8 best reobases for PC

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Reobass is a simplified name for a controller that controls the speed of movement of coolers and fans of cooling systems for an electronic device. Often, these controllers are equipped with additional useful features, such as monitoring the temperature of systems and subsystems, and much more, depending on the specific model. The editors present you with an overview of the best, in the opinion of our experts, reobases of different price categories for desktop PCs.

Rating of the best reobases for PC

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best budget reobases for PC 1 DEXP CR-6025U RUB 1,199
2 G-Vans Pulsar RUB 1,180
3 STW-6041 5.25 ” 2 360 rub.
4 Akasa AK-FC.SIX AK-FC-08BKV2 RUB 2,520
The best multifunctional reobases for PC 1 ASUS ROG Front Base RUB 2,900
3 Reeven Four Eyes Touch Black RFC-03 RUB 3,199
4 NZXT Grid + V3 RUB 3,550

The best budget reobases for PC

The first selection includes the most inexpensive, yet workable and high-quality models for intelligent and efficient cooling of the 'insides' of a desktop PC. In addition to their direct functions, these devices also have some additional functionality.


Rating: 4.9


First, let's consider the cheapest cooler speed controller (reobass) for PCs by the Russian trade mark DEXP (Digital Experience company). The company was founded in Vladivostok by a group of highly qualified engineers and has been operating since 1998.

This is the easiest technological solution to review without a built-in display, but with some useful additions. The device is a module with dimensions 149x100x42mm. Mounts in a standard 5.25 “system bay. It is often replaced by a useless optical drive. The model is designed to control two fans. Color – black.

The front panel has two mechanical regulators for changing the rotation speed of the corresponding fans. In addition to the controls, the panel also houses a set of slots for reading memory cards, two full-size Type-A connectors for USB3.0 interfaces, an e-SATA connector and two separate standard 3.5mm audio jacks for headphones (acoustics) and a microphone.

This model is often bought primarily as an alternative to the failed stock audio output / input, and the fan control features, with all the extras, are received as a 'free bonus'.

There are no ways to control the temperature, measure the actual speed of the fans, measure the current power consumption in this model in order to minimize the price.

The DEXP CR-6025U is powered by the Molex connector of the system unit power supply. Here lies perhaps the only noticeable drawback of this model – a short and rather flimsy standard Molex cable. Therefore, you should be extremely careful when installing and connecting the reobass.

Another unpleasant moment is a noticeable percentage of incomplete complete set and marriage (the same cable is rare, but comes torn off). This does not happen often, but the percentage of complaints is higher than the statistical error. If the equipment and performance from the very beginning do not cause any complaints, then the device, as a rule, serves for a long time and regularly.


  • control of two fans;
  • easy installation;
  • generally decent quality;
  • additional interfaces;
  • the most affordable price.


  • there is a marriage and incompleteness;
  • short and weak Molex cable.

G-Vans Pulsar

Rating: 4.8


In the second issue, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with another interesting model – G-Vans Pulsar from a manufacturer that is not too involved in promoting its brand, and its products on Russian online platforms are often presented under the conditional Generic brand. This is a 'classic' Chinese NoName, but well built, cheap and workable.

For the price, this reobass is almost identical to the previous one, but it is no longer designed for two, but for as many as six fans. But here we already have a purely implementation by the device of its direct function, without additional functionality. The controller is ideal for those who need to control more than two fans without overpaying for additional functions that may not be needed.

This model has the same dimensions as the previous one – 148.5×42.5x76mm, and is also mounted in a standard 5.25 “compartment. The body and front panel are made of anodized aluminum with a black coating.

The device is capable of supplying electricity with a power of up to 30W to six working channels of connection. The front panel houses six manual mechanical controls, each complemented by an LED indicator. The device itself is powered from the power supply of the system unit via a 4-pin Molex connector. To work, he needs a current of 12V. The output can be supplied with direct current from 0 to 12V.

LED indicators support different colors of light – white, yellow, green, red, cyan, blue and purple. The reobass delivery set also includes 4 screws for fastening to the compartment, 6 wires for connecting fans with a length of 524 mm each.

