9 best water jug ​​filters

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Before reaching the consumer, tap water undergoes many degrees of purification at water intakes, thorough quality control for compliance with the standards for mineral, bacteriological and other indicators. It is completely ready-to-eat and safe by all criteria. However, on the way from the water intake to the tap, there are tens of kilometers of water supply in the apartment, the state of which in most cases makes much to be desired: leaks from the soil, mineral deposits on the inner walls of the highways affect the indicators of the properties of the liquid and it needs to be cleaned again.

The only way to purify water in domestic conditions is special filters. Jugs with replaceable cartridges are much cheaper than multi-stage units, so they are preferred by most consumers.
The range of water filter jugs is wide; they are offered by different manufacturers. The experts of the portal determined which models the buyers prefer and made a rating of the most demanded products.

Rating of the best water filter jugs

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best water filter jugs of the Aquaphor company 1 Aquaphor Harry 410 RUB
2 Aquaphor Line 199 RUB
The best water filter jugs of the company 'Barrier' 1 Barrier Prize 480 RUB
2 Barrier Smart 439 r
The best water filter jugs from other manufacturers 1 Brita marella xl RUB 699
2 Brita elemaris xl RUB 975
3 Geyser griffin 220 RUB
The most advanced filter jugs 1 Xiaomi Super Filter Kettle L1 RUB 3,000
2 LAICA J454H / J457H

The best water filter jugs of the Aquaphor company

The Russian brand Aquaphor is a recognized leader in the segment of home water purifier production. Filters with an aqualen system effectively trap mineral particles, metals, bacteria that have seeped into the liquid along its route. Cartridges can be used only in tandem with special jugs, of which there are many in the Aquaphor line. But the greatest demand is for two convenient and practical models.

Aquaphor Harry

Rating: 4.8

Aquaphor Harry

'Harry' is a large cold water jug ​​with a total volume of 3.9 liters, suitable for use with filters of the type A5, B6, B7, B8. The model is distinguished by a spacious 1.9-liter funnel, capable of passing more water in a short time.

The jug is not connected to the water supply, it can be used anywhere. A wide handle and a convenient lid provide convenient maintenance of the product and its operation. The valve on the lid protects clean water from the ingress of dust and unnecessary components into the vessel, which is especially important when used on a kitchen work surface.

You can buy the Aquaphor Harry jug from 410 rubles, it is suitable for use by a family of 3-5 people.


  • Used for the manufacture of plastic of German quality;

  • Large volume of the funnel;

  • Combines with any special Aquaphor filters;

  • Designed to purify water from lead, iron, chlorine, organic matter (determined by the specifics of the cartridge used).


  • The cartridge is inserted without thread 'by eye', therefore it may not be installed tightly enough (a problem with all Aquaphor devices).

Aquaphor Line

Rating: 4.7

Aquaphor Line

The second rated pitcher with a reduced volume Aquaphor Line – its funnel holds 1.2 liters, and the total capacity is only 2.8 liters. This is a comfortable model for 1-2 people, easy to lift even when full.

The jug is made in an ergonomic case with a comfortable handle; the manufacturer offers 3 lid colors – green, orange or blue. Filters Aquaphor B16 (A100 for hard water) and A100 are suitable for it, completely removing harmful microorganisms from the water.

An inexpensive filter jug ​​can be bought for 230 rubles.


  • Small body;

  • The optimal ratio of the volumes of the receiving bowl and the jug;

  • Low price;

  • Comfortable handle.


  • There is no safety valve on the cover;

  • Compatible with only two types of Aquaphor filters.

The best water filter jugs of the company 'Barrier'

The domestic brand for the production of water purification products 'Barrier' occupies the second line of popularity among consumers. Jugs and filters offered by the manufacturer are presented in a wide range, but only 2 of the most popular models are included in the rating.

Barrier Prize

Rating: 4.9

Barrier Prize

The filter jug ​​Barrier Prize is spacious – the total volume is 2.5 liters, the funnel for water takes 1 liter. It is convenient that the filter cartridge is installed by means of a threaded connection – leaks of untreated liquid into the storage container are practically excluded. An electronic timer operating on the principle of a magnet will notify about the need to change the filter – it determines the amount of fresh water supplied and counts the number of liters, based on the resource of the cassette.

