9 best electric stoves

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

In the arsenal of household appliances there are things without which it can not do no full kitchen. One of such devices is a stove for cooking. Specialists studied the market of modern models electric stoves and compiled for you a selection of worthy models, guided by certain parameters. We grouped them conclusions and recommendations accordingly.

Rating of the best electric stoves

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best inexpensive electric stoves with enameled surface 1 GEFEST 6140-03 0001 15 830 rub.
2 GEFEST 6140-02 14 220 rub.
3 Hansa FCEW53001 11 480 rub.
The best electric cookers with vitroceramic surface 1 Kaiser HC 62022 KS Matt Moire 77 890 rub.
2 Gorenje EC 57341 AW 27 295 rub.
3 DARINA B EC341 606 W 13 906 rub.
The best electric stove with stainless steel surface become 1 Hansa FCEX58210 19 990 rub.
The best desktop electric stoves 1 Kitfort CT-105 7 430 rub.
2 Iplate YZ-C20

The best inexpensive electric stoves with enameled surface

First of all, in our ranking, we will consider the most popular models of plates, they are the most bought. Main the criterion for their assessment is an affordable price with acceptable quality. Of course, in terms of functionality, these plates can not compete with with its fellow premium segment, but its direct functions perform in full. Our experts drew attention to three Examples: GEFEST 6140-03 0001, GEFEST 6140-02 and Hansa FCEW53001.

All three models have the following:

  1. hinged oven door;

  2. backlight;

  3. traditional cleaning;

  4. electric oven;

  5. enameled electric hob;

  6. 4 hobs on the hob;

  7. mechanical control with rotary switches;

  8. drawer below;

  9. the cleaning method is traditional;

  10. all three models do not have a protective shutdown, boilers, residual heat and block indicators control panels (child protection).

GEFEST 6140-03 0001

Rating: 4.7

GEFEST 6140-03 0001

Electric stoves GEFEST 6140-03 0001 are produced in the republic Belarus. This is the most high-tech model in our review, how much can a fairly simple electric stove be without special frills. Case color – traditional brown for products of this famous manufacturer.

Unit dimensions – 60x60x85 cm, oven volume – 52 l. In the oven There is a clock and an automatic shutdown sensor. Oven supplemented grill, spit is included in the delivery. In the oven there is a fan that performs several functions at once, including, convection. In different combinations, the function of the turbogrill is obtained, etc. d.

The hob is equipped with a lid and includes 4 burners power of 200, 1000, 1500 and 2000 W, respectively.

Standard equipment includes: wire guides, baking sheet, roasting pan, oven grate. Unit position adjustable by adjustable legs.


  • arbitrary rotation of the knobs;

  • can be connected to a three-phase network;

  • functional.


  • need to be calcined to eliminate odor.

GEFEST 6140-02

Rating: 4.6

GEFEST 6140-02

Electric stoves GEFEST 6140-02 are produced at the plant of the joint venture OAO “Brestgazoapparat” in the Republic of Belarus. This model is slightly cheaper. previous and slightly less functional. But overall in the budget segment, it occupies a prominent place. Dimensions – 60x60x85 cm. Weight unit – 49.5 kg. The model considered in our rating has white enamelled case. Model with an index “K” – brown.

The 52 L electric oven is equipped with two TENami – with an upper power of 0.8 kW and a lower power of 1.2 kW. Also installed is an electric grill with a capacity of 1.2 kW, a heater; 2 kW There is no display in the oven, but there is an electromechanical timer, and thermostat. The oven is equipped with a skewer, a roasting pan, oven and surface grills;

By combining different heatings in GEFEST 6140-02 you can implement such modes: bottom heating, grill, skewer, top heating, fan, turbo grill, convection. The oven is equipped sound timer. The clock is not provided. In the oven there is backlight.

The hob is equipped with an iron lid, on the panel 4 burners with a power of 2000 W are placed (express, front left), 1000 watts (front right), 1500 watts and 2000 watts.


  • functional;

  • simplicity and convenience;

  • combination of price and quality.


