9 best factories for Christmas decorations

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective, does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a long-standing tradition. People gather with the whole family, dressing up a green beauty that will stay in the house until the end of the New Year holidays, creating a mood and a special cozy atmosphere. Many have toys inherited from their parents and grandparents. Heirlooms like these certainly add a special twist, as each one has its own story. But it is necessary to replenish the collection with something new so that in the future your children have the same opportunity to plunge into pleasant memories.

The editors have compiled a rating review of the 9 best factories of Christmas tree decorations, whose products are in the greatest demand and differ not only in quality, but also in sophistication.

Rating of the best factories for Christmas decorations

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
The best imported manufacturers of Christmas tree decorations 1 Komozja 5.0
2 Old world christmas 4.9
3 Krebs Glas Lauscha 4.8
4 Kurt S. Adler 4.7
The best domestic manufacturers of Christmas tree decorations 1 'Fir-tree' 5.0
2 'Frost' 4.9
3 'Biryusinka' 4.8
4 'Ariel' 4.7
5 Lavrovskaya factory of art painting 4.6

The best imported manufacturers of Christmas tree decorations


Rating: 5.0


The world famous brand appeared in the city of Czestochowa after the end of the Second World War. Two friends Mostovsky with his wife Kazimira and glassblower Kozak lost almost everything and needed funds to somehow exist, so they decided to create a business and produce glass products. So in 1945 a company was formed, the name of which was made up of the first syllables of the founders' surnames.

Initially, the plant produced tableware for dining rooms, glass test tubes and others for laboratories, mouthpieces, medicine bottles and, of course, Christmas tree decorations. Manufacturing developed, goods were exported to other countries, the staff grew to eighty people. But in 1949 the communists came to power and nationalized the family business. I had to re-raise funds and open another enterprise called 'Record'. In 1952 this plant suffered the same fate. It was only in 1980 that Robert and Alexander Mostovski received permission to set up the company, which was founded by their parents. A year later, the brand got a second life and handmade Komozja glass Christmas tree decorations appeared in the homes of many people.

Today the third generation of the Mostowski family runs the company, keeping the traditions. The amazing decorations are hand blown and painted. The assortment includes more than four thousand names of toys, collected in the following collections: 'Balls', 'Toys', 'Symbol of the Year', 'Tops', 'Caskets', 'Sets', 'Musical', 'New Items'. Each piece is beautifully packaged and will be a great New Year's gift.

Christmas decorations have a unique style and are not like toys from other manufacturers. The original appearance attracts both adults and children. Real professionals, experts in their field and simply talented people work on toys, putting their soul into each product, which increases the value and what justifies the high cost.

Old world christmas

Rating: 4.9

Old world christmas

In 1977, Beth and Tim, owners of a small antique shop, got married. True, the business did not develop and every Christmas season brought losses. Then Merck, remembering grandmother's Christmas tree decorations, went to their homeland, Germany. There he managed to conclude a contract for a large supply. The wife enthusiastically joined her husband's business and joined in the creation of figurines, with the help of Tim, who had an art education, which was an undoubted plus in this work.

The beginning of the history of the company can be considered 1979, when the couple founded a small business in Washington, in the town of Spokane. The couple wanted Americans to have not only glass decorations on the trees, but also toys with traditional Christmas motives. This is how snowmen, Santa Clauses, bells, wreaths, etc. appeared. This move was positively perceived by customers and began to buy collections with great pleasure both for themselves and as a gift for relatives and friends.

The Christmas tree in the Merkov house is always set up after Halloween, and in their shop on Sherman they decorate several green beauties at once, turning each tree into a thematic one, for example, dedicated to sports, village life, dogs, cats, camping, the sea, Santa Claus, a wedding, etc. This brings not only originality, but also practicality: when a buyer asks to show a certain toy, the seller knows where to look for it. The couple also infected the employees of their company with a passion for jewelry. Jessica Shedd, who has worked for ten years at the enterprise, even by fragments determines which piece of jewelry was broken.

The company is now run by Beth and Tim's daughter Catherine, for whom Christmas is not just a job, but a time of magic. The production was moved to China, but this did not affect the quality of the products, but on the contrary. The Inside Art Ornaments direction appeared. This collection is unique in the use of the old technology of bottle dyeing: the main color is applied from the inside and only then the external details are drawn. It can take several weeks to make one toy, so jewelry is expensive. Particularly valuable items are packed in special wooden boxes, which are lined with damask silk inside.

Krebs Glas Lauscha

Rating: 4.8

Krebs Glas Lauscha

Two friends who lived in the village of Lauscha in Thuringia received permission from the Duke in 1597 to build a small glass factory. To this day, this place thrives on that undertaking and the preservation of centuries-old traditions. The factory is considered one of the first who began to mass produce Christmas tree decorations.

