8 best Panasonic multicooker

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

You can find a multicooker in almost any kitchen today. This is an irreplaceable and useful unit that allows you to quickly and easily prepare various dishes. Many of our consumers have already appreciated the convenience and use them almost every day. One of the leaders in the home appliances market is the Japanese company Panasonic, which offers a wide range of models for every taste. They are distinguished by a wide variety of programs, operating modes and additional features. The line includes both budget and advanced units. Among such a variety, you can easily pick up a multicooker for the whole family.

Rating of the best multicooker Panasonic

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best Panasonic multicooker 1 Panasonic SR-TMH10ATW
2 Panasonic SR-TMZ540
3 Panasonic SR-TML510LTQ
4 Panasonic SR-TMH18LTW
5 Panasonic SR-TMJ181
6 Panasonic SR-TMH181HTW
7 Panasonic SR-TMS520KTQ
8 Panasonic SR-TMX530WTQ

The best Panasonic multicooker

Panasonic SR-TMH10ATW

Rating: 4.8

Panasonic SR-TMH10ATW

The multifunctional multicooker Panasonic SR-TMH10ATW is designed to become an assistant in the kitchen in preparing tasty and healthy dishes. The multicooker is equipped with a 2.5 liter bowl, so this model is not suitable for a large family. The power of the multicooker is 490 W, which is quite consistent with the volume of the bowl.

Thanks to a wide variety of programs laid down, she can prepare dishes for children and adults in almost any cuisine in the world. The multicooker takes over the functions of an oven, microwave, steamer and other kitchen appliances.

For convenience, it is possible to set a delayed start timer so that there is always a freshly prepared dish at the right time. The front of the stylish case houses the main controls and an LCD display.


  • a wide range of applications, a wide variety of modes;

  • automatic pressure valve.

  • easy control and selection of cooking programs;


  • auto-heating cannot be turned off;

  • the bowl becomes scratched over time.

Panasonic SR-TMZ540

Rating: 4.7

Panasonic SR-TMZ540

The Panasonic SR-TMZ540 multicooker will not be superfluous in the kitchen, because it allows you to cook a variety of dishes for the whole family. The software includes a 'Healthy Food' menu for those looking to sample dietary and children's meals. The compact unit partially replaces other household appliances – ovens, microwaves, steamers, and so on.

The internal volume of the bowl is 5 liters, which is enough to prepare meals for the whole family. Thanks to the delayed start, dinner or fresh breakfast will always be ready on time. There are 22 programs to choose from with automatic settings, but you can also set the necessary parameters manually.


  • high power – 840 W;

  • convenient control and timer.

  • warmth support;

  • multi-cook function;

  • a wide range of automatic programs;

  • high build quality and attractive appearance;


  • high price;

  • it is not always convenient to calculate the remaining cooking time.

Panasonic SR-TML510LTQ

Rating: 4.6

Panasonic SR-TML510LTQ

The Panasonic SR-TML510LTQ multicooker is one of the most popular in the line of the Japanese brand on the Russian market. For several years it has gained great popularity primarily due to its affordable price. The power of the multicooker is 670 W, which is enough for a 4.5 liter bowl.

Control is carried out using mechanical buttons and an LCD display with a Russified interface. The multicooker supports both standard programs and programs for the preparation of yoghurts, pastries, preserves, jellied meat, baby food. The working volume of the non-stick bowl is about 4.5 liters, and the food container itself can be adjusted in height.


  • spacious bowl and a wide range of cooking programs;

  • availability of a timer for delayed start.

  • functions 'delayed start' and 'keep warm';

  • teflon-coated bowl;

  • convenient control and easy selection of modes;


  • no manual settings;

  • poor build quality.

Panasonic SR-TMH18LTW

Rating: 4.5

Panasonic SR-TMH18LTW

The Japanese company offers the Panasonic SR-TMH18LTW multicooker in a classic design. It is very popular in the market and has received numerous positive reviews. It's easy for her to find recipes for a variety of dishes that you can cook at home. This multicooker was endowed with the 'delayed start' function. Many users are confused by the small number of programs, of which there are only 6.

Control is not too difficult, and the menu includes six classic preset programs – stewing, boiling, baking, as well as porridge, buckwheat and pilaf. The simple interface will be understandable even for a child or an elderly person. The multicooker comes with a 4.5 liter Teflon-coated bowl. The multicooker power reaches 670 W.


  • usability and ease of customization;

  • good build quality.

  • a large number of recipes for manual customization;


  • minimum number of automatic programs;

  • the heating mode cannot be turned off after completion.

