8 best wireless chargers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Even taking into account a good, in general, unification of chargers and data cables of various gadgets (microUSB, type-C, and “Apple” Lightning) the number of these wires can already get close to critical. Yes, and the constant connecting-disconnecting the charging wire is inconvenient – well, by at least for phones a good and practical solution already invented. In order to start the wireless charging process (if the phone itself supports it, of course) just put it on the included stand-charger – and it may not be only desktop, but also automotive, and even be built into power bank.

Qi wireless charging standard itself is fortunately generally accepted then There is no need to select a specific model of charger for specific phone. But on the power of the wireless memory attention you need to pay clearly. The fact is that initially because clear limitations of technology, charging “over the air” was slower than wired, even on phones without Quick support Charge, which by cable, naturally, “eat up” quickly. IN Further, fast charging technology began to appear in wireless memory – and it’s very convenient, because even short stay of the phone in the range of the charger device will be able to correct its “energy balance”. But that’s just the standards of “fast charge” from different manufacturers already may differ – the Qi standard does not describe them, but in addition to the common Qualcomm QC2.0 / 3.0 has both proprietary standards and wireless charger with “fast charge” is still worth buying for specific phone or tablet. For example, wireless charging without certification mark for iPhone (MFI) always works with smartphones Apple at reduced power.

Rating of the best wireless chargers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best wireless chargers 1 Samsung EP-P5200 4 590 rub.
2 Samsung EP-N5100 1 999 rub.
3 Krusell sunne 3 443 rub.
4 Baseus Circular Mirror Wireless Charger 2 040 rub.
5 HUAWEI CP60 1 899 rub.
6 Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Pad 1 089 rub.
7 Skyway energy fast 2 002 rub.
8 Bixton qipad 2 990 rub.

Samsung EP-P5200

Rating: 4.9

SAMSUNG EP-P5200.jpg

This charger allows you to work with two gadgets, with both of its transmitters flaunting the inscription Fast Charge (on the left – also with the prefix 2.0). Yes indeed, the device is able to work not only with all “consumers”, supporting proprietary technology Fast Wireless Charge 2.0 (Samsung Galaxy Note10, Note10 +, Galaxy S10e, S10, S10e) and more old edition (Samsung Galaxy Note9, S9, S9 +, Note8, S8, S8 +, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge +).

Naturally, the work of two “quick-charge” transmitters at once demanded the use of active cooling: strong heating still remains the bottleneck of powerful chargers. Noise the fan is well audible, especially at night – this is noted by many reviews, so we can recommend turning it off overnight in phone settings quick charge – in this case, the charger device operating at reduced power will not activate active cooling and will remain silent.


  • Simultaneous fast charging of two devices.


  • Fast Charge 2.0 technology implemented in only one transmitter;
  • Limited Charge Only Compatibility Samsung products;
  • Fan noise when using fast charging;

Samsung EP-N5100

Rating: 4.8

SAMSUNG EP-N5100.jpg

Unlike the EP-P5200, this charger is half the price, but and functionally simpler – it has only one transmitter, which supports only “standard” Qi charging and proprietary Fast Wireless Charge (not 2.0!). In addition, this memory is not powered by The 12-volt adapter that comes with the EP-P5200 in the kit, and from any 5-volt source with a type-C cable (which is here in not included).

The design of the charger is an inclined stand, and awkward, that is, carrying it with you is very uncomfortable, this is purely “stationary” option for home or office. But such a design there is a plus – a phone laid on a stand, independently centered on the transmitter, no chance to miss or move it, interrupting charging, as with conventional devices with horizontal plane. However, the bottom stop at the charger devices are small, knock down the phone with awkward movement can. This can be called a miscalculation of the design.

The manufacturer was able to do without active cooling during operation the device is completely silent no matter what it charges – “Samsung” gadget with support for Fast Wireless Charge or any other on Qi.


  • Support for Samsung devices with Fast Wireless Technology Charge;
  • Compactness;
  • Lack of strong heating;
  • Noiselessness.


  • Unsuccessful design of an emphasis for phone;
  • Inability to fold;
  • Lack of power supply included.

Krusell sunne

Rating: 4.7


Compact (diameter – 93 mm), but weighty (110 grams) The wireless charger looks stylish (especially in Variant of Vintage Nude) by finishing the upper plane genuine leather – at the same time it also does not allow the phone slide. A connector is used to connect to the power supply type-C, moreover, to use “fast charge” the source must Support 9V / 1.67A mode.

Moreover, despite the application for “premium”, the price of Charger in Russia is quite affordable. Complaints about unreliability or problems with charging we did not find for Krusell Sunne – therefore, we can include the device in the list of recommendations boldly.