  • side walls are heated.

Hansa FCEW53001

Rating: 4.5

Hansa FCEW53001

Hansa FCEW53001 model electric cookers are produced on Polish Amica home appliance factory with German investment. it classic white unit with dimensions of 50x60x85 cm and without weight packaging 40 kg. This model is on average even cheaper than the Brest GEFEST 6140-02, and this is natural, since Hansa home appliances in general refers to the budget class.

The useful volume of the oven in the stove is 69 liters. There is a top and bottom heater, backlight. Clock and convection are not provided. Doors are double glazed to protect burns by touch. It also contributes to Cool Front Cooling System.

The total energy consumption of the stove is 0.95 kW / h, power with all heating elements turned on – 7 kW. The energy consumption class is “A”.

The hob is equipped with a metal lid. Dimensions electric burners: left front and right rear – 18 cm each, left rear and right front – 14.5 cm each.

The delivery includes a standard grid and a baking sheet. Some users complain about the lack of a cord power supply, but this option is missing in many similar household appliances.

An important point – the lower compartment for dishes does not have a bottom.


  • capacious oven;

  • reliability and resistance to power outages;

  • double glazed oven doors.


  • lower compartment for dishes without bottom;

  • There is no cable for connecting.

The best electric cookers with vitroceramic surface

Now in our ranking there are three models of plates with glass-ceramic surface of the hob. Specialists The following models were considered worthy: Kaiser HC 62022 KS Matt Moire, Gorenje EC 57341 AW, DARINA B EC341 606 W.

All of them have such common characteristics:

  1. electric hob and oven;

  2. vitroceramic hob;

  3. there are indicators of residual heat;

  4. no boiling automatics;

  5. no protective shutdown;

  6. there is a box for dishes;

  7. hinged door;

  8. no lock of the control panel (child protection).

Kaiser HC 62022 KS Matt Moire

Rating: 4.9

Kaiser HC 62022 KS Matt Moire

This is the most expensive premium electric range in this group, it is the most presentable and functional. Spectacular the appearance is created by the deep black color of the metal case and backlight in the oven. Overall dimensions – 60x60x85 cm.

The plate is controlled by mechanical rotary switches, There is a display and a timer with a clock. Facilitates electronic control programming device “Touch Control”. Consumption class energy – “Super A +”.

The volume of the oven in the stove is 60 l, there is a grill function, a skewer for The grill is supplied. Even distribution of hot air provides convection. Special catalytic coating the walls of the oven make it easy to clean. The dismountable door has triple glazing – due to this, door heating is minimal. On the A recipe table is printed on the inside of the door.

There are 4 burners on the hob, of which one “express” with two oval-shaped heating circuits.


  • presentable appearance;

  • minimum door heating;

  • functional.


  • high price.

Gorenje EC 57341 AW

Rating: 4.8

Gorenje EC 57341

Electric cookers of the Slovenian trademark Gorenje EC 57341 AW is produced in Slovenia itself. This is a classic white plate. colors with a metal case measuring 50x60x85 cm. Operated mechanical rotary switches, but electronically – modes are displayed on the LCD located on the front panels with a timer (provides delayed start).

The volume of the oven in this range is 56 l. The mode is provided grill, backlight, convection, convenient “Pizza” mode. The doors have double glazing with heat-insulating coating Cool Door, mechanism closing-opening smooth GentleClose. There is a mechanism in the door locks from accidental opening. Energy Efficiency Class – “AND”.

The walls inside the oven provide a traditional way cleaning, but cleaning is greatly facilitated by exposure AquaClean ferry.

On the working panel there are 4 rings, of which one reinforced, double-circuit oval shape, optimally suited for gosyatnitsa.

The delivery set includes a wire rack, two metal trays and one glass.


  • reliability and reliability;

  • easy oven cleaning;

  • combination of price and quality.


  • little space between burners.

