8 best quartz lamps for home

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

To effectively disinfect the premises, special devices are used – quartz lamps. Ultraviolet light allows you to destroy various bacteria, viruses, infections. Similar products are used in hospitals and other institutions where it is important to comply with sanitary and epidemiological standards, for example, in beauty salons, beauty parlors, clinics and hospitals, preschool and school institutions, and so on. Some buy special models for the home, which is especially important when there are small children in the family. When choosing, it is important to understand which lamp will be suitable for a particular room, and you also need to know how to handle the device so as not to harm your health.

The editors prepared a rating review, for which they selected the 8 best quartz lamps for the home, which received the highest marks. In addition, the article contains information on how to choose such a device.

What to look for when choosing a quartz lamp

When purchasing, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of the model:

  1. Power. This setting depends on where you plan to use the device. If the room is small, then the power should also be small. Usually, the power of a particular lamp is indicated on the package, it also says how many square meters it is designed for.
  2. Area. When buying, consider how much area should be processed, the larger it is, the more powerful the device is needed. The degree of disinfection is also important – to completely clean the space from harmful microorganisms, the maximum or close to this will be required.
  3. Construction type. There are closed and open type quartz lamps. The first ones in the process of work are safe for people, so you can stay inside the treated room. And with an open type of construction, no one can be in the room, since at the time of operation of the device, a large amount of ozone is generated, which is a by-product when receiving ultraviolet radiation. As you know, ozone in such quantities is hazardous to health.
  4. Device resource. Quartz lamps have a different generation resource. It is logical that the larger it is, the longer the device will work, and this is beneficial from an economic point of view. Be sure to check with the store for how many hours the lamp is designed for.
  5. Mobility. Small dimensions are the best option for limited space, as the device will not take up much space. It is important to consider whether it is planned to move the device, because a bulky and heavy one is unlikely to be able to move independently, without outside help. To do this, it is better to buy a model with a special stand on wheels.
  6. Mounting method. Again, if the room is with limited space, then it is better to purchase a model with a wall mount, then there will be a lot of free space. Devices installed on a special platform that can be freely moved across the floor are also considered convenient.

Rating of the best quartz lamps for home

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best quartz lamps for home 1 'EKOKVARTZ 15M' RUB 7,190
2 'Desar-3' RUB 10,590
3 'Armed' CH111-130 7 390 RUB
4 'Doctor Ultraviolet' ECO LIH RUB 9,500
5 'Crystal' RUB 4,890
6 'Armed' CH211-115 (metal case) RUB 7,990
7 'Kront' OBN-150-S RUB 5,990
8 'PHOTON' OB-03 with timer RUB 2,100


Rating: 4.9


Buyers, first of all, in this model are attracted by an unusual design that will fit into any room. The main advantage of the lamp is safety – the product has a closed type design, so you don't need to worry during processing if someone is in the room. The lamp does not make any noise and will not cause discomfort to households. The device is installed in two ways: mounted on a wall or on a special mobile floor stand. The device is designed to process an area of ​​up to thirty squares. The body is made of metal. The capacity is thirty liters per minute.

The model copes with its main task perfectly – it disinfects the air and protects the whole family from viruses. In case of illness of someone from the family, the risk of infection of the rest of the family will be significantly reduced, and this is a direct saving on medicines, the purchase of which often costs a round sum. The service life is large, so the average price seems to be quite acceptable. A quartz lamp consumes very little electricity, which is also very important.


  • copes with the task of disinfecting space;
  • closed type construction;
  • silent work;
  • acceptable cost – 7190 r.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.8


An ozone-free lamp with a wavelength of two hundred and fifty-four nanomillimeters deserves one of the first places. This wavelength has a wide spectrum of action, copes with the destruction of harmful microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi. The effectiveness of the device has been proven, therefore, during epidemics, this model will protect the family from diseases such as influenza, acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections, as well as tuberculosis, diphtheria and others. Scientists have found that the SARS virus, which is now spreading around the world, is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the lamp eliminates various odors, for example, from tobacco smoke.

Thanks to its compact size and original design, the product will fit into any interior. The device is suitable both for home and for operating rooms, burns and other wards, medical rooms and so on. The recirculator is safe for human health, so processing can be done while remaining inside. Lamp bulbs with a special coating trap radiation shorter than two hundred nm, which prevents the formation of ozone in the environment, and in addition, increases the product's service life up to nine thousand hours.


  • high degree of disinfection – 99%;
  • productivity – up to 100 m³ / hour;
  • power – 60 W;
  • closed type construction;
  • three ultraviolet lamps and twelve dust filters.


  • high cost – 10590 p.

'Armed' CH111-130

Rating: 4.7

Armed 'CH111-130

The device is designed for processing rooms up to thirty squares. It perfectly disinfects and disinfects the air, reduces the level of bacterial contamination, thereby preventing the spread of infectious diseases. The work of this quartz lamp will protect the family from SARS, influenza and other infectious diseases. In addition to the home, the device can be used in the office, preschool and school institutions, as well as hospitals and clinics.

The irradiator with the help of special fans moves air masses, which are affected by ultraviolet radiation. The device is safe for the human body, as it has a closed design and lamps with special glass that absorb ultraviolet light with a wavelength of less than two hundred nm. Control is carried out with one button.

The body of the model is made of resistant materials, the outside is covered with impact-resistant white plastic. Stylish design allows the lamp to fit into any interior. Small size makes it possible to install the product in any free place, including attach it to the wall. Quiet operation eliminates discomfort for people in the room.