The design of the jug is ergonomic, the handle is comfortable, the price is optimal – about 490 rubles. The vessel is compatible with all special cartridges manufactured by Barrier.


  • Electronic timer for filter change;

  • Convenient jug with an ergonomic handle;

  • Threaded cartridge;

  • Optimal volume for 1-3 people;

  • Low price.


  • It is difficult to pour water when the funnel is not empty.

Barrier Smart

Rating: 4.8

Barrier Smart

This 3.3 liter filter jug ​​is equipped with a unique funnel: it is easy to pour water even when there is still water in the upper container. You can add liquid for filtration from the tap by opening half of the cover without removing it completely.

The chip of the model is the cartridge change timer, which will remind you of the need to install a new filter, which is tightly attached to the threaded funnel without the slightest leakage.

Barrier Smart Received the second place in the rating in the category of the manufacturer's pitchers due to the rather weak design in the opinion of consumers – the spout valve sometimes breaks off, which indicates insufficiently strong plastic. You can buy a jug for 390 rubles.


  • Unusual design;

  • Hinged lid for pouring water;

  • Total capacity 3.3 liters;

  • Setting the date of the cartridge change;

  • Narrow jug;

  • Compatible with all standard Barrier cassettes;

  • Threaded cartridge.


  • Flimsy plastic;

  • The flap of the funnel does not fit snugly against the lid and water often leaks when pouring.

The best water filter jugs from other manufacturers

In addition to well-known brands, filter jugs are also offered by other manufacturers. Among them are the German company Brita and the domestic Geyser.

Brita marella xl

Rating: 4.9

Brita marella xl

The German brand specializes in the production of water filtration systems, including tabletop jugs. The most interesting of them is the Brita Marella XL with a 1.5-liter funnel and a 2-liter drive, working with Maxtra cartridges, which, by the way, is included in the starter kit.

On the cover there is an indicator of the filter replacement period for easy monitoring of its condition. There is also a closing hole for water filling, the valve of which can be easily folded back by pressing the lever with a finger, so the cover does not need to be completely removed. When changing the cartridge, the parts of the jug can be washed in the dishwasher – high-quality plastic can withstand high temperatures without damaging the contour of the parts.

The body of the jug is comfortable and ergonomic, the container for storing water is transparent, and the drive and handle are available in different colors: white, gray, green, light blue, blue, beige and black. You can buy a device from 650 rubles.


  • Capacious jug and funnel;

  • Cartridge included (may be more than 1);

  • Many colors;

  • Fast filtration of water through cartridges;

  • Tight fit of the cartridge to the wall of the funnel.

  • You can pour clean water when the funnel is not yet empty;

  • Aesthetic design;

  • Easy cartridge change.


  • The high cost of replacement cartridges; \

  • Not the lowest price for a pitcher;

Brita elemaris xl

Rating: 4.8

Brita elemaris xl

The second place in the rating is taken by the Brita Elemaris XL filter jug ​​with a total volume of 3.5 liters. Only Maxtra cartridges can be used with it and can be replaced at the push of a button. The water filling cap closes automatically – a convenient spring-loaded valve. On the top there is a cartridge resource identification sensor, it displays the percentage of filter wear, then it is updated by holding the 'START' button.

Upon purchase, the user receives one or more cartridges along with the jug – their quantity should be checked with the seller. The resource of one filter is up to 150 liters, a water storage capacity of 2.2 liters provides a family of up to 4 people with tasty water without harmful impurities for a month or more.

You can buy a jug with a cartridge from 1160 rubles, which is a disadvantage of the device – it is very expensive among similar vessels.


  • Capacious storage volume and funnel;

  • Cartridge included;

  • Easy cartridge change;

  • Filter resource ID;

  • Ergonomic design in white and black;

  • Convenient valve for adding water;

  • High-quality German-made plastic.


  • High price from 1160 rubles;

  • Expensive replacement cartridges Maxtra, cost from 350 rubles.

Geyser griffin

Rating: 4.7

Geyser griffin

The Geyser Griffin, a three-liter domestically produced jug, is made in a classic modification – a traditional narrow body with a molded lid, but with a displaced center of gravity, which makes the vessel easy to lift when filled, even for children. The dimensions of the container allow you to store it on the refrigerator door.

