9 best inverter refrigerators

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Did you have a very large sum of money at your disposal? Not Is it time in this case to think about replacing the refrigerator? Why not to take a more advanced model equipped with an inverter motor? Such a device will delight you with an ideal temperature setting in all its offices as well as minimal noise. Let’s take a look to the best inverter refrigerators among those that are present in Russian retail.

Selection recommendations

First, let’s determine what exactly the inverter refrigerator different from any other. To do this, remember what are now there are compressors used in refrigerators and freezers:

  1. Normal – this electric motor works by means of a rotating piston pump. Now such a compressor is almost forgotten, he found in refrigerators of the XX century.
  2. Linear – here instead of an electric motor it is used electromagnetic coil with a piston in its core pump. The absence of rotating parts reduces power consumption, reduces noise and makes the construction less expensive. But special such a compressor does not require adjustments – it works exclusively at 100% power.
  3. Inverter – such a compressor has an electric motor with pump, but it allows you to adjust the speed of the shaft. it significantly increases the life of the compressor, because it does not you have to constantly work at 100% power, and he implies sudden on and off. The disadvantage is inverter compressor is a shaft rotation control board, which costs notable money.
  4. Linear inverter – such a compressor is devoid of an electric motor. Moreover, it does not have the disadvantages that are inherent in linear to the compressor. It is the most quiet and economical – nothing better not yet invented.

As for the disadvantages of inverter and linear inverter compressors, there are only two of them:

  1. Very high cost – in this regard, you are unlikely to be able to find a refrigerator equipped with such a compressor for very small money;
  2. Sensitivity to voltage drops – if in your at home such a problem is observed quite often, it’s better additionally get protective equipment. However, some refrigerators already have it, not particularly afraid of sharp voltage drops – when it occurs, the device simply goes into Standby mode.

As for the choice of an inverter refrigerator, he Depends on your preference. If your family consists of four to five people, then you will need a Side-by-Side model. Also be sure to focus on the volume of the freezer – for lovers meat, it seems more important than refrigeration. You can think about the level power consumption. However, it mostly depends on volumes refrigerator – it is logical that a particularly large device will require large energy costs.

However, you can ignore the characteristics inverter refrigerators. Instead, you just select one of those models that are considered in this review. But we recommend additionally read reviews and reviews of what you liked instance – it is possible that you will learn something new from them. The review is based on an analysis of technical specifications. Refrigerators at https://rankquality.com/fridge-freezer/.

Rating of the best inventory refrigerators

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best inventory refrigerators 1 Vestfrost VF 910 X 142 990 rub.
2 Liebherr CNef 4815 55 280 rub.
3 Siemens KG39NAI31R 53 937 rub.
4 Samsung RB-37 J5200WW 33,445 rubles
5 Whirlpool WTNF 923 W 41 840 rub.
6 Liebherr CN 4015 37 786 rub.
7 LG GA-B419 SYGL 27 970 rub.
8 Liebherr C 4025 26 900 rub.
9 Samsung RB-30 J3000WW 24 200 rub.

Vestfrost VF 910 X

Rating: 4.9


A huge and stylish refrigerator opens our selection Side-by-Side. It will definitely become a decoration of the kitchen, if it has modern interior. However, it should be noted that for his Installation will require a considerable piece of space. That’s why Vestfrost VF 910 X is mainly bought by those who live in separate houses. Present this model in the “Khrushchev” – absolutely impossible.

In total, the refrigerator includes three chambers. They are closed four doors. On one of them you can see the LCD, with through which management is carried out. Two compressors allow you to adjust the temperature in almost every way branches. All this makes us hope that fruits and vegetables they will be stored here for a long time, keeping fresh condition.

We immediately warn you that this model will definitely affect electricity bills. Despite the energy class A +, the unit will consume 481 kWh every year. Well, what else are you expected from such a huge refrigerator? But you don’t have to regularly defrost, because everyone here departments have No Frost technology support. Not yet note the very tight fit of the doors to the body. Although on record cold preservation during a power outage hope still not worth it – it does not exceed 13 hours.

