Rating of the best electric brooms according to customer reviews

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

An electric broom is a device similar in effect to a conventional household broom, but with an electric drive. Its purpose is the same – collecting garbage from floor coverings. True, unlike a device made from a sorghum plant, the technical apparatus immediately collects the specks into a container and a scoop is not needed when working with it.

Electric brooms are presented on the market in different modifications, which determine the cost of the product. Our review presents devices in two price categories: budget and higher value for money.

Electric broom or vacuum cleaner?

People who are not familiar with the electric broom device believe that this is such an analogue of a vacuum cleaner. To avoid disappointment and possible mistakes when choosing, the experts of the portal are in a hurry to clarify the principle of operation of the two home 'helpers':

  1. The vacuum cleaner draws small debris and dust into the collection container, including from hard-to-reach places and carpet pile, by means of air draft. The rotating brush heads only help to pick up wool, hair and other small items.

  2. There is no traction in the electric broom. Rotating brushes collect debris. Their movement is directed towards the container, that is, the collection action is based on the usual mechanics: the bristles pick up the debris and centrifugally direct them to the collector.

  3. The vacuum cleaner works with all types of coatings, the electric broom is designed to collect debris from the surface of mostly smooth floors. It does not remove dust in full. Accordingly, the device does not replace the vacuum cleaner, but an ordinary manual broom can squeeze. It is also worth mentioning that tight spots that are difficult to reach, the wide brush does not reach when the sorghum hand tool does it easily.

  4. Electric rotating brush devices are battery operated for maximum freedom of action without being tied to an outlet.

Rating of the best electric brooms

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best inexpensive electric brooms 1 Twister sweeper 1 490 RUB.
2 Swivel sweeper 1 540 RUB.
The best electric brooms in the category 'price-quality' 1 Karcher KB 5 4,990 RUB.
2 Kitfort KT-508 2 690 RUB.
3 Bradex Sweater RUB 1,919

The best inexpensive electric brooms

In this category, we presented the most common budget models of devices. Note that their quality corresponds to a low price.

Twister sweeper

Rating: 4.7

Twister sweeper

Electric broom Twister Swiper is a wireless device for quick cleaning of smooth surfaces. Power is provided by a battery that is fully charged for up to 45 minutes of uninterrupted operation.

The peculiarity of the electric broom is a triangular brush with three rotating bristles (4000 rpm). This feature allows you to clean corners without any problems. For access to hard-to-reach places, the creators provided a handle that folds into 900. In addition, the brush rotates at 3600. The only point is that the joints in the corners between the floor and the wall do not always remain perfectly clean due to the limitation of the freedom of the rotating brushes by the frame of the triangular platform.

Users note: the Twister Sweeper electric broom is really convenient to use, it lasts for several days in a small apartment. The device is light in weight (about 2 kg), it is easy to operate with it. These advantages provided the device with the first place in the rating. The only unpleasant moment is the difficulty of cleansing the brushes from curled long hair and wool.


  • Low price from 1350 rubles;

  • Triangular brush with fast rotating bristles;

  • Includes a bristle brush and container;

  • Lightweight device;

  • Clear management, use and care.


  • It is difficult to clean hair, wool and threads wrapped around bristles.

Swivel sweeper

Rating: 4.6

Swivel sweeper

The experts awarded the second place to the Swivel Sweeper electric broom. It, like its predecessor, runs on battery power, comes with a charger and a bristle cleaner.

The working brush-nozzle is rectangular, sweeping occurs in a circular motion of the built-in bristles in the container. Thanks to the design of the working part, the cleaning of the corners between the walls and the floor is more thorough than with its predecessor. But in the corners, alas, the result is the opposite. The handle of the device bends at an angle, in this position it becomes possible to clean under cabinets, behind sofas and in other hard-to-reach places.

The Swivel Sweeper electric broom takes only the second position in the rating due to its fragile plastic. Analyzing user reviews, experts found out: the battery over time begins to get very hot and deteriorates relatively quickly, and the plastic brush tends to crack if handled carelessly. Nevertheless, the device justifies itself as a really good household helper, for which it is often bought.


  • Bendable handle;

  • Effective brush;

  • High speed of rotation of bristles;

  • Convenient container cleaning;

  • Low price from 1650 rubles.


  • Brittle plastic;

  • Lack of sale of individual components.

The best electric brooms in the category 'price-quality'

For those wishing to purchase a reliable model of an electric broom for dry cleaning, we offer more serious models that will last more than one year and fully meet expectations.

Karcher KB 5

Rating: 4.9

Karcher KB 5

German manufacturer of reliable equipment Karcher presents a device for intermediate floor cleaning. The electric broom is powered by a capacious lithium-ion battery. A full charge is enough for 1-2 weeks (judging by the reviews), depending on the area of ​​the apartment. The moveable articulation of the brush and handle allows access even into hard-to-reach places under furniture.

A feature of the Karcher KB 5 electric broom model is an innovative moving edge that sweeps. Thus, even the corners between the walls and the floor, as well as the corners of the room, are worked out. The design of the brush is thoroughly thought out, so the device easily and from the first time collects both fine debris (sand) and animal hair. The collection container is located inside the working platform and can be easily removed for cleaning. There are no problems with removing blockages from the brush.

The Karcher KB 5 electric broom gets first place in the 'price-quality' category due to its maneuverability, low weight of 1.7 kg, convenient parking position, high-quality battery and ease of use.


  • Suitable for smooth floors and carpets;

  • Maneuverability;

  • Capacious battery;

  • High-quality assembly;

  • Collecting trash in corners;

  • Quiet in operation;

  • The optimal price is from 4630.


  • It takes a long time to charge.

Kitfort KT-508

Rating: 4.8

Kitfort KT-508

Electric broom Kitfort KT-508 – Domestic product. The device copes equally well with cleaning linoleum, laminate, parquet and tiles, as well as corvolina with fine and medium pile. Collects hair and small debris up to a grain of sand. The main advantage of the model is the triangular brush, which provides access to hard-to-reach places. Corner works perfectly. The price of the electric broom in combination with the build quality is another argument in favor of the Kitfort KT-508.

The device ranks second in the ranking due to the difficulty of cleaning the brush from hair.


  • Ergonomic triangular brush;

  • Light weight;

  • Good build;

  • Powerful battery;

  • Work with all types of flooring;

  • Low price from 2690 rubles.


  • Difficulty cleaning brushes;

  • Small 0.1 liter container.

Bradex Sweater

Rating: 4.7

Bradex Sweater

The Bradex Electric Broom Sweeper is an effective device for collecting waste from carpets and smooth floors. It features a folding handle that can be bent at an angle to access remote locations. The attachment of the handle to the brush is movable, rotating by 3600.

The complete set of the device includes 2 rechargeable batteries, which eliminates the need to put the electric broom on charge – just change the power source. A full charge is enough for several hours of work, for small cleanings the battery needs to be replaced every few days.

Users have no questions about the quality of cleaning Bradex Sweeping – garbage collection is at a high level. A comb is provided to remove hair from the brush.

Doubts are raised by the thin handle – it is durable, but not quite comfortable, judging by the reviews. A small 0.1 liter container needs frequent cleaning.


  • Maneuverable wide brush 29 x 15 x 4 cm;

  • Folding handle;

  • 2 batteries included;

  • Brush cleaning comb;

  • The optimal price is from 1890 rubles.


  • Slim handle;

  • Small waste bin.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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