9 best Electrolux hobs

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The Swedish brand Electrolux is familiar to almost everyone. The most reliable household appliances, pleasing with their characteristics, are distributed under it. Most often it is intended for use in the kitchen. This applies in particular to hobs. It is them that we will consider in this article. We will talk about both electric and gas models.

Rating of the best Electrolux hobs

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best induction hobs Electrolux 1 Electrolux IPE 6453 KF RUB 24 870
2 Electrolux EHH 96340 IW RUB 29 896
3 Electrolux EHH 56240 IK RUB 16,760
The best Electrolux electric hobs 1 Electrolux EHG 96341 FK RUB 23,990
2 Electrolux EHF 96547 SW RUB 20,340
3 Electrolux EHF 96547 XK RUB 15 220
The best Electrolux gas hobs 1 Electrolux EGV 96343 YK RUB 25,200
2 Electrolux GPE 363 YK RUB 19,250
3 Electrolux GPE 263 MB 12 150 rub.

The best induction hobs Electrolux

Electrolux IPE 6453 KF

Rating: 4.9


This hob is made of glass ceramic. This made the color of the device a jet black. On the panel, you can see some patterns, as if the manufacturer had depicted some constellations on it. In fact, this indicates that there is an oval heating zone. It is also a rare case when the hob is compatible with absolutely any utensil.

The dimensions for building this model can be called standard – they are 59×49 cm. The panel is induction, so you will always know when a particular heating zone is hot. As for cleaning the surface, it does not involve any work – a regular wet rag is enough.

If we talk about heating zones, then there are three of them. The left one, as mentioned above, is oval – its diameter is as much as 21 cm. On the right there are two zones, their diameter is 14.5 and 18 cm. It is difficult to imagine that such an arrangement of heating zones may not suit someone.

The control panel is located at the front of the device. Unfortunately, the manufacturer decided to abandon the rotary switches. Of course, a young man with touch controls will figure it out without any problems, but this cannot be said about older people. But the presence of a burner timer here cannot but rejoice. The Swedish manufacturer has not forgotten about the panel lock button – this will not allow any curious Varvara to turn on the hob.

The very high cost of the device is due to the automatic dish recognition function. Perhaps, it is she who greatly facilitates the preparation of dishes in large quantities. It is not surprising that even restaurant owners buy Electrolux IPE 6453 KF.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then some users note the fact that the heating intensity is strangely implemented here. In the first nine settings, the cooking zones hardly heat up.


  • Very nice appearance;
  • There is an oval heating zone;
  • Implemented automatic dish recognition;
  • Good protection system;
  • There is a burner timer;
  • There is a residual heat indicator.


  • Strange implementation of heating intensity;
  • Touch controls are not for everyone;
  • Very high cost.

Electrolux EHH 96340 IW

Rating: 4.8


Induction hobs are usually black in color. However, this is not suitable for all kitchens. If you need a version with light colors, then we recommend buying Electrolux EHH 96340 IW. This glass ceramic surface is finished in white. It is easy to clean, just wipe the panel with a wet cloth. In this case, there are four burners. Unfortunately, there is no oval heating zone here, but this model is capable of boasting a relatively low cost.

Continuing the conversation about the burners, one cannot fail to note their different sizes. The smallest has a diameter of 14.5 cm. The other two have a diameter of 18 cm. Well, the largest is 21 cm. If all four cooking zones are switched on, the power consumption reaches 7.4 kW.

Electrolux EHH 96340 IW is quite different from much less expensive counterparts. In particular, automatic detection of the presence of dishes is implemented here. The manufacturer also introduced the ability to set a short pause. As for the control panel, it is made in the most modern way – touch buttons are used here. I am glad that the burner timer has been added here. It allows you to cook soup while being in a completely different room. If something suddenly happens, the hob will automatically cut off the electricity supply to its burners.

In a word, this is an excellent specimen with no particular flaws. Here, even stains are practically invisible after cleaning – the color of the surface affects. By the way, it is not perfectly white – rather, it can be called cream. Perhaps the only drawback is the lack of the ability to turn off the sound. However, it is not too loud, so the beeping should definitely not interfere.