The manufacturer recommends using the device as part of a system unit with a powerful power supply unit of at least 600W. The weight of the device without packaging is 415g.

In general, this is a solid workhorse for uncomplicated cooling of a powerful PC. But we must understand that the manufacturer himself may not be too zealous to comply with his obligations in the event of a controller failure.


  • designed for six fans;
  • anodized aluminum body;
  • LED indication;
  • long wires for fans.


  • noname brand and possible service flaws.

STW-6041 5.25 ”

Rating: 4.7

STW-6041 5.25.jpg

Now let's pay attention to a more advanced model, which, in addition to directly manually changing the speed of the PC fans 'by eye', can provide the user with accurate information about the current speed and parameters of the cooling system. Reobas is twice as expensive as any of the two previous ones, but it's definitely worth its money.

The appearance of the device is already a matter of respect – a sturdy metal case, thick walls, a stylish front panel with no less stylish speed controls (milling and white edging as design elements). The panel is equipped with a large screen, which displays information about the rotation speed of each connected fan, and the temperature. The assembly also makes a good impression – everything is extremely neat without the slightest signs of 'basement' production.

Reobas comes in sturdy packaging with enhanced protection against careless shipping. All fan wires are already connected and neatly assembled. If you intend to connect less than 4 fans, then the extra wires can be easily disconnected. The length of each wire is 62cm.

There is a feature here that does not paint the manufacturer, but does not detract from the merits of the product itself. In the descriptions of this model it is said that the fan speed control is carried out by means of pulse width modulation (PWM), although in fact this is done in the simplest way – by changing the voltage. This fact is indicated at least by the fact that the fans are connected with 3-pin connectors, when in the presence of PWM the connectors would be 4-pin.

The reobass itself is powered by the computer's power supply through an outdated, but still widely used Molex connector. If desired, it can be easily connected via a Molex to SATA adapter.

The role of the thermal sensor here is played by a 55-meter isolated thermocouple, which is connected via a 2-pin connector. A useful additional function is performed by the built-in dimmer – when the connection with the cooler is lost or the temperature rises above 60 degrees, an acoustic signal sounds.

This is the most budgetary solution in the lineup of Chinese STW reobases. The manufacturer's assortment also includes more functional items with additional interfaces, but for the most part they are much more expensive.


  • metal case;
  • long wires;
  • large informative display;
  • control of rotation speed and temperature in real time;
  • dimmer with alarm signal;
  • stylish appearance;
  • reliable safe packaging.


  • the declared PWM is actually not.


Rating: 4.6


The selection of the best budget reobases for PCs according to the magazine is completed by the controller of the Akasa trademark. This model is comparable in price to the previous one, and has its own individual advantages.

It should be said right away that a display like the STW-6041 is not provided here, which means that it will not be possible to monitor the real rotational speed of coolers and the temperature. This obvious inconvenience can be considered a disadvantage, but it is also worth considering the affordable cost and some advantages that the three previous models do not have.

Dimensions of the controller without packaging – 149×41.5x88mm, format – for installation in a standard 5-inch system compartment. Package dimensions – 17.94×17.78×6.97cm, total gross weight – 0.41kg. The external design is very close to the above-described G-Vans Pulsar model: on the external panel there are six mechanical controls (each 10.2 mm high, not retractable), each accompanied by an LED indicator. The body is metal, the outer finish is black.

For operation, the device needs to be connected to a standard 12 or 5V computer power supply, depending on the mode. Connection interface – Molex. The reobass can supply up to 20W of electricity to the output. The fans themselves can use a three- or four-pin power connection – the controller supports both.


  • good quality;
  • support for up to six fans simultaneously;
  • strict but stylish design;
  • Supports 3- and 4-pin fan connections.


  • no display.

The best multifunctional reobases for PC

The second selection in the ranking of the best reobases for PC according to the version in February 2020 presents more advanced and more expensive models that provide the user with an additional set of functions. As for the prices, although they are on average higher than the budget ones, they are far from orders of magnitude.