This refrigerator has a lot of various settings. In particular, Vacation mode is available here. Choosing it, you give the device understand that in the coming days his doors will not open, in connection with which he can reduce his energy appetites. By the way, in maximum operating mode it is capable of freezing up to 18 kg in day. The temperature in the freezer will decrease to fantastic −24 ° C.

Of course, this model could not do without the already familiar functions. For example, it signals an open door with a sound escort. There is also an antibacterial coating, which also does not surprise anyone. As for the shelves, they made of glass. Returning to those here compressors, they turned out very quiet. Measurements Near refrigerator show that the noise level does not exceed 45 dB. The mass of the device is also impressive. She is 147.5 kg! FROM placing such a monster in the kitchen may cause problems – It will take the strength of not even two, but three people!


  • The volume of the refrigerator reaches 410 l;
  • The freezer volume is 210 l;
  • A large number of cameras and doors;
  • Low noise;
  • There is an antibacterial coating;
  • Convenient electronic control;
  • Implemented support for No Frost technology;
  • There is a holiday mode;
  • Very high power freezing;
  • There is an indication of temperature;
  • The case is made of stainless steel.


  • Very heavy weight;
  • High power consumption;
  • Terribly high cost.

Liebherr CNef 4815

Rating: 4.8


If above we considered a refrigerator for families consisting of a huge number of people, the Liebherr CNef 4815 is already more standard option. There is one refrigeration and freezer, as in a single copy is installed here and compressor. As you already understood, the latter is made by inverter technology. In this regard, do not be surprised that over the year the refrigerator consumes only 174 kWh, which corresponds to the class A ++ power consumption. But this is the maximum parameter! Inverter technology reduces compressor power, if such a need arises, thereby reducing and Energy consumption.

What else can this handsome silver man boast of? Firstly, a folding shelf. Now it has practically each refrigerator, the cost of which is above average. Total in The refrigerator compartment has five shelves. Also, the device received fruit storage box. In the freezer compartment are located three drawers. In a word, everything is familiar in this regard.

If we talk about the volume, then it is 361 liters. Moreover, on a refrigerator from this total volume is 260 liters. Of this definitely enough to store a large number of products and a couple pots with soup. Curiously, the refrigerator is complemented by sound and light indication. They signal not only about an open door and increased temperature, but also about turning off the power. TO in a word, in this case the device is able to keep the cold inside in within 24 hours. Great result!

As usual, the inverter compressor works without much noise. The refrigerator produces only 38 dB, making it one of the quietest in our ranking. There is nothing superfluous on its doors. However it is not means temperature control will be unavailable – modern The display should be searched inside the device. Door opening occurs without any difficulty, since a pen with pusher.

It remains to add that this model supports No technology Frost, but only partially. Defrosting the refrigerator carried out by the drip system. However, this is hardly scares someone. Although we will not argue with the fact that for 65 thousand. rubles I would like to get a little more.

Finally, we note that the weight of the refrigerator is 80.7 kg. Not a record, but also easy to call this 201-centimeter device not allowed.


  • Very low noise;
  • There is a folding shelf;
  • Low power consumption;
  • The handle with a pusher is used;
  • Long autonomous cold preservation;
  • High power freezing;
  • Implemented light and sound indication;
  • A large volume of refrigeration and freezer;
  • Reliable glass shelves;
  • Implemented detailed management.


  • No Frost technology is only implemented in the freezer;
  • High price.

Siemens KG39NAI31R

Rating: 4.7


Another very large refrigerator, which is still far from highscores. Its height is 203 cm. It consists of a refrigerator and freezer rooms. The volume of the first is 279 liters, which is enough for the vast to most buyers. But you can’t say about the freezer, as its volume does not exceed 87 liters. However, such a parameter to many seem sufficient.

The case of this model is made of metal painted in silver color. On the upper door you can see the LCD. On the it displays the temperature, which is now observed in all branches. Inverter compressor allows without much labor change the temperature by lowering or raising it. Refrigerator corresponds to the energy class A ++. At maximum mode It will consume about 248 kWh per year of operation. If a put the device in the “Vacation” mode, then the power consumption is noticeable will decrease – the refrigerator will know that in a few days his doors will not open. By the way, if you completely disable the appliance is connected to the mains, the inside will remain cold for 16 hours.

