8 Best Pipe Cleaners According to Customer Reviews

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Home piping is an important aspect of a comfortable life. If it functions properly, then no problems arise. But this requires regular prevention and removal of blockages, otherwise it leads to serious damage. Today, this problem can be solved by using special pipe cleaning tools. They are popular with housewives.

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Rating of the best pipe cleaners

Best Liquid Sewer Cleaning Products 1 Mole (1.2 L) RUB 54
2 Yplon Drain Cleaner 230 RUB
The best gel-based sewer cleaners 1 TIRET (1 l) 420 RUB
3 Deboucher 289 r
Best Granular Sewer Cleaners 1 Chirton 'Clean gutters' (60 gr.) RUB 47
2 Bagi 'Pothan' 417 RUB
3 ORO-Fix 168 RUB

Which company to choose a pipe cleaner?

The Russian market offers a wide range of household chemicals for solving any problems. Among these, you can find means for cleaning the sewer. They eliminate the need for manual pipe cleaning and blockage removal.

Reckitt benckiser

The British company produces household chemicals for the mass buyer. It owns the Tiret trademark. It is a popular remedy for blockage problems.


The Russian company Krot is a large manufacturer of chemical products. Specialization – fertilizers and technical salt, but also has its own production of household chemicals, so such funds are affordable and effective.


The company was founded in 1988 and produces eco-friendly and efficient products for household use. A range of home care products are available at attractive prices. All products are certified and safe for home use.


Chirton brand products have been presented on the Russian and CIS markets for 25 years. The funds are certified in accordance with GOST, therefore they have proven themselves on the positive side. The assortment is presented in federal and regional retail chains.

Rating of the best liquid sewage cleaning products

Liquid products are good because they easily penetrate into depths and clear a large section of blockage. They are recommended for use on old cast iron pipes, because they even help get rid of salt deposits.

Yplon Drain Cleaner

Rating: 4.9

Yplon Drain Cleaner

Yplon Drain Cleaner from the Belgian manufacturer demonstrates good reliability indicators, therefore it helps out in different situations. The active element is sodium hydroxide, which fights against dense blockages. But it strongly affects aluminum and other metals, so it is recommended to use it only for plastic pipes.

It is powerful but takes up to 7-8 hours to fully clean. Not a cheap option on the market, so the reviews are mixed.


  • lack of strong chemical odors;

  • relative safety for the skin.

  • convenient locking cover;


  • limited scope;

  • long cleaning.

Mole (1.2 L)

Rating: 4.8

Mole (1.2 L)

Russian manufacturers also offer products, among which the Mole is noted. It contains active substances, potassium and sodium hydroxides and a type of acetic acid, which destroy proteins, vegetable and animal fats. The result is not an expensive but powerful tool that is not inferior to foreign counterparts. The reaction takes 1.5-3 hours, which is also a good indicator.

In terms of price and quality ratio, Mole is the best liquid for clogged pipes. A simple, reliable, cheap tool that deals with organic and fat deposits. The manufacturer offers a powerful chemical composition, which has disadvantages – a strong odor, danger to the skin.


  • effective fight against deposits in pipes;

  • low cost in the segment;

  • easy application and fast response;


  • simple design;

  • lack of protective mechanisms on the lid.

The best gel-based sewer cleaners

Gel formulations are innovative compared to traditional liquid products. They are distinguished by a gentle effect on the human body, absence of strong odors and economical consumption.

TIRET (1 l)

Rating: 4.8

TIRET (1 l)

Tiret Gel is a well-advertised product. Thanks to its structure, it penetrates deep into the sewer pipes even in the presence of stagnant water. Its effectiveness does not decrease, while it is recommended for both metal and plastic pipes. Tiret cleans quickly, helps to get rid of organic blockages (hair tufts). But it will cost 2-3 times more expensive than another analogue.

Tiret lives up to the promises in the ad. A thick, concentrated gel quickly removes blockages. It will help get rid of accumulated hair, dirt. But a 1-liter bottle is enough for only 2-3 uses, and given the price for it, many housewives prefer to look for reasonable alternatives.


  • effective fight against organic and fatty deposits;

  • high concentration of active substance;

  • minimum amount of pungent odors;

  • quick effect on clogging, cleaning in 20-30 minutes;


  • fast consumption;

  • high price.


Rating: 4.7


If you're looking for a non-overpriced alternative to Tiret, check out Sanfor. It is a successful budget competitor with similar capabilities. The composition includes – hypochlorites, sodium hydroxides, surfactants and ADTA salts, which decompose organic matter, fats and eliminate sources of unpleasant odors. This tool cleans a small blockage in 5 minutes.

