14 best brands of ovens

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

At the turn of the decade, users began to move away from prefabricated ovens and hobs en masse in favor of separate ovens and hobs. The trend has 2 good reasons:

  1. firstly, separate manufacturing can significantly simplify the design and reduce the cost of repair;
  2. secondly, it becomes possible to embody various design solutions in the kitchen.

In the wake of high demand, the editors of the magazine decided to conduct an independent market research. In the course of it, we selected 14 of the best oven firms that you can trust and whose products can be recommended to a wide range of consumers. The following parameters were used as criteria for making an assessment:

  1. available functionality;
  2. the level of reliability and quality of service;
  3. average cost and number of price segments;
  4. user and expert reviews.

How to choose an oven

When choosing an oven, pay attention to the following criteria:

Gas or electric. The issue is controversial, however, many manufacturers have already abandoned the production of gas ovens. This is motivated by the fact that it is necessary to comply with rather stringent security measures, which translates into additional expenses during manufacture. We recommend choosing electric ovens, if only because their range is much wider.

Independent or dependent. The layout of your kitchen is very important here. An independent oven can be placed wherever communications reach. The addict will only stand under the hob, thereby forming a classic stove.

Dimensions. At the selection stage, be sure to consider the amount of space in your kitchen. If this is a small nook in a 1- or 2-room apartment, then you should take a closer look at ovens 45 centimeters wide. If there is much more space, then feel free to choose ovens from 60 to 90 centimeters.

Self-cleaning type. Depending on this parameter, there are 3 types of ovens:

  1. with hydrolytic self-cleaning – weakening of layers of fat and carbon deposits due to the action of steam. The most ineffective and cheapest cleaning method.
  2. with catalytic self-cleaning – splitting occurs on the walls of the oven due to processing with special enamel. This will cause the door and bottom to get dirty, just like in a standard oven.
  3. with pyrolytic self-cleaning – burning out all contaminants at a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius. You just have to wash off the ash.

Additional functions. If automatic cooking programs, the presence of defrosting, pizza mode, slow cooling, etc. are important to you, then study the functional set of the oven in detail before purchasing.

Security options. If you have children, then the best solution would be to select an oven with a childproof function and tangential blowing of the walls. The first will completely eliminate the interference in the cooking process by the children, and the second will allow you not to burn yourself if you accidentally touch the equipment.

Rating of the best brands of ovens

Nomination a place Manufacturer rating
Rating of the best brands of ovens 1 AEG 5.0
2 Miele 4.9
3 NEFF 4.8
4 Siemens 4.7
5 Electrolux 4.6
6 Bosch 4.5
7 Gorenje 4.4
8 Hotpoint-ariston 4.3
9 Hansa 4.2
11 LG 4.0
12 DARINA 3.9
13 Gefest 3.8
14 Beko 3.7


Rating: 5.0

AEG is model BER 455120 B.png

Another representative of Germany, AEG, rightfully becomes the leader of the rating. She also retooled production for purely electric ovens, and how Miele took the path of training professional technology. The range of ovens is represented by the premium segment. They have everything you need for comfortable everyday use: responsive touch displays, temperature probes, pyrolysis cleaning mechanisms, particularly resistant non-stick coatings, etc.

The striking representative of the AEG brand is the model BER 455120 B. It is distinguished by the A ++ energy class, the possibility of heating up to 275 degrees Celsius, the function of adding steam, convection and grill, as well as telescopic guides.

The second contender is the AEG BSR 892330 M, which offers heating up to 300 degrees Celsius in a continuous range (without discrete modes), a function for protecting the settings from children and all the same functions as the previous model. The only negative is hydrolysis, not pyrolytic cleaning of the oven.


Rating: 4.9

H 2860 BP.jpg

On the second line of the rating is a German company that produces electric ovens for professionals in the field of culinary. No hints of pretentiousness – extremely important and necessary functions. For example, all models are equipped with temperature probes and a pyrolysis cleaning mechanism. The door surfaces and side walls remain cool thanks to the tangential airflow, and the entire interior is treated with the Perfect Clean non-stick coating.

As for specific representatives, we recommend taking a closer look at the most budgetary version of Miele H 2265-1 B ACTIVE with 76 liters of volume and 5 levels of baking. For more demanding users we can recommend the H 2860 BP in a black case. A complete range of functions that can be applied to ovens, including durable telescopic slides, timer and more.


Rating: 4.8

NEFF B15M42C3.jpg

In the assortment of the NEFF company, there is already a hint of pretentiousness and elitism. Fortunately, only a few special models of ovens “sin” like that. The Germans have long abandoned the production of gas models, concentrating their main forces on electric options. In essence, the NEFF is the antagonist of Miele. If the latter is chasing manufacturability, while significantly increasing prices, then the former is trying to compensate for the functionality and cost of the finished product. This can be a key factor in choosing between ovens of two brands, but, as they say, to each his own.

