9 best producers of cereals for the first feeding

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Proper nutrition in the first year of life is very important for the full development and good health of the child. The very first complementary food product is porridge. They can be either cooked on their own or purchased.

Manufacturers of cereals for the first feeding

Nutritionists advise starting complementary foods with commercially produced baby cereals, as they have a number of advantages. The groats are crushed to a state most favorable for absorption in the baby's intestines. Also, commercial cereals are enriched with vitamins, minerals and prebiotics that improve the nutritional value and absorption of the product. Baby food manufacturers offer different products based on the age of the child. The following brands are most popular with consumers:

  1. 'Heinz ';

  2. 'Friso';

  3. 'FrutoNanny';

  4. Nestlé;

  5. 'Gerber';

  6. 'Agusha';

  7. 'Hipp ';

  8. 'Baby';

  9. 'The baby'.

It is recommended to start complementary foods with the simplest type of porridge: one cereal, no milk, no gluten and no additives. The first intake is limited to one teaspoon. The selected type of porridge is given to the child for two weeks, carefully observing the reaction of the body. If necessary, the product can be replaced with another type of cereals or products of another company.

How to choose the right porridge for the first feeding

When choosing products for the first feeding for a child, mothers should properly study the composition indicated on the package, take into account the age and health characteristics of their baby. Children's cereals are characterized by the following features:

  1. The presence of gluten. They are subdivided into gluten-free, which include rice, buckwheat, corn, and gluten-free – wheat, semolina, oat. It is recommended to start complementary foods with gluten-free porridge.

  2. Dairy or dairy-free. Dairy-free cereals are recommended for feeding children with allergies and lactase deficiency. Dairy products are more nutritious, and the baby eats up faster.

  3. The amount of cereals. Porridge can consist of several types of cereals or be monocomponent.

  4. The presence of additives. Fruits, nuts, berries, dried fruits are added to the product. Sometimes extracts of soothing herbs are added to the composition, such cereals are recommended for an evening reception. You can add fruit puree, which is preferable for a particular baby, into meals without additives.

  5. The presence of sugar and flavor enhancers. It is desirable that there be no sugar, salt and other flavor enhancers. Products with sugar are introduced into the child's diet later, for the gradual preparation of the body for good nutrition.

  6. Presence of preservatives. The use of preservatives is considered unacceptable for baby food.

  7. Child's age. The child's age is usually indicated on the package. Parents should consider the recommendations of the manufacturer and pediatrician, and buy products that are suitable for the age of the baby.

  8. The amount of gluten. You need to control the amount of gluten. A dose is considered safe at the rate of 10-14 mg per 1 kg of the child's body weight, in this case the intestinal mucosa will not be affected.

  9. The presence of vitamins. Enrichment with a vitamin complex and minerals is desirable to add beneficial properties to the diet. However, in some cases, parents prefer to feed the child with cereals without vitamins, with the exception of B1.

  10. Package volume. At the beginning of complementary foods, it is better to purchase small packages, since the baby may be allergic to the product. Well, if a child often eats the same porridge, then for economy and convenience it is worth buying a large pack.

We have compiled a rating of the best manufacturers of cereals for the first complementary foods so that young parents do not get confused in a huge variety of packages. Our experts have carefully studied the opinion of buyers and the advice of pediatricians.

Rating of the best cereals for the first feeding

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best hypoallergenic dairy-free cereals for the first feeding 1 Fleur alpine dairy-free 190 RUB
2 Baby Sitter dairy-free 345 r
3 Hipp dairy-free 172 r
4 Nestle dairy-free RUB 85
5 Remedia dairy-free 299 r
6 Heinz Dairy-Free RUB 90
7 Bebi Dairy-free 112 RUB
The best ready-to-eat dairy-free cereals 1 HiPP Dairy-Free RUB 95
2 FRUTONYANYA Dairy-free RUB 49

The best hypoallergenic dairy-free cereals for the first feeding

Dairy-free cereals are recommended by nutritionists as the first grain feed. The nutritional value of the diet is determined by the nutritional value of the flour or cereal from which the product is made. Diluted with water, goat, cow or breast milk. The temperature of the liquid should be moderate, the use of boiling water sometimes leads to the formation of lumps.