ASUS ROG Front Base

Rating: 4.9


Let's start with perhaps the most interesting solution in this part of the review, and at the same time the most controversial one. This device is interesting in that it is officially part of the 'Republic of Gamers' – a line of gaming devices Asus ROG (ROG – Republic of Gamers).

And the ambiguity lies in the fact that this is not a reobass in full understanding. The fans are not connected directly to the controller, and all control is carried out, albeit from a separate panel with a colorful screen, but still by means of the motherboard. So this model is only suitable for users of corresponding ASUS motherboards. Compatible boards – Maximus VI on chipset Intel Z87 (Extreme, Formula, Gene, Hero and Impact) and one on chipset Intel X79 – Rampage IV Black Edition.

The device is twice as large as any of the above-mentioned reobases, but only in height – it occupies two standard 5.25-inch bays of the system unit. Most of the panel area is taken up by a large 4-inch display. Also on the panel are two audio jacks (standard 3.5mm minijack), a full-size USB Type-A port, three control buttons and a mechanical knob.

To connect ASUS ROG Front Base, you need a minimum of steps – connect the necessary ports. This is standard SATA, ROG Connect signal port and HD wire Audi o.

The functionality of ASUS ROG Front Base will delight many. The device is able not only to monitor the status of the fans and control their rotation speed, but also allows you to easily control the sound volume with instant digital indication of the level on the display, as well as control the characteristics of the sound using an equalizer. The latter is adapted for gaming needs and has a set of characteristic presets – Music, Shooting, Fiction, Sport, Racing – they speak for themselves. Office workers will appreciate the presence of the Escape mode function – with one click of a button on the panel, all applications are minimized, and the sound is turned off.

As far as the control of fans is concerned, there are five channels available, switching between which is carried out using a mechanical variator. Temperature values ​​of the processor and motherboard chipset are constantly displayed on the display.

Another feature that ASUS ROG Front Base users often call the most useful is automatic processor overclocking. There are no miracles here, since the panel uses the regular motherboard tools. But then the overclocking action is reduced to pressing one button, which is very convenient.

The only offensive disadvantage of this model is that after disconnecting power from the system unit (completely), the panel loses all settings. And keeping the system unit constantly connected to the outlet is far from being possible for everyone and not always.


  • quality of materials and workmanship;
  • large informative screen;
  • affiliation with the ROG series (may be important for the sophisticated gamer;
  • wide functionality;
  • Escape mode;
  • CPU overclocking function;
  • ergonomics;
  • attractive appearance.


  • narrow specialization – only for ASUS motherboards;
  • 'memory loss' in terms of settings after power off.


Rating: 4.8


The review continues with an interesting 'flat' controller, which has become a continuation and quality reincarnation of the previous SCYTHE KAZE MASTER II model. By the term “flat” we mean here that the front panel is completely flat and does not have protruding parts like buttons and knobs.

Dimensions of the device – 148.5 × 42 × 83mm, weight – 193g. Suitable for installation in one standard 5.25 bay of the system unit. Front panel material – glossy black plastic. Almost the entire area of ​​the panel is occupied by an analog display with information about the system status and fan speed.

This model is capable of controlling up to 4 coolers. Supports complete shutdown of fans. Maximum power per channel – up to 36W. The speed is adjustable from full stop to 9990 rpm. Supported input supply voltage is 5 and 12V.

To measure the temperature of the cooled sections, the device uses its own temperature sensors, which are included in the delivery set, one for each of the 4 channels. The length of the fan connection wires is the same as that of the temperature sensor wires – 69cm. The reobass itself is powered by a standard computer power supply via the SATA connector.

Directly changing the speed of rotation of the fans here is carried out in the simplest way – increasing / decreasing the supply of electricity to each channel. Pulse width modulation is not supported and this can be considered a disadvantage in this class.

There are no mechanical controls in this model, and this solution is not for everybody. The front panel is touch-sensitive, and all modes are controlled by touching. There are useful additional functions: Spin up voltage, Power Feed Control and alarm when a problem is detected (loss of communication with the fan, detection of critical temperatures).