Cartridge 501 (Geyser) is installed in the jug by means of a screw connection tightly and completely sealed. Its peculiarity is active silver in an indelible form, which has a powerful antibacterial effect to improve the composition of water.

The pitcher gets the third place in the rating for its flimsy design – users note the thinness of the walls, the loose fit of the lid over time. But the device is inexpensive – you can buy it for 390 rubles, and replaceable cartridges with a resource of about 300 liters cost about 200 rubles.


  • Low price of a jug and cartridges;

  • Large resource of filters;

  • Tight fit of cartridges;

  • Antibacterial silver component in the filter.


  • Flimsy plastic.

The most advanced filter jugs

For lovers of high technology and exceptionally high quality water, modern manufacturers of household appliances and electronics offer 'smart' solutions for the purification of tap and well fluid. They not only purify water from known metals and minerals, but also thoroughly disinfect it from microorganisms – viruses, bacteria and mold.

Xiaomi Super Filter Kettle L1

Rating: 4.9

Xiaomi Super Filter Kettle L1

The first in the ranking smart jug from the gaining popularity of the Chinese brand is a device for powerful additional water purification with seven filtration stages and an ultraviolet disinfection lamp.

The cartridges with an increased number of outlets contain thin filtering materials that retain heavy metals and harmful impurities from 98 to 100% within 4-6 weeks. The automatic filter resource ID will notify you of the need for replacement. Removal of bacteria is carried out by a UV lamp with a speed of 1.5 liters in 3 minutes, built into the water storage tank. It is powered by a unit with a battery, which must be charged once every 40 cleaning cycles.

The only drawback of the device is the high price for the jug itself (from 1900 rubles in the original version) and for the cartridge (about 600 rubles). The quality of the assembly and the filtered water is tested by laboratory tests and does not cause any questions from experts or consumers.


  • 7 stages of filtration;

  • Ultraviolet disinfection;

  • Fast water purification to an ideal state of 1.5 l / 3 min;

  • Ergonomic design

  • Cartridge resource ID;

  • Good build quality.


  • Expensive jug and cartridges (original production Xiaomi).

LAICA J454H / J457H

Rating: 4.8

LAICA J454H / J457H

The jug from Italy LAICA J454H / J457H closes the rating with a technologically advanced water purifier for domestic use. This compact jug with dimensions 9x26x27 cm is convenient to store in the refrigerator, it is charged with double multi-stage cleaning cartridges with a pair of outlets for water, which provides a quick preparation for use in a volume of 1.2 liters. The filter resource is 150 liters, its wear can be easily tracked by means of an identifier built into the cover; it also has a spring valve that opens with a stream of water and closes when its supply is turned off.

There is no ultraviolet disinfectant in the jug, but a technological filter contributes to the maximum possible purification of water. The device can be purchased for 1990 rubles, and replacement cartridges will cost about 5 euros at the exchange rate.


  • Fast filtration speed;

  • Double cartridge;

  • Multistage technological purification of tap water of any hardness;

  • Stylish design;

  • Rubberized handle and bottom;

  • Bright colors in black and red.


  • The high price of a jug from 1990 rubles;

  • It is difficult to buy cartridges, which cost about 350 rubles;

  • There are no additional functions for additional treatment and liquid disinfection.

A few tips for making the right choice

When choosing a jug for water purification, we recommend adhering to simple rules:

  1. The volume determines the cost of the device and its performance. For 1-2 people, a capacity of up to 1.5-2 liters is enough, more spacious vessels will be convenient for large families.

  2. The choice of a cartridge, taking into account the chemical and biological characteristics of the water in the tap. Various filters are used to soften and disinfect liquids; they are presented in the lines of almost all manufacturers. The exception is the universal blocks of 'smart' jugs.

  3. Convenience of the lid: if the family often uses water from the jug, it is advisable to choose a model with a cartridge resource identifier. He will help you not to miss the moment of replacement.

  4. A comfortable handle, rubberized bottom and partitions in the funnel are details to look out for to determine your individual pitcher needs.

  5. Availability of cartridges for sale and the price of devices. Not well-known brands sell their products through dealer networks; replaceable filters are not available everywhere.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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