Fleur alpine dairy-free

Rating: 4.9

Fleur Alpine

Fleur Alpine's specialty is the use of whole grains, which increases their nutritional value and usefulness. Cereals are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, GMOs and growth hormones. Almost all of the manufacturer's products do not contain any additives, with the exception of vitamin B1 in rice, oatmeal and wheat porridge. Corn – enriched with prebiotic.

The assortment allows you to please your baby with different tastes. Parents can improve the product for their child by adding grated fruit. Fleur Alpine dilutes well in water or milk, does not form lumps, and has a delicate texture.


  • lack of salt and sugar;

  • dissolves well;

  • a large assortment;

  • dairy-free.


  • high price;

Baby Sitter dairy-free

Rating: 4.8

Baby sitter

The second place in this category of the rating is occupied by the products of the 'Baby Sitter' company. The manufacturer offers consumers only dairy-free cereals without additives and fillers. The product is enriched with a multivitamin complex. The presence of 13 vitamins and 8 minerals makes up for the loss of nutrients during the processing of a grain product. Buckwheat is especially recommended for the nutrition of weak children with low body weight and liver diseases.

Baby Sitter products are distinguished by economical consumption of dry product, which is ensured by the peculiarities of the technological process, with the processing of cereals by a thermal method and subsequent gelation. Consumers praise the products for their taste, naturalness and graininess. The grains dissolve gently in the mouth, and babies love it. Children also like corn and oatmeal, but they tend to form lumps, and breeding these cereals requires more attention from their mother.


  • dissolves well;

  • enriched with vitamins and microelements;

  • natural taste.


  • high price.

Hipp dairy-free

Rating: 4.7


Hipp products are a good choice for first feeding. Parents can buy both mono-cereal cereals and mixed cereals for their baby. Buckwheat – enriched with vitamins B1 and C. The manufacturer respects the little things, and indicates the presence of gluten in the composition, although it is present in insignificant quantities, as 'traces', due to the nature of production Corn flour is a mixture of corn and rice flour, which makes it softer.

The line of Hipp dairy-free cereals is quite diverse, the following types are offered: buckwheat, buckwheat with fruit, corn, multigrain, oat with bananas and lemon balm, wheat, rice, 5 cereals with prunes and prebiotics, oat-wheat with apple, wheat with oat flakes and prebiotics rice with banana and peach. Porridge with lemon balm is very popular with parents for quick falling asleep.


  • a wide range of;

  • natural taste;

  • inexpensive price.


  • dissolves poorly.

Nestle dairy-free

Rating: 4.6

Nestle dairy-free

Children like Nestle products for their taste, and for mothers, for their wide assortment. They differ from other brands in the peculiarities of production, in which enzymes and probiotics are added to the product. The presence of enzymes improves the taste of porridge, increases its viscosity and digestibility. The introduction of probiotics helps to increase immunity and improve the intestinal microflora.

The Nestle product line includes cereals with sugar for a gentle expansion of the range, multivitamins, as well as products containing bifidobacteria, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals. An interesting option with linden blossom, the linden extract included in it has a mild soothing effect, and is recommended for evening feeding of the baby. The disadvantage of Nestle is the presence of traces of lactose and gluten in the porridge.


  • a wide range of;

  • adding probiotics;

  • good taste.


  • the presence of lecithin.

Remedia dairy-free

Rating: 4.5


The Remedia range is limited to dairy-free cereals with no additives or fruit fillings. Manufacturers deliberately narrowed the range of products due to guaranteed high quality. The groats undergo a special treatment that ensures less product consumption for a portion, which is why this brand got into our rating. Porridge is perfectly diluted in liquid of any temperature without lumps, with the exception of boiling water. The products of this manufacturer are enriched with a multivitamin complex. 12 vitamins and 9 minerals are enclosed in special capsules that prevent exposure to moisture and temperature. The capsule shell is destroyed only in the stomach, and useful additives are absorbed most fully.

