8 best ultrasonic humidifiers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Normal air humidity for humans is 40 … 70%. With this value, the skin and mucous membranes of the nose and eyes feel comfortable and remain healthy (do not take into account internal factors). The same is true for most plants and animals. With a decrease in the humidity threshold, unpleasant consequences arise in the form of drying out of the mucous membranes and skin, sensitivity to microbes and infections arises, immunity decreases, and it is unpleasant to breathe dry air. Ultrasonic humidifiers are often used to increase the amount of water in indoor air.

How the device works

Ultrasonic humidifiers are one of the most effective directional devices today. The main working element is a diffuser, in which water evaporates by means of high-frequency sound without heating. The liquid enters the air quickly and in the right amount.

In many humidifier models, the quantity of water discharged can be adjusted by adjusting the humidity in the room to suit the specific air condition.

General device benefits include:

  1. Lack of heating water to boiling point;

  2. Rapid evaporation and air saturation;

  3. Comparatively quiet operation of the diffuser;

  4. Low power consumption.

All ultrasonic humidifiers require periodic filter replacement, which gets clogged when using water from the mains. The frequency of replacement can be reduced by using purified distilled liquid.

The experts of the portal have studied the market of ultrasonic humidifiers of ultrasonic type and have identified the leaders according to user reviews in three price categories:

  1. Inexpensive up to 3000 rubles;

  2. Average price in terms of 'price-quality' ratio;

  3. Premium.

Rating of the best ultrasonic air humidifiers

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best inexpensive ultrasonic humidifiers – budget under 3000 rubles 1 Ballu UHB-310 RUB 2,499
2 NeoClima NHL-060 RUB 2,490
3 Timberk THU UL 26 RUB 2 299
The best ultrasonic humidifiers in price-quality ratio 1 Ballu UHB-1000 RUB 5,990
2 Leberg LH-85 RUB 4 490
3 Ballu UHB-195 RUB 5,990
4 Electrolux EHU-3710D / 3715D RUB 6,110
The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers 1 Dyson AM10 RUB 32,990

The best inexpensive ultrasonic humidifiers – budget under 3000 rubles

In this category, we introduced budget ultrasonic humidifiers that will help you cope with dry air in an apartment room or office study.

All presented models are distinguished by simplicity of execution: they do not have a measuring hygrostat, air ozone function and remote control. The devices perform mainly one task – direct humidification and sometimes aromatization of the air.

The build quality is optimal, the experts did not reveal any design defects.

Ballu UHB-310

Rating: 4.7

Ballu UHB-310

The first place in the rating is occupied by an inexpensive ultrasonic humidifier Ballu UHB-310, designed for use in rooms up to 40 m2. This is one of the most powerful and efficient devices in the category of inexpensive devices for home use. It is able to work up to 8.5 hours without interruption, which is enough to maintain humidity for the period of night sleep or daytime wakefulness.

The Ballu UHB-310 consumes no more than 25 W, sprays 300 ml of water per hour into the air – this is a good indicator for maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. The spray intensity can be adjusted and the use of aromatic oils is permitted.

A useful bonus is the demineralizing cartridge, which collects mineral particles from the water and extends the life of the humidifier.


  • Low price from 2084 rubles;

  • Large working area up to 40 m2;

  • There is a handle on the tank;

  • Separate reservoir for aromatic oils;

  • Efficiency;

  • Intuitive mechanical control;

  • Anti-slip feet;

  • Shutdown when the water reservoir is empty;

  • Quiet work;

  • The demineralizer extends the life of the filter.


  • Short power cable;

  • The filter cannot handle hard water.

NeoClima NHL-060

Rating: 4.6

NeoClima NHL-060

Ultrasonic humidifier NeoClima NHL-060 gives way to the leader in the category of reduced working area – it is suitable for rooms up to 30 m2. But the duration of work without stopping is increased to 20 hours, while adding water is not required – the internal tank is designed for 6 liters, with emptying the device turns off. The device is not intended to use aromatic oils. Standard consumption – 300 ml / hour. This is a great solution for a small bedroom or children's room, where the air must be comfortable at all times.

The peculiarity of the device is the presence of a silver filter with nano-ionic resin, which contributes to the saturation of the air with useful negatively charged ions, which have a beneficial effect on the health and state of the air. The demineralizer helps to remove hard particles from the tap water and extend the life of the filter.

