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Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Web surfing on a tablet is a real pleasure. Specially adapted sites show a lot of content on the screen, and those that have not received a mobile layout are still displayed in an easy-to-use form. However, the convenience of web surfing largely depends on the browser. In this article, we've compiled a list of the 5 best tablet browsers that will make your web surfing really easy.

How to choose a browser for your tablet – 5 simple tips

It would seem, what could be easier than choosing a browser for a tablet? After all, they all do an excellent job of the main task – to display web pages. However, the usability and functionality of these programs differ.

Tip 1 – Use the same browser as on your computer

Almost all modern browsers offer a very useful feature – synchronization. Passwords entered on the computer, bookmarks created, some extensions, etc. easily 'move' from one device to another. You just need to specify the account that is linked to the browser.

The synchronization function is really convenient, because it helps not to keep in memory a huge number of links, search queries, data for authorization on sites, etc.

Of the browsers present in our rating, synchronization is supported by all except Opera .

Tip 2 – Flash is not needed

Macromedia Flash, which used to be the standard for interactive content on the Internet, is slowly dying out. Almost all modern web pages use HTML5 – a more secure, faster and more user-friendly standard. Flash only survived on very old sites.

Moreover, Flash does not work well on mobile platforms. For example, browsers such as Puffin Browser or FlashFox, despite the declared support for this technology, still do not open videos or games.

Therefore, do not be upset if your favorite browser does not support Flash.

Tip 3 – Take care of free space on your tablet

The browser, like any other installed program, takes up free space in the internal memory of the tablet. Therefore, older devices with built-in storage of 8 GB or less require a lightweight web viewer like UC Browser . Familiar Chrome, Mozilla or Yandex Browser can easily grow up to 200-300 MB after installation.

Tip 4 – Check software compatibility

If you use web filtering software, the range of compatible browsers is dwindling. So, if free versions of AdGuard or Kaspersky Internet Security are installed on the tablet, only Google chrome will work fine with them.

Tip 5 – Check out additional browser features

A browser is not only a tool for browsing the Internet. Additional features make web surfing safer, easier and more enjoyable. These may include:

  1. Extension support (Mozilla Firefox , Yandex Browser);

  2. Built-in voice assistant (Yandex Browser);

  3. Built-in translator (almost all browsers in our rating);

  4. Proxy to save traffic (Google chrome );

  5. Blocking ads (Opera, UC Browser);

  6. Recommendations feed with interesting articles (Google chrome , Yandex Browser);

  7. Proxy to speed up downloads on slow Internet (Google chrome , Yandex Browser).

But it's worth remembering that an increase in the number of functions leads to an increase in the size of the application. Therefore, the most functional browsers usually take up the most space on the internal storage.

Rating of the best browsers for tablet

Nomination a place Name of product Rating
Rating of the best browsers for tablet 1 Google Chrome 5.0
2 Yandex browser 4.9
3 Mozilla Firefox 4.8
4 Opera 4.7
5 UC Browser 4.6

Google Chrome

Rating: 5.0

Google Chrome

Why first place: Support for modern web technologies, synchronization, partial extensibility.

Description: Google Chrome has become the de facto standard for mobile browsers. This is partly due to the aggressive policy of Google, which embeds it in almost all modern devices on Android as a default viewer – but rather due to its convenience, conciseness and functionality.

But the main advantage of Google Chrome is its support for the most modern web technologies. And it's not just about AJAX, HTML5 or CSS3. The mobile version of Chrome can also run web applications (like Office Online or Gmail Web App).

In addition, Google Chrome works with traffic filtering applications. For example, with the free version of the AdGuard ad blocker or the Kaspersky web filter that protects the tablet.

Also, the first place in the rating is given for a simple and concise interface, in which there is nothing superfluous – no windows, panels and menus are “eyesore” when surfing the web.


  • Concise interface and convenient control mechanics;

  • Compatible with 'external' web screens;

  • High speed of work.


  • Takes up a lot of space on the internal storage;

  • Limited additional functionality without external applications;

  • Complicated, incomprehensible work of Chrome Custom Tabs (links from applications open in a special Web-View, and not in the browser itself).