DARINA B EC341 606 W

Rating: 4.7

DARINA B EC341 606 W

Electric cooker DARINA B EC341 606 W is produced in Russia. Equipped with a mechanical control panel with mechanical rotary switches. Made in the classic form factor white with a black door and hob. Sizes – 50x56x85 cm. In terms of functionality and additional functions, this plate extremely simple – this is done for the sake of minimizing the price, which in the top three models of this class are really the most affordable.

The volume of the oven is 50 l, the clock is not installed, convection is not provided. To clean the inner walls use traditional ways.

When operating the stove, it should be noted that the indicator residual heat is very sensitive, and when exposed to third-party heating elements may indicate that the hotplate is hot.

There are 4 electric hobs on the hob power: front left and rear right – 1.2 kW each, the rest two – 1.7 kW each.


  • fast heating of burners;

  • affordable price;

  • combination of price and quality.


  • no grill;

  • limited functionality.

The best electric stove with stainless steel surface become

Separately in our rating is an electric stove with stainless steel surface. Many consumers prefer just such a stylistic decision, and our experts determined from the range of available plates the most acceptable in the aggregate factors.

Hansa FCEX58210

Rating: 4.8

Hansa FCEX58210

Hansa FCEX58210 electric stoves are produced in Poland on Amica factory. This is a popular mid-range model, closer to the budget, made in a silver metallic case with stainless steel hob. Dimensions – 50x60x85 cm. Below a compartment for dishes has been allocated.

The plate is controlled mechanically by turning switches. The front panel has an LCD with a timer, clock and display modes. Energy efficiency class – “AND”.

The Hansa FCEX58210 has a rather large 65 liter oven with double glazed hinged door. There is a backlight electric grill (spit supplied), convection. The nature of the surface of the walls of the oven implies a traditional cleaning method.

There are 4 burners on the hob. Diameters of the left near and right distant zones – 180 mm each, the other two – 145 each mm Automatic modes as residual heat indicator, automatic boiling, protective shutdown is not provided. There is no control panel lock.


  • combination of price and quality;

  • interesting design.


  • no protection from children.

The best desktop electric stoves

And our rating is completed by a special type of electric stoves – desktop. In them, by definition, there is no oven, but there is only a hob. Both of them are of induction type.

Kitfort CT-105

Rating: 4.8

Kitfort KT-105

Kitfort is the domestic brand under which it is issued various household appliances for the kitchen and home. Electric kitchen Kitfort KT-105 plate is made in China, delivered to Russia, CIS countries and is in significant demand. This model made in a stylish glossy case in deep black.

The stove is equipped with two heating induction elements with electronic touch controls. There is a display and timer modes operation and condition of the device. Watches are not provided in this model. The linear dimensions of the device are 60x36x7 cm. Work surface – Wear-resistant glass ceramics.

From useful automation in Kitfort KT-105 lock is implemented control panels (simultaneously performs the function of protecting against children and accidental switching of modes), protective shutdown in case of failures or overloads. Residual heat indicators and automation no boiling.

The total power consumption of Kitfort KT-105 is 4 kW.


  • fast heating;

  • build quality;

  • stylish appearance;


  • too large adjustment step.

Iplate YZ-C20

Rating: 4.7

Iplate YZ-C20

Under the brand name Iplate are available almost exclusively tabletop stoves of various formats. Electric Iplate YZ-C20 Induction Electric Stove Made in China and massively supplied to the Russian market. Executed in black glossy case with dimensions 60x37x7.5 cm.

This model is significantly less powerful than the previous one – general energy consumption does not exceed 3100 watts. By indicators energy efficiency, it is included in the high class “A”.

The stove is electronically controlled using touch switches. There is a timer and a display. The clock is not provided. The material of the working surface is resistant glass ceramic.

In total, the stove contains 2 induction heat sources. Protective shutdown is provided in case of failures or overloads, and also blocking the control panel from accidental switching or Clicking on sensors by children. Residual heat indicators and automatic boiling in this model is not provided.

Unlike the previous Kitfort KT-105 plate, in this model structurally embedded in the possibility of embedding.


  • Beautiful design;

  • affordable price;

  • the ability to integrate into kitchen furniture.


  • there are complaints of cooling noise.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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