7 best combi steamers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The combi steamer is a multifunctional device that replaces several appliances in the kitchen. Its main advantage is this is the maximum preservation of nutrients in products. In camera steamed, baked, fried, blanched, baked muffin. Different modes make it possible to create the same dish differently. There are many more advantages of the unique kitchen equipment. Food is cooked faster than with conventional appliances. Meat and fish dishes retain juiciness and tenderness. Masses of raw and the finished product is almost the same. Convenient settings allow you to select programmed recipes or create individual.

Before purchasing a combi steamer, you must consider several parameters. This is the area of ​​the kitchen where it will be installed, estimated range of dishes, production features. In our Overview included units that are most in demand on the market. Them professional chefs have already tested in practice and noted them positive traits.

Rating of the best combi steamers

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best combi steamers for large-scale production 1 Combi Oven Rational CM 202 Plus 2 382 720 rub.
2 Combi Oven RETIGO B2021b, electric, boiler 1 410 390 rub.
3 Combi Oven Convotherm 4 easyDial 20.10 EB + Convoclean 1 523 325 rub.
The best combi steamers for medium and small enterprises power supply 1 Combi Oven Rational CM 61 Plus (automatic cleaning) 649,116 rub.
2 Combi Oven Lainox NAEB071 + SCS 540 530 rub.
3 Combi Oven UNOX Cheftop MIND.Maps XEVC-1011-EPR 388 060 rub.
4 Combi Oven Fagor AE-061 208 755 rub.

The best combi steamers for large-scale production

Combi Oven Rational CM 202 Plus

Rating: 5.0


First place is the best of all offers today, which will satisfy the needs of large enterprises: restaurants, cafe, food production. Maximum load: 300-500 servings per day. The device combines the functions of a double boiler, convection oven, cookers, deep fryers, ovens and ovens. It is made of high strength stainless steel. The manufacturer thought over all the nuances, to ensure maximum safety in the kitchen to employees.

The door does not heat up outside, as it is equipped with heat-reflecting coated and double glazed. The model has a 5-speed fan and waterproof according to international standard IPX5. Cleaning takes place with the integrated shower with setting jet pressure. There are three programs in the car wash. Innovative technology ensures even baking and preservation of all useful properties of products. If necessary the option of quick and safe cooling of the furnace is included.

CM 202 Plus operates in three modes: fresh, dry, combined steam 5-step adjustment allows you to set optimal. Among the additional options: left door opening, safe lock, optimization of power consumption, fat discharge complex and many other convenient and useful functions. The average price of a model is 2.3 million rubles.

Combi Oven RETIGO B2021b, electric, boiler

Rating: 4.9


The second place goes to the unit, which will become optimal equipment in fast food cafes, restaurants, public dining rooms. It already has preinstalled programs with the most relevant recipes. Opportunity is also provided. independently set modes and settings. By purchasing a model, can be replaced in the kitchen with a conventional stove and oven, steam and convection oven. It is designed for all types of processing. dishes, preserves juice and aroma in meat, in vegetables – all nutritious Components.

In total, 4 modes are presented: hot air (30-300 °), combined (30-300 °), steaming (30-130 °), bio cooking (30-98 °). The combi oven is equipped with 20 levels with 6.5 cm between them. It has a built-in 6-zone probe, loading trolley. For hygienic cleaning a shower with a soft water dispersion is used. B2021b is equipped car wash. Low power consumption and water.

Automatic descaling protects the boiler from damage. Door does not heat up. The touch panel is very convenient to operate. The device copes with the tasks perfectly. It’s wide used in medical institutions of the sanatorium type, where diet dishes are also provided, as well as in other enterprises catering, where the menu is composed on the principle of proper nutrition and HLS. Estimated cost: 1.5 million rubles.

Combi Oven Convotherm 4 easyDial 20.10 EB + Convoclean

Rating: 4.8


On the third line is the representative of the German brand, which is not only saves the strength of cooks, but also time due to special AdvanceCloseSystem + technology that allows you to cook diverse dishes at the same time. Meat, pastries, vegetables do not mix smells and tastes. Air distribution partition even at maximum load the unit guarantees uniform baking of products at all levels.

The working chamber is cleaned automatically. All surfaces with the most frequent touches are covered with material with silver ions. This provides an antibacterial effect without additional use of special disinfectants. The main functions include steaming, combination heat-steam, convection, 5-step baking, 5 stages of humidification and ventilation, quick cooking.