Panasonic SR-TMJ181

Rating: 4.4

Panasonic SR-TMJ181

Multicooker Panasonic SR-TMJ181 combines simplicity and functionality. The volume of the bowl of this multicooker is 4.5 liters, which is quite enough for a family of 3-4 people. This is one of the oldest models on the market, but it still enjoys great popularity for its combination of price and functionality. The manufacturer has endowed the multicooker with a delayed start function, as well as 'heat support'.

There are 10 automatic cooking programs to choose from, which is optimal for most housewives. The power of the heating element 670 W is quite enough for cooking various dishes, although more powerful multicooker cope with tasks faster. She is capable of steaming dietary products, and there is also a program for preparing semi-finished products – dumplings, dumplings, and so on.


  • optimal combination of price and quality;

  • reliability and durability in work.

  • high quality cooking of various products;


  • the bowl has no handles;

  • no clock, the snooze timer is not available for all programs.

  • it is not possible to regulate the temperature;

Panasonic SR-TMH181HTW

Rating: 4.3

Panasonic SR-TMH181HTW

The multicooker from the well-known brand Panasonic SR-TMH181HTW has a simple but attractive appearance. Electronic control allows you to quickly select the necessary modes, and information is displayed on a small LCD display on the front. The 4.5 liter inner bowl has a charcoal coating to help purify the water during cooking.

The owners are offered five automatic programs to prepare the most popular dishes. In this case, you can use various recipes with manual settings for stewing, cooking, baking. Delayed start by 13 o'clock will allow you to choose the exact time.


  • simple control and parameter setting;

  • ease of use and durability;

  • delayed start and keep warm function;


  • limited set of cooking programs.

Panasonic SR-TMS520KTQ

Rating: 4.3

Panasonic SR-TMS520KTQ

Having a multi-cooker Panasonic SR-TMS520KTQ in the kitchen easily copes with cereals, side dishes, desserts, pastries and many popular dishes. Engineers have compiled 18 automatic programs based on the preference of most people. The power of the device is 670 W, which is the average for multicooker.

The capacity of the bowl is 5 liters, which is enough to feed a family of 3-4 people. Thanks to the special coating, food does not burn, and the bowl itself is easy to clean. In addition, a self-cleaning program is provided. Control is carried out using convenient buttons and a display on the front of the case.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;

  • containers for collecting condensate during operation;

  • delayed start function, auto heating, self-cleaning;


  • lack of programs for manual configuration.

Panasonic SR-TMX530WTQ

Rating: 4.3

Panasonic SR-TMX530WTQ

The functional multicooker Panasonic SR-TMX530WTQ has a high power of 840 W, so food is cooked much faster. There are 20 automatic programs for preparing a variety of meals that cover most of the needs of the average housewife, including baby food and healthy meals.

The 5 liter inner bowl has a non-stick coating that is easy to clean. Additional features include a self-cleaning program that allows you to get rid of dried food residues and stagnant odors.


  • a wide range of options for customizing the cooking process;

  • the ability to work as a double boiler;

  • the ability to set the temperature and cooking time manually;

  • delayed start function and automatic heating;


  • timer programming is not available for all modes.

How to Choose the Best Panasonic Multicooker?

The Japanese company Panasonic is one of the recognized leaders in the home appliances market. She offers a wide range of multicooker for every taste, from budget to advanced models. Consumers, in turn, prefer a trusted brand that provides extensive information and technical support. For many multicooker, you can easily find various recipes for popular and rare dishes, as well as detailed instructions to avoid various mistakes in the cooking process.

The main advantages of Panasonic multicooker include:

  1. high-quality assembly;

  2. modern ergonomic design;

  3. low noise level during operation;

  4. delay timers and automated cooking programs.

For most housewives, this is enough, especially if they figure out all the features of the cooking process and learn how to choose the right time. The disadvantages include a thin Teflon coating, simple LCD displays, often without backlighting.

One of the best models in terms of price and quality, according to ordinary users, is the Panasonic SR-TMH18LTW. For a small family, the Panasonic SR-TMH10ATW is suitable, if you take good care of it, then it can serve for more than one year.

The Panasonic SR-TMH10ATW multicooker received a large number of positive reviews, which is distinguished by ease of operation and a good set of features. Thanks to this, it can be recommended even to an elderly person.

One of the most popular multicooker is the SR-TML510LTQ, which attracts with its price. But its power is low, and its functionality is simplified. If you want to choose a truly productive and functional multicooker, then you can choose Panasonic SR-TMX530WTQ with a wide range of programs.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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