This model comes with an official 2-year warranty. Unfortunately, for all its advantages, the model has been discontinued, but as of February 2020 it is still on sale. In the future, it is possible that the manufacturer will present another updated version of this commercially successful line.


  • beautiful appearance;
  • touch control panel;
  • support for up to 4 fans;
  • you can completely turn off the coolers;
  • relatively affordable price;
  • 2 years official warranty.


  • Neti support PWM.

Reeven Four Eyes Touch Black RFC-03

Rating: 4.7


The third reobass in this collection in terms of technical characteristics and 'concept' is almost a complete twin brother of the previous model. But there is still a difference, plus the fact that the Reeven Four Eyes Touch Black RFC-03 is more commercially available than the 'vanishing' SCYTHE KAZE MASTER FLAT II.

Among the key characteristics we see in this model support for up to 4 channels of fan control, a touch-sensitive fluorescent panel and the same form factor for installation in a 5-inch PC bay as in the above-described variant. The exact dimensions of the device are 148x100x42mm, weight – 200g. The front panel is divided visually and physically into monitoring and control areas. This is convenient from the point of view of blind control with simple, error-free touches.

Reobass is powered by the power supply unit of the PC system unit via the SATA connector. The fans are connected via 3-pin connectors (4 pieces included in the delivery). This automatically implies that this model also does not support PWM. The maximum output voltage is 12V, the minimum is 3.7V. The maximum output current is 2.5A.

Using its own temperature sensors, the Reeven Four Eyes Touch measures the temperature of the monitored modules and displays the values ​​on the display. Power consumption measurement is not provided. The fan speed control range is the same as in the above model – from complete shutdown to 9990 rpm.

The official manufacturer's warranty for this model is 3 years.


  • support for up to 4 fans;
  • Touchpad;
  • wide range of adjustment;
  • temperature monitoring;
  • stylish appearance;
  • seven color options for display backlighting;
  • 3 years official warranty.


  • no PWM support.

NZXT Grid + V3

Rating: 4.6

NZXT GRID + V3.jpg

The review of the best reobases for PC, according to the magazine, is completed by the most expensive (within reason) and the most interesting controller of the well-known brand NZXT. Taking into account its functionality and high technological level, the price can be considered quite affordable. And this is, finally, reobass, which is able to provide not only manual, but also automatic change in the fan speed.

NZXT Grid + V3 differs from all previous options including the form factor. This is an external device in a plastic case measuring 125 × 78 × 15mm. On the conditional bottom part of the case there are magnets, with the help of which the reobass can be easily fixed in any convenient place in the metal case of the case. Supplied with Velcro straps for alternative fastening.

On the sides of the device there are six 4-pin connectors for connecting the corresponding number of fans. 3-pin headers are also supported – the system will automatically detect the type of fan. The maximum recommended power of each plug-in cooler is 5W.

At the bottom end of the NZXT Grid + V3 case there is a power socket for a PATA connector, a micro-USB socket and a separate socket for an external microphone. The latter is not intended for the user, but for the operation of the reobass itself – with its help, the device measures the noise level and, based on this data, adjusts the rotation speed in automatic mode.

This reobass, unlike all the previous ones, no longer has either mechanical or touch controls, and all actions and settings on the part of the user are carried out through the proprietary NZXT CAM software. There it is possible to configure, among other things, automatic fan control, which will be carried out by adaptive tuning based on the data of the noise analyzer.

The high level of this controller is indirectly visible in the rich configuration: the main digital module; noise analyzer module; 60cm microUSB cable; noise sensor cable 45cm; Molex power cord two 3-pin splitters; five 10 cm cable ties; two self-adhesive fasteners 40x13mm for fastening; one self-adhesive fastener 15x13mm; documentation.


  • quality of materials and workmanship;
  • high technical level;
  • support for 6 fans;
  • automatic control of the fan speed is possible;
  • functional software;
  • equipment.


  • no obvious flaws and systematic complaints from users have been identified.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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