  • there is a timer for the development of a resource;
  • low noise level – 40 dB;
  • long resource – 8000 hours;
  • productivity – 30 m³ / hour;
  • power – 30 W;
  • closed type construction;
  • light weight – 1.3 kg;
  • acceptable cost – 7390 p.


  • not found.

'Doctor Ultraviolet' ECO LIH

Rating: 4.7

Doctor Ultraviolet 'ECO LIH

The effectiveness of a quartz lamp has been proven – it destroys all types of influenza virus, and also kills fungi, mold, germs, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, including disinfecting surfaces and objects in the room, which is very convenient. It is recommended to use not only during epidemics, but also for preventive disinfection. Suitable for processing an area of ​​twenty squares.

The product is equipped with a German premium quality UV lamp LIH Light Impex Henze, and has a convenient metal stand that comes with the kit. The two-meter power cord allows you to connect the device even if the outlet is not in the immediate vicinity. The resource of the ultraviolet lamp is designed for nine thousand hours. The delivery set includes a protective cover designed to protect the lamp from mechanical damage – falling, impact, and so on. It is also convenient to transport the model with it. In addition, the product has a built-in metal protection against charring, which increases the service life of the device.

The lamp can be used in apartments, preschool and school institutions, laboratories, hospitals and clinics, places where food is stored, at industrial enterprises. Due to the fact that the model has an open structure, it is strictly forbidden to be in the room during processing.


  • bacterial efficiency is 99.9%;
  • power – 15 W;
  • protective cover included;
  • acceptable cost – 3990 r.


  • open type construction.


Rating: 4.6


The domestically produced irradiator disinfects the air both in residential and non-residential premises. Using the device helps in the fight against viruses, bacteria and harmful microorganisms. The product has an open design, so there should be no people or pets in the treated room. After the procedure, it is recommended to ventilate the room well before entering it.

The quartz lamp is a compact desktop model. It irradiates rooms with an air volume of up to sixty cubic meters. The device is designed for a space of up to twenty squares, and is suitable for apartments, preschool and school institutions, hospitals, clinics and others. Wear protective goggles before switching on and off.

In order to get rid of Escherichia coli, diphtheria bacillus and influenza virus, you need to quartze for an hour ten to twenty minutes; to eliminate Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa – two hours; to get rid of fungal mold and yellow Sarnitsa – seven hours forty minutes and nine hours twenty-five minutes, respectively.


  • bacterial efficiency – 90%;
  • power – 15 W;
  • UV radiation length – from 205 to 315 nm;
  • the service life is 6000 hours;
  • budgetary cost – 1690 rubles.


  • open type construction.

'Armed' CH211-115 (metal case)

Rating: 4.5

Armed 'CH211-115

Another ultraviolet lamp from a Russian manufacturer, which is popular with buyers. The model is designed to treat rooms and remove viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. Suitable for apartments, offices, preschool, school and other institutions. Thanks to its high performance, it destroys harmful bacteria even in rooms with a large area – up to sixty cubic meters.

The recirculator has a robust metal body and two UV lamps. Equipped with a convenient timer that shows the resource consumption and reminds the owner when it is necessary to make a replacement. You can also set a timer so that it automatically turns off the device. Since the device has a closed design, it is safe for people, animals and plants.

Of the advantages, it is worth noting mobility. In addition to wall mounting, you can purchase an optional mobile stand with wheels to easily move the device from one room to another.


  • high efficiency – over 90%;
  • productivity – 20 square meters / hour or 60 l / min;
  • closed type construction;
  • resource – 8000 hours;
  • power consumption – 40 W;
  • low noise level – 40 dB.


  • high cost – 13,000 rubles.

'Kront' OBN-150-S

Rating: 4.5

Kront 'OBN-150-S

A simple and efficient irradiator from a leading medical device manufacturer, operating since the early nineties, has an open design so people, pets and plants are not allowed in the room during processing. The device is distinguished by a modern design that meets the high standards of equipping medical institutions, as well as a reliable energy-efficient filling, which distinguishes the product from analogues.

The irradiator is equipped with an indicator showing the resource depletion. After replacing the UV lamps, the readings can be reset. Time is logged in safe mode when the device is turned off. A significant plus is the ability to use lamps from any manufacturer. Thanks to well-thought-out design solutions, the procedure for replacing germicidal lamps has been greatly simplified. It is safe to carry out wet sanitary cleaning, as the device has protective end boxes that protect electrical assemblies and other parts from dust. The body is made of metal, coated with a special powder paint that increases anti-corrosion resistance.


  • bactericidal efficiency – 95-99%;
  • productivity – 100-280 m3 / hour;
  • five-year manufacturer's warranty.


  • open type construction;
  • relatively expensive – 5020 p.

'PHOTON' OB-03 with timer

Rating: 4.4

PHOTON 'OB-03 with timer

A lamp-irradiator with ultraviolet lamps disinfects the air, removing viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. Designed for an area of ​​up to twenty-six squares. Like the previous model, this is an open structure, which means that during the processing of the room there should be no people, pets or plants in it. It is recommended to ventilate the room after the procedure. The device is equipped with a delay timer for turning on the device for a minute, which allows a person to leave the room. But if you wish, you can additionally purchase protective glasses, which are not included in the kit. The luminaire switches off automatically so that you can return to the room.

The lamp installed in the device can be screwed into the base (E27) of a conventional luminaire so as not to install additional devices. This is important for rooms with complex architecture, so as not to lose efficiency.


  • bactericidal efficiency – 90%;
  • resource – 8000 hours;
  • mobile type;
  • acceptable cost – 2700 r.


  • open type construction.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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