9 best antivirus programs for Windows 10

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Modern computers can easily pick up malware. The most vulnerable in this regard is the operating system Windows 10. But it is precisely this that many laptops sold now have! Fortunately, now a rare user dares to go online without antivirus installed. Here are just one antivirus for another – discord, not every one of them is able to boast of perfect recognition of spyware, Trojans and other similar software. Also, some antiviruses are frustrating due to the fact that they abundantly consume computer resources, leading to regular slowdowns. In short, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our selection of the best antiviruses for Windows 10. So you definitely won't be mistaken with the choice.

Rating of the best antivirus for Windows 10

Nomination a place name of antivirus rating
9 best antivirus programs for Windows 10 1 Avira Antivirus Pro 4.9
2 Kaspersky Total Security 2019 4.9
3 McAfee Total Protection 4.8
4 Malwarebytes 4.8
5 ESET NOD32 Internet Security 10 4.8
6 Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 4.7
7 Norton Security Deluxe 4.6
8 MicroWorld eScan Internet Security Suite 4.5
9 Avast Internet Security 4.4

Avira Antivirus Pro

Rating: 4.9


Perhaps the best solution to date. Especially if you subscribe during a particular promotion when prices are discounted. For example, at the time of writing this rating, the annual plan was estimated at 1,817 rubles. You can save even more by subscribing to a three-year subscription – its cost is 4144 rubles. Also, the price tag will be affected by the number of devices that need to be protected – do not forget about this.

So, what can this product boast about? Perhaps needless to say, it protects your computer from any type of threat. However, this can be said about half of the antiviruses that made it into our rating. More importantly, this software package is self-learning. This helps it detect previously unknown types of threats, for which the antivirus is regularly awarded with various awards.

Of course, this product of the Avira studio developers is able to make payment information as confidential as possible. This means that cybercriminals will definitely not receive your bank card number and other details when you pay for a purchase in an online store. Also, one cannot fail to note the intuitive interface – here it is not difficult to get acquainted with what threats have been eliminated, as well as with the treatment of files and the transition to additional functionality. By the way, in all of 2018, the antivirus eliminated a total of 10.3 million ransomware attacks. The figure is amazing, isn't it? Especially considering that this antivirus is not used by all owners Windows 10. If we talk about ordinary Trojans and other viruses, then they are eliminated in the amount of 4 million every day.

Journalists of specialized publications note that Avira Antivirus Pro does not overload the computer too much. At least some competitors are making the operating system and serious applications slower. At the same time, the antivirus still works in the background – it successfully monitors all user actions on the Internet, blocking all threats that try to penetrate the computer. And it also has a built-in ad blocker – to use it, you will need to install the corresponding extension developed for Opera, Chrome and Firefox – all three of the most popular Internet browsers.

Someone can regret only about the absence of a system optimizer and some other similar functions here. Indeed, Avira Antivirus Pro for Windows 10 lacks them. If this is important to you, then you can take a look at more expensive products from the same studio – for example, Internet Security Suite can fix software problems, update it regularly, store all your passwords, and download new drivers. Well, an even more expensive version of the antivirus called Prime will offer anonymous web pages browsing, access to blocked sites, computer optimization and cleaning of all sorts of garbage. Only the cost of a subscription to such an ultimatum is upsetting – the developers ask for about 5 thousand rubles a year.


  • Copes well with blocking various threats;
  • Makes all payments as confidential as possible;
  • There is an ad blocker;
  • Built-in home network protection;
  • Thoughtful and user-friendly interface;
  • The antivirus tries not to overload the system.


  • Additional functionality only in more expensive versions.

Kaspersky Total Security 2019

Rating: 4.9


When it comes to antivirus in our country, the first thing a person remembers is Kaspersky. The fact is that the products distributed under this brand are being developed in Russia. And one of them could not fail to get into our rating, since in many respects it surpasses its competitors. This is Kaspersky Total Security. I am glad that this program requires no more than two thousand rubles a year – some antiviruses are priced slightly more expensive. By the way, this price includes the work of the program on two computers!

Like many other antiviruses, Kaspersky Total Security makes browsing the Internet more confidential. In particular, it will prevent cybercriminals from getting to know not only your bank card number, but also the passwords you enter! Also, this software product perfectly copes with Trojans and other types of viruses – none of them will get on your computer! While such protection used to seriously load the system, new versions of Kaspersky Total Security have almost no effect on PC performance. Although we still do not recommend installing such an antivirus on a weak office machine equipped with a dual-core processor and minimal memory.