A budget option for dealing with blockages. Hair in the bathroom, food and grease in the kitchen – it breaks through in 5-10 minutes. It acts faster than expensive analogs. The disadvantages include a hazardous composition, so take precautions.


  • quick effect on clogging;

  • low cost;

  • convenient dispenser;

  • disinfection of sewer pipes;


  • chemically hazardous composition with chlorine content;

    fast consumption.


Rating: 4.7


This gel has a complex composition, which includes sodium and potassium hydroxides, surfactants, chlorine, catalysts to accelerate reactions. But in practice, it takes at least 1 hour to clear one blockage, which is the worst indicator among gel-like products.

Deboucher is announced as a budget analogue of expensive cleaning gels. And Deboucher gets the job done. However, there are tools on the market that cope no worse and much faster.


  • safety for polymer pipes;

  • convenient lid with dispenser and leakage protection;

  • lack of harsh chemical odors;

  • high efficiency;


  • long duration of action;

  • high consumption;

  • high content of chlorine and other hazardous substances;

Best Granular Sewer Cleaners

Granular pipe cleaners differ in the concentration of active substances. They are easy to store, because you don't have to worry about hazardous household chemicals leaking or accidentally getting on your skin.

Bagi 'Pothan'

Rating: 4.8

Bagi 'Pothan'

Concentrated granules work in contact with water. The composition is based on caustic soda and surfactants, which provide a quick effect. Bugs Potkhan is able to 'break through' even a strong blockage in 3-5 minutes. But due to the high concentration of chemicals, this product is caustic and produces a persistent unpleasant odor.

Granules belong to the category of strong agents that are used only for difficult blockages. Always wear hand, eye and respiratory protection. The main disadvantage is the overestimated cost, so for the prevention of blockages it is better to buy a product easier, for example, special gels.


  • quick cleaning of blockages;

  • tight and protected plastic packaging;

  • economical consumption (70-100 gr.for clogging);


  • dangerous chemical composition and acrid odor;

  • lack of small packages for single use.

  • high price;


Rating: 4.6


Powder cleaner quickly clears blockages due to the high concentration of sodium and potassium hydroxides (30%), salts and surfactants. ORO-Fix decomposes hair, food debris and fat deposits in 2-3 minutes. The composition is balanced and less caustic and aggressive than the leaders, therefore it is suitable even for old pipes. To do this, add 1-2 tablespoons of the powder down the drain.

It is an alternative to expensive granules with similar effectiveness. When applied, a strong alkaline smell is felt, but it goes away after 2-3 minutes. It contains 2 times more sodium and potassium hydroxides, which ensures efficiency.


  • economical consumption (50-70 gr. at one time);

  • affordable price;

  • destruction of bacteria in pipes;


  • it is important to follow the dosage according to the instructions.

Chirton 'Clean gutters' (600 gr.)

Rating: 4.5

Chirton 'Clean Gutters'

'Clean Gutters' will appeal to those housewives looking for a versatile pipe cleaner. It is not concentrated like other granular products. When applied, the alkaline effect is not very pronounced, therefore 'Clean Gutters' can be added to sewers and used for cleaning sinks, toilets and bathtubs. It does not damage enamel and removes rust at the same time.

Compared to other granular products, Chirton Clean Gutters is the best option in terms of price and quality. It works in cold water and can be used for draining, although caution and personal protective equipment must not be forgotten. This is one of the few granular products that is bought in a dosage at a time (60 grams).


  • versatility – suitable for pipes and plumbing;

  • economical consumption (50-60 gr. at a time);

  • safety for enamel;

  • fast effect;


  • No flaws were found.

Which pipe cleaner to buy?

  1. You can solve the problem with clogged drains using different means. A simple option is special fluids. They are gentle and safe, but time consuming. The leader of this segment in terms of price-quality ratio is the Russian product 'Krot', but pay attention to Yplon Drain Cleaner – a good analogue.

  2. Gel-type sewer cleaners are effective and easy to use. Popular is Tiret, but its cost is 2-3 times higher than products of similar quality. Better to pay attention to Sanfor or Deboucher, which do no worse.

  3. Granular weapons are classified as 'heavy artillery'. It is convenient to store them, and add 1-2 tablespoons for one time. Strong – Bagi 'Pothan', but powerful alkaline. Other products in this segment are ORO-Fix and Chirton 'Clean gutters'. They are just as effective, but not nearly as alkaline.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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