Unlike other humidifiers in this category, NeoClima NHL-060 is the only one with a display, sensitive touch control.

The cost of the device is higher than that of the leader of the rating – from 2830 rubles.


  • Duration of work up to 20 hours;

  • Large internal water tank;

  • Demineralizing cartridge;

  • Low power consumption 24 W;

  • Low water level alarm;

  • Touch control;

  • Ergonomic design

  • Extended power cable 1.5 meters.


  • Do not use aromatic oils;

  • To fill, the device must be turned over;

  • There is no handle to hold the container.

Timberk THU UL 26

Rating: 4.5

Timberk THU UL 26

Closes the top three in the rating of the ultrasonic humidifier of an unusual shape Timberk THU UL 26 with the function of automated air ionization, which helps to remove pathogenic microorganisms and minimizes the amount of dust.

The device gets the third place for maintenance of the minimum area – only 18 m2. Its productivity is lower than that of others – 200 ml per hour, but it is quite enough for normal humidification of small rooms. The capacity of the water tank is small – 1.8 liters, but you can add liquid through the top. The duration of uninterrupted operation is 9 hours.

Tap water should not be used – there is no demineralizer in the device, therefore it is recommended to first pass the liquid through a separate filter or use distilled bottled water. Aromatic oils can be added to the water.

The humidifier can be used simultaneously as a night light, which shines in 7 modes. It is convenient to operate it with a single Clever Touch key. The initial cost of the device is 1650 rubles.


  • Unusual design;

  • Moderate spraying of water 200 ml / hour;

  • Steam intensity adjustment;

  • Touch control;

  • Backlight function in 7 modes;

  • Waterproof IPX0;

  • Ionization;

  • Low power consumption 20 W.


  • Small working area of ​​18 m2;

  • There is no separate reservoir for oils;

  • Insufficient work efficiency is noted.

The best ultrasonic humidifiers in price-quality ratio

Devices of the middle price segment have an increased set of functions: they ionize the air, the spray intensity is regulated, the direction of the jet changes, ultrasonic humidifiers often combine the function of a night light. Build quality and ease of use are often in line with the purchase cost.

Ballu UHB-1000

Rating: 4.8

Ballu UHB-1000

The Ballu UHB-1000 ultrasonic humidifier took the first place in the category due to its impressive functionality: the device fills up to 40 m2 with steam, ionizes and aromatizes the air. The spray intensity and flow direction are adjustable, the maximum flow rate is 350 ml / hour with a flow rate of 110 W – the optimal ratio of high-quality moisturizing and moderate nutrition. The total tank volume of 5.8 liters is designed for continuous operation of the humidifier for 16.5 hours – one of the best results. If desired, you can set a timer from 1 to 12 hours.

The design of the Ballu UHB-1000 humidifier is clear and uncomplicated, the body has a black velvet coating. The device does not have a display, but there are electronic switching buttons and a remote control.

The Ballu UHB-1000 humidifier received first place in the rating for a combination of one of the lowest prices in the category (from 5690 rubles), optimal functionality, reliable construction and uncomplicated design. There are practically no significant complaints from users about a well-built device.


  • Large water tank;

  • Affordable price;

  • Ionization;

  • Remote control;

  • Warm steam function;

  • Adjustment of direction and intensity of steam;

  • There is a hygrometer;

  • High quality plastic;

  • Stylish design;

  • Long-term operation without refilling;


  • No backlight;

  • No screen;

  • There is no filter clogging indicator.

Leberg LH-85

Rating: 4.7

Leberg LH-85

Leberg LH-85 ranks second among mid-priced ultrasonic humidifiers. It is designed for use in rooms up to 65 m2. The spray intensity is increased to 500 ml per hour, for this a six-liter tank is provided for continuous operation of the device for ten hours. The intensity of evaporation can be adjusted or set to automatically determine the level of humidity – the design provides for a hygrostat. A useful feature of the device is the ability to disinfect water so that pathogenic organisms from the aquatic environment do not enter the air.

To control the device, there is a display with touch buttons on the front wall. When the container runs out of water, a warning signal sounds, which can be turned off manually. You can only add water by turning the container over.

Users note the need for frequent cleaning of the membrane, the filter cannot completely cope with hard water. For convenience, the manufacturer has included an additional filter in the package.

Noise level at maximum power 30 dB. You can buy the Leberg LH-85 ultrasonic humidifier from 7213 rubles.


