads, precision in the execution of tools and patterns.


The Riolis company is a popular manufacturer of goods and accessories for cross stitching and beading. She offers a variety of subjects, clear color schemes, quality needles.

The Golden Fleece

The Zolotoe Fleece trademark is well known among embroidery lovers, using quality materials in production. This applies to threads, canvas, hoops, needles and crochet hooks – all of which are made on a level and available for purchase in stores and online.


Experienced craftswomen want to embroider beautiful panels, and for this you should pay attention to the products of Dimensions. She has been making sets for 30 years and offers beautiful subjects.

Marya the Mistress

The Russian company has been operating for 15 years and offers inexpensive sets. It offers pre-marked ribbons and canvas for easy understanding, and supplies. Nizhny Novgorod products are attracted primarily by their affordable cost.

In addition, the products of brands such as DMC, Anchor, Dome, Panna, Vervaco and others are popular.

The best cross stitch kits

Such kits help to quickly master the art of cross stitching, thanks to clear diagrams. If you follow the instructions, you can avoid common mistakes and create beautiful things.


Rating: 4.9


This brand has existed since 1979 and specializes in the design and production of patterns and materials for embroidery. The company offers original products appreciated by experienced embroiderers. The staff has 130 employees who are actively involved in improving technology and developing new stories.

Over time, many embroiderers switch to the products of this brand. They are not so easy to find in stores, so it is more profitable to order them online. There are some difficulties with string sorting and reading black and white diagrams, but this can be dealt with quickly.


  • high quality fittings;

  • pictures of a professional level;

  • variety of design plots;


  • not recommended for beginners due to the difficulty of reading diagrams.


Rating: 4.8


Products of the Lanarte brand are presented in a wide variety, so choosing a plot and tools for yourself will not be a problem. The company offers products for both beginners and experienced craftsmen. They use threads of a well-known brand – DMC, so they do not get shaggy and even withstand washing.

Paintings from Lanarte sets are bright and colorful, as if painted with paints. This result is achieved at the expense of content, but the main problem is cost, especially for novice embroiderers.


  • quality of materials;

  • decent equipment;

  • convenient and bright schemes;


  • high cost compared to analogues.


Rating: 4.7

Alice Sets

The Alisa company is a Russian brand that is not inferior in quality to foreign analogues. Buyers are offered a full set of threads, canvas, needles and other things that are needed to create paintings. Among the variety of subjects, children's motives, landscapes, animals and so on prevail.

The products of the Alisa company are aimed at a wide range of embroiderers. They are available at low prices, but choose your thread and canvas carefully because their quality is low compared to other kits.


  • attractive and varied plots;

  • low cost;

  • understandable even for a beginner schemes;


  • average quality of threads and other materials.


Rating: 4.6


The Riolis brand is the market leader. It offers the best embroidery kits. It is chosen by those looking for a balanced combination of price and quality. A distinctive feature is the variety of products, both threads, frames and canvas, and directly subjects – icons, flowers and plants, cityscapes and so on.

The products of this brand will help to diversify the art of embroidery. Thanks to the woolen threads, the paintings look lively and bright. But it takes some experience due to the large number of colors and threads.


  • variety of plots;

  • attractive look of finished paintings;

  • high-quality threads, precisely matched in quantity;

  • clear schemes and pleasant colors;


  • experience is required to correctly sort the threads according to the scheme.

Miraculous Needle

Rating: 4.6

Miraculous Needle

The company 'Wonderful Needle' relies on the design of sets and offered paintings, so they will be of interest to those who want to diversify their creativity. If you want to move away from the same type of schemes, then the assortment of this manufacturer includes many unique models. Such paintings then become interior decoration, they are presented to friends and acquaintances, and put up for sale.

Quite good paintings 'Wonderful Needle' differ in quality and affordable cost. If you understand the scheme and the number of threads, you will create attractive paintings with subjects ranging from simple landscapes to erotic motives.


  • beautiful and varied drawings;

  • easy-to-read diagrams;

  • high-quality threads and canvas;


  • a small supply of floss;

  • Cardboard floss dividers break over time.

The best kits for embroidery with beads

Beading requires perseverance and concentration, but the result is attractive. Girls master this art by creating their own crafts and paintings. There is a wide range of bead embroidery kits to choose from.


Rating: 4.8

kits for embroidery with beads Mistress

The Russian company specializes in the production of cross stitch kits and beads. The kits include canvases with an already applied pattern, so it is not difficult to weave beads. The paintings use natural linen, artificial silk, cotton floss.

This manufacturer does not offer a wide variety of plots, but if desired, sets are selected for both beginners and experienced embroiderers. The threads are conveniently sorted for a particular pattern, but it is better to have needles on hand for the job.


  • dense canvas;

  • affordable cost;

  • a wide variety of threads;

  • clear color schemes and detailed instructions;


  • it is required to select a needle for beads.


Rating: 4.7

kits for embroidery with beads Riolis

The Riolis company offers a wide range of products for needlework, primarily for embroidery with threads and beads. If you want to pick up fresh motives and instruments, then Riolis will be able to satisfy the emerging demand in full. Thanks to this, the sets of this brand are becoming in demand among needlewomen.

If your hand in embroidery with beads is already full, go to the sets of the Riolis company. It offers a wide variety of motifs, materials and easy-to-understand diagrams.


  • canvas of the German manufacturer Zweigard;

  • a sufficient number of threads;

  • sorted Czech beads;

  • clear instructions combined with an accurate diagram;


  • metal threads are difficult to work with.

The best mixed media embroidery kits

Experienced craftswomen move from simple paintings to complex compositions made in mixed media. They look bright, but at the same time attention is paid to the selection of materials for the work. This is what mixed media embroidery kits are for.


Rating: 4.9

mixed media embroidery kits Panna

The products of the Russian company Panna are recommended for experienced embroiderers. Each painting is a real work of art. This result is achieved through a combination of techniques. Embroidery with beads and threads is combined with embroidery with ribbons.

Such sets will delight with the results, because they get bright and colorful pictures, but experience is required to perform work in mixed media.


  • clear pictures with a lot of colors;

  • quality threads for embroidery and beads;

  • clear instructions with Russian-language comments;

  • dense and durable canvas;


  • a large number of details.


Rating: 4.8

Embroidery kits Dimensions

This manufacturer offers a wide range of products, including mixed media embroidery. Distinctive features are the quality of all materials, branded floss threads and so on.

If you want to create a composition in mixed media, then you should pay attention to the Dimensions sets. They are distinguished by calibrated beads, strands sorted by length and various patterns.


  • well calibrated beads and beads;

  • clear and varied schemes;

  • sorted threads in the organizer for choosing the length;

  • quality materials;


  • canvas with raw edges;

  • high price.

Which embroidery kit to buy?

  1. Problems with choosing kits for needlework do not arise in our time. You need to focus only on the level of skill, preferences and skills. The Russian manufacturer 'Alisa' offers inexpensive paintings aimed, among other things, at beginners. Also a good assortment for beginners is presented by the company 'Marya Artisan' and Lanarte.

  2. The Riolis company offers a balanced ratio of price and quality, therefore experienced craftsmen prefer this brand. The products of the Dimensions company also stand out. Experienced embroiderers and professionals who present work for sale should focus on Panna brand kits.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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