The control panel includes 99 programs with 20 steps in each. IN the device has an external temperature probe, the ability to remote management, evaporation system. When ordering, you can complement the combi steamer individually suitable for a specific production options. Several versions include installation on navy, in places of detention and other kitchens with specialized conditions. Base model price: 1,500,000 rubles.

The best combi steamers for medium and small enterprises power supply

Combi Oven Rational CM 61 Plus (automatic cleaning)

Rating: 4.9


The leader in this category is the reliable device of the new generation that will help to prepare delicious and healthy dishes the highest quality. It combines a double boiler and convection oven. The camera has 6 boot levels. Powerful the steam generator is automatically filled with water. Control electromechanical. 100 recipes of 6 are preset in memory steps. The model is equipped with a 5-speed fan, built-in probe. There are functions of active climate control and quick cooling.

Individual settings allow you to create food according to the original recipes. This is the temperature inside the chamber and inside the product, time preparations, operating modes. The device is made of stainless become. Outer surfaces do not heat up. There is an air in the door interlayer and plug-in seals that are easy to replace. Model equipped with the option of active moisture removal.

Temperature conditions range from 30 to 300 ° C. This is steam, air and their combination. The working chamber is made without sharp corners and joints for safety with increased fluid accumulation. Built-in shower – with infinitely variable pressure control and function overlapping water. The model has a manual cleaning program. The combi steamer stands out among many due to the combination of small dimensions and high performance. Its price is within 650,000 rub.

Combi Oven Lainox NAEB071 + SCS

Rating: 4.8


Silver medalist – combi steamer that will provide restaurants, cafes, cooking with multifunctional equipment. Touch Screen – High Resolution. Automatic system cooking provides the opportunity to cook various cuisines of the world, not participating in the process. You can also set own recipes. Housing and cooking chamber made of 0.1 cm thick stainless steel. Internal surfaces rounded and have no seams, which ensures quick and safe cleaning up. The camera has a bright backlight. The door is equipped with a double double-glazed window and internal glass reflecting heat.

The 6-speed reversible fan provides uniform baking buns. Special system prevents scale formation in the boiler. With the hand shower you can wash the camera. There are also powder programs car wash. 1 kg cleaning products and cartridges included for the boiler.

Four-point thermal probe with a diameter of 3 mm. Among the additional options: neutral aging cabinet, consumption reduction system electric power, needle probe, range hood, grill, mounting stand. The model showed high performance and is equipped with optimal a set of functions for medium-sized catering enterprises. Base cost configuration: about 580 thousand rubles.

Combi Oven UNOX Cheftop MIND.Maps XEVC-1011-EPR

Rating: 4.7


The third place is deservedly occupied by an Italian combi oven with intelligent management system. With it you can create any recipes, fix the process and save them in memory. What is it like hand-set, and drawing on the panel using a special pencil curves showing temperature, humidity, mode of operation a fan. You can save up to 256 individual user settings. Preinstalled programs will also be able to satisfy gourmet establishments with a variety of useful dishes and exquisite delicacies.

The unit holds 10 levels with a distance between the guides 0.67 cm. Special technology ensures thermal efficiency and security for employees. The modes are quite diverse: convection 30-260 °, steam 35-130 °, their combination 35-260 °, dry air 30-260 °, humidity + convection.

The automatic cleaning function includes 4 modes. Capacity for Detergent built into the chamber. During cleansing water level is monitored. The model provides auxiliary functions: temperature unit selection, pre-heating the chamber to 260 °, informing about the time process without using a primary sensor. Price Combi oven: an average of 370,000 rubles.

Combi Oven Fagor AE-061

Rating: 4.6


On the fourth line is the aggregate of production in Spain. During process eliminates odor mixing, so it’s possible simultaneous cooking of meat, fish, vegetables, pastries. All products retain useful properties and their loss is excluded masses. Total levels – 6. The panel with touch control is very clear and comfortable. You can fully automate the process, by installing pre-configured programs, or choose yourself temperature regime and method of exposure.

There are 5 of them with a maximum temperature of 300 °. it steam, convection, combination, regeneration and low temperature steam. The built-in fan is equipped with three speeds and two powers. Auto reverse changes direction. Included thermal probe. Scale is removed in a semi-automatic mode. For the cleaning The camera has a built-in retractable shower. She performed with strongly rounded corners to reduce trauma during washing.

The door is equipped with heat-resistant glass, which eliminates external heating. The legs are adjustable according to the installation surface. The model combines all the necessary functions to reduce costs. manual labor and increase production efficiency. because of The compact combi steamer is ideal for small production facilities of retail enterprises, cafes, cooking Unit cost without additional options: 270,000 rubles.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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