Yandex browser

Rating: 4.9

Yandex browser

Why the second place: The same Google Chrome, only with Russian-language services and voice assistant Alice.

Description: Google Chrome and Yandex Browser are based on the same engine – WebKit, so they offer similar functionality and speed. Nevertheless, the latter has a little more features and is focused on the use of the Russian-speaking audience. In particular, almost all Yandex services are integrated into it, including synchronization via Yandex.Passport, the Yandex.Zen news feed and the voice assistant Alice.

The main advantage of Yandex Browser over Google Chrome is support for third-party extensions. True, their catalog is limited. It includes LastPass, Evernote, Pocket, and additional Yandex services.

Another advantage for which the browser won the second place in the rating is the Protect protection technology. It blocks sniffing when connected to unsecured wireless networks and does not allow sites that can activate content subscriptions or download viruses to a smartphone.


  • Protect active user protection technology;

  • High speed of work;

  • One-handed user interface.


  • Overloaded, not very clear interface;

  • Few settings, even in flags;

  • High speed impact on slow tablets and devices with less than 2GB of RAM.

Mozilla Firefox

Rating: 4.8

Mozilla Firefox

Why third place: Better sync with desktop app, add-on support, but awkward interface.

Description: Mozilla Firefox is a completely open source browser that is developed by a free community of programmers. This means that it does not store confidential user information on the company's servers, which guarantees a high degree of privacy. Moreover, it has built-in Tracking Protection technology, which protects against surveillance by third-party sites (such as Google, Yandex or Facebook).

But the main advantage of the browser is support for extensions from the desktop version of Mozilla Firefox. And here there are no longer any restrictions – even put an add-on for blocking ads, at least an add-on for downloading music from one well-known social network.

And synchronization is a nice bonus. The mobile application 'exchanges' with the desktop not only saved passwords and bookmarks, but also extensions, history and quick access list.


  • Support for desktop extensions;

  • High level of confidentiality and privacy;

  • Synchronization of everything, even the quick access bar and open tabs.


  • Slow (and therefore in third place in our rating);

  • Inconvenient, overloaded interface;

  • Unusually dated design.


Rating: 4.7


Why it's good: Based on the WebKit engine (like Chrome and Yandex Browser), read mode and 'forced zoom' function.

Description: Opera is a browser for those who like to read articles on the Internet. Indeed, it is in it that the most elaborated, powerful and customizable reading mode is implemented, which removes unnecessary panels, animations and other 'visual garbage' from the pages, focusing on the text and illustrations to it.

In addition, this browser has a built-in native ad blocker. There is an application shutdown mode with the deletion of all browsing history for maximum privacy. And thanks to the 'forced zoom' feature, you can zoom in on content even on pages that don't support it. This is not the case in other browsers in the rating.

Another nice feature is a customizable quick access bar that can host dozens of sites – and still be easy to open.

But this is where the functionality of the browser is limited. Synchronization in it is only an entry level. The work speed is also pretty average.


  • Reading mode (here it is really worked out);

  • Ad blocking mode;

  • Shutdown the application with automatic cleaning of history.


  • Limited customization;

  • Inconvenient, inharmonious interface;

  • Native advertising in the news feed.

UC Browser

Rating: 4.6

UC Browser

Why It's Good: Lightweight, built-in download accelerator, ad blocker.

Description: A good browser for old or slow tablets. It takes up a minimum of space on the internal storage and in the Data section, and can save cached data to a memory card. At the same time, it works smartly, even if the entire 'RAM' is clogged or the processor leaves much to be desired.

There are not many unique features in the browser. It has a native ad blocker and built-in proxy to save traffic; download acceleration mode through multi-threaded download; support for 'Back' and 'Forward' gestures; setting image quality or even displaying sites as 'Text only'.

But he did not make it to the rating due to obsession and unnecessary features. It has a built-in quiz, for example. And he also throws out notifications every time the tablet is unlocked (and his own, not only the sites to which the user is subscribed).


  • Acceleration of downloads and work on slow connections;

  • Gesture control;

  • Built-in ad blocker.


  • Acceleration of downloads and work on slow connections;

  • Gesture control;

  • Built-in ad blocker.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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