At that time, such a development of events was difficult to imagine, because the company was not famous. The name of the brand only came to light after the expansion of Krebs Glass, when the owners took the business outside Swabia and the Czech Republic, drawing attention to the village, which became an ideal place for further development with raw materials. Gradually, the plant became a full-fledged production, as the craftsmen united. Artificial eyes (the invention of Ludwig Müller-Uri), bottles for medicines, colored balls with lead inside were made here.

Glassblowers of that time loved to pamper their children by making decorations for them in the form of sweets and fruits. The owners took the idea for themselves and started producing similar Christmas items. In 1923, a vocational school was opened at the plant, a feature of which was teaching not only technical foundations, but also art. Future masters were taught to experiment with forms, to fantasize. During the Second World War and the existence of the Federal Republic of Germany, love for their work helped the village survive, even though the products were made by machines, and quantity became more important than quality.

In 1992 the company set a goal to preserve the heritage and centuries-old traditions of German glass-blowing craft. Now they are combined with modern technologies, but, as before, the jewelry has an original and recognizable style. The toys are blown and hand-painted again. Now the factory adheres to a vintage theme, releasing Christmas tree decorations in the form of fairy-tale characters and compositions with children. In 2008, the company created the most expensive piece of jewelery that has never existed – a glass red ball in an openwork net made of real gold, encrusted with 120 diamonds with a total weight of 5.1 carats.

Kurt S. Adler

Rating: 4.7

Kurt S. Adler

The brand's toys appeared in 1950, when after the end of World War II, people again wanted a holiday. The founder got into the wave and made the first shipments to America. Kurt brought hand-made jewelry from West and East Germany, then connected Czechoslovakia, Italy, the Far East. Business flourished as fancy Christmas trees became more and more fashionable. The store launched exclusive limited edition collections that attracted the attention of collectors. With the passage of time, the assortment has approached that which can be seen on the shelves today. The business is continued by the founder's three children. They operate two hundred factories built in fifteen countries.

Toys from Adler are a mass of recognizable images: figures of Elvis Presley, Sinatra, Monroe, Santa Claus; famous cartoon characters like 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', 'SpongeBob', 'The Simpsons', Betty Boop; characters from famous films, for example, 'Harry Potter', 'Star Wars'; members of cult music groups such as KISS and The Beatles; обаятельные кругляши M&M's и красавица Kitty. The brand's collections include characters for children and adults. In addition, decorations are produced in the form of cars, sweatshirts, army paraphernalia, soft toys, porcelain dishes, angels, bells, pianos, animals, etc. You can decorate the Christmas tree in accordance with any theme, since the assortment contains everything that is can be imagined. The products also include garlands, where lanterns are made in the form of birds, fish, dragonflies, butterflies, flamingos, horses and even cows.

The best domestic manufacturers of Christmas tree decorations


Rating: 5.0


The oldest Russian enterprise is located in the Klin region, which has been famous for its skillful glass blowers for a long time. It was here that the first prototype of Christmas tree decorations appeared – glass beads. Local artisans first blown them by hand, but in the seventies, when technology changed, an enterprise was formed that united several factories. After that, part of the work was entrusted to the machines, but they did not completely abandon the manual work, thereby preserving the special charm of each product.

A large assortment offers decorations in the form of balls of different diameters, tops, painted sets, figurines of fairy-tale characters, animals, as well as teapots, samovars, cones, bells. Such forms, together with national patterns, support traditions and give originality. Not so long ago, original decorations made of PVC films were added to them. Due to their low cost and weightlessness, they immediately won the love of consumers and are in great demand.

In 2002, experts classified the company's products as folk art products. The value and quality of toys are confirmed by the awards won at international and all-Russian exhibitions. Anyone can visit the museum open at the factory, as well as look into the store nearby, where factory jewelry is sold in retail and wholesale.


Rating: 4.9


You can get into the world of fantasies and dreams only once a year, at the most suitable time – New Year's. Adults and children at this time make wishes and sincerely believe that in the coming days, all dreams will come true. It is the festive paraphernalia that creates the desired atmosphere, and you can buy them in the 'Ineya'.

The production is located in the Pavlovo-Posad region, in the village of Danilovo. Christmas decorations are handmade here. The assortment includes blow molded figurines, which have more than forty types: balls of various diameters (from 6 to 10 cm), tops, cones, pendants, candles, sets. Products are painted in both folk and modern motives. Each piece is original and unique. Drawings are updated to constantly add variety. Paintings are repeated on no more than five hundred balls.

The company aims to bring a story and a festive atmosphere to every home. The low cost of products, about 500 rubles, attracts buyers. By purchasing toys from this factory, you become the owner of an exclusive collection. Anyone can see with their own eyes how products are created. Excursions are organized especially for this.


Rating: 4.8


The company was founded in 1942 in Krasnoyarsk. Already at that time, the plant's products were in great demand. The plant was created on the basis of the Industrial Complex of the Stalin District and was originally called 'Children's Toy', and a little later – 'Siberian Toy'. In the late eighties it received the status of a CJSC. Beyond the Urals, this is the only factory of its kind. Today, it is a leading enterprise in the industry, where they produce not only Christmas tree decorations, but also carnival costumes for adults and children, stuffed toys, PVC and PVC products, and gift wrapping toys. The technical equipment is one of the most modern, and the raw materials used are safe for health and the environment. This allows us to manufacture products that meet all the required standards.