Unlike the program discussed above, Kaspersky Total Security for Windows 10 boasts all sorts of additional functions, access to which is provided by default. For example, parental controls can be very helpful. With it, you do not have to worry about what your children are doing on the computer – they are unlikely to be able to access those sites that are not suitable for their age. By the way, a similar function exists in the mobile version of the application, which, after paying for the subscription, can be downloaded to an unlimited number of smartphones.

A password manager is also built into Kaspersky Total Security. This is what makes this antivirus different from other Kaspersky products. But not only this. The software package makes it easy to protect valuable photos and videos by restricting access to them from the outside.

Kaspersky Total Security provides maximum protection Windows 10. The only thing you don't like about this program is its interface. However, in recent years, it has been well modernized, and therefore now many users can easily find this or that function. For example, the same password manager is now displayed on the main screen, which allows you to get into it after two clicks. In the same window, you can find parental controls, access to which is provided after entering the password. Finally, on the main screen of the program there is a button that launches a full scan of the computer – it is recommended to click on it immediately after you have installed this antivirus. In the future, it makes no sense to carry out such a check – Kaspersky Total Security will definitely not allow malicious software either from websites or peripherals to enter your computer.


  • Provides confidentiality when paying and entering a password;
  • Maximum protection against malicious software;
  • Can be installed on two computers (supported Mac OS);
  • Remote control available;
  • There is a password manager;
  • There is parental control;
  • Greatly organized protection of valuable data.


  • Not everyone will like the interface;
  • May cause stuttering on some machines.

McAfee Total Protection

Rating: 4.8


Once upon a time, McAfee products were known only to those few who were looking for a free antivirus. Since then, the developers have matured, and their programs began to successfully fight against many threats spread over the Internet. In this regard, the main antivirus from this studio has ceased to be free. Moreover, they ask for more for it than for some competitors! In particular, the official website of McAfee Total Protection immediately tells you that you need to pay 2699 rubles a year! And only after scrolling the page you understand that for that kind of money an option is provided, in which it becomes possible to install an antivirus on ten devices. If you have five cars at your disposal, then you can get by with a subscription, which costs 1999 rubles a year. Well, for installation on one computer, an antivirus is designed, the use of which will cost you 1,599 rubles a year.

The official website of the developers mentions the many awards that the antivirus received during 2018. Indeed, one must admit that this software product is constantly evolving. Now he is already outperforming some of the less successful competitors, which are remembered only in such ratings. McAfee products have had little or no impact on computer performance before. Total Protection also allows you to work on a PC at the same speed. Problems can only be observed on very weak machines that are very many years old. Fortunately, even they are now disappearing from most offices. Also, this product is able to boast of ensuring complete confidentiality when working on the network – especially when paying for purchases and entering a password. If there is a threat of getting on a page with malicious software, then the program will notify you of this right in the browser window. And even if you go to such a site, the virus, trojan or spyware will definitely be removed or quarantined.

It is curious that McAfee Total Protection for Windows 10 is able to please with a few 'tricks' that are not available in other antiviruses. For example, a user can enable blocking of automatic video playback on websites. In some cases, this can speed up the Internet a little. Also, one cannot fail to note the remote control of the antiviruses installed on your devices – this is done using a simple and understandable web page. Finally, there is also a password manager. It seems to us that you can only trust them with an antivirus – the developers of such a program are unlikely to want to get acquainted with them, immediately discrediting themselves.

Like Kaspersky, this program can create an encrypted vault that can contain your most valuable files. The antivirus uses 128-bit encryption technology – it is completely impossible to access data without a key.

In short, this is a great product that will suit most owners Windows 10. And don't think that it only includes new features. Anti-spam and anti-ad features have been added from older versions of McAfee programs. There are other little things here that are pleasant to many users. But talking about them is pointless – it will make our rating too long.


  • Works well even on older machines;
  • There is a fight against spam;
  • It is possible to keep valuable files in an encrypted storage;
  • There is a password manager;
  • Licenses available for many computers;
  • High confidentiality when paying and entering a password.


  • No operating system optimizer;
  • Parental control would be nice.


