8 best math textbooks

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

In the field of education, innovations are constantly taking place, in connection with which new textbooks by various authors are published. We will find out which modern mathematics manuals are considered the best by schoolchildren, as well as their parents and teachers.

When choosing books, we relied on certain criteria:

  1. literacy of the material presented;
  2. matching the level of difficulty to the age of students;
  3. the presence of illustrations and answers;
  4. compliance with FSES;
  5. the optimal number of hours for a specific topic;
  6. development of logical thinking and creativity;
  7. the possibility of applying knowledge in practice;
  8. accessibility and comprehensibility of the language;
  9. opinions on the Internet.

Thus, when compiling the rating, the emphasis is on the amount of useful information, its competent construction and accessible transmission without taking into account the attractiveness of the appearance of the publication and its price.

Ranking of the best mathematics textbooks

Nomination a place textbook rating
Best math textbooks for grades 1-4 1 M. Moro program 'School of Russia', grades 1-4 4.9
2 V. Rudnitskaya program 'Primary school of the 21st century', grades 1-4 4.8
3 L. Peterson, 'Learning to Learn' 4.7
Best math textbooks for grades 5-6 1 Mathematics Grade 5 Dorofeev, Suvorova, Sharygin 4.9
2 Textbook and workshop, grade 5 Demidov, Gelfman, Lobanenko 4.8
3 Mathematics, grade 6, Vilenkin, Zhokhov, etc. 4.7
4 'Maths. 6th grade. Textbook. Federal State Educational Standard 'Nikolsky, Reshetnikov and others. 4.7
5 Mathematics Grade 6 I.I. Zubareva, A.G. Mordkovich 4.6

Best math textbooks for grades 1-4

Primary school manuals are aimed at developing cognitive activity, developing creativity, and developing mental flexibility. Tasks in such textbooks teach you to analyze, observe and summarize information.

M. Moro program 'School of Russia', grades 1-4

Rating: 4.9


The rating is opened by the publication of the methodologist Maria Moreau. The literature program is designed so that already in the first year of study, the child will become familiar with such concepts as a straight line, a segment, a point and a ray, be able to make measurements with a ruler, learn numbers from zero to 20, and learn to distinguish a large value from a smaller one. Newly minted students will learn what the difference is, the terms and their sum. They will learn to solve problems and set conditions for them.

The tasks themselves start with simple ones and move on to more difficult ones. At the very end, there are super difficult exercises. The author presents information in a simple and understandable language. The tasks are given diagrams and figures. There are no exercises for parents to puzzle over. All tasks are available to the kindergarten graduate level.

V. Rudnitskaya program 'Primary school of the 21st century', grades 1-4

Rating: 4.8

V. Rudnitskaya program 'Primary school of the 21st century', grades 1-4

Unlike the previous participant in the rating, the educational literature of Victoria Rudnitskaya does not imply lesson planning. It is distinguished by a rich program that is aimed at the active study of information by the child. The book is focused on the development of the child's abilities in the field of creativity. There are many tasks for logic and imagination. The textbook is suitable for those who already have basic computing skills.

For many parents, this program seems too difficult. On the other hand, some mums, dads and educators find School for the 21st Century an excellent preparation for high school and adult life in general. In any case, the system deserves great respect, because it focuses on the individuality of the baby. Extensive practice helps to apply the knowledge gained in life and to correctly assess the student's ability.

L. Peterson, 'Learning to Learn'

Rating: 4.7

L. Peterson, 'Learning to Learn'

Further in the ranking is the well-known textbook compiled by the famous doctor of pedagogical sciences Lyudmila Peterson. Its system implies that in order to solve the problem, the student must go by himself. First of all, it is aimed at developing thinking. Classes help lagging students catch up with the stronger ones and improve their knowledge. Children learn to create solution algorithms and derive formulas on their own.