When the New Year's Eve comes, work is in full swing at the plant, as demand increases significantly. Toys are made almost entirely by hand, namely, they are blown, burned out and painted. The high quality is evidenced by the fact that for many years the main Christmas tree of the country, the Kremlin one, has been decorated with the toys of this factory.

The creation of the figurines begins in a hot workshop, where women-glass blowers use burners to make blanks – glass tubes. Then they go to the metallization shop, where the only automated work is carried out. Here glass balls are placed in large tanks and aluminum wires are hung nearby. Under the influence of high temperature and the vacuum created in the tanks, it melts and settles in a thin film on the surface of the balls, due to which a mirror-like shine is obtained. Then they are sent for painting, where each toy is dipped into a dye tank and dried. The final stage is painting. Artists paint each figurine by hand using special brushes. One ball can take several hours, or even an entire working day, depending on the complexity.

The assortment is made up of a wide variety of Christmas tree decorations, but, of course, balls have a leading position. They come in different diameters, with a glossy or matte surface, decorated with beads, gold or silver powder. Sometimes exclusive drawings are made on balloons, for example, with Krasnoyarsk symbols. When excursions are held at the factory, everyone can purchase a piece of jewelry, and for 10 rubles they will write any phrase on the figure. In addition to retail and wholesale, the company deals with corporate orders, making unique sets.


Rating: 4.7


Decorations for Christmas trees began to be produced in the first half of the last century. Then it was the Gorky industrial cooperative artel 'Children's Toy'. Unfortunately, the company did not receive proper development and did not function for a long time. The relaunch took place in the nineties. The Nizhny Novgorod trade mark entered the market again in 1992. Now the products of the factory are regularly exhibited at international and Russian exhibitions. It is famous for its high level of quality, thanks to which it is known both in Russia and abroad. It is exported to European cities: Denmark, Switzerland, England, France, Germany, as well as to America and more than fifteen other countries around the world, where toys are always in high demand.

Today the plant uses more modern production methods, the only thing that has not changed since the nineteenth century is the blowing technology, which allows keeping the traditions. The factory produces a variety of hand-painted Christmas tree decorations. In addition to decorative painting, thematic painting is used. The catalog contains balls, decorative candlesticks, shaped toys, medallions and much more. The range is constantly expanding, which stirs up consumer interest.

The plant specializes not only in products for retail and wholesale, but also in corporate products. Orders are accepted for the production of branded Christmas tree decorations, with the application of a logo by means of pad printing. Individual toys are not only balls and collections of shaped figures, but also decorative spiers and tops. Decorations are covered with glitter, colored powder; full-color graphics, decal are applied. Buyers especially like collectible sets and funny toys with characters with a pronounced character, for example, a good-natured tsar, a merchant's wife with a samovar, a perky dancer.

Lavrovskaya factory of art painting

Rating: 4.6

Lavrovskaya factory of art painting

The plant produces handmade gifts and souvenirs from natural ceramics, wood, glass, and also makes packaging from plywood, cardboard and solid wood. Skilled craftsmen are inspired by the magnificent and diverse nature of Russia, its vastness, the unique images of Russian people who lived in past centuries – all this is embodied in masterpieces that fascinate at first sight.

The product catalog includes dolls, rocking chairs (cockerels, horses, etc.), nesting dolls, tumblers, rattles, whistles and other toys, as well as souvenir magnets and pencils, New Year's gifts, balls and figurines. Sixty artists for wood, glass, ceramics, fifteen for woodworking and four designers are working on the creation, whose golden hands fill even simple balls with the living energy of creativity, which brings a magical premonition of the upcoming holiday to the house.

The balls are represented by several collections at once and have a diameter of 7-10 cm: 'Zhostovo' is the largest school of folk painting, the traditional style of which is familiar to everyone. Bright holiday flowers look great against the background of dark needles; 'Gzhel' – amazing patterns seem to copy the winter ones. Bright cold designs contrast perfectly with the color of the tree (upon the client's request, you can apply an image of the symbol of the year); 'Silver branch' – the painting reminds of the Russian severe frosts that envelop the trees. Thin lines and simplicity delight; 'Fiery Snow' – a red background ideal for Gzhel painting; 'Palekh' – fairy-tale characters, the Firebird, the Little Humpbacked Horse, the Maiden-Beauty, come to life on the balls of the collection. Gracefully elongated shapes and a dynamic combination of red, yellow, green looks gorgeous against a black background. Also check out the toys from the 'Gingerbread' collection. Neat small sawn-out figures made of natural wood are as similar as possible to real gingerbread cookies, pleasant to the touch, pleasing to the eye. The surface is adorned with bright abstract patterns in different color variations. By the way, many balls for the Christmas tree are also made not of glass, but of wood, which will appeal to families with children or those who have pets, because such decorations do not break.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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