  • Nice design;
  • There is an express burner;
  • There is a burner timer;
  • Control panel locking has been implemented;
  • There is a protective shutdown;
  • There is an indication of residual heat;
  • The panel automatically recognizes the presence of dishes.


  • Some specimens are poorly assembled;
  • You cannot turn off the sound;
  • No oval heating zone.

Electrolux EHH 56240 IK

Rating: 4.7


Another glass-ceramic surface. It is made in the usual black color. The cost of this model is very high, but it is still far from the records. In this regard, it is not surprising that the device did not receive an oval heating zone. However, a 21-centimeter hotplate is enough for many buyers. As for the rest of the burners, one has a diameter of 18 cm, and the other two have a diameter of 14.5 cm.

Admittedly, this hob is not a record-breaking powerful one. Its rated power is 6.6 kW. However, even this parameter makes people who live in the old 'Khrushchevs' warn against buying this model.

Like other similar surfaces, the Electrolux EHH 56240 IK has a residual heat indicator. A protective shutdown is also implemented here. But there is no automatic recognition of the presence of dishes. Unfortunately, there is no timer either. The panel is controlled by pressing the touch buttons.

Please note that this model is designed to be connected to a three-phase network. If your apartment has an ordinary single-phase network, then you will need to combine all the phase contacts, but this will require the appropriate jumpers, which are not included in the kit. If you do not do this, only two cooking zones will work at a time.


  • There is an express burner;
  • There is a control panel lock button;
  • Implemented protective shutdown;
  • There is a residual heat indication.


  • There is no cooking zone timer;
  • No automatic cookware recognition;
  • Mainly designed for three-phase power supply;
  • No oval heating zone.

The best Electrolux electric hobs

Electrolux EHG 96341 FK

Rating: 4.9


If we talk about all electric hobs in general, then the Electrolux EHG 96341 FK is the best of them. Among those released by the Swedish company, of course. However, she does not have so many competitors. So what does this model offer? Firstly, the function of automatic recognition of the presence of dishes. This greatly simplifies management and also slightly reduces power consumption. By the way, if you activate all four burners, then the device will consume 6.6 kW.

Unlike less expensive models, this hob has a double-circuit burner. Its diameter is 18 cm (diameter of the inner contour is 12 cm). It seems that it is ideal to heat a huge pot of soup on such a burner – the process will not take much time. However, there is an even larger burner on the hob – it is 21 cm. The other two burners have a diameter of 14.5 cm.

Like other modern electric hobs, Electrolux EHG 96341 FK has touch controls. It's nice that there is a cooking zone timer. Its sound, by the way, can be turned off. A simple function to implement, but how much it is lacking in many other hobs! And there is also a control panel lock button that parents will definitely like. However, this is not uncommon – most often such devices cannot do without such a function.

Otherwise, this is a familiar hob. The possibility of a short pause is implemented here. Also, the protective shutdown is not forgotten. Well, the residual heat indication will make it possible to understand whether it is already possible to wash the device if something has been spilled on it. Well, you can only find fault with the touch buttons. As is the case with some other models, this requires a distinct press. This is not a smartphone for you that correctly recognizes even not very accurate touches. You can also note the increased noise level – here you can clearly hear the operation of the fan.


  • There is a burner timer;
  • There is a double-circuit burner;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • Automatic crockery recognition is possible;
  • Implemented protective shutdown;
  • The residual heat indication has not been forgotten.


  • Decent fan noise;
  • There are false button operations;
  • Very high cost.

Electrolux EHF 96547 SW

Rating: 4.8


The Swedish manufacturer tries not to forget about those people who have a kitchen with an interior in light colors. For them, such hobs are created as the Electrolux EHF 96547 SW. Its glass-ceramic surface is made in white. The standard burner arrangement is used here. However, they are not in themselves traditional. The fact is that there is an oval heating zone. And not only! The panel is also capable of boasting a three-circuit burner. And only the other two burners are nothing special – their diameter is 14.5 cm.

The built-in dimensions of this model are 56×49 cm. The presence of very large burners indicates that the appliance can consume huge amounts of electricity. Indeed, 7.1 kW is declared in the technical passport.

