9 best ergonomic backpacks

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

An ergonomic backpack is an assistant for any modern parent on a shopping trip, on a walk, on a trip, when it is inconvenient or impossible to take a stroller with you. It is a carrier, a kind of modification of a kangaroo. The experts have compiled a short rating review of popular ergonomic backpacks in two categories: budget models and those corresponding to the 'price-quality' ratio.

What you need to know about an ergonomic backpack

Today there is a huge selection of compact carriers for children, the ergonomic backpack is one of the safest for the child's body and the convenience of parents. It necessarily consists of several parts:

  1. Anatomical backrest for the child, providing a correct fit and reliable support for the spine. It can be adjustable in height and width and is equipped with head support;

  2. Belt for fixing on the body of a parent with an adjustable length;

  3. Wide shoulder straps to keep the baby in place.

Ergonomic backpacks are approved for use by pediatricians and orthopedists due to the well-thought-out design of the place for the baby – an anatomical position is provided with legs spread apart at an angle, the head is always supported. Falling out of such a carrier is practically impossible. In addition, the incoming load on the parent's spine is redistributed through wide shoulder straps and a belt, which provides maximum comfort.

All backpacks can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. 0… 2 months for newborns intended for carrying babies in an almost horizontal position with maximum support.

  2. 2… 4 months – baby backpack with reinforced back support;

  3. 4… 36 months – the most common type of backpack for children, the length of the straps and the position of the back are adjusted with the growth of the baby.

Combined with special inserts for newborns, which are subsequently unfastened for use with a child in a sitting position.

Ergonomic backpacks are made of breathable fabrics and must provide air circulation to maintain a comfortable microclimate inside the carrier.

Rating of the best ergonomic backpacks

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best inexpensive ergonomic backpacks (budget up to 3,000 rubles) 1 I Love Mum Simple RUB 1,990
2 Chicco EasyFit RUB 1,790
3 BABY Style BabyComfort RUB 1,638
4 SlingMe Flax RUB 2,100
The best ergonomic backpacks in terms of price-quality ratio 1 Manduca newstyle RUB 7,590
2 Ergobaby Four Position 360
3 Ergobaby Original
4 Cybex first go RUB 6,500
5 Baby bjorn one RUB 11,890

The best inexpensive ergonomic backpacks (budget up to 3,000 rubles)

The models of ergonomic backpacks presented in the category are budgetary and available for purchase by any family.

I Love Mum Simple

Rating: 4.7

I Love Mum Simple

The ergonomic backpack ensures the correct position of the child in the anatomically correct M-shaped position with legs wide apart, in which the load is redistributed from one point of the sacrum to the butt and hips. The darts in the lower part of the back provide the deepest fit.

An easy sock for the parent is provided by special straps with a layer of light and soft izolona 0.5 cm thick, criss-crossing on the back for maximum relief from the shoulders and its redistribution.

You can sit the child facing you or on the thigh (from the side), if desired, the ergonomic backpack can be put on the back. All straps and belt are adjustable as the child grows from 4 months to 4 years, taking into account the characteristics of the figure of the wearer.


  • Light blue color of wear-resistant material;

  • Cross straps;

  • The anatomical position of the child;

  • The ergonomic backpack is suitable for carrying children up to 4 years old;

  • Low price from 1990 rubles.


  • Not identified.

Chicco EasyFit

Rating: 4.6

Chicco EasyFit

The second place in the ranking of budget ergonomic backpacks was taken by the baby carrier Chicco EasyFit. Its distinctive feature is the intuitive adjustment of all belts and shoulder straps, comfortable putting on and landing of the child. The design of the product allows it to be used even for newborn babies without harm to their health and skeletal development, as confirmed by the International Institute of Hip Dysplasia.

The seat of the ergonomic backpack is wide, it can accommodate a child from birth up to 9 kg facing you or away from you for active acquaintance with the world around you.


  • Ergonomic design

  • Wide seat;

  • Adjustment of all shoulder straps;

  • Convenient putting on and position of the child;

  • Position facing yourself or forward;

  • Affordable price from 2390 rubles.


  • Not suitable for children larger than 9 kg.

