The 8 Best Lift Bed Manufacturers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Choosing a bed is not easy, because there is a huge assortment in furniture stores. It must fit into the interior, combine quality and convenience, and also fit the size of the space in which it will stand. For small apartments, the ideal option is a bed with a lifting mechanism. Such products usually involve a drawer for things, which allows you to store there not only bedding, but also other items, dispensing with dressers that clutter up the room.

Experts conducted a market analysis, examining a variety of proposals, and selected for the ranking the 8 best manufacturers of lift beds that deserve special attention.

Rating of the best manufacturers of beds with a lifting mechanism

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of beds with a lifting mechanism 1 BENARTTI 5.0
2 LONAX 4.9
3 Hilding anders 4.8
4 ASKONA 4.7
5 Оrmatek 4.6
6 Dreamline 4.5
7 'Promtex-Orient' 4.4
8 Hoff 4.3


Rating: 5.0


The founders of the Russian factory wanted European quality products at reasonable prices to appear on the domestic market. After identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, its own product matrix was formed. Beds are produced in Moscow. Warehouse and other areas are more than three thousand squares. For manufacturing, exclusively high-tech European equipment is used.

Beds come with an orthopedic base in the form of elastic slats. Chipboard and chipboard are used for manufacturing, and eco-leather, velor, micro-velor, velveteen, glasgow, jacquard are used as upholstery. Several colors are offered to choose from: white, beige, wenge or their combinations. Headboard tightening can be classic, divided into squares, rhombuses or coach. In addition to beds, the factory makes sleeping mattresses. All products undergo a three-stage control: at the stage of purchasing components, at the stage of production and checking before shipment. The products are produced in a short time, from one to three days. Delivery is carried out to all regions, and the warranty period ranges from one and a half to three years.

The model with a lifting mechanism Benartti Greta deserves special attention, available in sizes from 80 x 190 to 200 x 200 cm. The 'Greta' is made in a romantic style, so it will suit a light interior. The middle of the headboard is decorated with a drawcord. The footboard and drawers are without decor, which emphasizes the minimalism. Chipboard is used as the frame material. The depression under the mattress is 9 cm, and the clearance above the floor is 6 cm. The base is metal with wide slats. The cost starts from 26 thousand rubles.

Another factory bed is worth noting – Benartti Uta. Available in sizes from 80 x 190 to 120 x 200 cm. Like the previous one, it is made in a minimalist style and offers a variety of upholstery. The interior looks like a cozy sofa. The height of the back is 85 cm, the indentation for the mattress and the clearance above the floor is 6 cm. Made of high quality chipboard. Equipped with an orthopedic lattice with lamellas. The lifting mechanism is smooth, which allows you not to apply much effort. The cost starts from 18 thousand rubles.


Rating: 4.9


The company has been a leader in the domestic furniture market for more than six years, offering customers a wide range of goods that are distinguished by quality and convenience. Manufacturing moved to Turkey to reduce the cost of goods. The brand produces comfortable mattresses, as well as beds at an affordable cost. There are premium lines designed for people with increased design requirements. Products are produced on high-quality German equipment using modern technologies. Before the sale, goods undergo quality control: they are checked in a test laboratory, after which they are examined for compliance with the technical norms and regulations established by law. Thorough preparation and analysis allow us to guarantee compliance with GOST, as well as meet modern ideas about the comfort of beds.

Working closely with European suppliers, Vita baltik and Bekaert Textilies Group, the company buys high-quality components, which affects the end result – the consumer receives a reliable product that will last more than one year. An important factor attracting buyers is the regular holding of promotions, and discounts and gifts upon purchase serve as an additional pleasant bonus.

Of the bed lines, the 'Venice' model with a lifting mechanism N 800 or N 1000 should be distinguished. The frame of the product is made of EGGER laminated chipboard, which can withstand heavy loads. The orthopedic lattice with wide slats makes it possible, with the right mattress selection, to sleep a healthy sleep. Eco leather 'standard' is used as upholstery material. Installed Italian fittings. The color of the upholstery is selected individually. Back restraint – carriage with buttons. Geometric shapes and minimalistic style will harmoniously fit the bed into any interior. The company provides a three-year warranty. The bed will be made and delivered within seven days. Price – 33 thousand rubles.

Hilding anders

Rating: 4.8

Hilding anders

The first Scandinavian brand is available to Russian consumers as well. Its history began eighty years ago, in the city of Bjornum. Since then, not only Europeans, but also residents of other parts of the world can sleep soundly and soundly on beds and mattresses created by Hilding Anders. The concern unites several companies that are based on the latest world developments in their production. Thirty largest factories are located in twenty countries in Europe and Asia, and retail chains in fifty-six countries. The brand produces more than eight million beds and mattresses annually. The products are made with the famous Scandinavian precision and respect for people and the environment. Beds and mattresses under the Hilding Anders brand are reliable and safe. The sleeping systems of Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland entered the domestic market in 2012, immediately falling in love with people. They are produced at a Russian plant.

