9 best microphones

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Microphones survive their second youth. If before they used only for professional purposes (usually when shooting movies or TV shows, as well as on radio stations), now similar Devices need an ordinary person. From now on it’s easy connect the microphone to the camera or smartphone to record video for a home archive with good sound. Also without decent dynamic or condenser microphone is difficult to do self-respecting video blogger. In a word, the online magazine is going to Introduce you to the best microphones. All presented in this ranking models are freely sold in Russian retail.

Rating of the best microphones for recording

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Dynamic Microphones 1 Sennheiser MD421 II 25,446 rubles
2 Shure SM58 6 684 rub.
3 Shure SM58 Series II 15 500 rub.
Best Condenser Microphones for Vocal Recording 1 Rode ntk 28 636 rub.
2 Audio-Technica AT2035 11 770 rub.
3 Neumann TLM-102 45 900 rub.
4 Blue Microphones Bluebird SL 22 990 rub.
5 AKG C214 30 740 rub.
6 Behringer c-1 4 750 rub.

Best Dynamic Microphones

Sennheiser MD421 II

Rating: 4.9

Sennheiser MD421 II

Some microphones remain popular for many years old. In particular, Sennheiser MD421 was in demand at least 35 years! And only some time ago, the manufacturer decided to improve this model, releasing the second generation. This dynamic cardioid microphone exceeded all expectations. He turned out relatively compact, while inside it is an advanced electronics.

The device is universal, and this is exactly what you want get for such a large amount (in our country they ask for a microphone 34 thousand rubles). With this accessory you can write not only musical instruments, but also vocals. Some people record such a microphone speech for podcasts or video blogs. Result turns out ideal – sound processing in the editor is needed only in some exceptional cases. Another product features support bass cutoffs. In short, Sennheiser MD421 II can be called a leader our rating!


  • Excellent sensitivity;

  • Five bass roll-off positions;

  • Pronounced focus;

  • The case is very durable;

  • The maximum dynamic range.


  • High price;

  • Only a microphone and a clip are included.

Shure SM58

Rating: 4.8

Shure SM58

This microphone has a traditional appearance, as if it Designed for ordinary karaoke. But the product would not fall into our rating if it did not have impressive features and A lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers. Dynamic cardioid microphone has a frequency range from 50 Hz to 15 kHz. This means that the device conveys all the nuances. human voice. Sound distortion here even at high SPL have a minimum level. Surprisingly, the manufacturer is great even worked on wind protection, which copes with eliminating wind and breathing noises. And there is also a built-in capsule damper, already reducing mechanical noise.

Shure is famous for using microphones. for many years. Model SM58 is no exception to rules – you can easily drop it, on the technical condition device this will not affect. Must please the buyer and the fact that a standard XLR connector is used here is allows you to easily find a longer or longer microphone additional cable.

In general, this is a great microphone for recording vocals, as well as for applications in a theater, circus, concert or elsewhere. Hardly for 9 thousand rubles. you can buy a better vocal microphone.


  • High-quality assembly;

  • Wide frequency range;

  • Excellent wind protection with filter;

  • Good suppression of mechanical noise;

  • In the kit there is not only a holder, but also a case with a strap;

  • Uses the XLR connector.


  • Unsuitable for musical instruments (except wind).

Shure SM58 Series II

Rating: 4.8

Shure SM58 Series II

Stylish dynamic microphone in a metal case. Completed in the style of devices that were popular in the middle of the last century. It exists in both silver and copper. Despite on the classic look, under the chrome body hide modern components. It is thanks to them that the microphone is capable of pick up sounds in the frequency range from 50 Hz to 15 kHz. Cable here it connects to a traditional XLR connector, which can be considered a definite plus – the manufacturer does not try to make money on to the buyer due to the atypical cable.

In general, when shooting a video, a microphone can decorate not only sound, but also a picture. Why? And you saw a lot of blogs where a person speaks into such a beautiful microphone? In a word, now you understand why this model has earned a place in our ranking.


  • The XLR connector is used;

  • Design in the style of microphones of the XX century;

  • Robust chrome housing;

  • It perfectly recognizes all the nuances of the human voice;

  • Comes with an adjustable swivel holder.


  • Not suitable for lovers of modern design;

  • Bad choice for recording musical instruments;

  • The cost exceeds 15 thousand rubles.

Best Condenser Microphones for Vocal Recording

Rode ntk

Rating: 4.9

Rode NTK

A very expensive studio microphone. Cost reaching 41 thousand rubles, due to the very complex design of the device. In fact, the microphone is a tube microphone, which provides not only clean but also warm sound. Recording some extraneous sounds here almost completely excluded, since the membrane of the product mounted on a special anti-vibration mount. More from others Analog microphone has an extended frequency range. it allows you to use the device to record not only voice but also musical instruments.

The product is directional, which simplifies preparation premises. The quality of the materials used here is indicated by weight. devices reaching 760 g. Do not forget that this microphone is condenser. This means that the device requires electricity supplied by the bundled power supply.


  • Dynamic range – more than 147 dB;

  • Very high sensitivity;

  • Frequency range – from 20 Hz to 20 kHz;

  • Robust construction;

  • Soft and clear sound;

  • Long lamp life.


  • Very high cost;

  • Scanty equipment.

Audio-Technica AT2035

Rating: 4.8

Audio-Technica AT2035

Relatively inexpensive when compared to studio microphones, a copy. You can buy this model in Russia for about 11 thousand rubles. In connection with the price tag, the device received discreet appearance. But behind a plain metal case hiding modern components, thanks to which the microphone and ended up in this rating.