Rating: 4.8


This program must be overlooked when it comes to the best antivirus software for Windows 10. Indeed, in our country this software package is not very popular. And this is despite the fact that the first release of this antivirus took place back in 2008. Since then, it has received many improvements. The developers claim that their creation removes more viruses than many competitors. We will not check this fact. It seems to us that now almost all antiviruses competently recognize most threats, and therefore hardly at least one of the users will make any claims about this.

It should be noted that the Malwarebytes studio creates several versions of its product at once. For example, there is a separate application designed to be installed on Android. Also, business solutions are not forgotten – they are very specific, and therefore we will not talk about them in this rating. Instead, we will focus on the so-called Malwarebytes for Windows – this antivirus will be downloaded by most visitors.

This program almost does not load the system, and therefore you can safely use the browser or play – slowdowns can only begin on outdated computers. The virus database is updated every day, so you can hope that the program will eliminate even the latest threats. Also, the antivirus creates four levels of protection for the browser and other programs – it is unlikely that at least some malicious software will be able to overcome all barriers. This product also successfully fights against ransomware. For this, patented technology is built in here, providing proactive protection.

Like many other antiviruses, Malwarebytes scans the websites that it opens. If the program found out that the link contains a page that can be used for a hacker attack or the spread of a virus, the user will be immediately warned about this. Of course, with such protection there is nothing to be afraid of, but it is better not to follow the link.

Unfortunately, there are no additional functions here. Malwarebytes protects you, but nothing more. This program does not have parental control, so you should not install it on your child's computer. It is unable to function as an operating system optimizer, which is also somewhat disappointing. There is no password manager here either, which is the most frustrating. It is possible that these and other functions will appear in the future. But we are not going to pay 1990 rubles a year in order to get something in a few months or even years? By the way, a two-year subscription costs 3480 rubles – a 25% savings.


  • The simplest interface in Russian;
  • Good protection against almost all existing viruses;
  • Minimum PC load;
  • Implemented confidentiality when entering a password and paying for purchases.


  • There is no OS optimizer, password manager and other similar functions;
  • The price tag seems overpriced.

ESET NOD32 Internet Security 10

Rating: 4.8


Another antivirus for Windows 10 in our rating, the year of use is estimated at 1990 rubles. Once upon a time, each new version of this software package received a sequential number. However, developers have recently abandoned this practice. Like many other antivirus developers. So, what will please this program, which exists in the 2019 version?

As expected, this product protects against the vast majority of existing threats. Viruses, Trojans and spyware have almost no chance of getting onto your computer. At the same time, even weak machines work without much slowdown, despite the constant monitoring of user actions. It should be noted that the antivirus directly checks all data received from the router. At the same time, he can block access to the webcam, if one is requested by some program – the user can provide it only, for example, to Skype.

ESET Internet Security, of course, ensures the security of any purchase. When you start entering your bank card details, encryption is activated. This ensures complete confidentiality – only the recipient of the payment will know the card number and other information.

This software package includes several additional functions. Strictly needed. For example, there is no password manager, which many computer owners simply do not need. The system optimizer is also absent here – many users have a powerful PC that simply does not need to eliminate garbage and everything in the same way. But everyone needs antispam. That is why they did not get rid of it, although this could have been done for the sake of an even lower impact on performance. But laptop owners will be delighted with the Anti-Theft feature – it will help you find your missing computer. If you go to a special page, you can take pictures of the person who found the laptop. And if the laptop has a GPS chip or cellular module, then you can find out its location.

By default, the license for ESET NOD32 Internet Security allows you to activate the antivirus on three computers. You will receive this for 1990 rubles a year. Alas, the number of devices cannot be reduced, only their increase is available. You can save money by subscribing for two or three years – they are estimated at 2790 and 3490 rubles, respectively. Good prices are obtained – it must be admitted.

There is another version of ESET NOD32 Internet Security – family. It is complemented by mobile apps. At the same time, antivirus for Android can be used for parental control, preventing the child from visiting sites included in the developers' blacklist.


  • Not very high cost for a subscription for several years;
  • Competent protection of the router and webcam;
  • High confidentiality when paying and entering passwords;
  • There is an 'Anti-theft' function;
  • There is parental control;
  • Excellent protection against viruses and other malicious software.


  • Some PCs do experience system slowdowns;
  • You cannot buy a license for one computer.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2019

Rating: 4.7


A few years ago, a Bitdefender product would definitely not have made it to the top antivirus for Windows. The fact is that for a long time this software package did not detect some viruses. It also loaded the system very heavily, which made it impossible to use a weak computer for games or solving some complex problems. But fortunately times are changing. The developers didn’t sit idle, they constantly improved their product. As a result, it is quite difficult to find fault with Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 – the developers have eradicated almost all the shortcomings.