  • Aesthetics;
  • Support “fast charge” when using the appropriate power adapter.


  • The power supply is not included;
  • The manufacturer does not indicate the list of smartphones for which guaranteed by the device supports fast charging.

Baseus Circular Mirror Wireless Charger

Rating: 4.6


This is not only a charger, but also a USB hub, and with USB 3.0 support (one output connector in addition to two USB 2.0). It is connected at the same time through type-C, and has a duplicate tail with type-C connector for charging devices without Qi support.

Use of aluminum and tempered glass in common minimalist design makes the device look more expensive than it really worth it. Charging works fine while data transmission by cable from those connected to the hub media (flash drives, external HDDs and so on). Due to light weight (only 30 grams) the device is well suited for use with laptops.

But keep in mind that any technology is fast due to this, charging is not supported – device designed for standard USB ports that are not provided increased voltage for wireless charging, so its the process is relatively slow.


  • Built-in USB hub with USB 3.0 port.
  • Strong, but lightweight body.


  • Lack of support for “fast charge”;


Rating: 4.5


The main advantages of its Huawei charger calls the availability of fast charging mode (15 W) and relatively long range of the transmitter, allowing normal charge smartphones in cases up to 5 mm thick. Also provided automatic shutdown when in range transmitter of metal objects. And finally, a device for mechanical protection is covered with a layer of silicone – it is not afraid of falls. For power use a standard type-C connector, a network adapter and cable are included.

It is worth noting that the quick charge implemented here focused mainly on smartphones manufactured by Huawei, with use with equipment from other manufacturers, as often it happens that the wireless charging speed is reduced compared to original wireless memory according to owners reviews.


  • Shockproof and non-slip housing;
  • The ability to charge phones in thick cases;
  • Support fast charge technology.


  • Really not the fastest fast charging speed.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Pad

Rating: 4.4


Compact charger in partially metal housing supports fast charging with power up to 10 watts (i.e. provides really not the highest charging speed in comparison with technologies like Fast Wireless Charge 2.0), especially for iPhone (in this case, the power output is limited to 7.5 watts, i.e. actually slower than the original wired memory with Lightning connector. To operate the device you will need a network adapter with a type-C cable not included in kit, and even for the “normal” charging Qi-devices required give at least 2 amperes. To use the fast charge mode The adapter must comply with QC2.0 or QC3.0 standards.

Like the charger from Huawei, here are provided protective shutdown upon detection of metal objects on transmitter and the ability to charge phones in cases, but the maximum thickness of the cover here is declared less – no more than 4 mm. The bottom side of the device is also coated with silicone to reduce Slip and shock protection. In direct comparison with Huawei Xiaomi wireless charging wins at a more affordable price, but loses in charging speed, does not have a network adapter adapter and more sensitive to the thickness of the cover – and therefore in ranking drops below.


  • Non-slip case;
  • Announced support for fast charging.


  • Really moderate charging speed;
  • Lack of network adapter included.

Skyway energy fast

Rating: 4.3


This wireless charger, like the Samsung EP-N5100, is made in format inclined stand, but with a wider bottom emphasis. There are several design options – minimalistic black or imitation of light or dark wood.

Fast (conditionally) charging using QC3.0 adapters, capable of switching from 5V / 2A mode to 9V / 1.67A. Input power according to the manufacturer during operation is either 5 watts (“normal” charging of Qi devices) or 10 watts. Cable power supply – non-removable, plugged into standard “type A” USB ports. There is no network adapter included.

With covers of at least medium thickness (up to 2 mm) no problem arises, although Skyway, unlike Huawei or Xiaomi, does not state directly the maximum thickness of the cover, which does not have to be removed from phone to charge.


  • Possibility of vertical or horizontal (for example, when watching video in parallel with charging) installation;
  • Support Qualcomm QuickCharge.


  • Fixed cable;
  • Clumsy base;
  • The lack of a network adapter.

Bixton qipad

Rating: 4.2


By the number of simultaneously charged Bixton QiPad devices even surpasses Samsung EP-P5200 – here you can simultaneously put, for example, two iPhones and an Apple Watch. True, There are only two transmitters: for charging smart watches it is proposed to simply install a regular one in the housing hole “charger” from them. At the same time, the device does not have MFI certification, Therefore, it does not provide full-fledged fast charging of the iPhone can.

Owning Android devices is easier – in this case, the memory (if it connected to an adapter with support for QC 2.0 / 3.0) will be able to give up to 10 watts


  • Ability to charge two phones at the same time and install inside the Apple Watch memory for convenience;
  • Support Qualcomm QuickCharge.


  • The lack of a power supply in the kit;
  • Despite the clear focus on Apple technology, the device does not provide full-speed charging for the iPhone.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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