The product is able to boast a large chart, which provides low noise and smooth natural sound. Microphone comes with a mount that allows you to position it directly at source of sound, whatever it is. Mainly device intended for recording vocals. But if necessary, you can write and musical instruments, including guitar. Part This model includes a switchable low-pass filter, which may well come in handy. That is, you can set here bass cut-off, as a result of which blowing with close vocals will be completely excluded, as other outsiders will not be heard low frequency noise. Well, as a connector it is used here familiar XLR.


  • Reliable and high-quality assembly;

  • The kit includes a convenient mount;

  • XLR connector applied;

  • There is a switchable low-pass filter;

  • A cardioid chart is used;

  • Wide dynamic range.


  • Not everyone will like the look;

  • Sound still can not be called completely clear.

Neumann TLM-102

Rating: 4.8

Neumann TLM-102

This microphone, the cost of which reaches 45 thousand rubles., used in studios and radio stations. He is very stylish looks like. Moreover, this can be said both about the silver version, and about black. The German manufacturer endowed his creation very a large membrane that captures all the subtleties of the human voice. In this case, a cardioid radiation pattern is used, saving from recording extraneous sounds.

By default, the Neumann TLM-102 microphone is designed for recording vocals. However, it is regularly used for other purposes – for example, a device is placed near drums, guitar amps and other sources of loud sounds. Interestingly, the product can raise the sound in the mid-range – that is, you can clearly highlight the human voice in the mix. To please the buyer should anti-vibration mount of the capsule, which ensures the absence of mechanical noise. Comes with a microphone rather heavy metal holder SG 2, made on articulated mechanisms.


  • Two color options are available;

  • The capsule rests on an anti-vibration mount;

  • A microphone can correctly select a voice;

  • The sound is as clear as possible;

  • Great metal holder included;

  • The device can be called universal;

  • The microphone can last for many years.


  • Not everyone will like the price tag.

Blue Microphones Bluebird SL

Rating: 4.7

Blue Microphones Bluebird SL

A relatively inexpensive studio microphone. Its value is not exceeds 20 thousand rubles., due to which he got into the rating online magazine. The device has a metal case, painted in blue. The product includes a −20 dB filter, and also a high-pass filter – all this makes the microphone great the choice for capturing vocals. And not only! This device used to capture sound from the piano, guitar and many others musical instruments. The device will certainly please saturated low, soft mid and clear highs.

This is one of the few condenser microphones that use manual assembly capsule. And this model is able to please gold plated Meylar diaphragm. When recording vocals It provides a wonderful resonance. It should be noted the relief part of the fixed electrode, due to which the sound the entire frequency spectrum is perfectly balanced.


  • Suitable for recording both voice and music tools;

  • There is a gold plated Meylar diaphragm;

  • There is a high-pass filter and a −20 dB filter;

  • Partially hand-held microphone;

  • Minimum noise level;

  • Durable construction.


  • The price tag still cannot be called low;

  • Not everyone likes design.

AKG C214

Rating: 4.7

AKG C214

The only microphone in our ranking to ship in special suitcase. This greatly simplifies transportation. devices from, say, one studio to another. The device is like all the microphones discussed here, are cardioid. Working the frequency range here is from 20 MHz to 20 kHz. Sound picks up an inch diaphragm. And she copes with this task. quite not bad – for good reason this model is used by some popular musicians.

Returning to the topic of configuration, one can not help but mention the availability wind protection. This simplest accessory allows you to use outdoor microphone without worrying about quality sound. The buyer also receives the holder H85, with which You can adjust the tilt of the device.

When developing the AKG C214, the German manufacturer applied brand new electronic circuitry. This allowed significantly increase the dynamic range. The product also boasts flat frequency response. Curiously, the microphone can withstand almost any sound pressure – this is facilitated by the special design of the capsule, eliminating the closure of the membrane with the rear electrode.


  • Excellent protection against radio interference;

  • Reliable and durable metal construction;

  • Rich equipment;

  • There is a sensitivity switch (-20 dB filter);

  • You can turn on the high-pass filter;

  • Protection against any sound pressure;

  • Low level of own noise.


  • The cost reaches 30 thousand rubles.

Behringer c-1

Rating: 4.6

Behringer C-1

One of the cheapest condenser microphones, of course, if Do not recall Chinese creations. Behringer C-1 cost per our stores is approximately 5 thousand rubles. Such a price tag allows you to think about buying this device, even ordinary a consumer who is not going to make money by recording sound or video shooting. The microphone got a relatively good metal case and gold-plated XLR connector. Despite the low cost, the device pleases with the almost complete absence of its own noise. Namely, noise is a problem of Chinese models, too using phantom power.

Of course, the sound quality written with the Behringer C-1, can not be called a studio. However, the possibilities of such a microphone is enough to add to the video of his trip families on vacation some story dictated by the installation. It is also a great choice for people writing podcasts. They are quite will arrange a medium-sized diaphragm, as the cardioid will also please them radiation pattern eliminating the recording of external noise.


  • There is a phantom power indicator;

  • The kit includes an adapter for the rack and case;

  • The ultra-low-noise FET circuit of the input stage is used;

  • Robust construction;

  • Gold-plated XLR connector is used;

  • Low cost.


  • Not the widest frequency range;

  • Sensitivity could be higher.


These are the best microphones among existing at the moment. Of course, it was only about the most affordable models. we decided not to talk about expensive professional microphones, which TV channels usually order directly from the manufacturer. Us it seems that readers will not need such devices by because of the complexity of their purchase and very high cost. Also us “loopbacks” are not mentioned, which will be discussed in a separate the material.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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