9 best books by Terry Pratchett

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Terence John Pratchett is known to readers all over the world as Terry Pratchett. This is a famous Englishman, who became famous for his books, which do not lose popularity to this day. The author's works are distinguished by their satirical style, which is the highlight of his work. Initially, Terry wanted to write novels as fantasy parodies, but over time it became a separate literary genre.

Our experts have selected the most popular works, presenting them in a ranking of 9 best books by Terry Pratchett.

Rating of the best books by Terry Pratchett

Nomination a place composition rating
Rating of the best books by Terry Pratchett 1 'To arms! To arms! ' 4.9
2 'Witches Abroad' 4.8
3 'Guardians! Guardians! ' 4.8
4 'Grim Reaper' 4.7
5 'Legs made of clay' 4.7
6 'Night Guard' 4.7
7 'Good signs' 4.6
8 'Ladies and Gentlemen' 4.5
9 'Keep the brand!' 4.5

'To arms! To arms! '

Book author: Terence John Pratchett

Rating: 4.9


The second book from the Sentinel sub-cycle, Discworld cycle is in the lead. Heroes living in difficult times are forced to seek help from such unreliable ethnic minority groups as trolls, gnomes and women. But what do you do when you need to defend Ankh-Morpork?

At the beginning of the plot, the patrician Vetinari literally imposes recruits on Commander Vimes, who is preparing for the wedding with Sibylla. The last days of the service turn out to be turbulent – murders were committed in Ankh-Morpork under mysterious circumstances. Compounding the matter is the fact that the victims were dealt with with the first firearms in Discworld.

The work tells about love, friendship, work. The author humorously raises important topics, for example, about the power of weapons, which turns a person into a slave, taking possession of his thoughts. The characters of the characters are brilliantly worked out, there is no farce and falsehood in them. This applies not only to the already familiar Vetinari, Vimes, Carrot, but also to the new ones – Angwa, Dubbins, Detritus. Adult themes like violence and sex are very well woven into the 'childishness' of the narrative, and the ideas that confuse the plot are original.

'To arms! To arms! ' will please a wide readership. Even those who do not consider themselves to be fans of fantasy and near-fantasy.

'Witches Abroad'

Book author: Terence John Pratchett

Rating: 4.8


The next place in the rating goes to the third book of the Witches subcycle, Discworld cycle. The reader will have another meeting with already beloved characters: the fairy godmother Magrat Chesnogk, nanny Yagg, mother Vetrovosk. This trinity, together with the cat Gribo, is preparing to visit Orlais, where the main plot unfolds. There lives the goddaughter Magrat, Cinderella, whom the prince invited to marry.

Discworld has its own fairy kingdom. Anyone who gets into it will become the hero of one, or maybe several plots of famous fairy tales at once. The kingdom's police will carefully ensure that the intended role is played accurately. From the pages of the book, Pratchett says that fairy tales have been living here since ancient times, repeating themselves from time to time. And those become stronger that more than others gain repetitions. The main characters will face a tough clash with invincible evil magic. Will they cope?

The reader has to find out if someone helps fairy tales come true. The novel intertwines legends of different nations, voodoo rituals, fairy-tale plots of Pierrot's works. All this fascinates, mentally transferring to fantastic worlds. There is both humor and philosophy with reasoning on important topics. The book is easy to read, so not only adults but also teenagers will like it.

'Guardians! Guardians! '

Book author: Terence John Pratchett

Rating: 4.8

Guardians!  Guardians!

The third position is occupied by the first book of the 'City Guard' subcycle, the 'Discworld' cycle. The leading 'To Arms!' Is its continuation. To arms! '. The story of the novel 'Sentinels! Guardians! ' similar to the works of 'Harry Potter' and 'The Hobbit', but the difference is the same original humor and subtle satire of Pratchett. He masterfully describes people, gnomes, dragons and other fantastic creatures, making fun of the shortcomings of society.

Events take place in Ankh-Morpork, where a conspiracy against the ruler is about to take place. The Night Guards take on the task of stopping the villains. In their hands, the restoration of urban order, the return of tranquility and peace to local residents. I would like to say: 'Ah! Valiant Guard! ', But so far this is just a group of incapable losers. Seeing the crimes, they prefer to turn away, pretending not to notice anything. What will happen next? Will the main characters remain cowards, afraid of their own shadow?