Unlike many other antiviruses, this software package includes some auxiliary functions. For example, with this program, you can easily open sites blocked in our country – for this you use your own VPN service. Also, high-quality parental control is implemented here, thanks to which you can prevent your child from using the computer for entertainment, or severely limit this time.

But, of course, Bitdefender Internet Security is primarily about security. This antivirus constantly scans the links and buttons that your mouse hovers over. If there was a click, then it is possible that a page with a warning that the site is distributing malicious software will appear. After that, it is better to return to the previous page, out of harm's way. If viruses, Trojans or spies do try to break into the computer, they will immediately go to quarantine or be completely exterminated. You can guarantee that malicious software will definitely not reach your hard drive – it's not for nothing that the developers provided their creation with multi-layered protection.

Even when running by default, Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 barely loads the system. If the antivirus is installed on the laptop, then at a certain moment you can use the 'Battery Mode' – in this case, the load will decrease even more, and the battery life will increase. There are also other modes of operation here – for example, game modes will definitely be appreciated by gamers who value minimal ping.

With this antivirus you can encrypt valuable files. In this case, it will be impossible to view them without the corresponding key. This is useful if the files can be stolen in some way. Bitdefender Internet Security also has a built-in password manager. It allows you to store passwords for all sites by entering them with one click. Also, with the help of such a function, you can create an arbitrarily complex password with one click, which is certainly unrealistic to come up with a brute-force method.

Antivirus can protect your webcam and router, even if you only connect to it via Wi-Fi. The developers have not forgotten the so-called secure Internet bank. This means that the data from the card will be entered in a special confidential mode – it is impossible to access them from the outside.

In short, Bitdefender Internet Security is all-in-one. It is not surprising that some specialized editions award this antivirus with the highest number of points. The license to use the software package on one computer for a period of one year is estimated at 1995 rubles. At the same time, it will not be possible to save money – at the time of this writing, the official site did not offer to subscribe for a period of several years.


  • Good protection against malware;
  • There are modes of operation that reduce the load;
  • Effectively protects your webcam and home network;
  • There is a file shredder;
  • Secure internet bank available;
  • There is a password manager;
  • You can use parental controls;
  • VPN allows you to visit blocked sites.


  • High subscription cost.

Norton Security Deluxe

Rating: 4.6


Another representative of our rating, which exists in several versions. If you need to protect only one computer, then you can limit yourself to the Standard version. In this case, you will not be able to access the web portal, but you will not need it. This version of the antivirus will cost only 1299 rubles for the first year of use! In the future, the price will not increase too much – only up to 1,599 rubles per year (while maintaining the current dollar rate). The Deluxe version protects up to five devices. These are not necessarily computers – you can also use mobile applications designed for Android and iOS. An account on the developer's website may already come in handy here – this portal allows you to configure protection on all devices.

There is another version of the antivirus Norton Security, called Premium. The first year of its use is estimated at 2599 rubles, which is quite a lot. At the same time, bonuses are provided – for example, 25 GB of cloud storage for backup. Also, this particular version has parental control. It's a pity, but this function is not available in the more affordable versions of the antivirus. The developers also offer to subscribe to a VPN service that allows you to visit sites blocked in our country. Of course, this will have to spend additional money (about 700 rubles a year).

Speaking specifically about Norton Security Deluxe, this program does an excellent job of protecting your computer from a variety of Internet threats. Like many other antiviruses, it makes payment for purchases as confidential as possible – entering card information will not be able to track any of the applications installed on the computer.

Alas, the low cost of Norton Security Deluxe has its reasons. This software package does not have any additional features. Someone will like it – many users want to get a program running in the background, which you can not remember. But if you have a weak computer at your disposal, you will have to install some kind of optimizer. And this is at least – you yourself could see that competing antiviruses can combine a lot of other features.

But what about security? This is all right here. Some trade magazines give this product the highest ratings. In a word, this program will definitely suit those who only need protection from viruses – most of all such people will like, of course, the price.


  • Low subscription cost;
  • Easy to learn interface;
  • Can be installed on 5 devices (including mobile);
  • Excellent protection against viruses, trojans and spyware;
  • High confidentiality when paying for purchases on the Internet.