Hilding has its own research laboratory, SleepLab, located in Switzerland. The staff of somnologists, process engineers and designers work every day for the benefit of people, improving designs. In addition to innovation, the laboratory deals with quality control. Products are tested according to four parameters: hygiene, ergonomics, durability, climate. Medical experts, physiotherapists and professional testers are involved in the work. Specially created test complexes allow you to study each characteristic to the smallest detail in order to understand how it will act in certain conditions, and which group is more suitable.

We recommend taking a closer look at the Hilding Rossini model with a linen drawer and a Hilding Expanded lifting mechanism. The bed combines modern materials and classic shapes. No decor. Suitable for most of both classic and modern interiors. Supplied with a base with flexible elastic blades. The headboard is 117 cm high and 6 and 16 cm thick at the base. Straight drawers 29 cm high. A spacious linen drawer will serve as an excellent place to store bedding, blankets, towels and more. The price is relatively high – 41 thousand rubles.


Rating: 4.7


The famous Swedish concern has long been loved by Russian buyers, having won confidence in the quality of its products and a professional approach to manufacturing. Production is located in Russia, so the cost of products is democratic. Strict multi-stage quality control carried out in the laboratory guarantees consumers a reliable service of the purchased goods. The wide assortment makes it possible to choose from a variety of options, choosing the one suitable for any individual requirements and for different interiors. Beds are made of furniture plywood, chipboard, and most often they are finished with eco-leather. Customers are satisfied with the beds, which can be seen from the many positive reviews. The structures do not loosen over the years and can withstand many years of operation. The bases are solid, the headboards do not come loose and the parts do not break. Capacious boxes allow you to store a large number of things. The lifting mechanisms work smoothly and quietly.

Pay attention to the ASKONA Grace model. For upholstery, you can use one of fifty-six eco-leather colors. The double bed 'Grace' is equipped with a reliable lifting mechanism with gas shock absorbers and a linen box, 11 cm deep. When lifted, the mattress is held by special stoppers at the head. Despite the unconventional backrest design, it will fit into the classic interior. The headboard is rounded and decorated with a tie and buttons. The model was made from environmentally friendly materials – MDF, chipboard. It is completed with an orthopedic lattice with birch lamellas. The height of the opening from the floor is 8 cm, and the total is 108 cm; headboard thickness – 7 cm. The bed is available in sizes: 140 x 200, 160 x 200, 180 x 200 cm. The price is above average – 34 thousand rubles.

It is worth taking a closer look at another model – ASKONA Sandra. For its upholstery, eco-leather of the second and third categories is available in fifty-five colors. Double bed, with a headboard pulled in large squares with buttons. Suitable for both modern and classic interiors. The orthopedic base is connected to a lifting mechanism. The linen box is included in the price of the product. Available in sizes: 140 x 200, 160 x 200, 180 x 200 cm.


Rating: 4.6


The Russian company has extensive experience in the production of sleep products. For more than sixteen years the company has been producing beds and mattresses. During this time Ormatek has won the loyalty of consumers – people come here for products more than once. Today the brand occupies one of the leading positions in the furniture market. The products are of high quality and comfort. For production, use environmentally friendly natural or artificial materials, which are accompanied by the necessary certificates. Finished furniture undergoes control before entering the stores. Models with a lifting mechanism are most in demand, as they are suitable for small rooms. Ormatek has a lot of such beds: there are both budget and premium lines. They are made of laminated chipboard, due to which they are distinguished by their strength and lightness. Users speak positively about the company's beds.

Particularly noteworthy is the Robert model, available in various colors to choose from and in sizes from 160 x 200 to 200 x 200 cm. The thoughtful, neat design and functional content captivate. The bed is not overloaded with details and decor, so it fits perfectly into most interior solutions. The nobleness of the product is added by the edging as a decoration of the headboard and soft upholstery, pleasant to the touch. The material will last a long time if the operating rules are followed. It is convenient to lean on the back while in a sitting position. The sharp corners are hidden to ensure safety. The orthopedic base has elastic birch lamellas. One berth can carry up to 120 kg. Under the base there is a linen drawer where you can store a variety of items for which there was no room in the closets. The body is made of chipboard, and the middle side, which provides additional rigidity, is made of laminated chipboard 16 mm thick. The legs are equipped with plastic pads to protect the flooring from damage. The product has a two-year warranty. The price is acceptable – 24 thousand rubles.