Heat treatment and strict control at all stages of production ensure high hygiene of the product, therefore, open packaging has a shelf life of up to 3 months. Remedia dairy-free cereals are suitable not only for healthy babies, but also for children with iron deficiency anemia, celiac disease, and food allergies. Pregnant and lactating women can also introduce Remedia cereals into their diet. The Remedia line contains semolina, rarely found in other manufacturers.


  • high quality;

  • inexpensive price;

  • convenient packaging.


  • limited range.

Heinz Dairy-Free

Rating: 4.5


Heinz products attract parents with their wide range and variety of additives. The most popular are rice, buckwheat and corn with the addition of probiotic chicory fibers. Minerals, calcium, iron, iodine, zinc and 12 vitamins are added to corn and buckwheat. Rice porridge contains only vitamin C and calcium. The manufacturer also offers products with additives, some with sugar.

Parents are interested in buckwheat porridge with Omega-3, enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids. For evening feeding, a multi-grain one with linden and chamomile is suitable, it will saturate the baby and allow you to quickly fall asleep. The Heinz company produces unique products with the addition of vegetables. This is wheat-rice porridge with zucchini and wheat-corn porridge with pumpkin.


  • varied assortment;

  • natural taste;

  • divorces well.


  • the presence of additives.

Bebi Dairy-free

Rating: 4.5


Dairy-free baby cereals based on rice, buckwheat, oat and corn grits are intended for the first feeding. They are highly hypoallergenic as no fruit is added to them. It contains prebiotics, iodine, iron, a complex of 12 vitamins. In dry form, cereals are not flour, but crushed flakes, so they dilute well and do not form lumps. Porridge is recommended for feeding children from 4 months.

The manufacturer also offers dairy-free oatmeal with wild berries for six-month-old active babies. The assortment of 'Baby' is limited, but this is compensated by the high quality of production and popularity with consumers. Mothers note good digestibility, the absence of allergies and constipation in babies.


  • high quality,

  • easy to buy in stores,

  • inexpensive price.


  • limited range.

The best ready-to-eat dairy-free cereals

In addition to dry cereals for complementary foods, dairy-free cereals are produced in jars, ready to use. To improve the consistency, starch is added to them. Several types of fruit puree can be added to the composition. Ready-made cereals are used for babies who have already tried dry cereals with fruit additives and appreciated their taste. Ready-made products with fruits in jars are convenient for a quick breakfast and for a snack on a walk, you can take them with you when you go to visit or to the clinic. Babies like the soft consistency close to breast milk and the pleasant taste. Our rating includes the most popular ready-made cereals 'FrutoNyanya' and HiPP.

HiPP Dairy-Free

Rating: 4.7

 HiPP Dairy-Free Ready

HiPP ready-made cereals are sold in special glass jars and are recommended for babies from the age of six months. Consist of cereals and fruit additives. The composition may contain starch. Also, cereals with crushed cookies are offered.

The jars are equipped with a screw cap. The package volume is small 190 g, therefore it is convenient for quick use. Consumers are attracted by the absence of artificial additives and a good combination of price and quality.


  • pleasant taste;

  • affordable price.


  • lack of a measuring scale;

  • the obligatory presence of fruit.


Rating: 4.7


Ready-made porridge 'FRUTONYANYA' consists only of cereals and fruit puree. Most of the products in this series contain the prebiotic inulin, which is necessary to normalize digestion and prevent constipation. The products of 'FRUTONYANYA' are divided into day and night, which is conveniently marked with the color of the packaging: white and dark blue. Daytime includes oatmeal, oatmeal with banana and buckwheat porridge with apple. Overnight porridges are made from rice, buckwheat and a mixture of cereals: buckwheat, corn and rice. Before feeding, the porridge is poured from the packaging into a baby bowl and heated in the microwave. You can give the porridge directly from the bag, but before that you need to shake it well.


  • convenience packaging with a measuring scale;

  • easy to buy;

  • affordable price.


  • not identified.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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