How to choose an aquarium

If you are planning to recreate a piece of the underwater world in an apartment, then start the competent arrangement by choosing a suitable aquarium so that it fits into the interior, and the inhabitants live freely.

how to choose an aquarium

Varieties of aquariums

All the variety of aquariums is divided into two large groups. Each of which includes several types.


Type of aquariums













Aquarium selection criteria

The form

There are several variations of the shape – round, rectangular, angular. The choice depends solely on where the aquarium will stand and what shape will be appropriate in the interior.


Please examine the item carefully before purchasing. Make sure it is free of cracks, chips or scratches. The silicone with which the seams are smeared must be evenly applied without voids and unnecessary clots. The best aquarium is an airtight one, manufactured in compliance with technology.

The size

Keep track of the ratio of the aquarium and the cabinet under it. The surface of the cabinet can be larger than the aquarium installed on it. But the aquarium should not go one centimeter beyond the curbstone. Otherwise, it will be skewed and over time the aquarium will become unusable.

Choosing glass

Aquariums are made of two types of glass: acrylic and silicate. Give preference to models with acrylic glass. It has many advantages:

  1. retains heat better;
  2. easily attach additional accessories to it;
  3. breaking it is hard;
  4. traumatic.

Wall thickness

aquarium in the interior

The larger the volume of the aquarium, the thicker the walls should be.


Wall thickness

5-30 l

4 mm

30-80 l

5 mm

80-150 l

6 mm

150-220 l

8 mm

220-300 l

1 cm

Look for an aquarium where the glass ends are carefully sanded. With the help of grinding, they get rid of microcracks that are detrimental to aquariums. If you are looking for a model that is longer than 50 cm, then look for models with stiffeners. Their presence is required, otherwise the aquarium will not last long.

A properly selected aquarium will last a long time. It will be comfortable for the fish, and you will enjoy admiring the inhabitants of the underwater world.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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