BABY Style BabyComfort

Rating: 4.5

BABY Style BabyComfort

Ergonomic BABY Style BabyComfort is a universal device for carrying children from birth up to 18 kg. This is possible thanks to a special insert for babies, which unfastens as the child grows up. Adjustable shoulder straps and support straps allow you to accommodate from the smallest to the largest children.

In an ergonomic backpack, you can place your baby in three positions: in front, behind or on the hip, only facing yourself in an anatomically correct M-shaped position with legs wide apart to prevent pathology of the pelvic joints. The child snuggles close to the parent in a 'frog' position, which is facilitated by the wide base of the back.

Wide straps and a lumbar belt are responsible for the distribution of the load from the shoulders and spine.


  • Suitable for babies and children up to 18 kg;

  • Toe front, back and thigh;

  • Comfortable wide shoulder straps;

  • Anatomical shape of the ergonomic backpack;

  • 4 colors (black, khaki, blue, terracotta);

  • Natural 'breathable' materials in the composition (linen 55% and viscose 45%);

  • Low price from 1850 rubles.


  • No head support when placing the child with his back to himself;

  • The fabric is breathable, and easily absorbs dirt;

  • One size fits all.

SlingMe Flax

Rating: 4.5

SlingMe Flax

The 'budget four' is closed by an eco-backpack of the SlingMe Linen series. It is made of natural linen cloth, which is pleasant to the touch, does not accumulate or retain moisture, and maintains a comfortable temperature in cool weather. It is convenient to take care of the backpack – just send it to the washing machine, then iron it with an iron in steam mode.

The baby's seat with a wide base and darts under the butt ensures the correct fit of children weighing up to 7 kg, the head pad can be used as protection from rain and sun, helps to breastfeed imperceptibly for others, and detaches when unnecessary. There are soft rollers around the leg holes to prevent chafing. The waist belt is stitched with isolon and fastens with a fastex, the straps crosswise help redistribute the load over the body, all elements are adjustable in length.


  • Worn on the chest and on the back;

  • Head support;

  • Easy care;

  • Breathable and natural material;

  • Wide stitched shoulder straps;

  • Low price from 2100 rubles;

  • Adjusting straps and shoulder straps.


  • Creases fabric;

  • Restriction for children up to 7 kg.

The best ergonomic backpacks in terms of price-quality ratio

The category 'price-quality' presents more expensive ergonomic backpacks for different age groups of children. The products are distinguished by the higher quality of the materials used, the more perfect design and, of course, the cost.

Manduca newstyle

Rating: 4.9

Manduca newstyle

Made of organic cotton, this ergonomic backpack is suitable for use with babies from birth with a special insert up to 20 kg (4-5 years old). The manufacturer offers a choice of 7 intense colors: red (Red), blue (Navy), chocolate (Brown), black (Black), sand (Sand), turquoise (Petrol) and olive (Olive).

The shoulder straps are wide (7 cm) and can be worn crosswise with a buckle. They, like the rest of the product, are made of organic cotton (45%) and hemp fiber with antibacterial properties (55%). The inner lining for the baby is made of pure cotton canvas. The used fittings from well-known brands (Duraflex, ZoteFoams, YKK) ensure absolute safety of the parent and baby during the operation of the ergonomic fit. The straps and waist belt are adjustable in length and are tightly fixed on the body, taking into account the characteristics of the wearer's figure.
The child seat takes into account the anatomical structure of the body of any child (M-shaped landing in the frog position), the non-rigid back is lengthened as necessary, soft rollers are provided under the legs. All fasteners are padded with a soft cloth and do not come into contact with the body; they are additionally equipped with safety rubber bands. For protection from rain, sun and simply to support the head, the design provides a special pad.


  • Sophisticated safety system with belts and fittings;

  • Natural fabrics for sewing;

  • Large range of the permissible weight of a child from birth up to 20 kg;

  • Head protection and support;

  • Wide adjustable shoulder straps;

  • Reinforced waist belt;

  • Growing back;

  • Wide color palette.


  • High price from 7200 rubles.