The book combines heroism, battles, human weaknesses and the struggle with them. The author makes the reader smile, laugh, tears and worries. He deftly ridicules clichés, revealing the realities of the modern world. But still, this novel, like a fairy tale, has a happy ending. Recommended not only for adults, but also for children. Young readers will especially love the detailed descriptions of dragons. Such thoughtful and charming beasts as in Guardian! Guard! ', You will not find anywhere else.

'Grim Reaper'

Book author: Terence John Pratchett

Rating: 4.7

Grim Reaper.jpg

The fourth line is given to the second book of the 'Death' subcycle, the 'Discworld' cycle. What will the world be like if Death dies? Yes, yes, no matter how tautological it sounds. Imagine: here he is, the man whose hour has struck, lies to himself, but the Reaper is still not there. What is to be done by the soul that has left the body? Return to the deceased, of course. A mess, say? Still would!

The Soul Collector, aka Death, suddenly loses confidence. More powerful forces call into question his impartiality and ability to do the job the way it should be. Death is deprived of eternity, giving it its own time of existence. Ankh-Morpork plunges into a whirlpool where Death faces a choice: to accept or fight injustice. To begin with, he decides to go to the world of people, to spend the allotted time. But what will he do and where will it lead? The events involved werewolves, mediums, fighters for death, vampires, wizards, priests and many others. They are all trying to figure out what is happening.

Pratchett, as always, adheres to his author's style, telling the story with sparkling humor, from which sometimes it is funny to tears, and philosophizing. The book is about life with its all-encompassing and unbridled power. The work makes you think about the value of this very life. The ending is both joyful and sad at the same time. After it, you remain for a long time in a state as if you touched the soul of immortality. This novel can be advised to all Discworld fans and fans of deep stories written in an easy, simple language.

'Legs made of clay'

Book author: Terence John Pratchett

Rating: 4.7


The fifth place in the rating is occupied by the third book of the Guardian subcycle, Discworld cycle. Mythical characters, golems are creatures of inanimate matter. They work endlessly, but they never complain, because they simply cannot. Only evil deeds allow you to express your emotions. Even people who are speechless are only able to show their dissatisfaction or joy by actions. The already familiar Night Guards have to investigate, find the poisoned and corpses.

The development of the plot begins with the whim of a noble lady who wished to acquire a family coat of arms, the murder of two harmless elderly men and an attempt on the life of an intellectually savvy patrician, who, in a couple of moves, figured out both the killer and the method of poisoning. True, he did not disclose information to Vimes, so as not to discredit such a valuable employee. While the guards are looking for the culprits, their lives do not stand still. Corporal Zadranets, a dwarf who recently joined the ranks, makes a statement that he is actually SHE. This turns everything upside down, because until now the gnomes did not wear shoes and dresses, did not put on makeup, did not paint their nails, so they were outwardly indistinguishable from men. Shnobs learns that he belongs to a noble family and is the only direct heir after the last king. The detective gets twisted when strange suicides of clay robots – those very golems – begin to occur.

The author, with his usual irony, leads the story, ridiculing the human fear of the power of machines, which could one day seize and enslave humanity. He does this very subtly, giving the reader the opportunity to come to the correct conclusions himself. What are the words of Pratchett that if you are really afraid of mechanisms, then you need to start with the door handles. We recommend reading to all fans of the subcycle and the cycle.

'Night Guard'

Book author: Terence John Pratchett

Rating: 4.7


The next in the ranking is the sixth book of the 'Guardian' subcycle, the 'Discworld' cycle. The fantasy novel begins with a commemoration day for the victims of the Glorious Revolution, which the townspeople of Anko-Morpork celebrate every year on May 25. Commander Vimes is eager to become a participant in the arrest of the maniac killer Kartser, who has been hunted by the police for a long time. It is no coincidence that the place where the villain is supposed to be caught is the mystical library of the Invisible University, in which a storm suddenly broke out, which carried the sworn enemies back thirty years. The heroes will have to survive in a city preparing for a revolution, catch a criminal and try not to disrupt the historical course of events with their intervention, and also figure out how to get back home.

The book differs from the rest of the cycle by the presence of one storyline and one familiar character, but everyone's favorite, based on numerous reviews and reviews. The novel contains the same sarcasm, subtle humor and masterful play on words. But even this does not take away from the thought how harsh and adult work is 'Night Guard'. Pratchett makes fun of the French Revolution here, but this is not the main goal. Honor, duty, romance, naivety – these are the priorities. The reader manages to see the main characters of the subcycle very young, learn about their lives, and better understand the characters. That is why the book can be safely recommended to fans.