Returning to the hotplates, let's look at their sizes. The diameter of the three-circuit one varies from 12 to 21 cm. As for the oval heating zone, its dimensions are 17×26.5 cm. The burners are controlled by pressing the touch buttons. I am glad that the Swedish manufacturer has not forgotten about the burner timer. This allows you to detach from the hob to watch the show. There is also the possibility of locking the control panel. It will be needed if a curious child appears in the family.

Of course, this is not the best option for an older person. It will be extremely difficult for him to get used to the sliders used to select the heat level. But young people will definitely like Electrolux EHF 96547 SW! They will appreciate the residual heat indication, the protective shutdown function, and the ability to set a short pause. The only thing missing here is the automatic recognition of the presence of dishes. But due to this, the manufacturer managed to reduce the cost of this model – you will save about 5 thousand rubles.

It remains to add that the product is not white, but rather milky. This is important for those who choose their hob strictly for the existing interior.


  • There is a three-circuit burner;
  • There is an oval heating zone;
  • Very easy cleaning;
  • There is a burner timer;
  • Locking of the control panel is possible;
  • There is a residual heat indication;
  • The 'Pause' mode is not forgotten.


  • Difficult to learn control panel;
  • No automatic cookware recognition;
  • Still, a very high cost.

Electrolux EHF 96547 XK

Rating: 4.7


Another glass-ceramic hob. This time – black. This model will look great in a kitchen with a modern interior. In addition to that, it will also delight you with its functionality! She has four burners at her disposal, while only two of them are ordinary (their diameter is 14.5 cm). The other two are of highly unconventional design.

You should start with a three-circuit comfort. Depending on the number of activated circuits, its diameter can be 12, 17.5 or 21 cm. The other burner is supplemented with an oval heating zone – its dimensions are 17×26.5 cm. In a word, such a hob allows you to heat even huge pots. It is surprising that with such capabilities, the device is not particularly expensive – most often in Russian stores they ask for about 19 thousand rubles for it.

Such a number of large burners could not but affect the power. In the maximum operating mode, the power will reach 7.1 kW. Be sure to make sure your kitchen wiring can handle this flow of electricity!

Like many glass ceramic hobs, the Electrolux EHF 96547 XK has touch-sensitive switches. It uses a slider control system that will take some getting used to. If the device is purchased for an elderly person, then it is better to consider some other model. The good news is that on the dashboard there was a place for the burner timer. By the way, the sounds it makes can be turned off!

Otherwise, it is a typical hob with a residual heat indicator. It is easy to clean as its entire surface is perfectly flat. Its control panel can be locked to keep children safe. A protective shutdown that occurs in the event of an incident is also implemented here. There is also a short pause mode.

And what can you find fault with, with the exception of the already mentioned management? Perhaps to a short power wire. But it is the same with almost all hobs of this type. But the proximity of one of the burners to the control panel should be noted, although this problem is found in such devices more and more often. Also, several buyers complained that after a few years, the indication of the heating level at the right burners ordered a long life.


  • There is an oval heating zone;
  • There is a three-circuit burner;
  • The burner timer is not forgotten;
  • Implemented protective shutdown;
  • The control panel can be locked;
  • There is a residual heat indication;
  • There is a 'Pause' mode.


  • The heating level display may stop working;
  • The control panel takes some getting used to.

The best Electrolux gas hobs

Electrolux EGV 96343 YK

Rating: 4.9


It's amazing that the Swedish giant is capable of making even gas hobs beautiful. The Electrolux EGV 96343 YK is a good example of this. This model has not only cast iron grates, but also a surface made of tempered glass. As a result, the product is not white, but black. Of course, this will not suit everyone. But if your kitchen already has some appliances painted in the same color, then the hob integrates perfectly into such an interior.

This model has an extremely high cost. What is the reason for this? Mostly the quality burners supplied. There is even a WOK burner with a diameter of 12.2 cm. It belongs to the 'Triple crown' type, which allows you to place truly huge dishes on it.