It should be noted that the compressor used here is very powerful. This is evidenced by the possibility of freezing up to 15 kg in day. Achieving this parameter is possible when the mode is activated. “Superfrost.” If suddenly inside one of the cameras there is a fever, the refrigerator will notify you light and sound indications. It should be noted that Siemens KG39NAI31R does not require defrosting – both of its cameras support No Frost technology.

The rest is a typical inverter refrigerator. Level the noise he emits barely reaches 39 dB. The weight of the device is 85 kg – refrigerators that are so tall almost never happen to be more light. As expected, the option of outweighing is available here. doors. Nothing bad can be said about the shelves created from glass. By the way, there is a freshness zone designed for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables.


  • Very low noise;
  • Good roominess;
  • Not very high power consumption;
  • Supports No Frost technology;
  • Convenient temperature control;
  • There is a holiday mode;
  • Implemented sound and light indication;
  • High power freezing.


  • High price;
  • Buttons are not always responsive to clicks.

Samsung RB-37 J5200WW

Rating: 4.7

SAMSUNG RB-37 J5200WW. jpg

Most refrigerators sold now are white. corps. They can boast of a model called Samsung RB-37 J5200WW. This appliance will find a place in ordinary kitchens, the interior of which is not replete with some unusual elements.

The height of this refrigerator is 201 cm. This parameter makes it clear that the South Korean creation is very roomy. And indeed, the volume of the refrigerator reaches an impressive 269 liters. It seems that this will not be enough only families in which a large number of children live – they recommended the purchase of a larger monster. Nothing bad can not be said about the freezer – its volume is 98 l

You can pay attention to the fact that this is far from the most expensive refrigerator in our selection. In this regard, it is easy to guess that the device received certain simplifications. For example, the manufacturer did not seek the lowest power consumption – it was arranged by class A +. More specifically, every year the refrigerator will consume 314 kWh.

Most of all, this model will appeal to fruit lovers and vegetables. The fact is that two are intended for their storage. roomy drawer! As for the freezer, it includes three transparent boxes. It’s nice that none of the branches need to defrost – both cameras support No Frost technology. Also, the device is able to boast of a long preservation of the cold when power outage – the creators said 18 hours.

Inverter compressor allows you to adjust temperature inside this refrigerator. Current parameters appear on the display located on the top door. Also this the model allows you to use the vacation mode, quite strongly reducing power consumption. Perhaps you can only find fault here to the power of freezing. However, 12 kg / day is quite Satisfactory option for most buyers. Should note that the inverter compressor affected the noise level. is he does not exceed 38 dB.


  • Convenient management;
  • Good roominess;
  • Very low noise;
  • There is a holiday mode;
  • Long autonomous cold preservation;
  • Supports No Frost technology.


  • Some instances are too noisy;
  • Shelves seem flimsy;
  • Lighting is located only on top;
  • There is little indication of problems.

Whirlpool WTNF 923 W

Rating: 4.7


Another refrigerator, the body of which is painted white. There is also a simple LCD display, located on top door. Unlike the above instance, Whirlpool WTNF 923 W provides two freshness zones: dry and wet. This means that the refrigerator will not dry fruits if you do not need it.

Another difference from the South Korean model is the reduced power consumption – this device corresponds to the class A ++. Only a year the refrigerator will use up 244 kWh. And then only if if you activate the maximum settings when the temperature in the freezer drops to −24 ° C. Curious that at the same time the power of freezing in this model still can not be called high – it does not exceed 9 kg / day.

This two-meter instance is able to boast of support No Frost Technology. This applies to both refrigeration and freezer. cameras. If electricity suddenly disappears, the cold inside should persist for approximately 13 hours. Another given model has a sound indication – it signals a long opening the door.

The total volume of this refrigerator is 366 liters. In this zone freshness highlighted 21 liters. As for the volume of the refrigerator, he reaches 247 liters. It seems that even a family can do this, consisting of three people. If we talk about the freezer, then its volume is 75 liters, for food storage here three shelves are intended.

The rest is the usual inverter refrigerator, which far to all kinds of records. It is moderately noisy – measurements near almost never show a parameter above 40 dB. Yet this model cannot be called particularly heavy – its weight is 69 kg Not forgotten here is the possibility of rearranging the doors. Also American manufacturer has become generous with antibacterial coating.