'Good signs'

Book author: Terence John Pratchett

Rating: 4.6


The seventh line goes to a novel co-authored with the equally famous Neil Gaiman. On the pages of the reader, the final clash of the forces of Good and Evil awaits. The time has come. This is the end. Child of the Prince of Darkness, the Antichrist, sent to earth. For the sake of the End of the World, angels and demons, such faithful agents, waged a confrontation and fought for souls. Finally, before them brilliant prospects: for the angels – an eternal paradise with the music of harps, and demons – the eternal throwing of coals to the cauldrons of sinners. And this is after driving a dude car with a mobile? No really! Although nothing can be done, you have to accept … Or is there still another way out?

Neither one nor the other want to give up the benefits of society. Therefore, Aziraphale and Crowley begin a struggle for the soul of the boy, where none of the forces should become the winner. The task is not easy – to push back the Apocalypse. The plot spins from the moment when a nun-nurse, also a Satanist, puts the Antichrist to be born on the wrong woman. New characters appear before the reader, and unusual events are replaced by one another. And in conclusion, everything converges at one point, where it will be decided whether the End of the World will come.

The religious context, surprisingly, was to the taste of the most inveterate agnostics and atheists. Graceful satire and subtle humor will surely delight art lovers of both Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The characters are bright, unadorned, and this is captivating. It's nice to know that the angel is not so blameless, and the demon is not the embodiment of concentrated evil. The book is very atmospheric, with a lot of details. Suitable for a wide range of readers.

'Ladies and Gentlemen'

Book author: Terence John Pratchett

Rating: 4.5


On the eighth position is the fourth book of the Witches subcycle, Discworld cycle. The story will focus on our conflicting consciousness, which remembers only good things. Well, let's take dragons. Big beasts, full of dignity and beauty, isn't that so? But what about their gluttony, flammability, toothiness? Or, for example, elves dancing in the light of the moon, such and such cute playful creatures. Oh yes, they love games! But unfortunately, it is always fun for them, not for you.

On the pages of the reader, all the same heroines meet – Magrat, Yagg, Vetrovosk. Now they are in for a battle with the elves, who are the very 'ladies', 'gentlemen' from the title of the work. The author focuses not only on today's events taking place in the lives of the characters, he also steps aside, introducing the reader to the nanny's family. You will learn about the eldest son, Jason Yagg, who runs the forge, about the younger, Sean Yagg, a part-time security guard, gardener, cleaner, in general, a handyman. In the main plot, there are several parallel lines, converging to the finale, which shows an incredible fight, in which victory is unpredictable.

The book is worth reading for everyone, even those who are completely far from fantasy and are not a fan of the subcycle. The novel charges with positive and gives a good mood, and some, albeit frivolously, makes them reconsider their attitude towards seemingly cute elves.

'Keep the brand!'

Book author: Terence John Pratchett

Rating: 4.5


The rating closes with the first book from the Moiste von Lipwige subcycle, Discworld cycle. The novel will tell a story about a difficult decision, because in the life of every person there comes such a moment of choice. The main character is a swindler, a true expert in the creation of forgeries and forgeries, a master of arts that mislead even connoisseurs. And so he, a pro in his field, must choose: to be hanged or to become the head of the Ankh-Morpork Postal Service? The decision is not easy, but the job is done and there is no turning back. Now you have to make sure that mail is delivered on time and to its destination, despite bad weather, off-road conditions, dogs, competitors, and murders.

The city meets the reader with interesting events. Old friends are here too, albeit in passing. Commander Vimes is still working for the good of the local people. Carrot and her friend are scrupulous about keeping order. And Mokrits, who became postmaster when he agreed to a deal after stealing money, thinks that he will have a boring and boring life. And so it happened, if it was not about Ankh-Morpork.

The post office, which had been closed many years ago, kept unsent letters inside. Semaphores appeared, a kind of click-towers, which in the shortest possible time deliver semaphograms to Orlais. By their convenience, they have almost ousted traditional mail from the service market. Getting down to business, Mokrits discovers that his recent predecessors died under strange circumstances. On the horizon appears the figure of Gwat Gilding, the director of the semaphore company, as soon as the work of the former fraudster gets better. But the cunning dodger Mokritsa is not afraid of danger. He continues to revive the work of the post office, while simultaneously investigating Hvat's fraud.

The plot of the book is unpretentious, there is no abundance of unexpected turns, but this does not repulse the work, but, on the contrary, attracts. Reading a novel, you relax, you get positive. Suitable for everyone to cheer up and relax.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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