  • Parental controls are only present in the more expensive version;
  • There is no optimizer or other useful functions;
  • Slower machines may experience performance degradation.

MicroWorld eScan Internet Security Suite

Rating: 4.5

MicroWorld eScan Internet Security Suite

Another good antivirus for Windows 10 is offered by developers from MicroWorld studio. Its distinguishing feature is its very low price. Indians ask about 850 rubles a year for their creation. Of course, we are talking about a subscription for one computer. However, many people don't need more. For this money, you will receive a comprehensive product that provides a good level of protection. Not a single malicious software can influence the antivirus itself – proactive technology will not let you lie.

This program has an intuitive interface, which, however, cannot be called particularly beautiful. Moreover, some of the settings windows seem outdated. But this is not scary, because the configuration of the product is carried out after its installation, and you are unlikely to remember the existence of an antivirus in the future.

The protective properties of eScan Internet Security Suite deserve high marks from industry publications. However, even they cannot help but notice that sometimes the product issues false positives, trying to recognize reliable programs as malicious. Nevertheless, even with such a flaw, this antivirus is almost as good as Kaspersky and other competitors, including those reviewed in our rating.

EScan Internet Security Suite has one major drawback. If Internet surfing with a smart filter is activated in the settings, then the pages will load much longer than usual. If you feel this, then it is better to disable this function – the security will be reduced, but not too much.

It's nice that Indian developers have provided their creation with full parental control. There are four profiles in the settings of this function – from 'child' to 'adult'. In the first case, absolutely all sites that are not in the white list are blocked. In total, this product filters resources by 70 different categories. Even in Adult mode, Parental Control blocks some sites – mostly those related to alcohol, drugs and pornography.

You can talk about parental control for a long time – this is the main feature of this antivirus. But there is also additional functionality here. For example, the program can automatically clear traces of activity in the browser and on the computer itself. It also removes all files from the 'Recycle Bin' – this is useful if the computer does not have a very large amount of free memory.


  • Low subscription cost;
  • There is a function to safely delete files and visit log;
  • Decent protection against common threats;
  • Good parental control;
  • There is Rescue Mode, which scans the system if it is not possible to boot Windows.


  • Strong impact on system performance;
  • Ineffective spam protection;
  • It is best to disable phishing protection;
  • False positives are possible;
  • Not everyone will like the user interface.

Avast Internet Security

Rating: 4.4


There are several antivirus development studios that at least 90% of computer owners know about. In particular, the studio Avast is heard. Its Internet Security Windows 10 has no serious complaints – this product is downloaded by both ordinary and corporate users. It must be admitted that this product is much cheaper than many competitors. If the installation is carried out on only one PC, then a year of use will cost only 1,450 rubles. The only pity is that when you subscribe for a longer period, the savings are almost not noticeable.

This antivirus is created by Czech developers. They have incorporated all the basic protections into their product. For example, there is internet banking here. This means that entering a bank card number will be as secure as possible – third-party programs will definitely not be able to recognize which buttons on the keyboard you press. It also has a firewall and antispam. The latter is very reliable. Although it must be admitted that the activated function leads to a longer opening of letters.

As befits such an antivirus, Avast Internet Security monitors which sites you visit. If you come across a fake resource, the program will immediately warn you about it. This will prevent you from spending money on some non-existent product. Also, this representative of our rating can scan a home Wi-Fi network, warning in time about the appearance of vulnerabilities. The program will also notify that a foreign device has connected to the network.

Despite the low subscription cost, the antivirus offers a couple of additional features. The password manager deserves the most attention, albeit somewhat simplified. And the program can also automatically clear the browsing history in the browser, which is also useful to someone. Unfortunately, there is no parental control here. There is also no optimizer – owners of weak computers will have to download an additional application that cleans up garbage and other similar tasks.


  • Low subscription cost;
  • Intelligent system scan available;
  • Anti-spam protection implemented;
  • Quite good protection against malicious software;
  • Antivirus checks sites for authenticity;
  • There is a password manager.


  • No parental controls
  • Affects system performance;
  • Not very broad functionality.


You must have noticed that we have told about a large number of antiviruses, not limiting ourselves to four or five of them. We deliberately decided to tell even about the software that does not claim to be the best antivirus laurels. The fact is that someone cares not about the percentage of software caught, but the cost of ownership. Finally, there is a separate category of users who want to get a program that does not load the PC at all. In short, we tried to please absolutely everyone.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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