In the recommendations, we decided to mention the NEFF B15M42C3, made in black with gold trimmed handles. This style is not suitable for any kitchen, but it will definitely cause a lot of enthusiastic responses. The model offers 8 heating modes, a temperature of 275 degrees Celsius, a timer and a digital display, as well as hydrolysis (steam) cleaning. The second oven – NEFF B1ACE0AN0R – is a more advanced version with 71 liters of volume and 7 heating modes. It has everything you need for comfortable everyday use, including protection from children.


Rating: 4.7

Siemens HB67 5G 0S1.jpg

Siemens is engaged in the production of exclusively premium electric ovens. This is due to the low demand for products within the Russian market, however, unlike LG, the company feels good and is not going to wind down production. Partly due to the fact that all ovens belong to limited editions – many combine the functions of microwave ovens, have separate cabinets for cooking several dishes at once and are highly energy efficient.

As an example, let's take Siemens HB634GHS1 – a variant of an electric oven for 48 thousand rubles. It heats up to a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, has 13 heating modes and 71 liters of internal volume. All parameters are set using the touch screen, which perfectly complements the look, making it elegant and progressive.

The second option is more expensive: Siemens HB67 5G 0S1 with similar parameters and almost the same appearance, but with a pyrolytic cleaning function. Basically, all the difference in price here goes to increase the reliability of individual components. Believe me, this is the case when overpayment really makes sense.


Rating: 4.6

Electrolux EOB 53434 AK.jpg

One of the premium manufacturers in the oven segment, delivering the highest quality electric and gas models to the market. Over the past few years, Electrolux has taken up the topic of wellness, which has resulted in many of its built-in appliances being able to steam cooking. Recirculation of the liquid is made possible by exposure to low temperatures and the formation of a vapor blanket. Consequently, some particularly important components and the internal structure of the ovens were changed.

The trend was also the production of separate ovens with two or more independent compartments. This step allows you to cook several dishes at once without mixing odors and aromas.

If you want to purchase an electric oven, then we advise you to pay attention to the Electrolux EOB 53434 AK. An excellent set of user reviews, 72 liters usable volume, 8 heating modes, retractable switches for safety and a user-friendly electronic display. This is just a little bit of what this model is good for. Its cost starts from 27 thousand rubles.

The second option is the Electrolux EOG 92102 CX gas oven. It implements convection and grill functions, and has a spit. Control is carried out by rotary handles. The usable volume is 70 liters. Heating is carried out in 5 modes. Such a cabinet is quite expensive, but it is guaranteed to serve for a long time.


Rating: 4.5

Bosch HBG634BW1.jpg

The manufacturer of inexpensive and high-quality appliances maintains its brand in the segment of kitchen ovens. The range includes gas, electric and combined models. Bosch is following the general market trends, as a result of which it is gradually focusing production capacity on the production of built-in ovens, abandoning full-size independent devices. It is rather difficult to mark out some of the characteristic functions inherent in the models, since their set can vary greatly even within the same price segment.

The electric Bosch HBG634BW1 and the gas Bosch HGN22F350 can be distinguished as solid ovens for operation. The first is famous for its versatility and uniform heating throughout the entire internal volume. The second is characterized by more specific features: the presence of a touch control unit, 5 realized heating modes, the presence of convection and grill, as well as a temperature probe for assessing the readiness of dishes in the set. Such a model is relatively inexpensive and can serve as a good help in the home kitchen.


Rating: 4.4

Gorenje BO 637 INI..jpg

Let's make a reservation right away: the Gorenje company is not engaged in the production of gas ovens. For this reason, it may seem to many that she does not deserve to be on the 7th place in our rating. However, we will try to convince you otherwise.

In a global sense, ovens from Gorenje can be called a synthesis of practicality and innovation. Even in the budget segment of built-in appliances, you can find options with touch control, a large number of heating modes and automatic cooking programs. The level of reliability is much higher than that of representatives with lower ratings.

As a worthy representative of the company, we can single out the Gorenje BO 637 INI oven. It is famous for its excellent maintenance of the set temperature and excellent thermal insulation of the door – even with prolonged exposure to heat, it remains moderately cold. There is a childproof function that blocks the sensor. And the final feature is the ability to quickly remove the door to completely clean the interior of the oven. We also recommend taking a closer look at Gorenje BO 658-ORA-B.


Rating: 4.3

Hotpoint-Ariston select FA5 844 JH IX..jpg

Perhaps one of the most customer-focused brands among the top ten oven manufacturers. The Hotpoint-Ariston range includes ovens of all price segments: from budget mechanical to premium touch models. Traditionally, the main drawback here is considered to be the 'poor' equipment – the number of racks and trays. However, this is not such a big problem, as many users have a set of special dishes and baking dishes by default. But there are plenty of strengths: there are both unique functions such as a separate pizza cooking mode, and high efficiency in all operating modes thanks to the dual-circuit heating system.

Among all the representatives of Hotpoint-Ariston built-in ovens, we will single out the FA5 844 JH IX. The advantages of the model include 71 liters of usable volume, 10 heating modes and the implementation of several automatic programs for specific dishes. Most importantly, it has protection from children.