Ergobaby Four Position 360

Rating: 4.8

Ergobaby Four Position 360

In 2014, Ergobaby introduced the Four Position 360 series of ergonomic backpacks, which provides the maximum number of ways to place a child for different situations: facing you, behind the back, facing the child forward, on the hip.

Convenient carrying is provided by: wide belt, soft wide shoulder straps. The developers have thought over the design of the seat so that the child maintains the correct position of the 'frog' in all positions and feels comfortable for a long time. The backrest transforms as the baby grows, in the upper part there is a sealing cuff to support the neck and head if necessary, as well as a supporting hood that protects from the sun and rain, with which you can also feed the baby without attracting the attention of others.

The material of the backpack is 100% cotton, which can be washed in the mode for delicate fabrics in an automatic machine.


  • Interesting design of the ergonomic backpack;

  • Many colors;

  • The anatomical shape of the child seat;

  • Wide and padded shoulder straps and belt, adjustable to fit the wearer's figure;

  • Children under 2 years old;

  • 4 positions for the child;

  • 100% cotton;

  • Light weight of the product – 660 g.


  • Price from 17 100 rubles.

Ergobaby Original

Rating: 4.7

Ergobaby Original

The third place in the ranking of expensive ergonomic backpacks is occupied by the product Ergobaby Original. This is a classic carrier, the first to appear in the Ergobaby manufacturer's line, but embodying all the attributes of a high-quality ergonomic backpack: anatomical seat for a child weighing up to 20 kg, a special insert is provided for babies up to 5.5 kg, cotton and poplin are used for making, wide straps and strap for fixing the product on the body of the wearer.

The manufacturer offers 6 colors of the backpack to choose from: green, red, pink, gray, black and beige. The colors are resistant, the fabric does not fade during washing, does not leave marks on clothes and does not cause allergies.

Deep seating of the child is possible only facing the parent in the position on the back or chest. The adjustable backrest has a protective and supportive hood.


  • Wide range of colors;

  • Natural breathable fabrics;

  • Machine washable;

  • Head support;

  • Insert for babies up to 5.5 kg.


  • Only 2 positions for the baby (on the back and on the chest);

  • Price from 7900 rubles.

Cybex first go

Rating: 4.7

Cybex first go

The Cybex First Go Ergonomic Carrier allows the baby to be close to mom from birth without always taking her arms. A special inlay for babies provides a horizontal position with support for the spine and head, it is made from soft cotton. It can be unfastened when the baby is 3 months old and ready to be carried vertically. Then he can be put with his face or back to the parent in a backpack, fixed in front or behind.

The seat is adjustable in width and height: from the bottom of the back there are locks-fasteners with a slot, from the top – a removable headrest. The design of the ergonomic backpack allows you to place the child in the correct M-shaped 'frog' position with widely spread legs.

Wide shoulder straps and belt provide comfort for the parent. The disadvantage of the device that users note is insufficient ventilation of the seat and in warm weather the child is hot in the carrier. For this reason, the ergonomic backpack only ranks fourth in the ranking.


  • 4 bright colors (red, blue, purple, black);

  • 4 landing options;

  • Suitable for children from 3.5 to 18 kg;

  • Seat adjustable in width and height;

  • Wide shoulder straps and waist strap.


  • Insufficient ventilation of the shoulder straps and baby seat.

Baby bjorn one

Rating: 4.7

Baby bjorn one

The Chinese ergonomic backpack closes the rating of quality back and chest carriers for babies. Wide shoulder straps and a belt are adjustable to fit any mom or dad figure.

For the child, all conditions for anatomical fit or laying are provided: a soft liner for newborn babies with a height of 53 cm and a weight of 3.5 kg, a soft back with rigid head support (it can be removed when sitting facing forward), all external seams – no risk rubbing the skin.

The backpack is made of safe fabrics in accordance with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. It is suitable for carrying infants and children up to 3 kg facing forward or to the parent on the back or chest. The main disadvantage of the ergonomic backpack is the high price of about 13,800 rubles.


  • Soft materials;

  • Reliable design with head support;

  • Use from birth up to 15 kg;

  • Lack of internal seams;

  • Wide shoulder straps;

  • 9 colors to choose from.


  • High price.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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