Rating: 4.5


The group of companies occupies one of the leading positions among bed manufacturers. Warehouse and other areas are over seven thousand squares and are located in several cities of Russia. Thanks to this, delivery is carried out in a short time throughout the country. The brand is focused on the production of high quality products. To achieve this goal, the company fine-tuned the manufacturing process to the smallest detail. The quality is constantly monitored. Careful collection and analysis of information helps to meet the needs of buyers without deceiving their expectations. The production part is undergoing frequent modernization, replenished with new machines and other professional equipment from leading world companies. The vast experience accumulated by the employees over eleven years of work makes Dreamline the most advanced company in the production of beds and mattresses on the domestic market. Over the entire period of its existence, more than three million people have become clients.

We recommend taking a closer look at the Dreamline EveRest Cube model with a lifting mechanism. Available in sizes from 80 x 190 to 180 x 200 cm. Choose from solid beech (8 veneer colors), solid ash (15 veneer colors) and solid patina in four colors. The bed is made of valuable soft-leaved wood and features an expressive saw cut pattern. Everest Cube does not have a headboard, so you can place the product against any wall or put it in the middle of the room without pushing it anywhere. Supplied with a large linen drawer divided into two parts for easy storage. It has a depth of 24 cm. The reliable orthopedic base is equipped with birch lamellas, and the lifting mechanism is equipped with a smooth-running design. The model stands on drawers, not on legs, which prevents dust accumulation. One berth can carry up to 200 kg. The bed will be made within ten days. The mattress is recessed by 5 cm. The manufacturer recommends a 15 cm mattress for the bed.


Rating: 4.4


Despite the fact that the main activity of the company is the manufacture of mattresses for sleeping, the beds 'Promtex-Orient' are also in demand among customers. The factory is located in Moscow, and warehouses are located in several regions of Russia, so delivery is carried out in a short time. The company offers a wide range of beds for every taste, from budget to premium models. Products are made of laminated chipboard and are usually upholstered with eco-leather. There are many variants in the line with a lifting mechanism, which expands the functionality. Beds can be of any size, even custom size.

Particularly popular is the 'Becky' model, available in sizes from 80 x 200 to 200 x 200 cm. The headboard is made of thick birch plywood and fiberboard, and the drawers are made of chipboard. Covered in high quality eco-leather (categories to choose from). Classic screed – wide squares. There are also holofiber, polyurethane foam, spunbond and synthetic winterizer from materials. The drawers have removable covers, fastened with Velcro, so they can be removed and washed if necessary. In addition to the standard colors and textures, additional options are available to match the upholstery to the interior. The bed is supplied complete with an orthopedic lattice equipped with wide elastic slats to properly support the sleeper. The lifting mechanism is purchased separately. Budget price – 18 thousand rubles.


Rating: 4.3


The Russian company is a huge hypermarket chain, the only one in our country. The company develops every year, finding new solutions, following the latest fashion trends and applying the latest technologies. Sleeping furniture is one of the main areas of work. These products are in the greatest demand. Hoff creates comfortable beds that provide maximum comfort during your stay. There are many models in the line that differ in construction, shape, design, color and other parameters, but one thing is invariably high quality. A wide assortment allows you to choose furniture for every taste and budget.

One of the best is the Katja lift bed. It is functional and stylish. The drawers are upholstered in leather. The model is available in the size 160 x 200 cm. The base with wide birch slats is durable. One berth can carry up to 200 kg. Under the orthopedic lattice, there are convenient spacious boxes for storing bed linen and other things. The lifting mechanism works quietly and smoothly. There are chromed metal legs. True, the bed is quite expensive – 100 thousand rubles.

Pay attention to one more model – 'Boleno'. Made of chipboard. The upholstered bed has a stretched headboard and a sturdy frame that can withstand heavy loads, thanks to which it will last for many years. The depression under the mattress is 5 cm, the height of the legs is 10 cm. The product will perfectly fit into any interior. The colors can be chosen based on individual preferences. The upholstery used is artificial leather, which has a pattern that is as similar as possible to that of natural. Artificial leather is elastic, waterproof, hygienic and durable. The bed is delivered with an orthopedic lattice, a lifting mechanism and a linen box. The manufacturer indicates a ten-year service life, but only gives a warranty for eighteen months. The acceptable price of 15 thousand rubles refers to the absolute advantages of the model.

It is also impossible to ignore the 'Bruno' model, made according to all the canons of modern classics. Laconic forms and a minimum amount of decorative details make this piece of furniture the main element of the furnishings. The frame is made of chipboard. The base is orthopedic, with birch lamellas. One berth can carry up to 120 kg. Here, chocolate-colored velor upholstery is used, which reliably hides sharp corners and edges, so you cannot hit or injure yourself on the bed. The lifting mechanism is easy to use. The set includes a box for bed linen and storage. The model can be ordered in any size. The cost is above average – 42 thousand rubles.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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