Among gas ovens it is worth looking at the Hotpoint-Ariston GA2 124 BL. Low cost coupled with excellent equipment allows this model to lead in sales among its closest competitors.


Rating: 4.2

Hansa BOES68402.jpg

Hansa entered the market in 1992, but quickly advanced among competitors due to the quality and excellent design of its products. Hansa ovens have all the important features of kitchen appliances: reliability, good assembly and versatility. Until recently, the company's coolest offer was an electric oven with more than 10 heating modes, a separate delicate defrosting mode and the ability to determine the degree of readiness of a dish using a complete probe. The cost is appropriate. However, there is also a small drawback inherent in all Hansa equipment: replacement elements and spare parts are extremely expensive.

The Hansa BOES68402 electric oven stands out for its balance in price and quality. It has 8 modes for setting the degree of heating, performs the functions of a convection oven and grill. Settings are made via a touchscreen display on the elegant front panel. We cannot mention gas ovens in the assortment of this company.


Rating: 4.1


A company that exclusively produces kitchen appliances. It falls into a rather low position in the rating only due to its low popularity among Russian consumers, although in fact the supplied ovens can be compared with models from Gorenje or Bosch. MAUNFELD operates primarily in the mid-range and premium market segments, with a focus on electric ovens. There is some asceticism in their design, but there are no complaints about performance and reliability.

According to users, the best representative of the company is the EOEC 586W – an inexpensive electric oven with the ability to heat up to 280 degrees Celsius. Its internal volume is 58 liters, and the entire heating range is divided into 7 modes. The additions include convection and grill modes and hydrolysis cleaning.

Among gas ovens, MGOGG 673RIB TM stands out – an extravagant model with a claim to elitism. The combination of a cream-colored body and bronze handles will not fit into every interior. The inner volume of the cabinet is 67 liters, and there are only 4 modes for heating. There is gas control and all standard additional options.


Rating: 4.0

LG LB645479T1.jpg

The company's representation LG in the segment of built-in electric ovens is gradually disappearing. Perhaps the company itself felt that it was inappropriate to spend production capacity on the manufacture of premium equipment. And the Koreans supplied the market with only such ovens. The standard practice was to use digital displays showing the current settings, more than 10 heating modes, hydrolysis cleaning, rich equipment, etc.

Some of the last decent ovens of the company on the market were LG LB645479T1 and LG LB645E329T1. Both have 67 liters of storage capacity, touchscreen display, convection and grill functions and recessed switches. The number of heating modes in the first version is 11 pieces, and in the second – only 7. Moreover, the first model implements protection of settings from children. The cost level is consistently high: 39 and 33 thousand rubles, respectively.


Rating: 3.9

DARINA 1U BDE111 707 W.jpg

The manufacturer of budgetary electric ovens DARINA is very popular among Russian consumers. The company managed to move away from the asceticism in terms of the design of its technology, and give it more correct, 'noble' features. Coupled with good quality and reliable reliability, this has become one of the main catalysts for increasing demand. All this has made the company a formidable competitor to premium brands that work in several price segments at once.

The recommendation for purchase in the case of DARINA will be the models 1U BDE111 707 W and 1V5 BDE111 705 B. By and large, the difference between them lies in the color and design of the knobs. The former is available on the market in white with rotary handles and the latter in black with recessed handles. Otherwise, almost complete identity: 50 liters of usable volume, the presence of a convection and grill function, 9 heating modes and A-class energy consumption.


Rating: 3.8

GEFEST YES 602-02.jpg

The GEFEST trademark belongs to the large holding Brestgazoapparat, headquartered in Belarus. The range of ovens includes gas, electric and combination models for every price segment. Yes, the variety of ovens cannot be compared with the title manufacturers of the market, but the company is satisfied with everything: the reduced price makes their products competitive.

As examples of ovens, we will single out the electric model GEFEST DA 602-02 with grill, convection, spit functions, hydrolysis cleaning and security systems. In addition, the model has a pleasant appearance, has a convenient electronic timer and mechanical knobs for setting operating modes.

The gas oven version, GEFEST DGE 621-01, also has a spit and grill, but is equipped with a gas control function instead of electrical safety nets. The model has an elegant black case with three knobs for operating modes. A very reliable and efficient device.


Rating: 3.8

Beko BCM 12300 X..jpg

Beko is an inexpensive representative of the oven segment. The bulk of the products in its range are electrical, and this is where the manufacturer has achieved very good technical results. For example, almost all ovens have an intelligent air filtration function that operates on 2 or 3 levels inside the cabinet. This avoids mixing odors and cooking several dishes at the same time.

We would like to highlight the BCM 12300 X as a worthy example of Beko products. This model has 48 liters of volume and allows you to bring the temperature inside to 280 degrees Celsius. The control is carried out using a touch screen with child protection, and among the additional functions are the convection mode and the presence of a grill. The second contender: Beko BIE 21300 B with 6 heating modes up to a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius. Almost completely repeats the control patterns of the previous model, however, it has a hydrolysis cleaning function and is performed only in a stylish black case.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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