  • The freshness area may be dry and wet;
  • Supports No Frost technology;
  • Sufficiently long autonomous preservation of the cold;
  • There is an antibacterial coating;
  • Large capacity;
  • Not a very high noise level.


  • Some instances have build problems;
  • Some instances were too noisy.

Liebherr CN 4015

Rating: 4.6

LIEBHERR CN 4015.jpg

This fridge looks rustic. But this is only the first sight. In fact, he is technically superior to many competitors. To understand this, just open the top door. Behind it hides a roomy refrigerator with two transparent boxes in which fruit storage is supposed. Exactly the same the drawers located in the freezer are transparent.

If you are interested in exact numbers, then the volume of the refrigerator is 269 liters. The freezer is not too small. – its volume reaches 87 liters. In total, the device consumes 229 kWh of electricity per year. This corresponds to the A ++ class. Wherein you can slightly reduce power consumption by raising the temperature in one or another department – this allows you to make installed here inverter compressor.

The refrigerator has a large number of shelves, one of them is folding. Doors open without any difficulty, since they got a handle with a pusher. And also this model Has No Frost Technology Support! But only in the freezer the camera. As for the refrigeration, it uses a drip defrosting system.

In a word, this is a good refrigerator. It even lets you know what temperature is now observed in one or another compartment – you should watch it on the internal display. And also a device It can boast a warranty period extended to two years. Not forgotten here is the possibility of hanging doors. Concerning noise level, then it usually does not exceed 39 dB. Perhaps to complain here you can only to the lack of a full zone of freshness. However, why is it needed if there is no No Frost technology, overdrying air?


  • Shelves made of high strength glass;
  • Excellent capacity of both cameras;
  • Not very high noise level;
  • The freezer supports No Frost technology;
  • The handle with a pusher is used;
  • There is a folding shelf;
  • Convenient electronic control;
  • Not very high power consumption.


  • The refrigerator does not support No Frost;
  • High price;
  • Not the best ergonomics of shelves on the door.


Rating: 4.5

LG GA-B419 SYGL.jpg

Basically, our rating consists of refrigerators, whose housing painted white or silver. LG GA-B419 SYGL – Exception from the rule. This model is beige, which distinguishes it on competitors background. As for the insides, they are painted in habitual white color. Here you can find four shelves and one fruit box. If we talk about the freezer, then it consists of four transparent boxes. Too much for a 79-liter volume. there is the risk that something might not fit here. For example, turkey first have to cut into several parts.

The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 223 liters. Yet again, not a record. It’s easy to guess that this model is not the most high. Indeed, the height of the refrigerator was 190.7 cm. This means that even many children can reach the top shelf.

As befits a model with an inverter compressor, here electronic control is used. If involved appropriate mode, the refrigerator will be able to freeze up to 9.3 kg products per day. In this case, the defrosting of this model is not at all required – both of its cameras support No Frost technology. If a the door stays open long enough – it starts to sound signaling. By the way, the doors can be re-hung here. It means, that there will be no problems, in whatever place you put this refrigerator – opening it will definitely be convenient. Also nothing bad can not be said about the operation of its compressor – the noise level is not will exceed 39 dB.

The weight of LG GA-B419 SYGL is 66 kg. Not bad. Especially with shelves made of durable glass.

South Koreans sell their creation for 30 thousand rubles, and sometimes cheaper. In this regard, you should not expect from this model advanced technology. For example, there is no folding shelf that could make storage of some products more convenient. Also no antibacterial coating is claimed here. However most sad absence of freshness. With the support of No Frost, she would not prevented. The egg grill also causes strange feelings – it designed for only eight pieces. Well, some instances suffer from increased noise levels – here you have to count for luck.


  • Attractive design
  • Low cost;
  • Supports No Frost technology;
  • There is a sound indication of an open door;
  • Good capacity of the refrigerator;
  • Shelves made of shockproof glass;
  • Low noise level;
  • Easy setup.


  • There is no freshness zone;
  • Some specimens are noisier than others;
  • The egg rack is designed for 8 pieces;
  • I would like a more capacious fruit box.

