Rating of the best overlocks, carpetlocks and sewing machines

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Regardless of whether you are engaged in sewing professionally, have made a source of the main income from this hobby, or you like to do needlework at an amateur level, a high-quality and reliable device that will help everyone to perform many related sewing operations. Their role is almost always played by overlocks and other devices with similar functionality – coverlocks and cover sewing machines. For a long time, these devices were the lot of professionals, but thanks to our today's rating, such devices are becoming available to everyone.

Sewing equipment of which company to choose


A company that can be considered Japanese, with many branches and manufacturing facilities around the world. According to legend, it was founded by two brothers in 1908 (hence the name). Engaged in the production of industrial equipment, household appliances and other complex devices. The main office is located in the city of Nagoya.

Baby lock

Japanese manufacturer of sewing machines and equipment for professional and amateur use. The products are distinguished by high quality workmanship, democratic prices and stylish design.


The leader of the sewing equipment market, originally from Japan, like both previous vendors. She has been working in this field since the twenties of the last century and has managed to achieve considerable success since then. The main achievement is the world's first home sewing machine with an electronic processing algorithm. This novelty appeared in the seventies of the last century.


A well-known manufacturer of sewing equipment from Switzerland. The head office is located in this particular country, and the main industries are 'scattered' around the world.


Consortium of sewing equipment manufacturers, which includes several small firms operating under a single brand. The headquarters of the organizations that make up the association are located in the capital of Japan – Tokyo.

Rating of the best overlocks, carpetlocks and sewing machines

In compiling this rating, we took into account a huge number of various factors, from the functionality and performance of a particular device to the reliability and user reviews. An important role was played by such a moment as the prestige of the brand – the more popular and 'promoted' the manufacturer – the higher it is valued in the eyes of the consumer.

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best overlocks 1 Brother 4234D RUB 24 650
2 BERNINA 1300MDC RUB 73,500
Rating of the best carpetlovers 1 BABYLOCK EVOLUTION BLE8W-2 RUB 98,000
2 JUKI MO-735 RUB 26 800
Rating of the best cover sewing machines 1 JANOME COVERPRO 1000CP (COVERPRO II) RUB 17,740

Rating of the best overlocks

An overlocker is a device for finishing the edges and seams of a finished product. The overlock seam not only protects the edges from puffing, but also provides an aesthetic appearance.

Brother 4234D

Rating: 4.8

Brother 4234D

An overlock that is popular with home embroidery lovers. Powerful and compact, it can sew up to 1,500 stitches per minute with just 70 watts of electricity. A compact LED lamp is used to illuminate the operating panel. The undoubted advantage of this overlock is its compact size and low weight, as well as relative noiselessness – the device works very quietly.


  • Compact size, light weight;

  • Low power consumption;

  • Automated material feeding and compatibility with various types of fabrics;

  • LED illumination of the working surface;

  • Relatively quiet operation;

  • Great functionality;


  • Minimum power;

  • Lack of indicators and information panel;

  • Indistinct thread holder design;


Rating: 4.7

Overlocker BERNINA 1300MDC

A model that the manufacturer considers to be a semi-professional level. The overlocker allows you to perform up to 24 different operations for overcasting the edges of clothes, adjust the length and pitch of the seam, as well as perform many other manipulations of a similar nature. A monochrome display is used as an indicator of the status of the overlock, which displays comprehensive information about the status of the device. At the same time, the overlock is distinguished by simple and convenient control: even a beginner can cope with its functionality.


  • Compact dimensions;

  • Extreme simplicity and ease of use;

  • Overlock status display on the display;

  • Adjustment of stitch width and length;

  • Excellent functionality – more than 20 operations;

  • High power;


  • Short power cord;

  • Relative exclusivity, unavailability for sale;

  • High price;

Rating of the best carpetlovers

Quite often, buyers cast their votes in favor of universal devices that have extensive functionality. In our case, these are carpetlocks – gadgets that 'know' everything that both good overlocks and unfolding machines are famous for.


Rating: 4.8


A model that many users consider professional. The highest build quality, a huge amount of functionality, more than fifty different operations, convenient and ergonomic control of the carpetlock, as well as many other advantages, bring this device to a completely different level. The stability of this model is also at its best: the manufacturer has carefully provided special suction cups that additionally fix the carpet block on a slippery surface. The 'machine' is compatible with almost any material and allows the use of all types of thread without exception.


  • Compact dimensions and weight;

  • Additional stability due to the suction cups at the bottom;

  • Clear and high-contrast display;

  • Convenient and ergonomic control;

  • Up to fifty different operations;

  • Fully automatic operation in any mode;


  • Lack of adjustment of sewing speed;

  • The high cost of carpetlock;

  • Poor enough equipment;

  • The presence of assembly and design errors;

  • The minimum height of the presser foot and its large dimensions;


Rating: 4.7


Compact rug, which can be called democratic, and therefore suitable for a wide range of users. And, first of all, for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a carpetlock. A variety of operations performed, elegant appearance, quiet operation – all these characteristics are fully present. Convenient control of the device is provided by a soft pedal, as well as a sufficiently long cord. This machine will certainly appeal to those who prefer good and functional things in the middle price range.


  • Compact dimensions;

  • Practically silent work;

  • Advanced functionality;

  • Excellent build quality

  • A large number of operations performed;

  • Low weight;


  • High vibration;

  • Lack of delivery set for the sleeve;

  • Poor quality waste bin;

  • Low speed of work and switching routine operations;

Rating of the best cover sewing machines

By analogy with an overlock, the functionality of a cover sewing machine is almost always limited to the design of the edges of the fabric to give them the necessary strength and graceful appearance. The most advanced models provide the ability to select the type of seam, as well as its other parameters.


Rating: 4.9


This machine is completely devoid of electronic control and various bells and whistles, for which the manufacturer usually 'asks' money. Its functionality is provided with the simplest functions, with which it copes very, very well. The build quality is at the height, as well as the ergonomics of device control. The reward for such minimalism is the price – such a machine costs 10-12 thousand rubles, which means the lower price limit for these devices.


  • Small size and weight;
  • Easy to learn and operate;
  • The required minimum of operations performed;
  • A large number of additional accessories for sale;


  • Works poorly on delicate and delicate fabrics;
  • Occurrence of material gaps;
  • Not suitable for all types of threads;


Rating: 4.8

Despite the affordable price, this sewing machine is the real record holder for speed – in one minute of work it is capable of performing up to one and a half thousand stitches. In addition, the machine has excellent functionality and copes with many different tasks. The sewing machine is quite well automated: the manufacturer has carefully provided for the automatic feeding of the fabric, as well as threading and looper.



  • Small size and weight;
  • Convenient control of the cover sewing machine;
  • Ultra-fast work, up to one and a half thousand stitches in one minute;
  • Velvety, delicate move;
  • Adjusting the pretensioning force of the fabric in a fairly wide mode;


  • Skipped stitches due to running speed;
  • The thread breaks periodically;

What sewing equipment to buy

  1. Beginners who do not want to spend a lot of money and prefer to limit themselves to budget models will certainly like the MERRYLOCK COVER STITCH AUTO – a functional model, the cost of which is democratic;
  2. Advanced users of sewing equipment, the functionality of the basic models for which is clearly not enough, will surely like the Brother 4234D – a device with average valuable and excellent functionality. The JANOME COVERPRO 1000CP is an analogue of this device in the range of cover-up models.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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