Of course, much more often you will use other burners that consume much less gas. Two burners have a diameter of 7 cm, and one is only 5.4 cm in diameter. They are controlled by rotating mechanical switches. It seems that this will allow even an elderly person to easily get used to the new device. By the way, he doesn't have to use a lighter or matches! Here electric ignition is realized, which works in automatic mode. And there is also a gas control. This means that its supply will immediately close if the flame suddenly goes out. This is especially important for those who regularly wean from the stove.

In fact, this is a rare case when it is impossible to find fault with the hob. The manufacturer even equipped the cast-iron grilles with soft pads – they allow you not to worry about the state of shock-resistant glass. Perhaps, only the price, which is too high, will not please.


  • There is a WOK burner;
  • Convenient rotary switches;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • There is an automatic electric ignition;
  • Excellent cast iron grates;
  • Gas control has been implemented.


  • Very high cost.

Electrolux GPE 363 YK

Rating: 4.8


Another gas hob with a tempered glass surface. However, this model is about 10 thousand rubles cheaper than the previous one. In this regard, one should not expect a 'triple crown' here. But the 'double crown' will be enough for many buyers. And this is exactly what the WOK burner is here. Its diameter, by the way, is 12.8 cm.

If we talk about the other three burners, then nothing bad can be said about them. Two of them have a diameter of 8 cm. The smallest one has a diameter of 6.5 cm. The flame appears on them immediately after you turn the switch – thanks to the automatic electric ignition for this.

Perhaps this is the best hob for an elderly person. There is no doubt that he will deal with her in a matter of minutes. I am glad that Electrolux GPE 363 YK can be used even with regular forgetfulness. The fact is that the manufacturer has introduced gas control here. This means that if something boils away by extinguishing the flame, the gas supply will immediately be stopped.

Otherwise, this is a familiar hob. It is equipped with cast iron grates. All of them are easily removable, so cleaning problems are excluded. But not everyone will like this model. The fact is that tempered glass gets dirty quickly. Also, some buyers note too smooth switches – sometimes their hands simply slip off them.


  • There is a double crown burner;
  • Stylish design;
  • Easy to learn control;
  • There is an automatic electric ignition;
  • Cast iron grates, easy to remove;
  • Gas control has been implemented.


  • The jog dials are a little too smooth;
  • High price;
  • A timer would be nice.

Electrolux GPE 263 MB

Rating: 4.7


Not every consumer is ready to pay over 20 thousand rubles for a gas hob. In this regard, the Swedish company Electrolux also produces less expensive models. For example, for GPE 263 MB they ask for about 15 thousand rubles. Moreover, she has almost everything you need. For example, neat cast-iron grates are removed here without any problems – there will definitely not be any problems with cleaning. You also can't find fault with rotary switches that even an elderly person can master.

Of course, the manufacturer had to make some simplifications. But many buyers will definitely be able to put up with them. For example, there is no 'Double Crown' here that can heat up a large saucepan in a minimum amount of time. Also, the Swedes abandoned impact-resistant glass, opting for a conventional enamelled surface. But for some it will even be a plus, because on such a surface, pollution is not so clearly visible, and it is almost impossible to damage it.

The dimensions for this panel are standard, 56×48 cm. As expected, the product has two medium burners, one small and one very large. The flame is ignited in them automatically – you just need to remember to connect the panel to electricity. Gas control is also implemented here. It is very good that the manufacturer did not skimp on this. You do not have to worry about the fact that water will flood the flame – when it dies out, the gas supply will definitely stop.

In short, this is a very beautiful and modern hob. And don't pay attention to the pictures. Since only black elements are used here (surface, burners and grates), it is almost never possible to photograph this model beautifully. In real life, she looks very pretty.


  • There is an express burner;
  • There is a gas control;
  • Easy to remove cast iron grates;
  • The enamelled surface is painted black;
  • Automatic electric ignition is implemented.


  • I would like to get at least a 'Double Crown'.


Electrolux-branded products are often expensive. But on the other hand, they have a long service life. Also, this technique is usually able to boast of a modern appearance. You have seen this for yourself by looking at the hobs of this company. Even gas models, which, it would seem, should not be anything special, cause delight.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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