Liebherr C 4025

Rating: 4.5

LIEBHERR C 4025.jpg

Another refrigerator from the famous German manufacturer. The height of this handsome is 201.1 cm. This gives hope for excellent roominess. And indeed, the volume of refrigeration the camera reaches an impressive 269 liters. As for the freezer, then its volume is still far from the record. But 88 liters is an impressive numeral. It seems that many buyers have never completed all three the drawer in the freezer is absolutely complete.

Returning to the refrigerator compartment, it should be noted temperature indication in it. There are 5 shelves, all of them are made of shock-resistant glass. Available here and folding shelf. It can be removed if you suddenly need place something especially large.

This must be one of the most energy efficient models in our rating. For a year it consumes only 219 kWh. it corresponds to the energy class A ++. Therefore, the purchase Liebherr C 4025 is a good way to save. And this despite the fact that This refrigerator itself is relatively inexpensive.

Since an inverter compressor is installed here, the device has electronic control. Also this model is capable of boast a good seal fit. So good that during a power outage, the cold inside lasts more than a day! Also, nothing bad can be said about the power of freezing, which is 12 kg / day (if you select the appropriate mode). As for the noise level, in most cases it is not exceeds 38 dB.

The disadvantages of this model are also there. Mostly people complain the lack of support for No Frost technology. cooling chamber implies a drip defrosting system. The freezer is It requires manual defrosting. Regularity of this action Depends on the climate zone in which you live.

An interesting feature of the Liebherr C 4025 is the ability disconnect the refrigerator compartment separately. But only her. Alas but the magnetic valve does not allow you to separately disable the freezer – you have to unplug the entire device.


  • Very low power consumption;
  • Easy electronic control;
  • There is a folding shelf;
  • Very large capacity;
  • High-quality glass shelves are used;
  • Long autonomous preservation of the cold;
  • The refrigerator was not very noisy;
  • Long warranty period (2 years).


  • No support No Frost;
  • Some instances have minor build issues.

Samsung RB-30 J3000WW

Rating: 4.4

SAMSUNG RB-30 J3000WW.jpg

One of the simplest refrigerators in our selection. Perhaps, most of all from very cheap models, it differs only inverter compressor. However, he has other positive features. Firstly, both of his cameras support No Frost technology. Secondly, the cold will not go anywhere, even if There is no electricity for 18 hours. Yes, and the power of freezing it’s very decent here – when you turn on the Super Freeze mode, it is 13 kg / day.

This model corresponds to the energy class A +. Total for a year the refrigerator will use up 272 kWh, which cannot be called any transcendental result, although minimal, of course same is not. The volume of the refrigerator here is 213 liters. You can immediately guess that the height of the device is far from a record. Indeed, it is 178 cm. But such a refrigerator is not will cause problems with his delivery to the kitchen – in particular, he must easy to fit in a passenger elevator. Total in the refrigerator There are 4 shelves and 1 drawer. Alas, there is no folding shelf. But with such a volume, it is not required.

As for the freezer, it is a 98-liter. In him for sure there is a place even for a mountain of meat. All his space divided into 3 boxes, which seems to be the most logical solution.

The doors of this refrigerator are easily outweighed. Shelves made from shockproof glass that cannot but rejoice. Well, you can not help but note a noise level not exceeding 40 dB. It remains to add that Samsung RB-30 J3000WW weighs 66.5 kg.

Well, what are the disadvantages of this model? Perhaps you can to complain about the lack of indication. Also some instances got too loud a compressor – here how lucky. Alas, there are a lot of such instances, so we we recommend paying attention to this refrigerator only case you cannot afford to spend money on either one of the other models reviewed in our review.


  • Low cost;
  • Easy electronic control;
  • Excellent spaciousness of the freezer;
  • Implemented support for No Frost;
  • Very long autonomous preservation of the cold;
  • Decent freezing power;
  • Not very big weight.


  • Many specimens are very noisy;
  • A very small egg stand;
  • There is no way to rearrange the shelves.


This is the list of the best inverter-mounted refrigerators. TO Unfortunately, such devices are very expensive. But they are capable boast not only a long service life, but also quiet work. And it is precisely in such refrigerators that the most long preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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