  • High performance;

  • Night mode;

  • Low power consumption 85 W;

  • Capacious tank;

  • Air aromatization;

  • Cleaning brush included;

  • Functions 'cold steam' and 'warm steam'.


  • The filter does not handle hard water;

  • Frequent cleaning;

  • Water filling from below.

Ballu UHB-195

Rating: 4.6

Ballu UHB-195

Ballu UHB-195, the third humidifier of unusual elongated shape. It is productive – water consumption is 360 ml / hour, while economical – it spends only 25 W, is suitable for refreshing and aromatizing air in a large room up to 40 m2 and copes with the task at a high level, judging by the feedback from consumers. There is a capsule for aromatic oil and you don't need to drip it into the water.

The design is simple for assembly and maintenance – the case is easily disassembled for cleaning, and the container is taken out for refilling with water. By the way, the 3.1 l container is equipped with a comfortable handle. Control is carried out both from the touch panel on the body, and from the remote control. The device can work any amount of time up to 8 hours on a timer. Without setting, the humidifier works up to 10 hours and turns off when the water tank is empty. For the convenience of users, a replacement Ballu FC-400 filter is included in the package, which works even with hard water.


  • Interesting design;

  • Roll-over protection;

  • Shutdown when draining the tank;

  • A tenacious filter up to 150 liters;

  • Built-in accurate hydrometer;

  • Power cable 1.2 meters;

  • Separate block for aromatic oils;

  • Remote and touch control types.


  • Only 2 evaporation rates;

  • The direction of the jet is changed only by turning the body;

  • No automatic turn on.

Electrolux EHU-3710D / 3715D

Rating: 4.6

Electrolux EHU-3710D / 3715D

This uniquely designed device combines the function of a humidifier and a designer night light with relaxing Relax Therapy lighting with alternating green, blue and white colors that have a beneficial effect on the psyche.

You can safely use tap water: the liquid goes through 3 stages of purification, which include pasteurization at 80 ° C and disinfection with an Ultraviolet Pro lamp. The device has an ionization function.

The performance of the diffuser is impressive – 450 ml / hour, the five-liter reservoir with an antibacterial coating ensures uninterrupted operation for up to 11 hours. The flow rate and direction can be adjusted as needed. It is worth noting that the device copes with the direct duty perfectly.

Users note the strange work of the hygrometer – it does not always accurately determine the actual humidity. Probably, the reason for this is not the most favorable location of the meter in relation to the diffuser, so the device takes only fourth place in the rating.

Electrolux EHU-3710D / 3715D is a well-built multifunctional device for humidifying air in rooms up to 50 m2. He receives most of the recommendation reviews, the negative ones are mostly justified by the purchase of a low-quality product (marriage, defects due to improper storage and transportation).


  • High performance;

  • Large working area;

  • Large tank;

  • Long-term work up to 11 hours;

  • Convenient water filling;

  • There is a cartridge for preliminary water purification;

  • There is a case illumination.


  • Overpriced with shortcomings – from 6990 rubles;

  • Inaccurate hygrometer;

  • Water gurgles periodically.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers

In this rating category, we presented the only ultrasonic humidifier with a unique set of features that are unexpected for this type of device.

Dyson AM10

Rating: 5.0

Dyson AM10

The Dyson AM10 premium ultrasonic humidifier is designed to work in small spaces – up to 18 m2. The device has an unusual appearance: a three-liter tank in the body, on which a rounded contour frame is installed. It serves as both a diffuser and a fan and operates in 10 different modes.

Water consumption at a maximum power of 300 ml per hour, the capacity of the tank is enough for 10 hours of operation, although it can function up to 18 hours with topping up (or without it at a reduced evaporation rate).

The chip of the device is the mode of antibacterial air purification with a lamp. A useful option for a children's room, bedroom and study.

The humidifier has a hygrometer and it works quite accurately, so the selected humidity mode is maintained as close as possible to the desired value.

A remote control and a compact screen with touch buttons are provided for control.


  • Humidification + fan;

  • Low power consumption 55 W;

  • Antibacterial lamp;

  • 2m power cord;

  • Unusual design;

  • Optimal performance;

  • Convenient management;

  • Sleep timer up to 9 hours;

  • Low power consumption 40W.


  • Price from 34 990 rubles;

  • The complexity of cleaning the container;

  • Only distilled water can be used.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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