There is still a lot of controversy about this tutorial. Reviews about the program are quite contradictory. There are those who consider the manual to be a real torment for children and their parents, but no less than those who praise the book. Teachers are sometimes surprised at schoolchildren after grade 4 who studied according to the Peterson system and already know everything. Some parents work with a child from a book, even if the allowance is not provided for in the curriculum. The main thing is to read the recommendations and methodological material.

Best math textbooks for grades 5-6

For students in grades 5-6, the choice of textbooks is quite large. All benefit programs are rich and comprehensive. They are suitable for almost any level of knowledge. Particular preference is given to books that contain not only theoretical information, but also many practical tasks of varying complexity.

Mathematics Grade 5 Dorofeev, Suvorova, Sharygin

Rating: 4.9


The best mathematical textbook for grade 5 is recognized as a two-part manual, which is aimed at advanced study of science. The theory is presented here at the beginning of the sections in the form of explanation and rules, tasks and examples. There are a lot of tasks in the book. They are aimed at developing logic and are presented in a playful way. Often in the exercise they ask you to draw or connect something. This kind of math will not seem boring or boring to students.

It is not surprising that many teachers and parents consider this educational literature the best among other books. The textbook fully complies with the educational standards of Russia. This is a great option for advanced and advanced math studies.

Textbook and workshop, grade 5 Demidov, Gelfman, Lobanenko

Rating: 4.8

Textbook and workshop, grade 5 Demidov, Gelfman, Lobanenko

The following textbook stands out in that it consists of two parts – theoretical and practical. The authors present the material on the example of fairy tale characters. There are both Moomins and Buratino. Parents and children are delighted with this idea and original solution.

There are both difficult tasks and simpler exercises in the book. All topics are explained in accessible language that is understandable even for lagging students. If the previous participant in the rating is focused on in-depth study of mathematics, then Demidov's manual is suitable for simple classes of the basic level. It is the best choice for interested parents and passionate educators.

Mathematics, grade 6, Vilenkin, Zhokhov, etc.

Rating: 4.7


One of the most common textbooks for sixth graders is the textbook by the author Vilenkin. Preparing for it, students consolidate the material of the previous class, acquire new experience. There are two chapters in the tutorial. The first teaches arithmetic operations with fractions, and the second is devoted to the simplest equations and negative numbers. As a result of the paragraphs, you can find questions and tasks on the topic. There is a separate section with answers.

Teachers choose a textbook for a clear description of the material, a convenient arrangement of topics – from easy to more complex. The book contains many illustrations, tables and diagrams that give hints. Children like the 'Speaking Correctly' rubric and the original presentation of historical material. The manual is suitable for self-study of mathematics.

'Maths. 6th grade. Textbook. Federal State Educational Standard 'Nikolsky, Reshetnikov and others.

Rating: 4.7


The next participant in the ranking has a high-intensity course. There are proportions, whole and fractional numbers, actions with percentages, tasks of increased complexity. Answers to the exercises are located at the end of the edition. The illustrated book is framed with graphic images, highlighted terms and definitions that should be paid attention to. The spreads contain hints in the form of formulas. All information is presented correctly and easily. This is the best option for a general education school.

Many parents buy Nikolsky's manual specifically in order to analyze complex topics on it and study additionally. Even the weakest student will get carried away with mathematics and understand the essence of the tasks. Additional materials can be found on the website of the publishing house Enlightenment. The textbook is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Mathematics Grade 6 I.I. Zubareva, A.G. Mordkovich

Rating: 4.6


The rating is completed by the work of authors Zubarev and Mordkovich. The manual is designed so that the student will not only receive ready-made knowledge, but also obtain it by performing the exercises. The edition is supplemented by special workbooks and collections for individual work.

For many children, moms and dads, tasks seem difficult and illogical. Complicating the learning is that there are no specific rules on the pages and there are not enough practical tasks to familiarize the topics. Some parents say that this textbook should get used to. The work of the teacher plays an important role in this. Despite conflicting reviews, the textbook is used in secondary schools in cities and villages. It fully complies with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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